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Found 36 results

  1. Hello i am newbie to scripting and arma3 editing and i can't find an answer to this: I spawn a group of AI infantry and a truck (will be 2 IFVs when i get it to work) then set the waypoint so the AI infantry group board the truck. I had no success yet. The AI infantry group move then stand still near the truck and do nothing. I would be glad if anyone can tell me what i am doing wrong. This is the code for the truck: And this is the code for the infantry group:
  2. Werthles' Headless Module (now v2.0!) Fully configurable module to give headless clients control of editor/script/Zeus AI. -->TUTORIAL VIDEO - CLICK HERE<-- Albert is the name of my headless client... Downloads: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510031102 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29455 Main features: Easy way to create headless client missions HC Setup and Ignore modules Editor/script/Zeus AIs auto-transferred to HC control AI waypoints/scripts/trigger syncs preserved Splits AIs evenly among multiple HCs 3D Debug Mode Here's Why Headless Clients Are Good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-WKHrC661g&feature=iv&src_vid=15VK_kNOu6o&annotation_id=annotation_4128809211#t=1m46.4s How To Use: Download the mod and launch Arma 3 with the mod. Edit your mission, adding a WH Setup Module, found under "Headless Modules". Configure the parameters as appropriate for your mission. Add an "Ignore" module if required. Add playable, uniquely named, headless clients. Save your mission as a multiplayer mission. Set up your server and headless clients Play your mission! Players, HCs and the server need to run the WHM mod in order to play. Part 3 of this guide is how I set up dedicated servers and headless clients: Werthles Headless Kit Guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459917508 Setup Module Parameters: Headless clients to be used Repeating checks for spawned AI Time to wait between repeats 3D debug mode for all or just admins Balance the number of AI units on each HC, and rebalance when uneven Delay between module activation and HC setup starting Time between each HC transfer, to aid stability Initial setup report Phrases the module should ignore when checking AI for the HC (can be whole/part unit names/group names/unit type/synced module name) If certain units need to remain controlled by (local to) the server, simply sync these units to an ignore module. Compatibility When combining with mods that require setup time, try increasing the WHM startup delay or activate the module on a trigger, so WHM setup starts afterwards. ALiVE Compatibility ALiVE Profiles: Attach "WH Setup Module" to a radio trigger (or similar solution), then activate once in game (else profiles do not load or save correctly). ALiVE Support Modules: Give the group a distinct callsign, then add this to the list of units to ignore within the "WH Setup Module".Please let me know if you find an issue with this and any mods. I will list any issues found here. I would like to make this compatible with as many mods as possible! Headless Client Tips: Headless Clients must be set as playable and have a unique name. HCs cannot connect to client internet multiplayer servers, only local servers or dedicated servers. This is because IPs cannot be whitelisted with these servers. HCs can only connect to servers which are passworded. WHM will change the locality of the AI being transferred to HCs. This can interfere with some scripts. If it does, you can use the "Ignore" module to stop WHM from giving the HC control of individual groups. See: http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-locality/ Links For Scripted Version: WHK Setup Guide (For scripted version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15VK_kNOu6o Werthles Headless Kit http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459317544 Werthles Headless Kit Guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459917508 WHK Armaholic Download http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28917 Please let me know if there are any problems/things that could be improved, and I'll get to work on it! I'd also love to see this in action. Please link me if you have screenshots/videos!
  3. Hi. I want to have the A10 jet from RHS circle around an area and only attack targets that a unit laser designates for him. I want him to use the GAU8 gatling gun on lasers too, how do i make that happen? Because if i just let him fly around he will attack tanks and vehicles by himself...
  4. So pretty much a long time I found this unit = group player createUnit ["classname", getPos player, [], 0, "FORM"]; and placed it in a radio trigger so when the player radios in he will get the corresponding unit. So after I implemented it in game it works but it spawns the unit for all players in game. Is there a way i can make it spawn only for the one activating the trigger.
