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  1. Is the URL missing from 3rd line? Because I can't download v.1.0.27 nor read the ChangeLog
  2. @RCA3 Thanks for your efforts. Incidentally, any chance you could upload this to Steam's Workshop?
  3. domokun

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    AI accuracy is unaffected by fatigue, i.e. no advantage gained in waiting for them to tire themselves after running and/or climbing a hill before engaging them = UNKNOWN
  4. @Ball RaceRAM speed is particularly in A3 (more so that other games) however Ryzen has always had more issues than Intel with memory compatibility. AMD is aware of it and so Ryzen suggested RAM speed was DDR4-2666. With Ryzen 2 this increased to -2993. With Ryzen 3, AMD is expected to push this to -3200. I therefore think that it's VERY unlikely that most Ryzen will ever achieve compatibility with -4400, unless showered with extreme amounts of cash, LN2 and/or luck. Don't get me wrong, I think that Ryzen is great and Ryzen 3 is looking REALLY promising. So I'd wait a few more weeks so that we get the first REAL reviews, not just AMD's propaganda.
  5. domokun

    AI Facts & Myths Compilation List

    I have long suspected this. So this confirmation saddens me very much. Especially for low-tech warfare, e.g. 50s-60s wars of independence, WW2 mods, etc. where most infantry didn't have access to a radio, even a walkie-talkie. This therefore limits their tactical awareness. i.e. infantry would communicate by shouted commands and therefore limited in speed and distance of communication. This constraint is fine but it severely impacts tactics. So its a shame that AI cannot adapt their tactics to reflect a lack of radio.
  6. domokun

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Day-Z proved pretty popular. Sweeping generalisations are dangerous, unless you have hard stats to back-up. So maybe a poll?
  7. @warlord554 Congratulations. May your prince sleep long and eat big.
  8. I doubt he's right in everything but in this domain, you'd be wise to recognise 10 years of experience.
  9. Why use helo configs? Surely a drone config (Darter?) would be more relevant?
  10. Another behaviour that seemed a little jarring was the way that all AI "woke" from their sleep state at exactly the same moment. It gives a very unrealistic, robotic impression, rather like a droid army being directed by a common, higher, intelligence. So is there any chance of introducing a random element into AI reaction times? That is maybe dependent (to some extent) on distance from the spotter?
  11. Many thanks. When will the version on SWS be updated?
  12. Well done, that's much more immersive. Interaction with civilians is an aspect that regrettably absent from most Arma missions and other other tactical FPS. It's real shame because it reinforces the misguided notion that military forces operate inside a vacuum. Whereas in the low-intensity warfare that it today's reality, practically every military operation is constrained by its impact on local population, whether its ROE, use of proportional force, avoiding collateral damage or simply winning hearts'n'minds.
  13. I really hope that other modders who have exprience in in-game menus (Enhanced Movement? ACE? RHS?) can help you because this would be a HUGE improvement as it would allow users to modify variables on fly rather than quitting the game & manually editing cfg files.