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Found 33 results

  1. ALiVEmod.com The next generation dynamic persistent mission addon for ArmA3 Release 1.0.7 After more than 3 years of development we are proud to release version 1.0 of ALiVE! It's a huge moment for the ALiVE team to announce the 1.0 release. ALiVE represents thousands of hours of volunteer time from a small team working every evening, weekend and holiday available. Our vision for ALiVE was to create a dynamic, persistent and credibly realistic battlefield environment that brought ArmA3 missions to life. Our aim was to do deliver this with an intuitive, modular mission framework that required minimal technical expertise for mission makers yet provided everything that players needed to set up and run military operations in almost any scenario, including command, combat support, service support and logistics. Critically, we wanted AI Commanders that automatically planned and directed missions for all AI forces across the Area of Operations, identifying strategic objectives and reacting to changes in the tactical situation. To make all this happen with minimal impact on performance, we needed a Virtual AI Profile system in order to support thousands of units continuing to operate across the map when players were not present. We are delighted that we have been able to deliver on all our objectives and more! Please note that as with all updates, if you have an issue loading a mission made with a previous version of ALiVE, delete and replace the modules in that mission. Download Grab the latest version from ALiVEmod.com Also available from PlayWithSix, ArmAholic and Steam. (Please allow a few hours for these sites to catch up) Join the War Room Now! Note for server admins that this build requires the new @ALiVEServer package. The old one should not be used and in most cases won't work (or will crash). Manual Please refer to the ALiVE Wiki. All the info you need is there. If anything is missing or unclear, please let us know. Support Forum For direct support and feedback from the ALiVE dev team, join us on our forum at http://alivemod.com/forum/ Acknowledgements and Thanks We wanted to take this chance to thank the following key people for their support and recognise the efforts of those that have dedicated so much time to this project: Wolffy.au - One of the original developers of MSO and helped kick off the MSO Next Gen vission that later became ALiVE Tupolov - A key contributor to MSO and one of the driving forces behind development of ALiVE, in particular the cloud-based persistence system, sitreps/spotreps/stats, IED system, ALiVE War Room and more. Highhead - Another former MSO developer and driving force behind ALiVE, building the AI Command & Control including the Operational Commander, Insurgency, CQB and so much more. He also implemented support for headless client and player logistics support. ARJay - ALiVE would not scale without the immense Virtual AI system created by ARJay. This system has been interwoven into many aspects of ALiVE and ARJay has contributed across pretty much all of the ALIVE codebase as well as being a lead developer of the ALiVE War Room, C2ISTAR and lots more. Friznit - We could not get anything done without a key focus on how ALiVE is used, implemented and simulates modern warfare. Friznit brought focus and organisation to the team along with his military experience, unique brand of PR and of course documentation! Jman - Our release master and general all round good bean who has contributed to the original persistence system and many admin and player helper systems. Gunny - Shepherded much of the ported combat support system (thank you Neo!) into ALiVE and assisted with a number of other systems. Secure - In our desire to remove dependence on .NET and Windows, Secure completely rewrote the plugin/extension system to make it multi-platform and faster Hazey - Helped with testing and support as well as custom compositions and the original insurgency mission for ALiVE SpyderBlack - Has been a huge help in supporting the community with his expertise as a mission maker and has written add-ons to ALiVE that have since been incorporated. The following people have supported us either during the life of the project or contributed at certain times - we thank you for your contribution and support!VRCRaptor, Sacha Ligthert, Cameroon, Naught, Rye, Singleton, SavageCDN, Kremator, WobbleyHeadedBobWe want to take this opportunity to also thank everyone for their support and in particular:CBA Team VOLCBAT Kelly's Heroes VRC Bohemia Interactive for the incredible military sandbox that is Arma 3 What's Next? After the release of 1.0, ALiVE development will be making a strategic change in direction. We kept the source code private during development in order to maintain control and facilitate support and error fixing. It is time to change that! With the widespread adoption of ALiVE, we believe that the mod will benefit from the combined resources of the community to allow it to continue to develop and flourish. There is still so much more that could be done with ALiVE both as a mod and a platform and we hope this will give the community the opportunity to take it to the next level. We will announce the details and support for this approach in the near future! Disclaimer ALiVE is now GA. However, we may need to prune the persistent database data from the War Room, eliminating data that is older than 6-12 months. The ALiVE War Room database is run on a voluntary basis at a cost to the ALiVE development team. No guarantees can be given on the mission data stored or the availability of the service. We apologise for any downtime that may impact your MP persistent missions. License ALiVE 1.0 is release under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND). Full details are included in the download. ALiVE has transformed my Arma 3 experience, how can I thank you? Please feel free to donate! It costs us about $65 per month to run our War Room website and ALiVE Database servers. Donate here http://www.alivemod.com/#Donate Special thanks to everyone here for supporting us with donations to the ALiVE mod development effort. Have fun!