  5. In dev. 135197 we have made some changes how suppress command works 1. select some units 2. press 3-9 3. some units will start shooting at given position / vehicle (there is new suppressTarget in datra) known issues - does not work for gunner in your vehicle (same issue as for artillery fire at position command)
  6. This used to work (last time I used it was a couple of months ago) but now it doesn't: _unit action [ "DropWeapon", ("GroundWeaponHolder" createVehicle (position _unit)), (primaryWeapon _unit) ]; _unit will perform the action/drop weapon anim, but the weapon remains in his hands. Obviously, I could just use removeWeapon, but this is more for the aesthetics of it as the player is likely to have eyes on _unit. Has this broken/changed or anything since Eden? edit: Scratch that, I must have changed some things that I forgot about. It used to be a handgun hat was dropped, not primary, so I'll probably just go back to that. But what would stop this working with primary weapons?
  7. There are too many things going on with the realism in A3 with regard to the AI's ability to know someone is there even when they have cover. The 3den Enhanced helps control the spot distance, but I don't think the mountains, and terrain is actually blocking the radial spot awareness of the AI. Here are a few examples: A tank comes over a hillside and wipes me out every time I hit replay, even though I'm hidden further into the woods while my 12 guys are out in the open. even if I move to new positions before the tanks gets over the hill on my side, It's as though the AI is programmed to target the player more often then the enemy, ...while my guys were out in the open.A tank comes over the hill and wipes out about 10 guys in a matter of 3 seconds, even though the guys are all spaced out at distances from each other of about 30 to 50 feet, and they were commanded to take cover before hand. How in the world would a tank know where everyone is that quick? My friend is an Captain officer in the Army, He's says it's BS. It would take the tank some time to aim at everyone. I can change this behavior with the 3den Enhanced AI settings, but why is the setting so jacked up by default.I'm in prone position sneaking up on some guys in front of me who are about 100ft behind the hill I'm crawling up: about a second before I can see them through the weeds I'm already being shot at and killed by the infantry on foot. It's as though the radial awareness of the AI is NOT being blocked by terrain or even trees. Last point. I realize that the "tanks" and even the infantry have heat sensor abilities, but then wouldn't the other army have heat deflector outfits to help a little? And how can they detect heat when your behind a hill? And it's not like every squad or platoon has that ability at all times. Either way, even if they knew I was there as soon as my head peaked over the hill, there is no way someone can aim and kill me every time on their first shot from 100 feet away while I'm laying down. Unless it's just luck. And the AI seems to have a LOT of luck in A3. The question here is: is the spot distance blocked by terrain? Hills, Mountains? ... Or is it NOT?
  8. Hi. I placed a jet and gave it waypoints etc. Now when it gets shot down i want it to respawn after 30 seconds or so. I want the AI to have a 100% skill level and have it circle close to the center of the map. Any jet will do, a random one out of the 4 would be very good though. I tried a little bit but it didnt work. And i do not want to google for five hours, did it 30 mins and found nothing which is why im asking here. Help would be appreciated!
  9. Hello all I have some questions and suggestions to developers (and players if you have the answer) 1) Is he expected in the future that the arsenal is equipped with predefined loadout (list of units like in the editor / Zeus, which should not be too difficult to include) rather than having to create a big list we almost never use 2) New official MPmissions / Gamemode planned ? Like classic Warfare/CTI (Already requested by the community it seems), coop, or new game mode (Zeus + players vs AI for example) And two stupid questions: 3) I think I know the answer but still raises the question : New vehicles of control mode ? (like the classic control of Arma:CWC, with the mouse to point the direction, particularly for aircraft) 4) During the game, it often happens that someone is AFK temporarily, there is a command for the AI take control of the character temporarily? (like Intro / Outro in editor) Thank you ;) P.S : Sorry if my english is bad =S
  10. There use to be a simple way to place AI in buildings just by placing a way point over the building or tower and selecting the position. How is this done in ArmA 3? I just need to set a basic way point that moves an AI sniper to a tower when the game starts. Thank you.
