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  1. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Hello everyone there was this Vietnam war game called 7554 and I found on their website a free download celebrating the victory at Dien Bien Phu. http://www.7554.vn/ I've downloaded it and it works but I haven't figured out if there is a language selection. The game is in Vietnamese Download at your own risk, Cheers p.s. Save yourself the sweat it's only the Vietnamese version. p.p.s. I have to correct myself the game has an English language setting.
  2. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Cool! Thanks Jeza. Cheers bro.
  3. nettrucker

    Frosty Tool Suite

    Thanks for the link Janez. I've downloaded it and I'm really curious to have a look at the editor. Cheers
  4. nettrucker

    What game are you currently playing right now?

    Currently playing Graviteam Tactics Mius Front. At first, the game is very daunting. Steep learning curve but once you got the hang on it it's fantastic. Cheers
  5. nettrucker

    Are you a game content creator on youtube?

    Thanks for the heads up Dedmen. I saw it was the first post but I was unable to understand if it was a real new member or not. Bots are becoming more sophisticated by the day I see. LOL I did a search on Youtube a lot of channels under that name were listed. Anyways it's alright. Thanks.
  6. nettrucker

    Are you a game content creator on youtube?

    Hello Neal thanks, for your reply. and your subscription to my channel. 'll check my subscription in order to find your channel. I checked my channel in this instance but I couldn't find your subscription. Please post a link to your channel in order for me to subscribe. BR
  7. nettrucker

    Are you a game content creator on youtube?

    Hello Mr, Burns, Hello Gunter long time no see. I hope you guys are doing alright. That's great news. I will add your channels as cards on my videos maybe I can redirect some curious people to your channels. It won't hurt since you guys have to do nothing. @ Mr. Burns I know that Jeza is still frequenting this forum at least from time to time I see a topic where he posts. I would be in need of his personal authorization. As for the magicAAA channel, it's the same. Jeza has a great channel and I hope he's dropping by and gives me green light. Mr. Burns do you have your own youtube channel? @ Gunter Yeah, I visited your channel from time to time moreover since I'm a big Iron Front Fan as well. I just subscribed to your channel and it would be great if you could do as well if you don't mind. I already created one end card on a video recommending your channel. I couldn't post the screenshot I took. If you go to my channel XCom Enemy Unknown playlist Mission 21 You can see it implemented on the video. I still got plenty of videos where I can add cards and promote your channel so there are still some videos left where I can add them. Unfortunately, you can do this only with cards and not with end screens. At least that's what I know. I hope more guys will show up. It is nothing groundbreaking what I'm doing but maybe some people will take interest in the channels Cheers How do I embed an image into a topic? geez, things have changed here over time. Edit. Alright, I've added 4 cards for Mr. Burns ( sorry mate I was a bit slow to understand that magicAAA is your channel I've subscribed and had a great time watching some of your Creed videos. That was too funny.) I added 4 cards for Gunter as well.) Good, maybe Jeza is going to show up. For the time being a Happy Eastern Holiday.
  8. Hello everyone I hope that all of you are doing alright. I dropped a little bit out of the community due to RLF issues but I'm showing up from time to time by to check on how you magnificent bastards are doing. LOL The reason why I opened this topic is that I'm lately uploading all kinds of gaming videos on my youtube channel. It's mostly concentrating on war games in general, but I'm playing all kinds of games from space games to RPGs to RTS or TBS. I don't intend to earn money with that because I already got a job. LOL Youtube gives the possibility to promote other channels on your own videos by adding a card. I wanted to ask if some of you are regularly uploading ArmA content or gaming content in general on your channels. I'm willing to promote your channels on my videos by adding a card to some of my videos which will point and promote your channel. I need naturally your authorization to do this first, hence this topic. If you are interested please let me know and I will definitely promote your channel on my videos with the cards. My frequency of uploading videos is 1-2 per week. Now that we are under quarantine it has nearly doubled. Now you might ask yourself why I'm doing this and what I have to gain? Well, the answer is very easy, maybe I earn a couple of subscriptions on my channel in the worst case and a lifetime friend in our virtual reality in the best case. I made some lifetime friends in this community although we have never seen each other face to face, we are writing regularly keeping contact. There are no bad intentions behind this post. I'm not here to promote my channel in this topic I just like to get in touch with some of you guys in case you consider it a good thing for your own channel. We have a common interest otherwise we wouldn't be here. In case you have a small channel like mine and you would like to increase views, please consider my proposal what do you have to lose? In case you are interested, drop me a PM or let me know in this topic. With that being said I gonna sign off. My best wishes to all of you. nettrucker
  9. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Yeah, I figured it out by now. Well, it's for free so I don't complain. Cheers
  10. Will this game ever be officially released? How many years of development? . . . . a decade? LOL. unbelievable for sure. Cheers
  11. nettrucker

