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  1. theblessedpig

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    Boxing chess looks quite manly! Pretty darn cool. I have decided to go for Football, at least try it. Might just as well go for it. YOLO, right?
  2. theblessedpig

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    It's all good. Yea, currently I am in the USA, I am leaving the 12th June and I am looking for sports to play when I get back to Slovakia.
  3. theblessedpig

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    Slovakia works a wee bit differently... high schools don't offer sports. I couldn't find lacrosse in my area. I might ask my friends if they know something, but I doubt it, when I didn't find anything.
  4. theblessedpig

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    That GAA thing looks like fun times... shame there is nothing like that in my neck of the woods. I'd try rugby maybe, if there was a team in the city, I live in.
  5. theblessedpig

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    Of course I am not playing a sport for picking up girls, that's just a joke. :D The thing is that I will graduate high school in the US pretty soon and when I get back to the old country, I wanna try something new too. 170 is fairly light, I know. Especially for 6'2". I am a mixture between a mesomorph and an ectomorph, which pisses me off sometimes, since it's hard for me to add weight. At the moment I am working out twice a day, running 5 miles in the morning and playing baseball. I am fairly strong and well conditioned for only being 170 pounds. @GRS, I played hockey for a long time too, but I simply want to try something new. And the idea of running different plays for different situations is appealing to me too.
  6. theblessedpig

    Taking up a new sport? American Football

    Howdy everybody, I started to notice recently that soccer and swimming aren't cutting it anymore, when it comes to picking up ladies jk ;) ;) So I started looking at other sports that I could take on when I get back to the old country. I've been looking at American Football, since I like full contact team sports. So I am asking you guys, any tips on how to start? I understand the game and the rules, but I am asking more about drills and stuff like that. I am not really the smallest, I am 6'2", 170 pounds. I played hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, did swimming. Any tips? Should I go for it? Thank you for your time PS: I am not really scared of getting injured. PS2: I've also been thinking about rugby, but I don't think my town offers a rugby club/team/whatever. PS3: I know I gotta get bigger with my weight. I am working on that.
  7. theblessedpig

    Windows 8

    Any word on the performance impact of Windows 8 on the computer? Does it use more CPU/RAM/Video RAM? If I played Arma 2 on a machine running Windows 7 and then on the same machine just running Windows 8, would the FPS change visibly or even drastically?
  8. theblessedpig

    Military Humor

    Made my day better a thousand times. Thank you :D
  9. theblessedpig

    Military Humor

    Well, guess you can now ask the Takistanis if they do fiki fiki :D :D
  10. theblessedpig

    Add a radio to vehicles that plays music on your computer

    lol, it's Abrams, not Abrahams And also, why would BIS waste their time, money and energy on something so trivial and something that can be done via scripting, modding...
  11. theblessedpig

    Will large ships be able to move?

    AFAIK there are some serious limitations with this method.
  12. theblessedpig

    Computer Program Passes the Turing Test!

    Whilst this is great, it is not something brand new. Computer programs have been known to pass the Turing test before already. Actually the above written statement is partially false, because Turing said that a computer should also be able to say in human language what he can write. Then and only then the Turing test will be fully passed.
  13. theblessedpig

    Plane crash kills KHL hockey team

    Today a Russian Yak-42 airplane crashed. Traveling on board was the KHL hockey team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl. Amongst the dead are Czech, Slovak, Russian and Swedish hockey players... Mirror.co.uk article -Goalies: Stefan Liv, 21.December 1980 Alexander Vyuhin, 09.January.1973 -defense: Paul Tarkhanov, 21. March 1978 Karel Rachůnek, 27. August 1979 Robert Dietrich, 25.June 1986 Ruslan Salem, 02.November.1986 Karlis Skrastins, 09.July.1974 Michail Balandin, 27.June 1980 Vitaly Anikeenko, 02.January.1987 Marat Kalimullin, 20. August 1988 Yuri , 03.April.1991 -offense: Pavol Demitra, 29. November 1974 Alexander Galimov, 02. May.1985 Daniel Sobchenko, 13.April 1991 Jan Marek, 31. December 1979 Daniel Erdakov, 04.June.1989 Ivan Tkachenko, 11.November.1979 Alexander Vasyunov, 22.April 1988 Gennady Churilov, 05.May.1987 Nikita Klyukin, 10.November.1989 Alexander Kalyanin, 24.September 1987 Sergei Ostapchuk, 19.March 1990 Joseph VašíÄek, 12.September.1980 Artem Yarchuk, 03.May.1990 Alexander Romanovskej, 08.June.1987 Andrew Kiryukhin, 04.August.1987
  14. theblessedpig

    Functioning Co-Pilots

    Would you mind elaborating on the wingmen idea? You mean like working data link between aircraft for target acquisition/marking and other stuff (basically a SADL data link)? Or maybe something else? Because aside from the data sharing between aircraft, you can pretty much play as wingmen with your buddies IMO.
  15. theblessedpig

    Will large ships be able to move?

    I agree that driving around a Nimitz class super carrier would be a very nice option but it is simply not feasible. I am not saying that I do not want that feature but we oughta keep it real, if ya know what I mean. Smaller ships can do the job just as good and their are still able to satisfy all of us bathtub captains. As for the pilot stealing a tank, well it's: a) a very poorly made mission you got there, if you are able to do that <sarcasm> b) a very skilled pilot. I mean being able to pilot a plane, jump out of it, steal a tank from the AI or real players and then using it all by himself... so real </sarcasm>