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  1. Hi Jester!504! Thanks for your answer. Anyhow, it's just a great addon! I took some picture of it in its "native ambient": Anyhow, thank you again on behalf of the Brazilian community of Arma 3 for this amazing gift!
  2. Hi Jester504! First of all, compliments for the great A-29 Super Tucano! It's fantastic! Sorry to take the liberty, but I would like to suggest a small correction: the A-29 of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) does not have the matt black panel in front of the cockpit. See the picture below: If you can fix the texture in a future update, it would be great! Thanks and regards!
  3. Anyone? I'm having the same issue!
  4. Unholy

    1.68 with lower FPS

    Thanks! I will contact him...
  5. Unholy

    1.68 with lower FPS

    Hi maquez, what you mean? I unfortunately still have a GTX970, so, which kind of paramether I should use? Thanks!
  6. Dear developers, I am preparing a mission concerning the battle of mogadishu. To obtain the maximum immersion, I would need a specific version of Littlebird which is not represented in your fantastic addon. In fact, I think it's easy to reproduce because it's on the images on the Armaholic release page, and was present in the Arma 2 version, the MH-6J: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dayz-breaking-point/images/6/6a/MH-6J.png/revision/latest?cb=20130630234227 Is it possible to include this variant in your addon? Thanks!
  7. Hi again guys! I want to report a bug that I faced more than once during multiplayer missions: Nimitz's braking cable remains in the "stretched" position, as if it were engaged in the F-18 hook, even after the plane has been removed (tail hook up ). It does not always happen in the same landing attempt (sometimes it is already in the first, other times not). Once the cable is "stuck" in the "engaged" position, the system no longer functions and the landings are impossible. Is there a way to avoid the problem? Images of the situation:
  8. Sorry! So, compliments to all the team! Thanks a lot! This will solve my issue!
  9. Hi everybody, first of all, I would like to congrat TeTeT for carry forward this wonderful Nimitz! For sure one of the best addons for Arma 3, in my opinion. I have the following problem: I added an empty Nimitz in Eden editor. Placed an AI unit as Independent faction on deck and, at the mission parameters, configured the Independent as BLUFOR enemies. Result: The air defense weapons of Nimitz shoot the independent AI and this retaliates. Even disabling the option "Arm AA defenses" or setting Nimitz ammo at "0". Any ideas on how to solve? What I want is to have AI units of another faction occupying the Nimitz's deck without seing the air defenses as enemies (reciprocally), but, by other hand, being these AIs's faction, enemy to BLUFOR.
  10. The problem was solved installing DX9... As Myke said, only the needed file were installed and DX11 was not replaced. Now, everything is working fine! :notworthy:
  11. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply!!!
  12. Hi guys! I'm new to forum, so I apologize if I opened this 3D in the wrong section. I'm experiencing some difficult with my OA and DirectX 11, since I'm getting the following error when launching the game: X3DAudio1_6.dll is missing. :mad: There's some topics about this error in the forum, but all of them recomends to install DirectX 9.xx. :( My configuration is: Intl Core i5 2500 3,3GHz 8 GB RAM ATI Radeon 6850 1GB Windows Ultimate 64 bits DirectX Can someone, kindly, provide some help? :pray: Thanks!