  2. I am currently trying to make it so that when a hold action is preformed on a crate, it will put the crate in the back of a non specific Zamak Truck. Currently, it will put the crate in the nearest Zamak Truck (destroyed or alive). I need it to only pick the closest alive Zamak Truck. I've tried loads of different methods, but I'm now quite stuck. Please help! This is my script so far, all working fine. [ this, "Load.", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_loaddevice_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_loaddevice_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 3", "_caller distance _target < 3", {}, {}, { _this call { _ZamakTrans = nearestObjects [ _this select 0, [ "Truck_02_transport_base_F" ], 25 ]; if ( count _ZamakTrans > 0 ) then { target = ( _ZamakTrans select 0 ); _lockIndexes = [ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]; { if ( ( _x select 2 ) in _lockIndexes ) then { moveOut ( _x select 0 ) }; } forEach fullCrew target; { target lockCargo [ _x, true ]; } forEach _lockIndexes; box attachTo [ target, [ 0, 0.25, -0.15 ] ]; box setVectorDirAndUp [ [ 1, 0, 0], [0, 0, 1 ] ]; }; } }, {}, [], 2, Nil, true, false ] remoteExec [ "BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, this ]; What I need is to pick the closest alive Zamak Truck, not just the closest one. (any advice/criticism on my script will be greatly appreciated.)
  3. INTRODUCTION United States Army 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (3/75) is a community that aims to provide a realistic simulated special operations environment. The higher objective of which is to create an environment which is conducive to allow growth of its members mentally in teamwork, leadership, and morality. We offer three different routes within the unit you can choose from 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment which is our ground core and muscle. They consist of a rifle company housing three rifle platoons a mortar section, a Stryker detachment and a Regimental Reconnaissance Team. Secondly we have the 107th Fighter Squadron supporting with their A-10Cs. Lastly we have the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment which is composed of one aviation battalion which flies the AH-6M, MH-6M, MH-60M, MH-60M DAP, and the MH-47G Chinooks. OVERVIEW The missions of the 75th Ranger Regiment is to plan and conduct special missions in support of US policy and objectives. As such, the 75th Ranger Regiment conducts large-scale joint forcible entry operations while simultaneously executing surgical special operations raids across the globe. These missions include: Direct Action: These Missions are designed to seize, destroy, capture enemy facilities and/or materials. Rangers are trained and equipped to deliver maximum surprise and shock to opponents. Airfield Seizure: The Ranger Regiment is the Nation's premier choice for forced entry operations. The Ranger Regiment's capability to conduct airborne operations into hostile territory is strategically essential to our offensive military power and reach. Special Reconnaissance: The intelligence gathering activities are designed to monitor, find and fix hostile forces for future operations or strategic decision making. Personnel Recovery: Rangers are trained to evacuate or rescue civilians and prisoners of war, or capture designated enemy personnel in politically sensitive areas, hostile terrain, or enemy held territory. Clandestine Insertion: To place maximum surprise and shock on the enemy, the Ranger Regiment uses special techniques and equipment to infiltrate enemy territory, seize the initiative, and achieve surprise over hostile forces. Sensitive Site Exploitation: Leveraging their combination of cutting edge equipment and lethal, responsive strike forces, the Regiment collects and analyses information gathered on missions to conduct rapid follow-on operations that keep aggressors off-balance and unable to react. MOS AVAILABILITY 11B Infantryman (Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman) 11B Machine Gunner 11B Anti Armor Specialist 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman 12B Combat Engineer 68W Healthcare Specialist 153A Rotary Wing Aviator 11F3B Fighter Pilot OFFICIAL UNIT TIME 2000 (8:00PM EST) SPECIAL RECRUITING POLICIES Should any new members join the unit and bring with them two or more friends, that complete RASP, we will allow one of the group members to be authorized a meritorious promotion to the rank of Private First Class. The group members must decide who among them shall receive this meritorious promotion. Should the members not agree then no meritorious promotion shall be authorized. This promotion does not come with a guarantee of a leadership billet. Additionally, If six or more members of a group complete RASP, one of the members is authorized meritorious Specialist and one member meritorious Private First Class with the same guidelines of selection as above. No other meritorious promotions are authorized. GET CONNECTED Interested in applying to the 75th Ranger Regiment Realism Unit? Make sure you meet the following requirements before submitting your application: Minimum age: 16 (No exceptions) Must have a copy of ARMA III with the APEX DLC and a valid Player ID. Must have a microphone and Teamspeak 3. An understanding of the definition of roleplaying in a realism environment. If you have any other questions regarding the application process, please contact one of our recruiting staff. 3/75 RU New Join Policy
  4. Hello! I get straigt to the point: I am creating a mission in 3Eden and I have stumbled on an holdback. I have used the ALIVE modules to make civilians spawn on the map. (Standard ALIVE Civilian spawn) And if I use Allow interact in the module "Civilian Population" We can interact with them in-game to detain, tell go away and so on... But I wish to have this on the ACE interaction menu instead. How do I make this? I belive this is done tru scripting. Regards!!!
