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  1. ArmA3Sync v1.7 Update 4 now available Download: Windows installer: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/releases/arma3sync-installer-1-7-104.exe Zip archive: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/download/ArmA3Sync-1-7-104.zip Changelog: - Fixed: Event modset selection: bad addon location path - Fixed: Event synchronizaton: nullPointerException if defaultDestinationFoltder is missing
  2. In ArmA3Sync -> Launcher Options -> Additional Parameters, add: -world=Altis
  3. ArmA3Sync v1.7 Update 3 now available Download: Windows installer: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/releases/arma3sync-installer-1-7-103.exe Zip archive: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/download/ArmA3Sync-1-7-103.zip Changelog: - Fixed: ArmA3Sync console: unable to create a new repository after answering to SSL certificate validation question - Fixed: File synchronization: nullPointerException if destination directory does not exist on download start - Fixed: File synchronization: empty remotes files were not downloaded
  4. What happens if you try to download a file a repo from a web browser ?
  5. Does arma 3 start from Steam? What happens if you try to double click on arma3_x64.exe? Also check the game files with Steam.
  6. Do you have any error message when you try to sync the repo with ArmA3Sync ? Try to check the repository synchronization using the Check button from repository admin panel.
  7. Confirmed bug try to replace ArmA3Sync.jar file by this one: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/development/ArmA3Sync.jar
  8. major_shepard

    Arma III Sync and the Workshop

    In ArmA3Sync -> Addon Option Panel -> add path to [something]\Arma 3\!Workshop (hidden folder) Thus you will have Steam addons into ArmA3Sync
  9. ArmA3Sync v1.7 Update 2 now available Download: Windows installer: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/releases/arma3sync-installer-1-7-102.exe Zip archive: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/download/ArmA3Sync-1-7-102.zip Changelog: - Added: SSL certificate validation for HTTPS server host repository - Changed: Java 1.7 is no more supported - Fixed: Upload files with WEBDAV. Thanks to Fr89k contribution
  10. @Pterolatypus could give me your repo access py pm, thanks.
  11. Thank for sharing this contribution 😉 1) ok 2) It is common usage for web admin to add .htaccess file for apache to hold different possible url formulation (not only the / at the end), so it is not a big deal right now. But anyway, I will add support for 30X redirection request into ArmA3Sync. 3) ok. I just removed the 2 pop up messages you added, this is wrong place. 4) definitely an implementation error I have created a branch on the SVN for you with the code merged. Check your pm. You can generate the jar file with name ArmA3Sync.jar using the manifest file found at root. I would appreciate you could share your repo access by pm. thanks.
  12. ArmA3Sync v1.7 Update 1 now available Download: Windows installer: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/releases/arma3sync-installer-1-7-101.exe Zip archive: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/download/ArmA3Sync-1-7-101.zip Changelog: - Added: support for Contact DLC - Added: support for Global Mobilization DLC: Compatibility Data for Non-Owners addon - Fixed: Linux and custom script: -build command failed with repository not found error
  13. Try to replace ArmA3Sync.jar file by this: ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/development/fix_linux_commandline_build/