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  1. cimalex

    German Misc Pack released

    For his past, present and future work Marseille77 might win the prize "A2 OAartist of the year 2015". You are doing an amazing work Marseille !
  2. CWR2 - Operation Dragon's eye By CimaleX - v1.00 - A mission for CWR2 units addons for ArmA2 OA The little saga of NATO operations parallel to Operation Flashpoint (and in our case to ULOTC campaign) continue with the introduction of Royal Netherlands Marines - Korps Mariniers and the DDR' NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) in the struggle for the control of the tiny island of Drachenfels. The story: While Op. Flashopoint is in progress, NATO RRF (Rapid Reaction Force) launch a massive blockade to the Malden islands, in this way the renegade General and his troops cannot receive any supply or reinforcements from the mainland. To increase the already tense situation, DDR and soviet troops crossed days ago the West German border in Lower Saxony, raiding the town of Eilte, causing the Bundeswher to react in forces. The result of the DDR/soviet raid into West Germany has a consequence a radical change in the West German government, that wants now a massive attack againts soviet bases in the DDR, the risk of a full war between the two Germanies is strong, but this must be avoided. In this contest, NATO has mobilised several elite units of the RRF for the Malden island crisis, Netherlands mobilised 1 MARNSBAT and 2 MARNSBAT of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, or 'Korps Mariniers', they have been embarked onboard LSTs, destroyers and frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy, ready for deployment. NATO HQ has discovered that the most northern island of the archipelago, Drachenfels represent a strategical asset if occupied and properly exploited by our forces. The tiny island is inhabitated by a few dozens of people, mainly fishermen; the only village is called Drachenfels like the island itself. The presence of two main peaks and little vegetation, make the island ideal as a forward observation post, or to install a radar and ASW equipment (Anti Submarine Warfare) making the sea blockade more proficiency, and disturbing any operation of the soviet northern fleet in the Baltic sea. The sub-operation is called by NATO HQ Operation Dragon's eye, and is aimed to raid and then take control of the island by means of the deployment of Royal Netherlands Navy frigate 'Jan van Brakel' (F825) and half a company of 1st MARNSBAT; a secondary but important objective is to eliminate the NVA presence in an area relatively close to West German coast, whose government wants to strike back in forces the DDR after the Eilte raid. The mission: Player is second in command of a unit of five Mariniers, that together with their comrades will strike the island raiding Zodiac rafts. Known issues: a few radio comms I edited sometimes do not work despite my efforts to fix them. If player do not manage accurately the squad (n° of men available) there's a serious risk the mission miserably fails. Needed addons: CWR2 - latest version cwr2 drachenfels island expansion cwr2 NL expansion CWR2 NVA expansion vers. 1.01 CSA38_SBWZ39 Bunkers addon at: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19551&highlight=CSA38_SBWZ39 JSRS sound mod (Optional for better audio performance) Download the mission here: http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/YaZHqEiT/file.html
  3. Yes guys, we unerstand perfectly, keep calm don't give up and... Keep on the great work !
  4. Sorry for the little mistake with germanic armies... Yes I'm making some new CWR2 involving DE and AT armies, but proceeding slowly due to lot of RL issues. Enjoy
  5. Hi gents, after the last beautiful expansion addon for CWR2 by Wulle and Marseille77, I decided to finish and update an old CWR2 mission made ages ago for P85, and forgot in the wish list for a long time. After the last addons released by the CWR2 team recently, I decided to finish it and finally update without external dependancy: CWR2 Red Storm v1.1 a 1985 mission for CWR2 and DE West German Army Expansion: Soviet invasion of Eilte West Germany by CimaleXXI The plot: August 1985 - Eilte Lower Saxony, West Germany. The two formerly indipendent baltic islands of Everon and Malden have been invaded by renegade soviet general A. Guba in response of the uncertain situation in soviet union, surely some soviet generals are attempting a coup against reformist president M. Gorbachev. While the soviets are defeated in the Malden island by US and british forces, a new unexpected crisis opens along the East-West German border. A single Brigade of the soviet army supported by NVA (DDR' Nationale Volksarmee) crosses the border in a poorly guarded area, and try to reach the town of Eilte and its strategical highway. You as a Colonel of the BundesHeer are called to lead and coordinate the defense of the area. Link to download the mission here: http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/cWg6I9hx/file.html Required addons: ArmA2 OA 1.63 CWR2 ultimate version CWR2 DE last expansion CWR2 Eilte West Germany expansion CWR2 BAF UK expansion CWR2 NVA (DDR army) expansion JSRS Sound Mod Changelog: Eliminate all former P85 vehicles and dependancy Added new CWR2 DE and NVA troops and vehicles now the mission is more fluid and relatively difficult Enjoy.
  6. cimalex