  5. THE KUNDUZ INSURGENCY AIS [SP/MP Coop-14] by 1-506Ranger STEAM LINK: The Kunduz Insurgency AIS ACE version utilizing ADV - Medical available here: The Kunduz Insurgency ACE The Kunduz Insurgency AIS is optimized for SP with Psycho's AIS revive system. This mission is MP coop ready, but instead of ACE, a number of immersion scripts and AIS make this a much more tolerable Single Player ALiVE insurgency experience as AI will heal the player (if AI teammates are not in direct contact) when you are down. READ THE MAP BRIEFING AND DIARY SECTIONS IN-GAME Features: AIS revive - nothing needed to stabilize and revive , first aid kit/medkit needed to heal smaller injuries. F/A 18 - 25 CAS sorties (JDAM and CBU only) available to Leaders only. FOB West - Independent 81mm mortars will fire at will in support of operations. If you see red smoke in an area of contact, withdraw to a safe distance. ALiVE Combat Support - Transport, CAS, and 1 x 105mm howitzer available for indirect fire support. BAF Ground and Air Service available at both FOBs for rearm and refuel ZLT field repair in effect, toolkit needed after 5 repairs. Troop recruitment available at both FOBs and US OP. SEE STEAM PAGE FOR REQUIRED AND RECOMMENDED CLIENT SIDE MODS Script Credits: *AIS Revive - Psycho *ArmaPhronk - CRS, Earplugs and IR Strobe *johnnyboy - JBOY Combat Up Down *JW Custom - Close Air Support Field System *Neko-Arrow - Mortars *Pokertour - ATM Airdrop *Psycho - AIS Revive *zealot111 - Realistic Field Repair *Quicksilver - QS icons ***Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS for use of the core content of his ALiVE diaries (edited) - see map in-game for more information
  6. I want this script to be used for all civilians that spawn in an insurgency esc mission
  7. Hello guys. I'd like to ask you if there's any way to allow player create new installations in asymmetric warfare in ALiVE. My idea is to make insurgent players allowed to create new intallations in area under their own control but also make it limited to not "spam" the server by installations. Also I have one more small question. Must be installations disabled manually or can it be just blown up? I always get "reward" for disabling it manually but never by blowing it up. I'd just like to allow players destroy installations by any way and get always some "reward". By "reward" I mean support points. Any ideas?
  8. Hello guys, I can't create my own script in .sqs or .sqf but maybe I could edit some a little bit, I just don't understand to hiearchy of scripting in .sqf or .sqs and that's the problem. So I'd like to ask you if you could create a script that adds civilian hostility if any civilian in scenario is killed. Also if could be message like "HonzaVinCZ killed a civilian. Civilian hostility in Orfar increased by 10" (Orfar is TAOR marker for civilian placement - it is also the area where the civilian was killed) I'd like to use this in multiplayer scenario. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  9. Who are we? The 10th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is an semi-realistic, international gaming community focussing mostly on ArmA 3 ALiVE structured missions. We have 3 main regiments; the 1st Battalion 10th Marines, 10th Marine Air Wing and 2/14th Combined Arms Regiment. Each regiment has unique training and courses that are required to progress within the community Additionally, there are multiple optional courses that help to develop skills, and open new pathways within the community. For example, we offer courses such as Corpsman, Weapons Team, Artillery, and Combat Diver Schools. What do we do? The 10th MEU run deployments using the ALiVE mod, this means that the server is constantly active and every action taken has an effect on the mission. We also run full battalion missions on Saturdays at 12:00 pm UTC (with more planned in the future), these missions are all preplanned and come with detailed mission briefings so that everyone is aware of what to expect. During these missions, we aim to take key objectives and to have a larger impact on the ongoing mission. We use a variety of different mods such as; ALiVE,CUP, RHS, ACE3, TFAR and also some custom made mods that have been created for exclusive use in our community. Additionally, we use a custom base building script that allows members to create new FOB’s and outposts to secure areas throughout the deployment. Each deployment will last roughly 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer depending on how long it takes to achieve key objectives. Every deployment will have an accompanying deployment brief that will explain the backstory, objectives, available assets and much more. Every member will be placed into an fireteam or vehicle crew (depending on regiment) and each regiment sticks to a fixed role roster during main events. This is to encourage teamwork and consistency, however members may play any roles they are qualified to during non-planned events (such as midweek patrols). To simulate as best of a real-world scenario as we can, we have a large range of highly-trained selected squad-leaders, trainers and officers that will help you with your journey through community ranks and departments. To help with realism and progression of the story, members are encouraged to fill out a small patrol report after every mission (this is usually done by the senior member of the patrol/unit). While this may seems excessive, we believe that it adds to the mission as a whole and gives missions a purpose. As the 10th MEU is a gaming community we also do play other games such as; Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Hellion, Conan Exiles, GTA V, etc. Our members often play these games together, strengthening the sense of community and friendship, there is always something to do and no one is left out. What do we offer? Our community is still in the early stages but growing steadily, we have a handful of members already (around 20) and are looking to grow steadily over the next few weeks. We are looking for all types of members, everything from people that just want to play to those that want to take a bigger role within the community. We are looking for members that want to help develop and grow our community, help build trainings and populate missions. Additionally, we are looking for members that are interested in taking an active leadership role within the community, currently these roles will be limited but more will be available