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  1. Done! This (Has not been tested in multiplayer) has had consistent success...
  2. Update to anyone who is interested. I have made some progress and have a trigger which differentiates between Curator editable units and none Curator editable units. It currently does not seem to recognise Curator editable vehicles and will ignore them completely. Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  3. Does anyone have any idea how to use the function "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" to kill curator editable units when they enter a trigger. I am trying to create a restriction zone around my map which kills the player and curator units when they enter the zone but will allow none curator units to pass through (so I can simulate reinforcements entering the region after a certain amount of time). I have been running some tests to get an idea on how the "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" function works. I currently have four triggers around the map which tell me through a hint whether a unit is curator editable or not. I am now trying to work out how to change it from giving me a hint which is either true or false, to killing the unit if true or allow the unit through if false. Something along the lines of... Just can not seem to work it out. Also tried this to no avail...
  4. Solved it myself... Script below for anyone who wants to recreate. //init.sqf [] spawn { while { alive t1 } do { if ( { _x distance2D t1 < 50 and side _x == east } count allunits != 0 ) then { myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea 0; } else { myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [ 0, position t1, 50 ]; sleep 0.05; }; }; };
  5. Hi all, I am currently making a map which requires a Curator Editing Area to follow the player around the map. I would like it so that if an enemy of the player enters the Curator Editing Area, the Curator Editing Area is disabled (to stop him spawning stuff on top of the enemy). I have managed to write a script which has the Curator Editing Area follow the player... //init.sqf [] spawn { while { alive t1 } do { myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [ 0, position t1, 50 ]; sleep 0.05; }; }; How this works is by creating a Curator Editing Area at the position of the player every 0.05 seconds. The interesting part is that you keep the ID of the Curator Editing Area, this means that it deletes the old Curator Editing Area when the new one is created. (Curator Editing Area ID being 0 in this case). The problem I have is temporarily disabling the creation of "new" Curator Editing Area 's while an enemy is within range. So I need to be able to temporarily disable the script (which I do not know how to do).
  6. Oh, after some testing, this method does not work properly if you are pre damaging a map building which isn't damaged (if that makes sense??)... For example, using the ModuleEditTerrainObject_F module. It basically damages the building when the map loads up. So you need to name the initial (undamaged) building, then get a trigger to name it again when it gets "damaged" (basically destroying the initial building). It a strange method, but it does make sense.
  7. @ZaellixA Yes, of course! So, for simple buildings which only have a damaged state, then a ruined state, (e.g. Land_i_Stone_Shed_V1_F or Land_u_Addon_01_V1_F) you can use this method. (Probably a little ugly, but works consistently). For more complicated buildings, (e.g. Land_i_Stone_HouseSmall_V1_F or Land_i_House_Small_03_V1_F) you will have to use this method. (Similar to the first one, but with a few added stages). Could be tidied up somewhat, but it works consistently as a first draft. If you need any help understanding what is going on, feel free to ask :)
  8. For more complicated buildings I've been trying to write a script which will detect which Hitzone has been destroyed, then remove the objects accordingly. Basically, I'm trying to make it so that when one side of the building it will be detected using getHitPointDamage. So it will only activate if getHitPointDamage gives a 1. Here's my trigger, but I am struggling to write a piece of code which actually works. { !alive StoneHouseGrey1_1 } && { ( StoneHouseGrey1_1 getHitPointDamage "Dam_1" ) < 1 }; The theory should work, its just being able to put it down into a piece of code which actually works...
  9. Ok, I found a really simple solution which requires only two triggers and a 100cm sphere Sphere_StoneShedGrey1_1 Init: StoneShedGrey1_1 = nearestObject [ this, "Land_i_Stone_Shed_V1_F" ]; Trigger_1_1StoneShedGrey1_1 Condition: !alive StoneShedGrey1_1; On Activation: StoneShedGrey1_2 = nearestObject [ Sphere_StoneShedGrey1_1, "Land_i_Stone_Shed_V1_dam_F" ]; { deleteVehicle _x } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "StoneShedGrey1_1 - Part01" select 0); { _x hideObjectGlobal false } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "StoneShedGrey1_1 - Part02" select 0); Trigger_1_2StoneShedGrey1_1 Condition: !alive StoneShedGrey1_2 On Activation: { deleteVehicle _x } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "StoneShedGrey1_1 - Part01" select 0); { deleteVehicle _x } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "StoneShedGrey1_1 - Part02" select 0); { _x hideObjectGlobal false } forEach (getMissionLayerEntities "StoneShedGrey1_1 - Part03" select 0); Seems to have work consistently so far. However, untested in multiplayer. Thank Eden Editor for its obscure tricks!!
  10. @Tankbuster Its about 4 building in a small area on a hill (small FIA stockpile/camp). Two of the buildings have about 20 - 40 prop objects in. They are mostly simple objects, so they don't move. It follows very heavily the (style?) of the Laws of War campaign, which has a lot of props in the buildings to make it seem more lived in. I just delete all of the objects in the specific building when it changes its state (destroyed).
  11. @Tankbuster I now realise what you mean. When the original building gets damage, it basically gets "deleted" and a new building is placed in its position with the damage/destroyed model. Obviously, that now means that the "new" building in its place is not called the same thing as the "deleted" building. I see now that you were showing me that I need to have a script which will name the "new" building which is now in the place of the "old" one.
  12. @Tankbuster Ok, I've given it a go. I have used the Edit Terrain Object Module to name the building which has the objects inside, because it is a map building. The building has been named FIA_StoneShedGrey1_1 in the Object Variable Name section. What I do not understand is that you have two names for the same building. (e.g. _mybuilding and _buildingdamaged) I have tried creating a simple .sqf which will delete the named objects within the building... //destroyProp.sqf { deleteVehicle _x } forEach [ P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 ]; Then I added this line of code to the Object Init of FIA_StoneShedGrey1_1 addmissioneventhandler [ "BuildingChanged", { params [ "_o", "FIA_StoneShedGrey1_1" ]; call "destroyProp.sqf" } ]; This would just give me a "Local Variable in Global Space" error.
  13. @Tankbuster So I was trying to follow the BuildingChanged Mission Event Handler Condition: addMissionEventHandler [ "BuildingChanged", { "FIA_StoneShedGrey1_1", <----------------------------- Here is where I get stuck, I don't understand how to use the addMissionEventHandler for BuildingChanged. (It shouldn't be a very complicated event) On Activation: { deleteVehicle _x } forEach [ Object1_1, Object1_2, Object1_3, Object1_4, Object1_5, Object1_6 ];