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  1. INTRODUCTION Welcome to the EU/NA Arma 3 community. We here gage in realism but remember to have all the fun as a community in general playing multitude of games prioritising on Arma 3 specifically. We have a major multi national group of people which is looking to expand further into the milsim atmosphere. We have Serving, Ex-Serving and multiple different branches in the private military sector with mass amount of experience which we are welcoming anyone to come along and take in the experience also. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTAMwu_CCSc&ab_channel=Xincie OVERVIEW We take pride in the work we do so we are currently working on an ALIVE server with full immersive AI commanders which allow us to do a multitude of missions and keeping it immersive as much as we can. Using the skills we have gathered to make it more exciting and REAL. We also have a flight detachment which provides support to the ground infantry which we mainly focus on. Our main focus is to keep the community ALIVE and make it a home for anyone to come and join. INSIGHT With the experience and personalities we have within the unit we gage on keeping it 18+ but welcome anyone who is willing to deal with the banter and the knowledge that we can provide as a solid community. REQUIREMENTS - Age: Must be over 16+ - Able to take a joke and dish back the jokes also! - Valid ARMA 3 copy. - TS3 client and a working headset and mic - Willing to learn and experience what it means to be in a "milsim" community. DISCORD https://discord.gg/TF131 Teamspeak and server links will be given once joined the discord.