in the future as we expand. There are many opportunities within the 10th MEU, we encourage our members to pursue the career paths they want to take within the community and have multiple avenues for members to take. We employ a Warrant Officer system for members that want to still progress within the rank structure, but don’t want to become a Squad Leader etc. The Warrant Officers are our community’s trainers and specialists, they help educate every member and guide them to the next step on the community ladder. Currently. there are many communities available to join and it is hard to stand out against the flood of units. We are hoping to differentiate ourselves by offering a unique style of missions and gameplay, one that revolves around persistence and story, while also offering a strong and stable community to be a part of. The best way to learn about what we do and who we are is to join our teamspeak (see below) and speak to one of our recruitment team. They will discuss what we do and what you can expect from us, as well as answer any questions you may have. Joining Requirements. The 10th MEU has a comprehensive rule set to ensure that all members of the community are kept satisfied and are not bullied or mistreated. The few requirements to join are: All applicants must be of the age of 17 or older. All applicants must own a valid and legal copy of ArmA 3. No ArmA downloadable content is needed to join the 10th MEU. All applicants must have a ping of lower than 300ms to the server and Teamspeak (servers are based in the USA). All applicants must have a working and clear microphone. All applicants must have the TeamSpeak 3 program. All applicants must have read the rules prior to submitting an enlistment form. All applicants must have roughly 25Gb of hard disk capacity in order to download the modset. All applicants should take part in as many operations as possible with a minimum of 1 per month. All applicants must be able to speak and understand English It is also recommended that all candidates have some level of experience with ArmA 3, and the mods we use, however we do accept candidates that are new to ArmA and have documentation that will help get you introduced and familiar with the game. Still Interested? If you’re interested in joining the 10th MEU, go to www.10thmeu.net, go to the enlistment tab and fill out the enlistment form. Upon completion of the enlistment form you can join our TeamSpeak server: ts3.10thmeu.net and wait in the ‘Recruit Waiting Area’ and you’ll be attended to within a timely manner.
  10. Hey everyone, I was recently thinking of some kind of ending cinematic to my mission. What I thought about was: 1. Wait until we're all done with the flow of the mission. Usually when the mission is done we gather up in a group to do a quick photo and a small debriefing, so we're technically still in the scenario. 2. When Zeus decides so, the mission would be switched to a cutscene. 3. If possible, a script would grab all the players who survived and put them in predefined places, for example next to some kind of building which was the last objective. 4. Those players would then play certain animations (lying on the ground, sitting, resting after a mission, waving, whatever stuff there is to choose from). 5. During those animations the camera would move a tiny bit here and there and probably show some kind of jet formation flying by. 6. Mission officially ends with the "Mission Complete" screen, some music plays in the background and bang, we're done. Do you think this is possible by any means? I think I would be able to figure out how to teleport the alive players to specific places and have them switchMove to animations, but not sure how to make the camera moving effect as well as how to make it work just after the mission, so to make it seem relatively smooth. If I recall correctly, there is an option in the Editor to choose Scenario, Intro and Outro so I think there's gotta be a way to make them transition between each other and achieve the aforementioned effect but I have no clue how to do that. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Scenario_Phases I will be grateful for any kind of help in that regard. Thanks! Adam
  11. Cold war unit mainly made with RHS Gear from MNP Weapon from RHS/GSTAVO (M-16) Vehicle from RHS/HAFM(HMMWV and UAZ)/DAR (MTVR) There is 2 faction fully compatible with Alive and Zeus. (USA, USSR) Working severkey. Mode Here
  12. The 5th Expeditionary Force is currently looking for more players to fill the roster and to have a blast in the game we all love. We are currently a smaller group so more attention can be given to newer members to help them learn the ropes. Our mod pack is pretty small and easy to install through the steam workshop. We are a casual milsim. No virtual yelling or PT. We are looking for mature gamers and active members. We have a few former and active military members, but we know this is a game and not a job. We are here for fun, not yelling. Our members are on daily playing on the dedicated. • We have a structured weekly OP 3PM EST 8PM GMT Saturdays. • Noob friendly. Will help you learn ACE basics, ARMA basics with a boot camp. • No mandatory attendance, but we aren’t looking to carry dead weight. If you like playing Arma, and want a chill group to play with we are for you. • The server runs an Alive based mission for daily fun, can group up and go daily. You can practice daily CAS support, Carrier OPS. • Based in the US we do have a few UK/EU members We have a dedicated server, Team speak and discord. For more info join our discord https://discord.gg/C5GAucw
  13. Teamspeak IP: Ts3.3rdSFO.us Public Server IP: Port: 2542 Map: Clafghan Game Type: Insurgency (ALIVE) High Traffic Time: 8:00pm-12:00am Central US time Server side mods (Required): CBA ACE3 TFAR RHSUSAF CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Terrains - Core CUP Vehicles CUP Units CUP Weapons F/A-18 Claghan Alive The Mods 3rdSFO Runs includes above: BloodLust USS Nimitz BackPackOnChest ShackTac User Interface Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Repelling Arma Enhanced Movement FIR Pilot&Crew Pack HMDs MOD (Metric) L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision Spec4Gear v4.6 Splended Smoke Theseus Services Steam Collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=827107985 Server is open keys, so you can run any mods that you like. Just have the minimal required ones and you should be good.
