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  1. Hello everyone It has been a long time since my last post. I hope everyone is doing alright. I'm following for some time this game now but I purchased it only a few days ago and I'm amazed. It is nothing really groundbreaking but it is definitely a labor of love from a former Mod team which developed this stand-alone game. It has no stunning graphics or things like that but it is stunning nonetheless. Here's a link to a review made by a guy who explains it quite well and there are lots of videos to be found on youtube. I have never ever purchased a game in Early Access that's my very first one and I think it's worth it. Angels Fall First
  2. Elite: Dangerous

    Thanks bullet I guess that I'll gonna pick it up at the next occasion. cheers
  3. Elite: Dangerous

    Hello everyone it's been quite a while that I have posted here. Ihope everyone is alright. I was thinking to purchase ED but I'm only into single player because I don't have the time to get involved in multi player. do you guys think it would be recommended if someone is only into SP. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  4. Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) Rest in Peace

    Terrible, terrible news. I just got word from AZCoder what happened. My condolences goes to his family and friends. I didn't know him personally only throughout his artwork for the OFP-ArmA community although I'm here for quite some time I never had the pleasure to know him. It saddens me to see another great person gone and it is definitely a big loss to this community. RIP Paul and thanks for all you did.
  5. Music Recommendations

    We just released our new album and I'm shamelessly promoting it here
  6. [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Hi guys finally maybe a reason for me to play ArmA 3. LOL I have accumulated some 90 hours of playtime so far. First time it happens with an BI title. I just can't get used to it. Since the campiagn uses quite some addons I will give it a try as soon as I can. Cheers
  7. What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    hi there i have worked in the past with some fellow community members on my ArmA 2 campaigns and I can only say they did an awesome job with the voice acting. i've pointed out from the beginning that I wouldn't be able to pay them and they accepted nonetheless. The workflow was tremendous and I was mostly in the position of not being able to keep up with them due to RL issues. they responded always quickly and send me the voice files shortly after I've send the lines. Most probably I was lucky to find the right people at the right moment. I don't know but I can't complain about people asking for money or not being responsive. It has taken me 2 years to get the Hammer of Thor campaign done and they sticked with me during the last phase of doing the voice acting and implementing the files. I worked mission after mission and none of them has ever let me down in this regard. It was fun to do it and I'm grateful to each of them for having participated and their awesome contribution without asking anything in return. My kudos go to them. My general experience in this regard was after all positive. :ok: cheers
  8. How much Arma have you played?

    Arma 3 - 99 hours. Former games . . . can't tell they are all non steam. but I know definitely too much time spent in playing former titles. when I discovered OFP back in 2001 there were only a few other games I played.
  9. Hello everybody I just saw this today. I've been extremely busy with RL issues and hadn't had the time to check on everything. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31068 Dong Xuan campaign UNSUNG 2.6 Yeah well the campaign ended with a difficult retreat of the Vietnamese forces reaching the Chu phong massive in the Ia Drang Valley. What would have followed would have been the battle of IA Drang which was a direct result of the Plei Me siege. maybe ending with the ambush on the way to LZ Albany. But that was impossible to pull off in a reasonable time. We did the best we could to depict a real life event The siege was a failure and withdrawal was the only option left to the North Vietnamese. Well you enjoyed it and that's cool. Above is the link to the included campaign of UNSUNG 2.6 called Dong Xuang It's an 8 mission OPFOR SP campaign depicting the Plei Me siege. I got this uploaded maybe 1 month ago on Armaholic. It didn't exist as a standalone before. It should be included in the UNSUNG 2.6 download if I'm not wrong. In any case the last version of Operation Wayne Grey has voice acting now. In case you liked it. cheers
  10. Just replied to a topic in ArmA 2 where a dude claims that CWR2 doesn't work with the latest patch anymore. I believe that he's on official patch 1.63 maybe on Beta couldn't figure out. In case you're running the latest patch save yourself the sweat to download it . . . most probably it won't work. My ArmA OA is running on 1.62 patch last non Steam patch and I'm running every MOD without hastle. It's a pity that the MODs for ArmA OA are being messed up. Most of them will probably be broken in case you try to run with the latest patch. Moreover they will never get fixed. Really sad affairs.
  11. cwr2 does not work anymore

