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  1. Great stuff. Look forward to the 'Pawview' version.
  2. Yeah, hadn't played this since A2 at least just fired it up today and its fantastic. Many thanks for the work! (If you got bored and wanted to add some brits to the playable faction list that would be cool 😛).
  3. I'm not sure how much of a pain it would be aside from taking stuff out however, one of my favourite maps from Armed Assault was schmafelden and what was unique about it is that the author released 3 versions light, medium and heavy (this was for vegetation density ect. I've not come across this in A2 or A3 but I guess it might be a viable option? As that way you would not need to sacrifice your vision and have a version lighter on the hardware. But again whether its feasible or not I guess is up to you.
  4. According to PCG they expect there will be an ArmA 4 showcase at the gaming conference thing going on at the moment:
  5. I just re-launched the game itself then tried after that and worked for me.
  6. Mods: BWS Modern Uniform (rywoox), M4/MK18 (RiverX)
  7. Anyone found many Coop Servers or have one? I found a few but all seem to be pas- worded 😞
  8. Good to know. Might be useful if they did something like a reddit AMA so we can get a picture of what's to come and what isn't.
  9. jeza

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Don't suppose anyone knows how to put custom 'missions' (coop) onto your dedicated server? (apologise if asked else where).
  10. jeza

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    It would be nice just to get some official clarification re an eden like mission editor and SP/Coop for reforger I believe it is a pretty popular question, hope they can give some info soon as personally PvP is the last thing I play an ArmA title for.
  11. Yeah, I'd like some clarity re Singleplayer stuff, I imagine its all in the pipeline but it would be nice to know re official missions and maybe a campaign in either this or 4 if it is indeed part of the roadmap.
  12. Are you able to login to the members area? Says wrong pw for me, I assumed it was linked to our bis accounts?
  13. ....He made it @RHS@Ukrbanners@AdvancedTowing
  14. jeza


    Thanks for attempting to solve this issue, looks like you've done a top job! I've been bitching and moaning about this for almost a decade and just used no death animation mod instead. Nice to see that can stop for a little while at least. Thank again.
  15. @IFA3@1914Armageddon@USPPoses@3CB@Polpoxartsupporter
  16. Thanks for working on this, excellent addition for us singleplayer lovers.
  17. jeza

    Looking for WWII campaigns

    @Gunter Severloh Will point you in the right direction I would imagine. (FYI best to post in missions section or something dont think this is the right spot).