  11. Hello all. :) So I'm making a mission in which your unit starts at base, loads into a helicopter, flys to the AO and unloads from their helicopter on the ground. The heli then circles overhead, before landing again and picking up the unit. When making the waypoints, the heli gets to the area, drops the unit and fly's my cycled waypoint circle no problem. The problem is once I add in the waypoints in the editor for it to "skip waypoint" out of the cycle and go to load the unit for the second time (in the field). When I test the mission, the helicopter spools up and takes off without my squad. Before, working correctly, the helicopter would stay on the ground at base and wait for my unit to load before spooling up and taking off. After adding in the waypoints beyond the "cycle" waypoint (and more specifically, adding the second "load" waypoint, to pick up the unit in the field) the helicopter spools up and takes off without my unit. Actually, my unit doesnt even seem to give the "get in" order anymore, just a "move to" order. :wacko: Whats more, once I delete the waypoints I added in to attempt to go back to the previous, working behavior, the helicopter keeps acting up. Any ideas on why this is happening? :blink: The only mods I am running is "Eden enhanced". P.S. If it helps, the ultimate goal I'm trying to achieve is to have the heli drop off my group, circle overhead untill a condition is met (such as blowing up an objective on the ground), and then come down to pick u my group before continuing on to the next objective where it will do the same thing again. This is for a single player mission. Thanks in advance! :D
  12. Hello, I have a problem with the AI helicopter after paradrop. The helicopter stop following his waypoints after the paradrop. It just stay in hovering flight. I would like to make the helicopter follow his waypoints again after paradroping.... Here is the command that I've put in the "On Activation" field of the helicopter drop waypoint: paratroopers leaveVehicle heli; {_x action ["Eject", vehicle _x];} forEach units paratroopers; I d'ont see what other command line(s) I should use. I defeinitely need an expert. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my test senario (3D editor): https://mega.nz/#!FgAn3Rqa!2MR4nIZOQGo2l92l2l0nbHKg8Ar20hm6_r1uW06v1UI GOAL: the helicopter must land at Camp Rogain after paradrop. Thanks and regards. PS: the problem does not happen when the player is the paratroop team leader.
  13. Hi. In my mission my AI has to move and invade an airfield. But it just sits somewhere 500m away from it sniping and generally moves really careful, our LAV does not move in but rather stay out and snipe enemies from there which i do not want. Anything i can do?
  14. I'm trying to figure out what's making the ArmA3 AI behavior (with the tanks in particular) different then in ArmA2 It's really for single player fun more than anything. But here are the two topics I'm referring to: In ArmA2, the tanks (when using the Guard way-points) would follow you almost all over the map. In other words, the tanks would hunt you down. What can I do to make this happen in ArmA 3?The other more important issue is, when I'm hiding in a forest, say 120 yards away, or even behind a building at the same distance, it seems like the AI always knows I'm there as soon as I pop my head out. This is not realistic. In the real world, it's very unlikely that someone will see you at that distance, and even if you were only 50 feet away, the chances of them knowing you're there (unless they were looking right in your direction) would be unlikely. What is making ArmA 3 behave like this? Or how can I make it behave more like ArmA 2? I think it's safe to say that squatting helps decrease the chances of being noticed, but it's not an absolute fix. Is there a global radius-awareness setting I can apply for all AI? Thanks
  15. I'm not sure if this is game related, or mod specific. But why is it that all the helicopters get shot down every time by tanks? I'm using a BMP in this mission.. I tried using the 3den Enhanced to set the skill for both gunner and polite in the chopper: i..e.. max aim accuracy, aim speed and spot distance, and the AH64 still gets shot down every time. I also set the tank's crew skills very low, (in the 20s) for the same settings as the AH64. The 3den Enhanced does work with regard to the tanks firing at me, but the settings don't seem to have an effect on the choppers. But the larger question is: why are the AI settings in ArmA3 so unrealistic that we have to change them for everything we add? Couldn't there have been a better default setting? Tanks shoot at you and kill you on the first shot when you're sneaking in a forest 400 feet away. This is BS. There is no way. I have friends who are active in the military, and they even said it's unrealistic. I don't know why BIS hacked the settings in ArmA3 so bad. A solder gets tired in 30 seconds of running? Give me a break. That's not a solder, that's a wimp. They are not running full speed as we've been told for them to be out of breath this quick. The objects in the scene don't pass quick enough for them to be sprinting. The default AI settings in ArmA 3 are horrible. Sorry, not trying to be negative. But A2 was fun. I'm spending more time tweaking things in A3 then playing the game. Thankfully there are people in the community providing utilities such as 3den Enhanced. Had it not been for that, What would we do, live with these ridiculous default settings? Seriously.