  14. I have a dedicated server currently running ACE, CBA, and ALiVE. I set up a mission for multiplayer through the Eden Editor and exported it. After uploading to the server and restarting I tried running the mission. It loads, but at the lobby, there are no roles to select from. Now, when I run the mission on LAN/Internet on my computer, the roles work just fine. I have 4 units placed on the map set as playable, as well as a PlayerRespawn module. This is really confusing me, and I need to fix it so my unit can begin to work together
  15. Hello ARMA community, today I release my third RAVAGE mission. Have fun! Short overview: Title: RAVAGE CASTAWAY TANOA Version: 1.3 Author: tourist Type: SP/COOP 1-10 Roleplaying Game Respawn: Base/Markers Game Version: created and playtested in SP and MP on 1.78 Stable Language: English Sceenshots: YouTube Channel featuring clips and Episodes of this mission and my other RAVAGE missions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsOXKlspvVe5HGSNlSbveFg Features: Survival Roleplaying Mission featuring the awesome RAVAGE Mod in an "Escape the Island" Scenario inspired by cosmic's mission Play in the beautiful Tanoa Archipelago. Once a tourist paradise, but now a very dangerous place to be! Further enhanced by usage of Bad Benson's immersive script suite tailored for RAVAGE: Temperature system makes campfires an absolute necessity – so getting wet from a little moonshine swimmig tonite is not a good idea if you can't warm up afterwards! Random Helicopter/airplane crashsites, vehicle spawns and airdrops make every playthrough different even in SP Random start and respawn locations in MP for all players – go find yourself a crew, Captain! And if your online friends let you down because of this lame excuse called „RL“, you can recruit any blufor AI with the RAVAGE recruiting system... AIS/A3Wounding System for the Revive – this is the HOT stuff cuz it works in SP also! See ingame Briefing hints for instructions on using that awesome piece of code and for the settings active in this mission! If you have any AI subordinates or play SP, your teammates will all be able to heal each other and you. In „mixed MP“ with some humans and some AI, the AI will also help the humans, even if those AI buddies are NOT the „Combat Medic“ class. Play as a small group through an adventure challenging you to show if you're ready to stand by your friend's side or rather choose to abandon one or even all of them in the face of mortal danger... Different win endings depending on your success and playstyle as a loner or as a team I'm happy to announce that my new "Tanoa Castaway" mission offers a persistent task with several sub-tasks. I achieved this by utilizing the convenient fact that ALiVE saves a vehicles position, health, ammo AND fuel state if any player has accessed the vehicle just once before the ALiVE savegame is made. Subtasks are to find three radio relays, then refuel their generators (depicted by a generator trailer and a truck with empty fuel tank) to finally power them up and send out a long range SOS. NOTE: Once a truck is refuelled, a player has to hop in&out once and then the session can be saved. After loading the ALiVE savegame, the trigger for checking the generator trucks which is set to repeatable on purpose will fire again due to ALiVE object persistency having saved the fuel level of the trucks. And once the "refuel" tasks are complete, the preliminary "finding" tasks also complete once again Did I mention this mission features a "digital sailing course"? You have to move from island to island either by paddling a PBX boat or motorboat with empty fuel tank (max speed 9 km/h) OR by sailing a yacht with up to 20km/h IF you sail it well and according to the "ropes" you get tought by a Field Manual entry and by an in-game GUI! Mission designed to make use of the improvements that came with RAVAGE 1.4.7, namely loot and equipment module variety: now props will spawn and lootable trash piles and furniture are there for you to scavenge. But beware: all loot types are only available in logical locations – so you won't find sniper rifles in a banana plantation's outhouse anymore! Phronk's „Addon Free Melee Script“ used to give all players a wrench as melee weapon at game start. Since the script is meant to work on items hand-placed in Editor, I didn't litter the whole map with axes, knives and whatnot. I simply give you a showcase of this cool script and the offer to try a unique playstyle fitting IMHO very well into an A3 RAVAGE mission. This script allows me to actually let you play through the grim experience of coming to a shootout wielding not even a knife, but just a wrench! Now go and create some vids of your flip-flopped game characters charging towards a bandit armed with a gun and beat him to death! Please do so with whatever battle cry your nation habitually yells out! Added ALiVE saving (local save, NO WarRoom Account necessary!) and player modules to the mission – this means you can use BIS save or ALiVE save in SP and only ALiVE save in MP. I have chosen to do so because the ALiVE save gives full object and inventory persistence for any and all boxes or vehicles or even loot objects left on the ground which players access during a SP or MP session. The usage in this mission is just for the persistence; so you don't need a Master Degree in ALiVE Gameplay. In fact, you won't even need a B.A. In SP, just press the ESC button and then