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  1. I am really new to scripting. Is there a way to make it so that rather than flee to the nearest building. The Civs will flee to a random map marker out of a load which have been placed around the area.
  2. I am trying to put together a trigger which gives Zeus points every time a truck goes between two points on the map (Like a supply line). If one Zeus is playing as the OPFOR team, they must spawn a Tempest Ammo truck and tell it to Cycle between two points (Point A and Point B). If the truck is spawned at Point A, the Zeus must order it to go to Point B, once it reaches Point B it must then be ordered to turn around and go back to Point A before Zeus points are added to that team. The Zeus can have multiple trucks going back and forth to add up Zeus points more quickly. I have managed to work out how to make the triggers active when a certain Vehicle type has entered the trigger, but I am having trouble working out how to get the supply point triggers working properly.
  3. I've now managed to get it working This is the code I'm using in my init.sqf [BLUFOR_Zeus_Module, ['ModuleRemoteControl_F',0, 'B_Soldier_SL_F',2, 'B_soldier_LAT_F',2.6, 'B_soldier_M_F',2, 'B_Soldier_TL_F',1.6, 'B_soldier_AR_F',2, 'B_Soldier_A_F',1.4, 'B_medic_F',2, 'B_Soldier_F',1, 'B_Soldier_GL_F',1.4, 'B_sniper_F',4, 'B_spotter_F',2, 'B_engineer_F',2.6, 'B_soldier_repair_F',2.4, 'B_soldier_exp_F',2.6, 'B_recon_TL_F',1.2, 'B_recon_medic_F',1.6, 'B_recon_LAT_F',2.2, 'B_recon_JTAC_F',2, 'B_recon_exp_F',2.2, 'B_recon_M_F',1.6, 'B_recon_F',0.6, 'B_Quadbike_01_F',3, 'B_MRAP_01_F',5, 'B_HMG_01_F',2, 'B_HMG_01_high_F',2, 'B_GMG_01_F',3, 'B_GMG_01_high_F',3]] call bis_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; This seems to do the trick (for anyone else who is still having problems)
  4. I'm still trying to work out where to put this. At the moment I cant see to get this to work.
  5. I am very new to scripting with Arma 3, and I am having trouble getting this to work (currently trying to test what you have done). It keeps coming up with an error when I load from the Eden Editor into a multiplayer game to test the map. This is what I put into my "init.sqf". [curatorObj,[ "Land_HBarrier_01_line_1_green_F", 0, "Land_HBarrier_01_wall_corridor_green_F", 0]] call BIS_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; It does not seem to like this at all. Just wondering what I am doing wrong.