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  1. domokun

    How to improve visibility range?

    Try these 2 mods: Altis mid range terrain texture replacement Stratis mid range terrain texture replacement
  2. Bravo on your long and difficult journey. So far the objectives look very impressive. I look forward to defending the Wessies. Thank you for releasing this 24 hours before the deadline for my 15,000 word dissertation. I have already begun clearing space on my SSD...
  3. While I admire your artistic integrity, I think it's fair to say that, over the past few years, CUP and RHS have become standards in this community thanks to their unwavering commitment to quality, realism and breadth. So keep things simple for yourselves. Also, any chance that we might see some Swedish voice acting?
  4. @oldy41 IMHO the behaviour you described is one of Arma's biggest flaws, i.e. the instant sharing of battlefield intelligence among AI units. So it would be great if a mod added a coefficient or slider that allowed users to change the speed at which intelligence is shared among AI units. For example, if a unit doesn't have a radio then their ability to share information should be limited to the range a which they can whisper (<10m), talk (10-30m) or shout (200m). Even with a radio, units should take several minutes to share information and even then, range of information sharing should be limited by radio size, e.g. handheld = 1-2km, manpack = 8-15km & vehicle = 25-50km. This is particularly important in scenarios where radios are limited or non-existent, e.g. in WW2 most infantry had no radios except for officers. In the early war, 2-ways radios were often limited to battalion level due to high costs, weight and reliability. In fact, most vehicles, even tanks and few or no radios at this stage And it wasn't until late war that radios appeared regularly at company level. Again even, if a unit has a radio, the ability to share information should be slowed as only the radio operator can receive or transmit the info. I really think that a mod that simulated this organic sharing of information would have a considerable and positive impact on gameplay. Imagine searching for and targeting the radio operator! Imagine nearby troops trying to recover the radio once an operator had been killed...
  5. You're right and I stand corrected. You can OC RAM on Z- boards but you certainly can't OC your non-K on Z- boards which is where you'll likely find the highest gains. BTW what voltage are you running your 6700k at 4.4? I've got mine running at 4.6 but it took 1.36V which is a little high for my liking.
  6. domokun

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Good god that looks incredible. What config is your PC? I checked your YT video but found no description
  7. domokun

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    @mikephoenix Hail Mini-Fenix! May his appetite be strong and his nights long! Bon courage!
  8. domokun

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    If these script commands are effective in reducing or even eliminating convoy congestion and/or accidents, how feasible would it be to convert this script into an auto-executing mod that is triggered whenever the AI tries to drive somewhere?
  9. domokun

    Is "old man" dead ?

    Splendidly, provided you sunk a few hours into configuring and testing the parameters. Though, like many wide-ranging mods, it had a tendency to heavily skew mission design, sometimes irrevocably...
  10. domokun

    Is "old man" dead ?

    SLX also worked in A2 so my guess is that you're already looking at spaghetti with chopsticks levels of AI code
  11. Because it's been replaced by the rather awesome CUP mod: http://cup-arma3.org/
  12. How fast is it? And which Tiger? Because it really depended on the model and engine speed. Tiger I "A full rotation took about a minute." "Of all the vehicles in Post Scriptum the Tiger E has the slowest reload speed of 10 seconds. It also has the slowest turret rotation speed, taking a full minute to turn the gun 360 degrees." Tiger II "The turret could be rotated 360 degrees at 6º/second in low gear independent of engine rpm, at 19º/second — the same as with the Tiger I — with the high speed setting and engine at 2000 rpm, and over 36º/second at the maximum allowable engine speed of 3000 rpm"
  13. Same here. 10,000 words left of my dissertation with 3 weeks to... So fingers crossed for tonight's game
  14. Willingness to pay for a product/service is indeed a key factor in purchasing decisions but so are alternatives. If you can get more for less then a product/service will be considered expensive by rational consumers. However you raise an often under-estimated aspect, brand loyalty for whom loyalty to a brand counts more than any financial logic.
  15. Official pricing shows that Intel sold K series CPU 10-20% higher than non-K equivalents for the past 8 years. So it looks like a no brainer, right? Except you'll realise that your shiny K series CPU is an expensive paperweight unless you cough up extra for a HSF (HSF included with non-K CPUs) and a Z-series motherboard (no overclocking on H-, B-, Q- nor P- series motherboards) Clever strategy, eh? It's called price skimming.