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  1. dragula

    I grew "old" playing the series

    working in Iraq at camp Bucca think play Command & Conquer, guy work with me show Operation Flashpoint, then was hooked, funny we setup some computers from I T guy, we sat in middle a war play Operation Flashpoint, with every one even the TCN Iraq guy's, was fun days.
  2. dragula

    Terrain Processor

    glad to see I am not the only one with these problem. wantafanta
  3. dragula

    Preview of OPX2 Buildings

    I like see then too, DL down
  4. dragula

    map real world map build...

    found some very cool Topographical Map (Visitor 4) need to try https://manuals.bisimulations.com/vbs3/3-8/devref/#Terrain_Manual_How_To/Terrain_How_to/Topographical_Map_VBS2_V4.htm%3FTocPath%3D6%2520Terrain%2520Howto|_____6
  5. dragula

    map real world map build...

    could cut size down to just smaller battle area. I like artillery so size matter for me, detail is need. the little terrain features, if you are there ( i try to have remember that little finger or rock formation with the beast of tracers over head, looking at shooting stars then finding it only artillery, feel ). what thinking of size to have this?
  6. dragula

    Terrain Processor

    Terrain Processor: Tutorial sound great, I try it, got to GQIS then it seem things get to what!!!!! missing some thing in the steps. lost again. <_< google you tube vid nothing there, just one about roads, vid up load could help a lot.
  7. dragula

    map real world map build...

    RoF that great help. look like from chart it 4096 Cell size 20. cell size ts the detail? is Stratis 4096 cell size 4 ? real world small may be better, as a single player i like sand box play.
  8. I have been working on a real world map that need to have details as hills are impotent and water ways. now the size after lot of testing in A2 visitor, not finding right detail, moving with terrain builder a3 standards. first for map area Topography drag is The selection area is approximately 4,225 km2. http://opentopo.sdsc.edu/rasterOutput?jobId=rt1456061818292 so now what best for size try to get a good square selection it keep give me odd size, right now 1134X699 for tif. now it need to get crop. second size of 1024x1024 x 3 cell for build like to know if this is sound? like to see if the math sound right for this?
  9. dragula

    new plants

    I been working on a map for some time, find that there is very few plants that are out dated. Feel a new plant type and updated is need. Would any one like to team up to make a new plant pack? what type would like to see? Should make few different one of the same, right now there the same tree over and over. 5 few different color, 5 different size, 5 shapes, Then there 45 different possibility for one plant.
  10. dragula

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    isis history very small foot note in the future.
  11. dragula

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    The big picture isis is a little group, that control a few roads in a dirt hole. the media try to scare people that they are a big deal, for now they are working well on destroy any stability, in that part of the world. when the time come the western power could shut them down in a heart beat, air strike, carpet bombing daisy chain bombing, bio warfare, there so many nasty thing that could be use to clear every rat hole they are in. have them wishing they ran home. The last people that used people as bomb was japan, US close that war down fast. it just take right timing.
  12. you should feel good that your texture are being used and liked by others, not just wasted away in the HD. you know and others will, the credit is, lesson learn put a feather in your hat. don't let it rent space in your mind, don't let your self be control by some other person. move on to better thing's.
  13. thank you GossamerSolid for the support, lot of work as you know, try to get the config right.
  14. yes, L1A1 and L2A1 will be one in the new weapons, think weapon that is over look a lot.
  15. That not a FN FAL, it a The L1A1 (SLR) Self-Loading Rifle or Canadian C1,7.62x51mm right arm of freedom, use in most free war for 60 years. The screen shot are test screen of the gun only, that I have right now, they will be up dated, as work grow. as this is build from scratch mod, for the contest, more will come. I like to know what the public would like to see in military snipers?