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  1. Sure! So I found out that by setting the ALiVE AI Virtual System Module's synchronization option into "Virtualize All Editor Placed Units..." will also virtualize vehicles placed in the 3DEN Editor which then in turn would respawn the vehicle right from the start and remove all scripts applied on its init field, so by turning this option to its default setting "Only Virtualize Synced Units", would prevent this from happening and have everything to work as normal. It's basically my fault, I made the problem myself and didn't realize it sooner. But I hope this helps for other mission maker that may encounter such problem, in the event someone would like to toggle that option you may want to sync the vehicles you don't want to be virtualized to the module and not lose the scripts you applied.
  2. Good day, I am currently at a dead end of the MP mission I am trying to create for my unit, solely with ALiVE modules, I don't really use any MCC features but just wanted to leave it loaded in case I need to create a scenario while the mission is running. I wanted to add specific vehicle cargo (custom loadout) in a medevac vehicle(RHS Asset), such as ace medical items. So our medics can replenish their inventory from the vehicle. I did this by adding this in the vehicle's init field: In addition I also added scripts on some vehicles and units init field to assign as ALiVE Combat Support so that ALiVE would work with VCOM accordingly, I followed this steps from ALiVE's FAQ site. I followed what's in the red box: But when I start the mission, the mission loads twice and respawns the vehicles rendering all the scripts I've put useless. I can't figure out how to stop the vehicles from respawning when the mission loads the second time or to have the script run at a specific time so it would execute once the mission finishes loading "Completely". Here's a 5 min. video to show what I am trying to do. https://youtu.be/3nxOfavKnBY TIA! PS: I don't know how to title this since I'm not exactly sure what's happening to name it properly. So my apologies if it's misleading.
  3. Sorry, I didn't know that the other threads would go up due to my reply.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to put the RespawnDelay value in the Mission Parameters so I can change the duration anytime before I start the game. I'm currently trying to use this function BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay(https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay) as it says that it can "set" the respawn delay value. This is what I have. description.ext {// 22 title = "Respawn Delay"; values[] = {5, 30, 60}; texts[] = {"5","30", "Default(60)"}; default = 60; } init.sqf(not sure if I should put this in initServer or initLocalPlayer) Also the "Hint" in this code is just a tester seeing if I'm really getting the value coming from the params. _respawnCounter = "respawncounter" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue; hint format ["Respawn Delay %1", _respawnCounter]; [{_respawnCounter < 60}, 30, ""] call BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay; Huge thanks to whoever helps. Update: Apologies for having multiple threads going up because of me, I didn't know that the other threads will be bumped up the list due to my reply. Anyways after fiddling with my code and tried searching for some related topics to this I found out that adding an event handler would do the trick and by making the Variable into a public instead of a private made it work also I used the setPlayerRespawnTime instead of the BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay(this seems to be not working for me even though I tried putting my variable into a public). respawnCounter = "respawncounter" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue; hint format ["Respawn Delay %1", respawnCounter]; if (respawnCounter != 60) then { player addEventHandler ["Killed",{setPlayerRespawnTime respawncounter}]; } But if anyone has a shorter or better version with the same concept, feel free to share it here.
  5. Might want to give this one a shot? BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay(https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay). I'm trying to do this myself but still failed to make it work. (Description.ext) class respawncounter {// 22 title = "Respawn Delay"; values[] = {5, 30, 60}; texts[] = {"5","30", "Default(60)"}; default = 60; } (init.sqf or initPlayerLocal or initServer)I still don't know where to put this also. //respawnDelay _respawnCounter = "respawncounter" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue; [{_respawnCounter < 60}, _respawnCounter, "New Respawn Delay Set!"] call BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay;
  6. kohara_02

    Respawn time parameter.

    Any update about this? I tried running this on Init.sqf, initServer and also initPlayerLocal. This is what I have, am I doing something wrong? Can anyone help? (description.ext) respawndelay = 60; class respawncounter {// 22 title = "Respawn Delay"; values[] = {5, 30, 60}; texts[] = {"5","30", "Default(60)"}; default = 60; } (init) //respawnDelay _respawnCounter = "respawncounter" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue; [{_respawnCounter < 60}, _respawnCounter, "New Respawn Delay Set!"] call BIS_fnc_setRespawnDelay;
  7. kohara_02

    Werthles' Headless Module

    I manage to get it working with mods I just added the directory of the mod instead of just adding the "@examplemod". I did this instead "D:\Directory\Arma 3\@Workshop\@mod" and the transfer just seems to work suddenly. Thank you for this gread headless client kit! :)
  8. kohara_02

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Hello! I tried your headless client kit with a vanilla version, no mods and all and using the Test Mission that comes with your file. I got the HC to connect but the units in game is not being transfered into HC. Any help?
  9. kohara_02

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Can anyone help me with this? I'm running a mission file that has modules set up that uses Ace Mod and other mods I included it in the list as you can see there but I still get these errors and the HC keeps on disconnecting.
  10. Will do. Thank you good sir! :)
  11. kohara_02

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Is Vcom AI Compatible with MCC's GAIA?
  12. Thank you! It's working now. Damn this parameters really is confusing. lol. Is there a way to restrict this to only Pilots & Co-Pilots inside the Vehicle(Heli,Plane,LandVics). Like an if statement wherein only the Pilot/Driver & Co-Pilot(Heli,Planes) to see the added action? So the Passengers won't see it.
  13. How can I use this line with an "addAction"? When I put this in a trigger this just launches the loadout interface right when you get in the trigger area. What I really want to happen is that when a player goes in the trigger area it'll add and "addAction" on the player so they can open the Loadout Interface by scrolling down their mouse and select it in the action menu. I tried doing it this way "_service = player addAction ["Rearm", call GOM_fnc_AircraftLoadout]" but I get an error and the interface still opens right away when I get in the trigger. I'm really not good at scripting so forgive me. Thanks in advance. Also on the "On Deactivation" it means that when you put a line of code in it, when the player gets out of the trigger area the "On Deactivation" line of code executes right(how I understand it)? So should I add a removeAction in there? So when the player gets out of the trigger area it'll remove the action button in their action menu?
  14. Hello, is there a way to change the GOM_fnc_addAircraftLoadoutArea? Cause I want it to be an addAction instead of BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem. Because since we have mods in game when we press "0" then "8" it clashes with the mod's keybind so it would be better for it to be an addAction. I'm not really good at scripting I tried doing it myself but I just can't maybe I can ask for help? I really prefer using a trigger area instead of an "object" or like player restriction. Thanks in advance. PS: Also the GOM_fnc_removeAircraftLoadout is it possible to use removeAction instead of the current. "[_unit,_ID] call BIS_fnc_removeCommMenuItem;" so when you're out of the trigger area the added action will be removed. So still basically the same idea but instead of the CommMenuItem it'll be addAction.