    Hi On which patch are you running ArmA OA right now. Official or Beta please indicate the version number. the only chance to get it back to work is reverting to a former version. I'm still running Arma OA on 1.62 patch and that will stay like this. CWR team doesn't exist anymore. Wolle worked on CWR2 with the help of some community members donating stuff but he's the lone survivor and he won't fix what new patches are going to break. So in case you want to play CWR2 MOD you need to revert to a former version of ArmA OA otherwise say goodbye to the CWR MOD. Sorry but that's how things are standing now. Cheers
  12. UK leaves Europe

    @ kavoven If you consider calling globalist imbecilles, our politicians incompetent and Germans stupid, is hate speech than so be it. I don't care. Wish you a nice day.
  13. UK leaves Europe

    Transparency International is a joke!!!!!!!!
  14. UK leaves Europe

    Yes he did . . . but hey whatever suits you best recently in Italy there have been a couple of bail ins. Italian banks are in deep trouble but it ain't anything considering Deutsche Bank. The IMF is not European althoug it has been run for quite some years by Eurpoean figure heads Strauss Khan , Cristine Lagarde still in charge just to name a few. But hey I don't argue with you. I for my side hope the EU desintegrates in trillions of pieces asap.
  15. UK leaves Europe

    @ Kavoven yes it's my honest opinion. The EU IMO was a failure from the beginning for us the common people, we are getting shafted all over the place, but that's just my opinion. I agree with you most of the world is bankrupt so it doesn't really matter. I admire every single Brit who has voted to exit. standing tall with their head up high. I personally think it will be triggered by the banks. They are bankrupt. Do a search on "Douche Bank" , Unitcredit, Intesa SanPaolo and the list is endless. Mario Draghi has addressed all governments to make bail ins legal by law. These laws have been implemented in the meantime. Introduction of negative interest should sound every possible alarm bell. This shows you without doubt how desperate they are. They don't know what to do anymore. In any case the bill will be paid by we the common people. You know all major Banks are a blackhole. It will never stop. If "Douche bank" will go belly up what is highly likely to occur due to their massive exposure in derivatives market. It will trigger a financial Tsunami that will bring down the EU even maybe trigger a worldwide implosion of the financial market. You keep pumping that bubble and it will burst. The EU is bankrupt because their banks are bankrupt it is as simple as that. Since "the powers that be" know the risk they have their plan how to avoid that, they will stick the bill to you the common German people. Germans have been indoctrinated into stupidness since after WW2 and don't give me any shit because I'm German myself. I'm watching often discussion in the European parliament. I've never seem a bunch of more incompetent traitors to all European people than in that place. I love seeing Nigel Farrage make these globalist liberal imbecilles eat shit. We are fucked!!!!! Proper fucked!!!! If someone would really take the time and read the Mastricht-Lisbon treaty than you people would realize that we are not in a democracy anymore. Call it Oligarchy call it what you want it doesn't matter. It's the European Commission which dictates law and every member state has to abide. There are three major power structures which is the EC - ECB - IMF. Always the IMF in the middle. Whereever the IMF moves it leaves countries and their economies in shambles, They did that in the 80's and 90's in South America. North Africa and the Middle East. Now they stepped up their effort here in Europe. Never let a good crisis go to waste. So there are only 2 ways . . . failure or the push for an even tighter EU which means rthe complete destruction of the right to be a sovreign member Nation. i believe that they will climb over corpses to maintain the EU in feet. They are already pushing. They will make the English people suffer as much as possible whatever the cost. It will be an example what they are going to do to any country that will even remotely think to leave the EU. It won't take long I guess and we will know. In any case The English people who have voted and chosen an end with fear rather than a fear without end have my utmost respect. I salute you!!!!