you can choose between the usual „Save&Exit“ button or the „ALiVE SP Save“ button. Loading happens automatically when you start the mission. Even if you don't see the usual „continue“ button in A3 Scenario list, don't worry. ALiVE essentially emulates it's MP save resuming system when you use it in SP. So once you are ingame again, it will load the previous session's state automatically. You can also use ALiVE for managing your survivor team or for some debug/cheat options. If you want this, just press the „application“ button or whatever you have chosen to associate with ALiVE Menu. If you die in SP while using ALiVE save, you won't get a „reload“ button. Instead, quit to main menu and „restart“ the mission. You will load your last manual ALiVE Menu „Player Save“ or your last „ALiVE SP Save“ made on exiting the mission last time. In MP, you should try to get access to the GUI that lets you make an individual player save with ALiVE. You'll need that save if you want to leave the server before the other players or before the player who is Admin shuts it down. Speaking of which: easy as well! As Admin, press ESC, then choose „Server Save & Exit“. That's it! Once you do that, you save any players still on the server. Also in MP, the resuming of the mission is automatically. Oh, and you can move stuff around in the gameworld if it's not too heavy to lift. Crates, barbed wire, dropped weapons... Also you can load boxes (and their inventory) into your vehicles and later unload these again with mousewheel actions if the boxes are in a distance of 2 meters or less from the vehicles. NOTE: it's not recommended to mix between BIS SP savegames and ALIVE saving in the same playthrough, but if you decide to risk it and for this or for some other reason want to delete the ALiVE savegame, just execute this code in the debug console as sugested in the ALiVE WIKI: Manually clear data from the ProfileNameSpace when running Local persistence using the following commands. Be sure to use Server Exec if running on a dedicated server. call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceClear //removes current mission data only call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceWipe //removes all mission data completely CREDITS: First I'll credit the creators of the used tutorials and templates because without their work I couldn't even have started A3 mission making, modded game or vanilla, and of course special thanks goes to all RAVAGE specific tutorials! Haleks for his kind help in the RAVAGE release thread and the MP testing PM thread cosmic10R for his RAVAGE templates MacScottie/Jester814 for providing his very motivating and beginner friendly YouTube Tutorials Psychobastard for his PDF A3 Editing Guide in German and for his AWESOME Revive Script AIS/A3 Wounding System rsoftokz for his ROADS mission sproyd for his A3 Editing Guide in English Next to be credited are the friendly forum members or YouTubers (listed alphabetical, not by amount of help) that helped me either with code, with direct communication to solve various specific problems during the creation of this mission or by testing the mission together with me bad benson for his script suite, for his general tips on mission balance and our broad exchange on the different approaches to achieve a high realism level in the ARMAVERSE and of course for playtesting my older missions cosmic10R for his RAVAGE templates, for his great Escape! Mission that inspired me to try my own approach to this kind of RAVAGE mission, for the great exchange of mission ideas and for playtesting in general Evil Organ for lots of mission ideas we exchanged during RAVAGE testing Haleks for creating his awesome RAVAGE Mod and for letting me take part in the MP testing, also of course special thanks for all his coding tips phronk for his Addon Free Melee Script rpgteamx for his YouTube tutorial on markers and how to change their appearance with triggers Sgt Justin [GCF] for his Simple Vehicle Locking System Here comes the required addon list: CBA A3: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 CUP Terrains Complete: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 CUP Vehicles: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29716 RAVAGE: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29638&highlight=RAVAGE ALiVE: http://alivemod.com/#Download HAFM NAVY: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32207&highlight=HAFM Sailing Mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32570&highlight=SAILING Little Yacht: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32131 Paddle Mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26055 MrSanchez Headlamp: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32777&highlight=HEADLAMP Optional Addons: ASR AI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080&highlight=ASR OR VCOMAI: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25381&highlight=VCOM Why ASR AI or VCOM AI? These two (use only one of them at a time ofc!) are my personal preference and IMHO the best plug-and-play solutions for SP and MP alike! They make bandits real crappy shooters and trained Army soldiers dangerously effective! ENHANCED MOVEMENT: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27224&highlight=ENHANCED%2BMOVEMENT Get! That! Mod! Now! You WILL find it incredibly immersive and helpful to survive being hunted by zombies while still unarmed at mission start and you WILL still love it even