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  1. Rabidus

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    Looking nice !! will be a good feature for warfare game styles and MP COOP stuff. What kind of vert / face's you got on these?
  2. killer tomato!!! Puma is looking nice too Rock!
  3. Rabidus

    GUI Help

    cheer's for help , i still seem pretty lost tho lol.
  4. Ok so ive had a search about and if anyone can help it would be mega! Ive created my GUI , with buttoms etc etc. But i want to have it so when i click a button X text shows up and when i click the next button that last text is removed and new text shows up. So i can basiclly cycle through information while in game. Again and help would be very much appreciated Cheers Rab
  5. Rabidus

    L85a2 v3

    Don't forget to forward assist ! Lol
  6. Rabidus

    L85a2 v3

    Looks sexual chocolate Kiory!! I agree Mr Siddy
  7. Ok , we are thinking about it still .... it still may make an appearance yet !!
  8. no worries dude yeah itll be a completly new SA80 pack , not ports or anything like that. Yep there will be custom textures and anims
  9. Yes on the SUSAT ( Might be in the next WIP ) and Yes on the LLM01 but the older A2 hand guard we are still not sure about , there will be a variant of the SA80 without the vert grip just with the rail covers on.
  10. Rabidus


    Looking good Spooky! look forward to seeing it with all the buildings etc added in
  11. be more than happy to send that one over to you to use as a colour reference , just PM me and let me know pal
  12. AFAIK the RMC use Sherwood Green colour as their beret's. Look's abit like this in game
  13. Keep getting this error on all the units i place in the editor and wont let me go past it .
  14. as far as i can see and what da12th was getting at is that you dont use a squad .xml to add them to your units. From what i guess you define the TRF in the config config class CfgUnitInsignia { class 111thID { displayName = "111th Infantry Division"; // Name displayed in Arsenal author = "Bohemia Interactive"; // Author displayed in Arsenal texture = "\a3\UI_F_Bootcamp\Data\CfgUnitInsignia\B_111thID_texture_ca.paa"; // Image path textureVehicle = ""; // Does nothing currently, reserved for future use }; }; then call it using [this,"111thID"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia; Similar to setobjecttex but on the TRF selections ..... I could be wrong tho but this is how i think it works
  15. chally 2 driver exterior ?