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  1. A temporary fix exists by installing a mod which is available on Steam Workshop
  2. domokun

    Crew Hit Reaction

    Nice. BTW are there any mods that nerf "tank ninjas"? I'm still appalled at how effective (speed of target acquisition, incredible marksmanship, high morale, etc.) tanks crews remain after bailing from a badly damaged or or burning tank!
  3. I've no idea but it's also been removed from Armaholic as well as his squad's website. It's a sad loss because it was one of those rare mods; versatile, subtle and lightweight (in terms of performance).
  4. domokun

    co10 Escape

    While we're at it, has an WW2 version of Escape (based on IFA3 lite?) ever been released?
  5. Start by overclocking your CPU, then your GPU and then, only then, your RAM. The reason is that overclocking RAM has potentially disastrous consequences compared to CPU and GPU overclock. Moreover testing the solidity of RAM overclock is more difficult compared to a CPU and GPU overclock. Also, what resolution will you be playing at? 1080p? 1440p? 2160p? Because the higher you go, the lower the performance increases from overclocks. Once you've got DDR4-3200 RAM running at XMP, you'll only see minor increases in performance (+1 to +5 fps) for huge increases in price (in some regions of the world DDR4-3600 can be x2 price of DDR4-3200), i.e. it'd be more cost effective to allocate that extra cash to a better CPU or GPU or even HSF.
  6. domokun

    VR Headset without the controllers

    Have you compared hand-tracking to controllers with a Quest 2?
  7. domokun

    Immersion Cigs

    Do cigarettes appear as tiny spots of heat with thermal vision?
  8. You're right, particularly for low-power use cases, e.g. laptop users
  9. According to recent and reliable tests, most modern (<5 years) GPU use 10-20 watts at idle: Given that most modern PCs consume 80-100W at idle, then an idle GPU represents 12-20% of the system's total power. Conclusion: modern GPUs aren't "power hungry" at idle.
  10. domokun

    WW2 Rangers Airfield Raid [SP]

    I'm desperately trying to get my squad to accept that longer than usual list of Required Addons is really worth it. If they agree, then it should be a good laugh, since we've a 4-man squad, quite international (1 Brit, 1 Dutch, 1 Anglo-Swiss, 1 Anglo-French) but lack regular combat experience. Rather like the Jedburgh teams! I'll do my best to ensure that we video our efforts. Failing that, I'll provide an AAR.
  11. domokun

    Campaign: Chilean-Peruvian War [WIP]

    Beware I'm not the mission's author. Indeed I doubt that the author @Cumali Bey is still active as he last posted on these forums 2 years ago (Jan 2019).
  12. domokun

    Campaign: Chilean-Peruvian War [WIP]

    @Mago85Although I haven't tested it, my guess would be the 13 mods listed in the post above yours (dated 1st January 2018).
  13. domokun

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Bravo! Subbed and downloading now
  14. domokun

    Steam VR compatible?

    With the recent release of the Quest 2 from Oculus, VR appears to be going more mainstream (high-spec VR drops to 300$ - Facebook registration). So, has anyone tried running A3 on a Quest 2?
  15. That's a 10% increase in YAAB's framerates, which should offer noticeable improvement in actual gameplay. Incidentally, what framerates are you getting in the campaign? If you're still unsatisfied with your framerates, try overclocking your CPU and/or RAM.