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  1. ceeeb

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    I bought Reforger, and am quite impressed even though it feels like a cash grab. It runs well on my 6month old PC, and the world looks beautiful and very detailed. I love the little details like ignition keys, and radio interference. The included MP missions are a strange choice as they could run for many hours and players spawn far from the action. With a new game release they should include a simple SP mission to get used to controls and weapons, and they should have included a smaller scale MP mission (one town control point battle or CTF) to make it very easy for players to get into the action without having to drive or run many km. I want to get into the combat without learning about resource points, supply missions and base building!
  2. Hey all, nice to see an update on Enfusion! The screenshots and video show an updated version of Everon, and what looks like Ural 375 trucks with an older radio box on the back. Maybe we're going back to 1985... edit: also, streams!
  3. Please note this issue affects several other weapons:
  4. I created a bug report about this issue in 2013. It's assigned but that doesn't seem to mean anything. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T66114
  5. ceeeb

    Forums Upgrade

    Is it possible to see recently updated threads in the new software (similar to the old forums) I can only see recent posts via activity stream. which is just a mess of all threads mashed into one. EDIT: I see it's possible to group activity by thread, but threads can appear multiple times in the stream. I also have to click log in every time i visit the forums, but thankfully do not need to enter my name and password each time.
  6. BI have been advertising two "Senior Engine Programmer" positions for almost 2 years. I guess good programmers aren't easy to find, or they aren't offering enough? I think the Unreal engine project they have is YLands (actually the Ylands site says it uses Unity)
  7. ceeeb

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The AI explosives reveal issue occurred if AI had detected the player, then forgotten him before the explosives are set off. Here is my bug report: Enemy AI knows your exact position when you detonate explosives or satchel charges I'll retest in current dev branch.. Issue still occurs in current dev build 1.67.139357 More recently, I have found AI can fire on targets they have never seen through nearby total concealment: AI can suppress and fire precisely at target without any line of sight in some circumstances. While firing on unseen targets can be plausible when the target is near the concealing object, and the firing unit has line of sight to the concealing object (the firing AI just needs to aim at the concealing object), it is implausible when the concealing object is much closer to the firing AI than the target (as they have no aimpoint to fire upon, they are shooting blind). I suggest a partial line of sight test be required, so the AI can only fire through concealment that is some percentage of the distance between the firing unit and the target (so the concealment forms a reasonably sized, specific aimpoint/target for the AI)
  8. What motherboard do you have? It doesn't make much sense to buy a 6600k/6700k CPU for a H170 motherboard.
  9. In Dev build, in the Eden Editor, I just noticed "Dynamic Simulation" section in the "Performance" section of the "Attribute" menu. It looks like BI are adding optional automatic disableSimulation for AI etc based on the distance from other units. Related post about script commands in the dev scripting topic: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/151099-scripting-discussion-dev-branch/?p=3115062 Nice :)
  10. For Arma, yes! I have a very similar system to the one ErinMT posted, and switching my RAM from 2400MHz to 3200MHz DDR4 increases FPS by around 10% to 15% (tested with YAAB benchmark mission). RAM is cheap these days, 16GB of fast DDR4 is less than 10% price of the system. ErinMT, I have an Samsung 950 Pro, and it's the only component I wish I hadn't spent the money on. The first one died within a couple of weeks, it has thermal issues meaning it throttles down to SATA speed under full load anyway, and it doesn't make any noticeable difference in everyday use to justify the cost (Windows 10 loads slower on the new machine than it does on my last system from 2010 with an 850 EVO upgrade).
  11. ceeeb

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Source: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?p=3113256 Finally AI get told not to seek cover behind street signs and fence posts! :)
  12. Bitwise operations in other languages are very fast, hopefully these functions perform well compared to other methods already available in Arma. If not, at least they provide a familiar set of basic functions for people with general programming experience. I cobbled together my own set of bitwise and bitshift functions (using arrays of booleans rather than numbers) to create an encryption/random number generator function in Arma. Functions like this are obviously not very useful to most users, but they also aren't possible without bitwise functions.
  13. ceeeb

    Arma 3 being upgrade to 64 bit

    Woo, Arma 3 256 bits! Finally Arma 3 uses all CPU resources, but strangely it feels a bit more sluggish than 32 bit build... Needs more optimization! ;) I can actually load 12 with -nopause flag before they start crashing, but that's not 2^n so it doesn't count :P
  14. Current dev build has no vegetation or rocks shown on the map for Altis and Stratis. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120726
  15. ceeeb

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    In case the devs are out of things to do, this bug has been around a while: AI leader at guard waypoint will repeat attack command infinitely if his group is unable to attack the revealed target Please :)