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  1. I couldn't get the array assignment working. I am a bit of a novice when it comes to coding, however, I found that this piece of code seems to be a pretty reliable substitute.
  2. This script adds every unit placed, by one of the four BLUFOR Curators, to every BLUFOR Curator on the map. I was wondering how I would make it so that this script would add Curator-placed units to all allied Curators on the map. For example, if I had three teams, who are all enemies, (BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent) and each team has three players (ZeusBLUFOR001_Curator for BLUFOR, ZeusOPFOR001_Curator for OPFOR and so on). How would I add these players to a "group" which can then be used in the above script to add each placed unit by one of the players to all their allies? Do I need to create three arrays and add the Curators (so if I plan to create or remove Curators, I can adjust appropriately), and if so, how? Something like: Array 1 - Curator_west Array 2 - Curator_east Array 3 - Curator_independent Then I was hoping I could write: Then addCuratorEditableObjects to the Curators which are in their associated array (group).
  3. So this script seems to be more or less working. I am just wondering if there is a better way of writing it. I was also wondering if there was a way to detect if a unit is editable by a certain Curator and give everyone on the said Curator's side the ability to also edit the unit. For example, if a BLUFOR Curator places a mine, I'd like to be able to give all other BLUFOR Curators access to the mine, while not allowing the Independent Curator access.
  4. I have attempted to do this through code, but it doesn't really work. Because there are probably hundreds of ways of doing what I want (some more efficiently some less), it would be useful to see another way of maybe writing the script. I am currently attempting to use a loop that checks the whole map for empty vehicles and adds them to all curators (no matter their side). I think I need another loop that then checks the map for vehicles which are no longer empty, and removes them from the curators which are not on the side of the now owned vehicle (e.g. BLUFOR curator orders a unit to enter an empty car, the car can no longer be edited by the Independent curator, and the marker on said unit disappears for the Independent curator).
  5. Gave this a try, it stops other players from moving entities around which are owned by the opposing team. However, they still appear on the Edit list, left of the screen, and can be told to dismount by the opposing team. The Zeus editor seems to have a problem with empty vehicles, civilian entities. It does not seem to register/follow the same custom of saying that all empty vehicles are civilian entities for some reason.
  6. In its simplest form, is to add/remove the ability for different curators to interact with man/unmanned vehicles. Let us say that the FIA player (BLUFOR) has placed a turret in the trees for an ambush on the AAF player (Independent). While the turret is controlled by the FIA player, the AAF player is unable to interact with it in curator mode. As soon as the FIA unit manning the turret dies (or is told to leave it), the turret can now be accessed by all curators on the map while they are in curator mode (e.g. moved, deleted…). If the AAF player decides that he wants to man the turret, while controlled by the AAF player, no other curator can interact with it while they are in curator mode. In simplest terms, an unmanned vehicle is shown to all curators with the yellow circle in-game. Once the vehicle’s ownership has changed, it no longer shows up to all curators until it is empty again. I have put together the start of the script, but my knowledge of scripting is limited (still learning really). Was wondering if anyone could give me a hand/advice?
  7. I did some testing and have a system that seems to be working consistently. I would like to have the flag change effect which side owns the sector. I have done some capturing sector missions in the past, but they have always been captured using units, rather than taking a flag. I am not even sure if it is possible. I have also managed to link the curator edit zone to change owner depending on which flag is flying. I just can not do it for sectors.
  8. What I am trying to do is create a flag capturing system using the BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd. So I am currently testing to see if, while playing as an FIA BLUFOR unit, I can take an AAF flag down from a flagpole and swap it with an FIA flag. I am hoping I can get the animation of the flag coming down the pole, then once it has reached the bottom, swap with an FIA flag, then rise back up the pole, all while using the hold action button. If the unit lets go of the action button, the flag goes back to the top as if nothing has changed. If the flag is already an FIA flag, then the hold action button should not appear. This should be the same if I am playing an AFF Independent unit, except it is only FIA flags that can be captured. I currently have the hold action working, I am just not sure about how to use the BIS_fnc_animateFlag to move the flag down, swap it, then move it back up to the top.
  9. Done! This (Has not been tested in multiplayer) has had consistent success...
  10. Update to anyone who is interested. I have made some progress and have a trigger which differentiates between Curator editable units and none Curator editable units. It currently does not seem to recognise Curator editable vehicles and will ignore them completely. Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  11. Does anyone have any idea how to use the function "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" to kill curator editable units when they enter a trigger. I am trying to create a restriction zone around my map which kills the player and curator units when they enter the zone but will allow none curator units to pass through (so I can simulate reinforcements entering the region after a certain amount of time). I have been running some tests to get an idea on how the "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" function works. I currently have four triggers around the map which tell me through a hint whether a unit is curator editable or not. I am now trying to work out how to change it from giving me a hint which is either true or false, to killing the unit if true or allow the unit through if false. Something along the lines of... Just can not seem to work it out. Also tried this to no avail...
  12. Solved it myself... Script below for anyone who wants to recreate. //init.sqf [] spawn { while { alive t1 } do { if ( { _x distance2D t1 < 50 and side _x == east } count allunits != 0 ) then { myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea 0; } else { myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [ 0, position t1, 50 ]; sleep 0.05; }; }; };
  13. Hi all, I am currently making a map which requires a Curator Editing Area to follow the player around the map. I would like it so that if an enemy of the player enters the Curator Editing Area, the Curator Editing Area is disabled (to stop him spawning stuff on top of the enemy). I have managed to write a script which has the Curator Editing Area follow the player... //init.sqf [] spawn { while { alive t1 } do { myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [ 0, position t1, 50 ]; sleep 0.05; }; }; How this works is by creating a Curator Editing Area at the position of the player every 0.05 seconds. The interesting part is that you keep the ID of the Curator Editing Area, this means that it deletes the old Curator Editing Area when the new one is created. (Curator Editing Area ID being 0 in this case). The problem I have is temporarily disabling the creation of "new" Curator Editing Area 's while an enemy is within range. So I need to be able to temporarily disable the script (which I do not know how to do).
  14. Oh, after some testing, this method does not work properly if you are pre damaging a map building which isn't damaged (if that makes sense??)... For example, using the ModuleEditTerrainObject_F module. It basically damages the building when the map loads up. So you need to name the initial (undamaged) building, then get a trigger to name it again when it gets "damaged" (basically destroying the initial building). It a strange method, but it does make sense.