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  1. The overview pics not working is not related to the Mod. I disabled all MODs but the overview pics are not working in Vanilla as well. Load screens are working, the overview pics not. cheers
  2. Hi guys I was for a long time inactive on the forum. I just wanted to thank all community members who have worked on this project and made it possible to play Iron Front in Arma 3. You did a hell of a job. I made a short video to pay homage to the team. Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone with a bit of research, this topic seems to be the most appropriate one for me. I would be in need of at least two German voice actors Austrians would do fine as well or even Switzerland Germans. I need some lines for a German WW2 mission. Mostly radio communications but also some clean files. In case someone is interested please contact me by PM. Thanks. P.s. Can a moderator please sticky this thread. Thanks
  4. Happy new year to all. I finally had the chance to dedicate some more time to this wonderful project. I was running CUP core with the CWA terrains, but they wouldn't show up. I had to run CUP complete in order to get them to use. Thanks for all your hard work guys. It is very much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hello Kalle No, I did play the first version 1.0, but I only proceeded through mission 3 and I liked it so far. Unfortunately, RL issues prevented me to go on for the time being but I will catch up hopefully. Cheers
  6. In the 1st mission, there' s an inside script not found and I'm stuck at the castle. I think there's a trigger which is not activated. I had to use the "end mission" cheat otherwise the mission wouldn't finish
  7. Just downloaded the sp campaign. Thanks for that. Cheers
  8. Lack of good usermade SP content

    This is really a good advice but you are often forced to face the fact that ArmA is not a perfect game and never will be. During test runs of one particular mission at times the squad leader wouldn't move. Restarted the squad leader moved as he was supposed to I restarted again and the squad leader was again stuck. The last 3 test runs of the same mission the squad leader moved without problems. Now try and figure the reason why at times it works perfectly at times it doesn't. i've learned to live with the limitation but when designing you will constantly be reminded of those so you can't really avoid them. I can't say how it works in ArmA 3 because I never tried to design a mission for it.
  9. Lack of good usermade SP content

    The amount of SP content in ArmA 3 is far superior to the amount of Arma 2. On Steam workshop, SP content missions show 18069 entries. Campaigns 395 entries. The quality of the missions is completely another pair of shoes though. We all know how long it takes to get a good mission done not to mention a whole campaign especially when you are doing it in your free time. I've never really gotten into Arma 3 and I can't tell you a specific reason. I'm still tinkering in ArmA 2 with CWR2 mod. I'm doing this for quite some years now and I'm still not done. I teamed up with batteriefuhrer and me we made a 19 mission single player pack for A2 CWR2 just updated to version 1.01. Due to real life issues on my side, it took us more than 2 years to finish it. Batteriefuhrer bore the main brunt of the mission editing. It was a labor of love because most of you guys don't play A2 anymore but for those of you that do check the SP mission pack out. Well, how much time does it take for you guys in the average to design a good mission- campaign?
  10. SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Hello everyone I've updated the Armaholic link in the OT to version 1.01. That was really quick. Thanks, batteriefuhrer that was quick and painless. LOL Cheers
  11. SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Updated OT. The new version can be found under fixes and updates Last war 1.01. The Armaholic link is outdated we still have to upload the new version on Armaholic. Cheers
  12. Do people still play?

    I'm still playing ArmA CO. I've never got really into ArmA 3 and I can't tell you the specific reason why. Unfortunately, RL issues are preventing me to play MP. In the last years, I dedicated my time to the CWR2 Mod after having explored thoroughly the UNSUNG MOs for A2. I'm still not done yet with CWR. The MOD itself with all the expansions is really huge. Batteriefuhrer and me we have released a 19 mission SP Mission pack CWR a couple of months ago So yes there are still people around who are playing but I believe we are very few and not everyone is into MP. Cheers
  13. Too Young To Die Campaign release

    Hello Undeceived that was ages ago man. it was my first tinkering with the mission editor. Toy did the brunt of the work on the mission editing side. He dropped out from the community long before Armed Assault was released. I stuck around until ArmA 3 and I dropped somehow out as well. It is astonishing to me that you still remember the main characters name although more than a decade has passed since then. Geez' that's amazing. Well, the campaign had only 8 missions if I recall correctly but some of them were really long stealth missions I remember a couple of them were around 4 hours or so. One mission was particularly difficult which was Escape. You had to evade a prison facility on Desert island to avoid execution. I remember that one was a really hard mission to beat. The overall difficulty of the campaign was high. I was once tempted to bring the TYTD campaign to armA2 CWR2 MOD but I ran into significant difficulties due to the placement of all the objects in the editor. The Islands were built from scratch and there were some slight differences which rendered the port to a nightmare. I desisted Thank you for commenting after all these years it's very much appreciated. I'm glad that you liked it otherwise you wouldn't have remembered the main characters name. Thank you all the best.
  14. SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Well, the problem exists evidentially and since you experienced it you reported it. Sometimes it's really hard to understand where the flaw is. The Arme engine at times is unpredictable and it's hard to fix things when it's happening from time to time only. cheers
  15. SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Hi guys my email notification for my thread doesn't work. Thanks, Kalle for reporting your test experience. The last time I have played 04_Tsunami everything went well. I had in a couple of former playthroughs the same problems with being stuck at the LZ. But the last 3 times I tested the mission everything went smooth. I recorded the last playthrough as well. I won't test this mission anymore since you are both already behind it . Thanks for your feedback Kalle.