    WIP importing of PedagneMOD in ARMA 3

    How Arremba, how are things? I'm cooperating to make a DLC for CWR2 and I'm helping Wulle & C. to make italian soldiers 1985 period for CWR2 I'd like to make italian alpini form AMF Rgt Susa + Paras of Folgore Bde + Col Moschin. I'd need some help if you and the team have time, plus some unbin files and textures and Cfg file for: BM-59 all versions PM-12 Beretta Smg ACM-90 truck Textures for AB-212 and CH-47 (camo not green) + a camo textures olive green of the 80's FIAT AR-76? I have some soldiers mlods and some pattern, most part of the vehicles have been already done (M-113, Leopard, M-109 etc) so I would much appreciate your expertise and precious help for this addon. Let me know, Ciao!
  7. cimalex

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Fantastic work Marseille... I need to make some new CWR2 missions now.
  8. cimalex

    German Misc Pack released

    Great! I heared that soon an austrian CWR2 update will be made... And will consist of ? C.O.T.G.J. mate !!
  9. cimalex

    German Misc Pack released

    Congrats for this latest release Marseille! A2 developers are still operational! Good work and thanks for Austrian CWR2 addon! (For sure there's your work behind)
  10. Fantastic! I was a bit worried about lack of news from your great mod (is the mod still alive?). Should be nice almost a partial release of italian troops/units for 24th May, the infamic day for Italy joined the war... Carry on the great work folks!
  11. Fine! Should be nice for some CWR2 style missions...
  12. cimalex

    Guerra do Ultramar

    In the meanwhile I will continue playing and making some good missions with A2 OA. Glad you enjoyed the mission guys! And hope that Dimitri will add some little updates also for A2 OA not only A3... Thanks guys!
  13. cimalex

    [SP/@] DIH_Angola 1972 (RWO)

    Glad you enjoyed it... Have you been successful at the first time? Any suggestion for future missions with this mod ?
  14. [sP/@] DIH_Angola 1972 (RWO) by CimaleX Portugese Angola 1972 - A bush Fire Force mission - By CimaleX October 1972: A portugese heliborne unit is tasked to carry out a small scale search and destroy operation against an MPLA guerrilla group after they have successfully attacked a farm in Portugese Angola. Attacking defenceless farms in rural areas is a typical strategy adopted by MPLA guerrillas with the purpose to break down morale of portugese nationals in the colony, and forcing the portugese army to send troops and assets in their pursue, while the guerrillas are digging in and prepare sometimes deadly traps and ambushes, or more often running away, leaving the portugese frustrated in the attempt to catch them. Operacao chuva de fogo starts (Fire rain), player will lead a platoon of airborne portugese fuzileiros supported by Alouette III and Puma choppers. The task is simple but hard: secure the farm, pursue the MPLA guerrila group and neutralise them. CAS will be carried out by two G-91 R and an armed Alouette III chopper. Download link here: http://www6.zippyshare.com/v/yO83PLkw/file.html Addons request: ArmA2 OA 1.63 DIH Africa Mod JSRS sound mod (optional) CBA latest version Enjoy!
  15. cimalex

    [SP/@] Strela! (RWO)

    I will update all my old DIH missions with a more detailed layout and some improvements. Together a new mission set up in Angola during 1972. Stay tuned.