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  1. maddogx

    Marksmen DLC Weapon Feedback

    Yes, you are - the barrel isn't parallel to the sight line. The image is obviously exaggerated but it gets the point across.
  2. Temp lock before this gets out of hand. Thread re-opened. Dirty laundry shall be aired elsewhere, via PM for example. Off topic posts have been deleted and an infraction has been issued.
  3. maddogx

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    Let me know what you guys decide and I'll rename the thread if necessary.
  4. maddogx

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Though I find it funny that the OPREP attributes the "EMR-1" to a reshaped SIG 556 DMR with custom muzzle brake and stock when its look is actually "naturally" in line with a SIG DMR (i.e. in ways that didn't necessarily originate entirely from BI artists). Emphasis mine. That's some not-so-subtle hinting that we could see these features in the expansion. :)
  5. maddogx

    Russia General

    Agreed and merged. Unless the subject of Putin's health becomes a major topic of discussion that merits its own thread, it belongs in here. :)
  6. While trying out a few of the new weapons I've noticed that the "tail" sounds only really sound good when firing single shots. After firing a few shots in full auto you can hear multiple overlapping tails, which just sounds weird. I've made a quick video to demonstrate the issue. JyKX3u0bNbo Wouldn't it be more sensible to play only one tail for the latest shot? Also audible in this video: non-random order of sound samples in full auto mode, as has already been reported previously.
  7. maddogx

    Disable voting in 1.40

    See allowedVoteCmds.
  8. maddogx

    Arma 3 - Marksmen DLC First Look Livestream

    I hope you realize now that you've involved everyone here in your date, you'll have to tell us how it went. ;) I'm sure there's a rule against failing to deliver juicy details.
  9. Which only makes it even more annoying. ;) I also experienced the muffled footsteps earlier when trying the new game mode. Very jarring, especially since all other sounds in the immediate environment are normal.
  10. This is indeed a big problem. The posting restrictions were implemented to combat spam bots, but at this point they're only hurting new users. I'm lobbying the forum admins to get this situation resolved.
  11. maddogx

    Lost isles

    Well, since the thread author registered himself a sock-puppet account to pat himself on the back and troll others, I'm afraid that's an instant-bye-bye violation right there. killernetworkgaming has made a sufficiently compelling case that the second account was in fact a different person, so the ban has been reversed. So this thread is getting closed anyway, but since the origin of the work showed here also seems to be extremely questionable, I'll go ahead and remove all images and links as well. @LIMIT: if you want to keep promoting this mod on this forum, you'll need to contact the moderating team before creating a new thread. We'll be talking to KNG directly about this.
  12. Trolling and responses deleted and thread locked. If Nuxil decides to reverse his decision, he can have the thread re-opened. Otherwise there is nothing to discuss here.
  13. maddogx

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Well, we know there are going to be large bodies of water, so it's unlikely to be any kind of desert setting ala Takistan. At least it's something. ;)
  14. maddogx

    Mission start when server start

    You can use the -autoInit parameter when starting the server: Source: Arma 3 Startup Parameters