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  1. nettrucker

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I have still all the addon I downloaded for OFP,-Armed Assault- Arma2. Around two years ago I gave all the OFP stuff at my disposal to Foxhound to be implemented to Armaholic since he was building an OFP section as well. There was little stuff in the OFP section at that times. But in the end it has never been implemented. Too much work too many addon I guess. If everything goes wrong and we can't find a solution I can give all the stuff that I have on my hard drives. It's mostly addon and missions - campaigns. I have little to no scripts. Most probably my old OFP archives contains the most stuff. But there is plenty of stuff for Armed Assault and Arma2 as well. This is just too bad!!!! 15 years of modding community content not available anymore for the public, it makes me shudder just thinking of how much stuff was on ArmAholic. I hope a solution can be found.
  2. nettrucker

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Last time I accessed ArmAholic was last Sunday the 23rd. It was still up during the last weekend. Seems I've done my last download from that site. If it's gone forever than this is a sad day for me indeed. Most addons I use are installed manually downloaded mostly from ArmAholic. This is just bad. I hope that Foxhound can give us an explanation to what really happened to his site. Cheers
  3. nettrucker

    Music Recommendations

    My favorite band ever It's never getting old to listen to tool. What a great band.
  4. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free on Steam now. Cheers
  5. nettrucker

    Are you a game content creator on youtube?

    Yeah, copyright strikes suck. I did some videos on my favorite games per category I used official trailers for that. Each video got a copyright claim so I know how it's going. Thanks for the explanation and your reply- Good luck with your future gaming channel. Cheers
  6. nettrucker

    Are you a game content creator on youtube?

    Sorry to hear that. How come that your channel got suspended? Thanks for commenting.
  7. I will support the CSLA Mod Team as well. I always enjoyed the content they have created since OFP times and it was always quality work. The Arma 2 CSLA mod was great as well I have fond memories. They have dedicated lot's of time during all these years to create their Mod for free to let community enjoy it. now that they have the possibility to get maybe it little but more then only recognition I will happily support them. I'm mostly into Single player and CSLA has always provided SP content. Looking forward to it. Just my 2 cents. Cheers
  8. nettrucker

    Combat Mission (Realistic Wargaming Sim)

    I purchased the old WW2 Combat mission games on GOG. Graphics are very old and outdated but the games are still good. In case you can overlook outdated graphics then it's worth to give them a try and play them . Cheers
  9. nettrucker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Here is a great video on the current state of affairs. A good watch Cheers
  10. nettrucker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah I remember that. I'm normally waiting 6 month up to a year before I play newer games released ArmA was the only exception. Today's games are full of bugs I can't remember a game which has been released which hadn't any problems. For me game-play is actually more important than graphics therefore I'm still playing old games which might be considered classics or retro. Yeah, I agree with you that the gaming industry has very much changed and not for the better IMHO. Live services and loot boxes just to gain maximum profits from our "addiction". It's the suits that have taken over gaming and they don't give a damn about gaming. They see the opportunity to turn every little thing into profit which is really a sad state of affairs. I agree with you on that . . . that's why I'm waiting quite some time before playing newer games, sadly most developers abandon their games after a few patches and the gamers move on. I personally believe that CDPR will fix the game but I also believe that it will take a little bit more then a couple of months to get it straight. It is one of the most ambitious games that has ever been developed. I'll give it some time before I will purchase it. All the best 😀
  11. nettrucker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    hi Janez maybe they felt the pressure and released the game notwithstanding the bugs. I don't know exactly how many times the official release date was delayed, maybe they caved in to the pressure not only from gamers but most probably also from shareholders. As far as I know the game has been per-ordered on the magnitude of 8.000.000 copies if I'm not wrong. If it wasn't for the bugs it most probably would have made game of the year. 😀
  12. nettrucker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I didn't buy the game so far but I saw quite a lot of videos where the game runs pretty bad on consoles as far as I could see. IMHO they released too early with a lot of bugs. Gamers are very disappointed especially the console crowd. As usual the game was over-hyped and turned out to be a mess on PlayStation and XBox. The reviews are mostly bad.
  13. nettrucker

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Congrats to this release and thanks to the team for making this awesome MOD for ArmA 3. Thanks Wolle and to all who have contributed to make this happen. Cheers
  14. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Hello everyone there was this Vietnam war game called 7554 and I found on their website a free download celebrating the victory at Dien Bien Phu. http://www.7554.vn/ I've downloaded it and it works but I haven't figured out if there is a language selection. The game is in Vietnamese Download at your own risk, Cheers p.s. Save yourself the sweat it's only the Vietnamese version. p.p.s. I have to correct myself the game has an English language setting.
  15. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Cool! Thanks Jeza. Cheers bro.