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  1. @IFA3@1914Armageddon@USPPoses@3CB@Polpoxartsupporter
  2. Thanks for working on this, excellent addition for us singleplayer lovers.
  3. jeza

    Looking for WWII campaigns

    @Gunter Severloh Will point you in the right direction I would imagine. (FYI best to post in missions section or something dont think this is the right spot).
  4. jeza

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Really enjoy the updates to the Abrams', especially the new advanced evasion system shown here: 100% not you got like dozen other mods running
  5. jeza

    Arma3 Videos

  6. Happy ArmA 3 Easter @USPBooty@RismarkPoses@EasterPack@Tier1Weaps
  7. Oki. Got a few more, but just played commander mission and its missing the briefing and tasks and audio, just gives you waypoints. All 6 missions I've tried so far get a script error saying its missing the wallpaper when you get mission complete. (such as vid below) Aside from that no mission breaking stuff I came across, that side is all lovely.
  8. Did you want any bug reports from the missions or are you already aware of them?
  9. Many thanks and congrats to you all, top effort!
  10. Grass exists on pavements/sidewalks 10/10 Realism from CUP.