    Free Games

    Hey guys If anyone is into soccer PES - Pro Evolution soccer is for free on Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/app/996470/eFootball__PES_2020/ I don't know if it's only a limited trial version or the full game. Well, I'm soon to find out I guess. cheers
  12. nettrucker

    Merry X-Mas!

    Hahaha and I thought I was the only one. LOL maybe we gonna run into each other on Everon. LOL I'm a bit late to the party a Merry Christmas to everyone and a prosperous New year.
  13. Hello mrmark My sincere congrats to this map. It is one of the most beautiful maps I've seen so far. The look is stunning and the feel of Southern Italy comes across very realistically. Good job. I've checked how the AI would handle the road network with all the bridges which are beautiful to look at but the AI is bugging out on the bridges. No way the AI can handle them. I have really no idea why that is, not being a terrain modeler, it is hard for me to understand what is causing this. I had no troubles with a couple of bridges and the Ai is passing though with hesitation at times. The big elevated bridges are a huge no go for the AI he's just trying to find an alternative route until it gets lost and just stops. Other times the Ai is just moving back and forth in a 3 steps move trying to back up but constantly crashing into the walls until the car is broken. There are some cities or villages with immense narrow streets like in real life. The Ai gets stuck there as well. When making missions for this terrain the mission maker must be aware of certain limitations and apply that knowledge accordingly. Unfortunately, the AI driving issues is one of the most persistent issues in the ArmA games and the hope that BI is going to fix that issue in the future is slim at best we all know that. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful terrain. p.s. é davero splendido il tuo terreno. Grazie!
  14. nettrucker

    SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Hello Mr. Reviewer I'm sorry for my late reply but I'm without Internet connection. My rooter is dead. You running CWR version 1.6 and I'm afraid the update has broken some things. I did a test run with 1.6 and I experienced error messages as well. When we released the SP pack CWR was 1.5 and we had no errors. Best is to keep the default folder 1,6 as seperate folder and adding the expansions separately. I'm sorry to say but I believe we need to check every mission once again with the 1.6 version. Unfortunately real life issues has prevented me to replay the missions in version 1.6 to understand what errors are now appearing and how to fix it. I could only replay the first three missions so far. I'm sorry for this inconvenience but I'm afraid I can't fix everything in a short time period. I'm extremely busy wth real life issues the same as batteriefuhrer. I can only say, put it on hold until we fixed the mission pack to be compatible. I'm not able to foresee when this can be done. Thanks for playing the mission pack and for your feedback. We will announce when we have fixed all issues but it might take some time. Thank you All the best
  15. nettrucker

    Autosave corrupts my mission

    Hello AZCoder yeah I will upload the mission this evening and let you know. I'm normally using saveGame in triggers as well. It has always worked but when I ran into troubles with the save game isue I thought maybe i'm doing it wrong and I need to use the save game module, but in both cases I'm experiencing troubles with both methods. I will let yoou know this evening when I uploaded the mission. Sorry but I haven't be able to do this earlier. Have a great day. Cheers