  16. Hello. This isn't my first mission that I have built so I can work my way round the editor but scripting? whole other question for me :/ I am building a training mission that has live firing ranges (if you get me) and in one of the ranges I have an AI vehicle(see fig 1) that moves around a set path (see fig 2) and I can't find a way of making the two AI respawn with the same waypoints in the vehicle so they do the same thing over again. One last thing is a small thing, I have been building a firing point here (See fig 3) and I can't find the place you lie on when your firing (see fig 4 under the person). If you could tell me the name of this so I can get it in game that would be brilliant. Sorry for the massive photos but making them smaller seemed a tab pointless. Yours sincerely Gsg Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4
  17. Why is only one of the AI shooting at me. The AI in the tower should shoot at me too. Instead he just stands around doing nothing.
  18. I'm trying to make an intro to a mission where it shows a group in a Prowler (light strike vehicle from Apex) driving by a group and opening fire on them as the car passes. The only problem is they aren't opening fire from within the vehicle. I had to put a script in place to prevent them from leaving the vehicle at the first sign of an enemy, and now they aren't firing when i keep them in. I tried setting them to invincible,and parking them nearby, and I notice they're throwing grenades, and targeting opponents, but never firing. Should I use a script to get them to fire non-stop, or is there a way around this?
  19. I'm trying to make an intro to a mission where it shows a group in a Prowler (light strike vehicle from Apex) driving by a group and opening fire on them as the car passes. The only problem is they aren't opening fire from within the vehicle. I had to put a script in place to prevent them from leaving the vehicle at the first sign of an enemy, and now they aren't firing when i keep them in. I tried setting them to invincible,and parking them nearby, and I notice they're throwing grenades, and targeting opponents, but never firing. Should I use a script to get them to fire non-stop, or is there a way around this?
  20. Pretty late here, wanted to brainstorm these small unit tactics publicly. Will tackle actual scripting later after sleep. Flank and spank tactic taro8 brought up this idea in the ASR AI thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/163742-asr-ai-3/page-96#entry3026408 I've tried all the AI mods, but for flanking or etc they don't seem to reliably perform what taro8 describes. Most will handle individual AI units within the group, and sometimes I think emergent tactics happen but not by design for team tactics of > 1 AI unit -- e.g. bounding fireteams temporarily split from a section/squad, binaries split from a team, individuals split from a binary. (let me know if I'm blatantly wrong!). I am not a good or elegant scripter by any means, so this is mostly a learning project. Elegant solutions and suggestions for me to investigate would be welcome. I prefer ASR AI to stay simple, robust, and not heavy on specifics -- it's proven to be pretty timeless and effective b/c it doesn't try to be a fully loaded bells-and-whistles AI suite (which are very cool when they work, but somewhat fragile and more vulnerable to Arma 3 updates). Thus I personally would prefer any higher-level tactics script to stay out of ASR AI's way. I'm starting with Zenophon's framework and trying to stick to KK's and code optimization best practices (blindly following, since I don't yet have experience in being selective when to use a less efficient loop construct or whatevs just b/c it'll get the overall job done simpler), making a small script to be executed on an AI group leader, where: <nested if checks are faster/lazy than if/else> Checks if that AI (assume OPFOR for this concept) knowsAbout any BLUFOR > 0. If true, check distance < _distance. Sort distance for nearest qualifying group. If true, <insert black script magic to count units group, divide into 3, create 2 new group leaders and attach AI units to them. All dynamically.