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  1. Could you replace ArmA3Sync.jar file by this one ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/development/ArmA3Sync.jar This should fix your issue. I found and error on version 1.6.97 that may happens with HTTP host repo and 1 connection set by admin. This may result in a freeze during the check for addons process.
  2. Does not help. For the guy who get an error I need the arma3sync debug console content. You can simulate a partial file transfer as follow: - 1 Open an already downloaded pbo file with notepad / notepad++ (faster) - 2 Delete some lines -3 Save the file -4 Run arma3sync-debug.exe -5 Try to sync this file (not the all repo) -6 See console content
  3. I would need the content of the console when error happends + url of your repository.
  4. Then you must configure your Internet router to redirect incoming internet traffic on port 21 (FTP) to the NAS ethernet address on your local network.
  5. Just tried out your repository without issue, partial file transfer included.
  6. What do you have as folder names into \My Documents\ArmA 3 - other Profiles?
  7. What about the host machine? Is it a remote dedicated server on the internet? Is it a local server on your ethernet network (like NAS)? A virtualized machine on your PC?
  8. Could you give the url of the repo, thanks
  9. What do you mean by Steam profile? If you mean arma 3 game profile, this can be loaded (if any) from Launcher options panel of ArmA3Sync.
  10. Is it a FTP or HTTP server? I guess is HTTP and error happens on partial file transfer (ie both file exists on server and client) Try arma3sync-Debug.exe an see what happens.
  11. Try replacing arma3sync.jar file by this one ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/development/ArmA3Sync.jar
  12. @dakotam990 you are using localhost address ( which is not remotely accessible. You must use internet IP of the host machine to set up the repo in ArmA3Sync. Secondly do no set anonymous FTP user with full permissions which make the host machine highly vulnerable against remote attacker. Do set 2 users on the FTP. The anonymous on with read only + a "admin" user with read+write permissions + password protection. Both anonymous and admin users sharing the same folder. Then use anonymous connection to set up the repo on ArmA3Sync and admin credentials to set up the Upload connection.
  13. Note that you will get lower performance on file sync/file upload with ArmA3Sync and this kind of FTP server. Move FileZilla server if you can.
  14. Give me the credentials of the server by PM.