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  1. nettrucker

    Free Games

    I can't say. I tried to connect today but I was unable to open their website. Sorry. I found it here: https://oldgamesdownload.com/browse/genre/shooter/
  2. nettrucker

    AZC Dogs

    This is really cool. Thanks for that. I didn't know that you modified the dog addon of JBoy. congrats. Cheers
  3. Oh man sorry I misunderstood with the youtube channel. My bad.😉
  4. Hi Janez I'm still around but mostly reading rather then commenting. As for my youtube channel I actually never intended to do one . . .for being honest that happened during the lock-down. I'm not considering myself in that sense a content creator I'm just enjoying to play some other games which I was formerly unable to enjoy. I was still editing in ArmA 2 together with a friend of mine, Batteriefuhrer, long after ArmA 3 had been released. It was a great experience and we released a single player mission pack for the CWR2 MOD in ArmA 2 to pay homage to all Moders who contributed to this incredible MOD especially Wolle. Unfortunately most of the community already moved on to ArmA 3. But we did release it . . . unfortunately it got lost when ArmAholic ceased to exist. Since I discovered Operation Flashpoint shortly after it's release although I signed up on the forum back in 2004 only. Operation Flashpoint and the whole ArmA series prevented me for a long time to enjoy other games. In OFP and Arma you had the absolute freedom to tackle any mission in different ways. This was a freedom that most of the games were lacking at that time and I couldn't really enjoy them it always drove me back to OFP and the ArmA series later on. Moreover the ArmA community is amazing. I've tried so many different things out over the years and I really want to thank all community members which have contributed to this community with all the amazing mods and Addons which have been released over all these years. You are actually the main reason why it took me 19 years before I really "overdosed". LOL😁 I didn't want to derail this thread just to conclude I just want to say one last thing. When you enjoy doing something it brings you happiness and IMHO investing time in something that makes you happy is never wasted time whatever it is we are doing. All the best my friend.
  5. Having spent most of time in the editor it's never wasted time to me. It's to the contrary something creative I enjoyed doing over the years. I took a long break with ArmA 3 let's say I practically overdosed and it was time to take a break. My best wishes to all of you. Stay frosty
  6. nettrucker

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Great pics. Keep it up. They are looking awesome. Cheers
  7. nettrucker

    Too Young To Die Campaign release

    Hello KuBi4k I'm terribly sorry for my late reply. I just found out that I wasn't following this topic so no notification reached me. Yeah the escape from Desert Island is the hardest mission of them all. I remember countless play test runs where I get killed over and over again.. There is a way though and I'm not sure I remember correctly. Hide your buddies in the tents and then hide in a tent as well. Once you observe that MG on the tower is not watching your direction to your right is an Arc entrance - exit and there should be an ammo crate where you need to take cover behind it and arm yourself. You must position your self correctly otherwise the MG on the tower is going to kill you. at the same time you need to pay attention to patrolling soldiers once you escaped the alarm is triggered and there are a lot of enemies in the fortress First thing you need to eliminate the guards on the towers then comes the long process of wiping out the enemy one by one it's a tedious and long task. When you eliminated soldiers and BMP's only then give orders to your buddies . . . arm them and try to escape from the Island. Escaping from the fortress is a hell of a task. I managed to do it twice against an innumerable amount of failures. Again my apologies for my late reply. All the best
  8. Is this terrain still be worked on or has this project being abandoned? It is a real pity if this project won't be completed. Sorry for asking but last time I posted was nearly 3 years ago. Thanks for any kind of feedback. I did a search but couldn't come up with nothing. cheers
  9. nettrucker

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Hey thanks for posting the video. It's a short movie with real actors. Awesome stuff I haven't seen this before . . . great find. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RfCCzWsMgNspTI-GTFenQ here's the link to Luetin09 you tube channel. You can find tons of material on the warhammer 40k lore. He has some great videos IMHO. cheers
  10. nettrucker

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Hi Valken yeah all the movies creators did an outstanding job. The visuals of Anarchy Reigns and Astartes are definitely of a very high quality. I'm wondering how they hell did they do that. I mean these are single guys who did these movies. It is really astonishing to see such a quality in fan made content. Yeah I can imagine that. LOL😁
  11. nettrucker

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Check the Astartes video above. It's amazing as well. Cheers
  12. nettrucker

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Yeah man . . . Astartes is of such a high quality it is really baffling. Reigns of terror is outstanding as well. I've watched it 3 times by now. Great movie I need to watch it some more time to absorb the whole details. I'm not following that much the table top games of GW but I'm interested in the Lore which is vast and complex. Luetin 09 has made a lot of videos explaining everything in detail. If you are into it check his channel out it's definitely worth it. Yeah I'm following the fan made movies made on Warhammer 40k which are really impressive to say the least and everything which has to do with the lore is mostly well made. I will post some links to Luetin videos very soon . He has also somewhat like over 300 ArmA 3 videos. I'm wondering if he's a member of this forum. I did a search but I couldn't come up with anything. All the best 😀
  13. nettrucker

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Hi Mr. Burns Thanks for posting the video. I haven't seen this one yet. After watching it I'll definitely revert. I saw the movie several times by now . . . a lot of people don't like the hand drawn part of the movie. I, to the contrary, find it interesting how Boylan mixed 3 models with hand drawings which I find pretty cool- Overall I enjoyed this fan made movie a lot more then the trash "Hollyweird" is producing currently. lately there's a lot of "fuckery" going on. GTA 3 remastered comes to my mind. I personally believe that ArmA wouldn't have gone that far without the modding scene. It's what keeps games alive over the long haul. Cheers Edit: Anarchy reigns is really incredible. This is outstanding to say the least. Loved every single bit of it. I don't know if you have seen Astartes? Great movie as well check it out. Incredible stuff. The warhammer 40k verse is very fascinating. Luetin has made some great videos on the 40K lore. Hope you enjoy the short movie.
  14. nettrucker

    Helsreach movie - Warhammer 40K

    Hello everyone for all you passionate Warhammer 40K fans here on the forum. I stumbled some time ago upon this movie and I have watched it several times now. Here's the link. I personally think it is very well made and I'm realizing now what a great piece of art this fan made movie is. The author of the movie is Richard Boylan. The Space Marine models you will see further ahead in this movie are made by TheJoazzz. I think they are looking pretty good. What I find awesome is the mix of hand drawn images and 3d models later on in this movie. I can only recommend it. I hope you can enjoy it the same as I've enjoyed this movie. Cheers
  15. nettrucker

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    Hi Harzach Thanks for your reply very much appreciated, BR