later in the mission to save ammo by doing a little E&E or find a vantage point in firefights with bandits! ALL THE SUPPORTED EQUIPMENT AND WEAPON MODS: See the frontpage in the RAVAGE Release thread to find out which mods are supported by default! And finally the mission itself: Now go get it at Steam Workshop or via this BIS Forums release thread! Version with Zombies: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1235056836 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/hltxztqt0w8v6a5/RAVAGE_CASTAWAY_ZEDS_1.Tanoa.pbo.7z?dl=0 Version without Zombies: TBD/on user request HERE YOU GO: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1241325229 or https://www.dropbox.com/s/efvq6ab4bjmzaos/RAVAGE_CASTAWAY_NOZEDS_1.Tanoa.pbo.7z?dl=0 UPDATE 1: Changed the Hypothermia damage you receive due to BB's temperature script being active when having low body temperature to increase much slower - after all, the original settings were ideal for a mission on WInter Chernarus, but are too harsh for a mission set in the tropic climate of Tanoa. Updated mission's modules to take advantage of the fixes in RAVAGE 1.48 UPDATE 2: Fixed: Mission had dependencies on Warfare Thai and IFA3; removed these so that both mods are just supported, but not required now Fixed the playable slots/AI buddies being invulnerable Fixed Team Switch being unavailable in SP by re-saving and re-uploading the mission with newest RAVAGE version which has this problem fixed Added: Script allowing to lock and unlock vehicles. Only becomes really necessary to use if you play with one of the recommended AI mods. Wether it's ASR AI or VCOM, you WILL face the problem that RAVAGE ambient AI is stealing any cars they come across – and that could break some of the tasks in this mission. Usage of the unlock/lock script is via action menu. And just in case that you a) use VCOM or ASR AI and b) still forget to lock the Radio Relay trucks after (partially) refuelling them I have set the trucks to lock automatically once all players leave the area to spare you from rage quitting after you haul some fuel across the whole island to your radio relay truck... only to see some dirty thieves drive away with it right before your eyes! UPDATE 3 Fixed: Fixed a possible exploit with the refuelling tasks: now there is a check if you syphon out the fuel again after a generator vehicle has been checked as „refuelled“ - now you can no longer refuel one generator and then syphon the fuel out to use that very same fuel on the other generators as well ;-) Updated mission's modules to take advantage of the bugfixes in RAVAGE 1.52 Added: Radio messages in response to players using radio codes „Alpha“ and „Juliet“ after having successfully refuelled all generators and thus established a radio contact to the EVAC vessel. This way you get a more noticeable feedback on whether your SOS call actually got through to the rescue party and what to do next. A task directing you to meet the EVAC ship which gets completed once you come close to the vessel at the designated rendezvous location. A final task ordering you to actually board the EVAC ship which completes after doing so and thus make more obvious what you have to do to trigger the mission end screen. Availability of the Debug Console for all players to extend a helping hand to all the victims of black computer magic who can't access the console in SP... UPDATE 4 Fixed: Fixed a problem with trigger locality preventing the mission from ending properly
  16. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-8] War In Takistan The Islamic radicals ISIS have managed to gain a foothold in Takistan. Your Job as part of a NATO multi-national force is to eradicate the enemy from the country. ISIS hold 4 key locations on the map and they can and will send in reinforcements. ISIS are also aware of where you base is located and it is possible that they might launch an attack themselves. Prepare yourself for War! CO-OP Mission for 1-8 players Features: Zeus Revive Ability to Call in Cas Ability to call in Arty Ability to call for transport Remember to ensure your soldier is carrying a Laser Designator to ensure that you can fully use the ALiVE features and to have the abilities to call for support. Requires the following mods (which can be all downloaded through Steam Workshop) CBA_A3 ALiVE Cup Weapons Cup Units Cup Vehicles Cup Terrains Core Cup Terrains Maps Cup Terrain CWA Spyder Addons RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Project Opfor JSRS Soundmod (optional) Advanced Rappelling (optional) Link To Steam Download Steam Workshop Download Google Drive Download Armaholic Link Please leave any feedback below. It would be appreciated as I am always looking learn and see how I can do better. :) Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS, for the help the other day!!
  17. Hi I'm looking for someone to help me make a kickass mission for my squad I have mild mental problems memory Loss ect but I'm perfectly normal I need someone with patience but I want to make something special for my friends how have been there for me for a long time please please please teach me your ways :p
  18. Hey, I really need help with using ORBAT. I downloaded the mod through steam and the other files that people say you have to download don't work. My computer doesn't recognize the files. If someone could help out that'd be greatly appreciated and I a complete noob at this and the game so be gentle.