> Ensure group 1 seeks cover and keeps the attention of BLUFOR (maybe even suppresses BLUFOR). If with johnnyboy's blessings, incorporate his up-and-down mini-script. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/190815-release-jboy-combat-up-down-script/ Set new groups 2 and 3 to disable combat mode, then assign "FULL" movement waypoint. Figure out bearing from AI leader group 1 to Zen_FindAveragePosition (finds average point between all objects) of nearest known BLUFOR group. Generate 2-4 WP for each of groups 2 and 3, with relative bearings [-90, -45] and [45, 90] to the 1-BLUFOR source bearing, distance for each WP is random 25-50 (If 25m is a fair distance for a single "I'm up, I'm moving, he sees me, I'm down" sprint). Follow each WP with an immediate setUnitPos "DOWN" with a sleep random 3-5 seconds (Hold WP?). Then execute/create/assign/skip the hold WP to move onto the next disable combat sprint WP. Now groups 2 and 3 get no further assigned WPs, so they should revert to default AI behavior (or whatever ASR or otherwise AI mod is running). Once WPs complete, group 1 is assigned a WP with relative bearing [-45, 45] to the source bearing. Movement distance 25-50. At end of this sequence, regroup all of them back under group 1. distances could be user-specified parameters, naturally (go for the 300m flanking end run!). Bounding tactic Starts off same way, but splits into only 2 groups. Script takes parameter for a final destination. Assigns a dynamic icon marker? Group 1 gets the disable combat sprint waypoint. When WP complete, they do the up-and-down behind cover. Group 2 first gets the up-and-down. Then is assigned a created waypoint per group 1. etc. until one of the groups passes a check for if (group distance destination_marker < 10), then the two groups rejoin. (mad cheese's Command and Control has a regular peel and Aussie peel that are magnificent to watch in action, knowing anything about wayward AI scripting. :P ) Urban street/building patrol from scratch [edit: before anyone gets upset, I'm only referencing these spawn scripts as examples, and will message the authors whose work I respect and currently enjoy using as-is, before using their scripts as springboards for any actual work I may do on this. Otherwise, I'll be attempting to reinvent the wheel from only the concept of their scripts, as a learning exercise for myself. I'm not educated enough to actually understand what their scripts are doing -- I get lost following the variables and script structure -- so I don't want to copy something I don't understand and break it anyway.] T-800a's spawn script already has this function, where units will randomly patrol streets within an area marker, with random waypoints during patrol, set to random building positions. Grahame and I touched on the topic of using existing civ spawn scripts to create roaming zombie patrols. I thought it'd induce a bit of bonus terror if players seek cover in a building, but some staggering zombie randomly wanders into the building. Instead of having to launch the entire T-800a script just to hook in this one component, I wanted to see if I could do the same with Enigma's civilian spawn (super simple script, easily allows a custom script to fire for each spawned unit -- i.e. a script that dynamically spawns patrol WPs for that zombie. Given that the zombie will spawn in the correct area, thanks to Enigma: call Zen_FindGroundPosition 5-15 times (or parameter number of times) with limitation of on-road and minimum distance from each other positions. Maybe with condition: testing for buildings nearby (60%+ building coverage in the user-specified radius). call Zen_FindBuildingPosition on at least some of those waypoints. (Something possibly broke this for me in my current testbed mission -- unit refuses to acknowledge and setpos to that marker about half the time.)
