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  1. *LK1*

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    im against this futuristic scenario but the people has the right to be tired of the same old contraposition: m16 vs ak, m1a1 vs 72 ecc. the problem is the solution adopted to solve the problem: instead of giving us something real new, like french forces which they have some real interesting vehicle and weapon, german forces, israelian forces, chinese forces and put all of them or part of them inside an hypothetical war west vs east but with new actors, maybe in a new part of the world (middle east...anyone?) they decide for the future. with less vehicles, less jets, less weapons than ever. i understand the reason for that with disappointment: making new whole factions means working much more than just adding some few and new futuristic stuff. and its also an obstacle for the new bis politic they adopted: making a new game each 2 years max. (or even less).
  2. island looks really nice. downloading now.
  3. do you realize that the rv engine is not a completely new engine as the devs claims...its just an update of the previous, with all the old lacks and limitations of the previous. the problems you are facing guys are same that we had in ofp, more than 10 years ago. enjoy. love it or leave it, or play it and hate it at the same time. there's no other choice, sadly. waiting for arma 5-6 or 8 probably wont change anything since BIS its lovely stuck with his engine, which works good (i would say decent) for some things and is terrible for the rest.
  4. it doesnt matter. community will fi.. oh wait.
  5. what a bad choice by the way. a crappy jet which is not even in use.
  6. this is not correct at all. they promised to give us a wargame. jets are part of the war. end of the story. you guys are a really strange kind of costumers, that kind of that every company wish to have...they also never promised to give us many other things, probably because they are obvious? what is implicit in any future game of the same serie/company is that we should have more contents than before or at least, and i repat AT LEAST, the same amount with a superior quality. here we have a superior quality in terms of graphics and engine fluidity with less content. not enough. as already pointed out, that's just another no sense "community will fix it" post. also it's easy to understand, and it was already explained, the side effects of using mods to fix lacks/problems. splitting the community. its what a good part of this community thinks of another part of the community. telling someone that he's a troll who's using asinine statement is disrispectful and childish. well im 1 of those. you are suggesting that your posts are being ignored? instead of jumping in the thread with no argumentations and flamming with the first guy you found out try to be more constructive and tell us what you think about the argument. because for the moment you are OT. we are discussing the lack of jets here and there's to main theories on that: 1)we dont need them, 1 is enough. 2) we really need more jets. what the fan of the first theory are forgiving is that satisfing the supporter of jets cannot create problems to the others. dont you like them, dont use it. simply. feel fre to give us your opinion on that.
  7. i hope so. but certainly im sure if you guys start with that litany: "ooh!111! arma 3 is so cool1!1! everything is perfect1!11! ihihi i love bis, i'll marry a czech girl and ill call my soon Marek in your honor!111!111" they will not be so stimulated to add news vehicles and jets, noone would be. or steel beasts if you love tanks. so lets play just with 2 teams, a bunch of new rifles and nothing more. let's go!111!! CTF here i come!!!!1!! nope.
  8. sorry i tryed to find the answer but i was not able to and i dont want to read 113 pages right now.. :) AIA is an addon that you have to download in order to use all the contents avaible in previous bis games or is just a feature will be added in arma 3?
  9. * couldnt say better. i really dont understand the little funboy army that whatever bis does they are happy with. we have less weapons, less vehicles, less jets than before but its all good. for someone... first of all im totally against this "lets stay more focus on infantry" politic, but that's just my opinion. second even if we accept it that's not a good excuse to not implement some jet. this game is not based on asymmetric warfare but on a conventional war. so jets could play a primary role in many missions. and last but not least important it should be the map maker to decide what vehicle should play a primary role on his mission. edit: also...what about CAS. we will not have an A-10 or something similar to deal with tanks. and is not acceptable: CAS has the primary role to support infantry on the ground, an "infantry focused" option not avaible anymore, at least from fixed wings. as usual...nothing new under the sun..
  10. *LK1*

    Post Fukushima. Where Now for Nuclear Power?

    mattar, do you realize that those photos prove nothing..assumptions against assumptions.
  11. *LK1*

    Post Fukushima. Where Now for Nuclear Power?

    prime minister and hiroshima mayor have spoken during the anniversary of the fall of the atomic bomb. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/192576.html http://www.thv11.com/news/article/274757/288/Japan-marks-68th-year-since-Hiroshima-A-bombing Kazumi Matsui also said that nuclear energy represent an "absolute evil" for humanity due to the tremenduos conseguences of a nuclear accident. totally agree on that. i'm just wondering how many accidents do we need before learning the lesson.
  12. *LK1*

    divers are useless in most scenarios

    why should we use a mod to improve AI...they should just learn from what the ACE team has done with AI, just an example, and improve vanilla AI. im totally in favor of mods ecc. but we shouldnt being forced to download 1 of them just to get a decent ai.