  19. Hi we play in a group using ACE3 and ALiVE, Sometimes someone is badly hit, he is in stable conditions but still do not recover the conscience and the medic has run out of Personal Aid Kits or Saline bags to fully recover the player. We want to call a medevac (generated by ALiVE, so the chopper does not have a "name" we could use), evacuate the casualty to base, and as soon as the medevac chopper helicopter lands in the medic helipad, cure the injured running a function. in the code that is ran on the Alive Helicopter is : this setVariable ["ACE_isMedicalVehicle", 1, true]; so the injured stops bleeding. the trigger at the helipad has the following condition _x isKindOf "air" && isTouchingGround _x && player in thislist and on activation : {[_caller, _target] remoteExecCall ["ACE_medical_fnc_treatmentAdvanced_fullHealLocal", _x, false];} forEach thisList; Well, we have been unable to make it work and heal people inside the chopper. For example, changing condition to "this" allows anyone who gets out of the chopper and step on the helipad (where the trigger is) to get instantly healed. The problem is that most of the guys in the helo are usually unconscious, therefore, are unable to make any action to get out. or use an "addaction" which would solve the problem. We thought: wait a minute, if we kick them out of the chopper and fall on the helipad they will be instantly cured! so we have tried adding another trigger on top of the healing one to eject players out fo the chopper, but it does not work. We have tried with Getout: unit action ["getOut", targetVehicle] we have tried with eject: unit action ["eject", vehicle] none worked, we assume that the problem was that the players in the back of the chooper count as cargo, Please, Note that we are playing with an helicopter generated by ALiVE, so it has no name to refer to, and ACE3, so solutions such as "set damage 0" will not work. Any idea how to solve this? Either healing them when the chopper lands on the helipad or alternatively, with another trigger to kick players out of the chopper after landing so they fall on the helipad. The trigger must work in multiplayer, either on dedicated servers or on hosted server. Our programming skills are very limited, so if you post a solution that we can just copy and paste it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Task Force Nemesis http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930959150 Task Force Nemesis is a coop mission set in Reshmaan Province. Your mission is to defeat an insurgency that has been established in the province. You must clear the area and call in friendly forces to occupy the areas you clear. MISSION FEATURES: Vcom AI Interactive Civilians CAS & Transport IEDs & Suicide Bombers Loadout Manager w/ Arsenal Access Recruitable AI Teammates Intel Dropped By Some Dead Enemies Headless Client Support Zeus Available To Admins You will need the Task Force Nemesis addon collection to play. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=930953870 You can add any other gear or weapon addons you wish and they will be available in the arsenal. Here is a list of addons that are not required, but recommended. Advanced Towing: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639837898 Advanced Rappelling: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=713709341 Enhanced Movement: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333310405 Task Force Radio: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620019431 Here is a link to manually download the mission. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxLsjl9KyaeNUlY5MXNsdDVGMFU/view?usp=sharing
  21. Not sure if this is quite the right board, but here it goes... Trying to run a local dedicated server with TADST, i used it last month, been gone, got back, wouldn't run a server, said something about "PhysX3_x86.dll is missing", deleted and re-installed TADST. Now when I try and run a server, it starts up, then says "PxFoundation wasn't created" and "An error occurred, arma 3 is not responding, close program/wait to respond blahblahblah standard windows stuff", then the server box closes. My question: Googling this brings up only two arma 3 pages, none of which are helpful... Has anyone ever heard of this? I made sure to verify the game cache in steam, run the launcher a few times, update my Nivida GPU software, and re-installed TADST. All I can think of is re-installing ArmA, but I don't want to go through all that... Thanks for any ideas!
  22. Hi, ive been searching for about two hours but I can't seem to understand how to do it. I am trying to activate some module only after some time when the mission has begun. I know that the Sleep function doen't work in the editior. So what I did is put a trigger to execute an sqf file but I cant write it correctly. If someone would be kind enough to help me; i have three module that I want to put to "sleep" for 120 second named "module1" "module2" "module3". Thanks!!
  23. eeriestwalnut55

    Mission Brainstorm / Need Help

    Hello all, I am posting here for some brainstorming ideas as well as get user feedback on how others think i should proceed. I am wanting to create a mission that is basically a global sandbox. I have used liberation as a base before and it works well and I like the concept. However I like the random and dynamicness of ALiVE feeling more like a large scale operation. My problem that I am running into is I am not sure if there is a way to combine liberation and ALiVE together. Here is what exactly I am looking to do. I would like to create a mission that is playable on 2 or possibly 3 sides. I want to include unit spawning and FOBs like liberation. I like the dynamic AI of ALiVE and the ALiVE profiler. I like the battle tracking of ALiVE. I would like to create a system (similar to high command) that would let me spawn AI units to my squad, take them to where I need them and fortify them, leave the squad and allow ALiVE to take them over and profile them. My overall goal is to create a mission that you basically start with bare minimum resources with bare minimum control of the map, the player then must build up their defenses and fortifications utilizing player spawn FOBs, vehicles, and AI, the ALiVE (or similar) profiler would defend and reinforce units but not attack objectives. I like the idea of having to capture objectives for more resources to spawn units however it is not essential to me as one player would be limited to a 9 - 12 man squad thus they would not be over powered anyway. I am not sure the best way to achieve this so if anyone has any recommendations I would be greatful. Thank you!
  24. man this so sad :( , a pc exclusive which doesnt even fully utilise the system hardware , wow , what kind of monster let this happen :( , been trying to get my group of friends to join me in arma 3 , they cannot and will not stand for the shitty fps :( , they think am retarded for even defending arma 3 , they were even more bummed out when ashley a buddy of mine linked us this thread :( sucks it be my first and last Bohimia title :(
  25. VNPA Missions Factory We develop ALiVE based dynamic COOP, PVP and TVT missions. Our missions have great replay ability thanks the amazing ALiVE addon, they never the same each time you do play them. Head Developer: maquez [Q-Net] Developers and Alpha Testers: Storm DE_MOON Beta Testers: Holm VNPA Missions Factory