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  1. Yis, some Orig ghost recon Cohen awesomeness would be great!
  2. Nice touch bis! I look forward to giving this a go today.
  3. Dino Crisis Prototype

    Awesome work mate, loved that game to death.
  4. ProjectZeneth&Retexmod, Niko's poses, RHS
  5. @Nikoposes@RHS@ProjectZeneth@Bloodlust
  6. Original Ghost Recon Campaign - Released!!

    Frostbite would be great mate, look forward to it!
  7. Thanks for the release and hard work. Question, will you be adding a small folder via steam or drobox like rismark and Direone have with pictures of the animations and the name of the animations?
  8. Awesome, them custom animations are also glorious :)
  9. Project Zenith

    These lovely's getting some of their own rounds down the pipeline ?
  10. Road Runner is ENDEX

    Cheers for the work and releasing it to us all, see you over the Balkans very soon!
  11. RKSL Puma HC1 for A3

    Yeah same, like the fictional SF one a lot, great for Tanoa:
  12. Cheers boss, hope you and yours have a good christmas.