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  1. Hello all, Hope I place this in the right spot as I couldn't find anything similar on this topic. I'm a player of Bis games from Operation flashpoint to soon Arma Reforger. I'm in a clan for over 25 years and in the past I maintained the website, server and some more. My question is this, when I was maintaining the servers and the webpage I always used stats to show the lifeliness on our servers. We had someone way in the past creating a script that showed ofp stats. Also we had a arma1 2Oa and 3. These were without the code we got in the past and were on gametracker. This made the page a little weird with all different layouts and stuff. Is there a way or had BI scripts for html - php or wordpress style stats that can be used to monitor all the bi servers ? If not would this be a idea and would it be possible too make something like this by BIS ? With Reguards, KillerBee Ps I added this picture from our old site to give you a idea.
  2. [lol]clan killer bee

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    Yah think so mine is not in that list. Problem is how we get it in the ofp monitor and the webpage ? Ps . Think it is cool there are peeps keeping this website up 🤩
  3. [lol]clan killer bee

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    Hi guys not sure if this is the right tread if not tell me were to go ! I run for the last few years a 2 server with ofp ! Still running a GOTY version with 1.96 and a steam 1.99 version ! I use to been seen using the reportingIP="master.ofpisnotdead.com"; I haven't been of fro a while but someoen told me that I'm not been seen anymore on the server and on your list of the website. I checked and he was right ! I have been over it ut the ports seems to be fine and open. My servers are seen on our website and the trackers seems it too ! So I wondering what I 'm missing here ! With regards, KillerBee
  4. [lol]clan killer bee

    Campfire hot again ?

    Okay I have been testing it all including the CBA Fireplace an dit all seems not to work. Now I made a new mp trew in there 4 fireplaces and run it mp on the server and now it works fine ! The only thing I can come up with is that there is a old code from the old firepaces somewhere in the old mission that messes up the fireplaces. Anybody has a idea what this might be ? Maybe I need to remove a certain part of code that might make it all work again ? Thank .
  5. [lol]clan killer bee

    Campfire hot again ?

    Well it has been a while I had some time and I still have the issue with the campfire. This is a original small campfire from bis. I have tried it to replace it with the bigger fire ( this by selecting on the small fire the bigger fire , also from bis ). Now when in the editor you can get close and almost can step on them no problem. The problem starts when I save it too mutiplayer and run it on the server. When you get at a distance you do get burned again. Anyone have a solution ? With regards, KillerBee Update: I have removed the campfire fully than save the game and than reopend it and place a new campfire on it. I have resaved it to mp and it still does that burning thing also unchecked the box simulate damge.
  6. So when I already have a excisting unzipped verion on the repository I can zip it now and it gets changed and does get unzipped at the receiving side. Does this mean I have to clean my repo and than upload the zipped version or does this get changedd automatacally ? With regards, KillerBee Ps What zip program is used ?
  7. Hi major shepard, I have a question about the option add compressed zip. I have the whole repo uncompressed as this was the way in the beginning. Later you added the option too the menu to zip or compress the file My question is If I would put the option too compressed to yes is this gonna give problems to the excising file system or does it get removed and than replaced by zip ? What for the end user ? With regards, KillerBee
  8. [lol]clan killer bee

    Paradrop script works chopper stalls and don't move to waypoint

    I found a solution to my problem by someone who told me about this script ! http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25458#comments I had some things changed too from the demo for my mission purpose ! ( not in the script ). As in the demo there are multiple waypoint that make the chopper not fly smooth and choppy. I solved this by removing all the waypoints accept the last one. Made a trigger arround the area were they need to drop and place in the initfield the ejection script ( the one that is in one of the waypoints ). After that sync the trigger to the chopper when the chopper fly over the trigger the script get activated and drop the troops but without slowing down dropping the troops evenly preventing them to get tangled up with each other. All the hoorays go to beerkan's script !
  9. [lol]clan killer bee

    Paradrop script works chopper stalls and don't move to waypoint

    I found out that when I'm the leader of the group it it works fine, looks like the AI commander is yepping too the chopper to come back or something like that ! As players it is gonna work but when I want a AI group get paradropped it seems I have a problem still !
  10. [lol]clan killer bee

    para stance on c130

    Thank you for the response but the p1 switchMove "STAND"; didn't work neighter also tried this setunit "up". Weird thing is that the AI does standup straight, it is just when your a player it does go in fly position than lay on his belly. .
  11. [lol]clan killer bee

    para stance on c130

    Hi as I was busy making a mission were I wanted to do a halo ( idea from a a2 mission ) I noticed a problem with the stance ! I added a c130 (CUP) on the ground and placed mine soldiers in there and there standing on the plane. After I selected all and put them on 3km the men are go in a para stance and than standup straight accept the player he lay on his belly. You can stand up and than walk get ammo and jump and you go in the para stance again. My question how to make the soliders and player standing or getup straight instead of laying on the floor ? With regards, KillerBee
  12. Hi guys been a while and start to make some new missions ! I want a paradrop done and the script I use works accept that for some reason the bloody chopper stalls and doesn't go to the next waypoint ! Anyone any idea why this happends and how to solve this pain in the behind problem ? Use; eject.sqf init of the trigger : [] exec "eject.sqf"; Waypoint is far away and on careless slow speed. Like I said they AI get kicked out it is the chopper that stop moving too the waypoint and start landing and hoovering With regards, KillerBee
  13. I changed the file. I also had island dualla to update in the repository and it works ! was 300 odd mb instead the whole repo. No flickering if the upload indicator. Think that it is a go ! ;)
  14. I just hear from a member of mine clan that CIA also has issues with repository. I hear that I don't know noone from that clan he does.
  15. Yes ! Place something in the tekst file but that is the file ! by filezilla