  21. Edit: I've did some editing to the mission and it seems like the issue does not happen as much as it did before, or at least it occurs much less frequently. There is still a problem with helicopters not working at all, but that is being handled by a different script, so I am probably gonna open another thread with focus just on that. Hello! I am having a problem with AI in Arma 3. It's simple, I want to spawn an enemy vehicle with AI in it and then send it on a death mission where it gets almost surely destroyed by players' heavy fire. However, oftentimes (at ~25% chance) the unit just sits still after its spawn and does nothing at all. So, this is my (almost) whole code. The important part is marked between ↓↓↓↓↓ and ↑↑↑↑↑: _group = createGroup east; _type = _usableUnits select floor random count _usableUnits; if (_type isKindOf "Car") then { _unit = objNull; if (_type == "B_G_Offroad_01_armed_F") then{ _unit = [_spawnLocation, random 360, _type, resistance] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; }else{ _unit = [_spawnLocation, random 360, _type, EAST] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; }; (_unit select 0) setdamage enemySpawnDamage; driver (_unit select 0) spawn scr_killWhenOnFoot; gunner (_unit select 0) spawn scr_killWhenOnFoot; _unit join _group; (_unit select 0) spawn scr_noFuelWhenCarIsStatis; AIunits = AIunits + (_unit select 1); // ↓↓↓↓↓ _wp = _group addWaypoint [posTarget, 0]; [_group, 1] setWaypointType "HOLD"; _group setCombatMode "YELLOW"; _group setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _group allowFleeing 0; driver (_unit select 0) spawn { while {alive _this} do { _startPos = Position _this; sleep 10; _currentPos = Position _this; if ( (_startPos distance _currentPos) < 1 ) then { _this DoMove posTarget; }; }; }; // ↑↑↑↑↑ }; This code is a part of a larger script which spawns a vehicle, fills it with AI units and then sends it to position posTarget through a waypoint. The last part is the problem. The unit sometimes refuses to move, even if its path is not obstructed at all. I've tried to fix this by telling the unit to DoMove every 10 seconds if its detected to be still, but it still doesn't fix the problem. Does anyone else have similar problem? Do you know how to fix this, or work around this issue?
  22. Ever since patch Hotfix 1.58 i can no longer open the AI menus. This happens in singleplayer and multiplayer. I do it the way i've always done it. 1: Press F2/F3/Whatever unit i want to select. 2: Press one of the number keys on the keyboard to open the corresponding sub menus, such as stance or fire modes. However, since patch 1.58 pressing one of the number keys simply deselects my AI. It does nothing at all apart from that. Weirdly though, pressing the number keys WITHOUT an AI selected does open the menu. This is of course useless since no AI are selected. Already done: Check all key settings in the "controls" menu. Reinstalled the game, removed all mods and removed all player files. I regularly play on a BECTI server, and i've heard from others there that they have the same issue. Help would be appreciated.
  23. OBS: If the player uses team switch to switch away from a soldier unit that is in a modified stance, the now AI controlled unit becomes stuck in the modified stance. This can create undesired results such as AI being unable to move, unable to stop, unable to interact with objects or vehicles, able to run underwater etc. EXP: AI controlled units should be able to recover from a modified stance and behave normally. REPRO: 1. In 2D mission editor, place any soldier as the player. Place another nearby subordinate unit, set to playable. 2. Preview mission. 3. Team switch to unit 2. 4. Modify your stance (Ctrl+W or Ctrl+S) to any non standard stance 5. Team switch to unit 1. 6. Order unit 2 to move to some destination. Observe results. 7. Order unit 2 to switch to another stance, and move. Observe results. 7. Repeat test, leaving unit 2 in other modified stance. If left in prone low, AI is unable to move. If left prone left/right or prone upright, AI is able to move, but only if they want to be prone. If left in crouch low, AI will be able to move unless they want to be crouched. If they want to be prone, AI will be unable to stop moving. etc, etc Tested in Stable 1.58.135656
  24. If you are in the gunner's seat of a vehicle, and you connect to a UAV, AI behaviour will take over - ie, while you are piloting the UAV, your character will use the vehicle gun to engage any nearby enemies. This can really give away your position if you're trying to be sneaky!
  25. I concluded that this issue is of such importance that it should be added to the 'in development branch' thread and corrected immediately. There was a past main branch update where it was advertised that there had been soo many A.I. improvements, but when you have A.I. enemies literally halfway submerged in the terrain it makes every simulated operation the fundamental equivalent of a hardcore zombie shooter!!! I would definitely want this fixed before the BIG Tonoa APEX update if I was BIS. Does anyone know of a community made fix or addon that corrects this?