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  1. @RCA3thanks for this subtle but realistic tweak. Any chance you could also share it via SWS?
  2. @Reezo thanks for your analysis. What was the performance impact in YAAB of switching to memalloc to cma_x64?
  3. @kju for #1 I meant "As a commander, I want to assign multiple waypoints (W1 > W2 W3) to a unit" #2. intelligence = greater detail on direction of fire, e.g. rough type (rifle, machine gun), rough distance (100m/200m/500M/1000M) & rough bearing (NE, South) #3a. suppressing a unit benefits by the aggressor by discouraging return fire and slowing enemy movement (maybe fixing them) and diminishing morale (perhaps even causing them to retreat). When I wrote "position", I meant all units within a rough area, rather than a single target #3b. harassing fire = slower, irregular fire used to stress the enemy but also save ammunition (less effective than suppressing fire but more conservative in ammo use), particularly useful if your assault team has a lot of ground to cover before engaging the enemy #4-7. I understand #8. yes they hold fire, but do they get into cover. Ambush I feel is a combination of 3 existing orders (Stealth & Find Cover & Face Direction) #9. To establish a hull-down position, the AI would need to determine which is their greatest visible threat & then scan the terrain to find any depressions (tank commander may not see any) #10-11. That's a shame but understandable #12. understood #13. even a scripted solution would be better (it worked well with SLX in A2) #14. re-arm is particularly useful if suppressive and/or harassing fire is implemented and underlines the importance of ammo bearers for machinegunnners #15. I guess I need to improve my keyboard shortcuts
  4. @NacjoFarmer Any chance that you could convert some of your SP missions into COOP? IIRC the H&D2 originals were also COOP right?
  5. I'm not familiar with ALL of the above mods but I'd love to see a simple way of... 1. selecting multiple waypoints (within game, not within the editor) 2. better intelligence on direction of fire (type, distance & rough bearing) 3a. directing suppressive (continuous) fire at a position 3b. directing harassing (alternate) fire at a position 4. flanking a position (either right or left) by moving from cover to cover with no fire unless engaged 5. fixing bayonets & charging a position 6a. advancing via bounding overwatch 6b. falling back via bounding overwatch 7. proper retreat; pop smoke (in direction of incoming fire) & run! 8. get troops into cover & hold fire (for an ambush) 9. get a tank into a hull-down position (for defense) 10. once tanks engage a target, they avoid showing their rear (even if retreating) 11. getting your AT to engage armour (really) 12. getting your medic to heal injured allies, where casualties are listed by distance and/or severity (if known) 13. getting your AI to pop smoke in direction of incoming fire (including tanks) if injured or treating a casualty 14. getting your AI to rearm, where options are listed by distance to re-supply (identical calibre) & by distance for replacement (different weapons) 15a. easier way to assign to Fire / Assault teams 15a. easier way to select to Fire / Assault teams I apologise if some of these features are already supported by the above mods and would be happy to learn which exactly.
  6. Sorry but I don't have time to grind and judging by the many "don't understand" and "frurstrated" type posts here, I'm not the only one, even among veterans. When ACE3 first released their Medical module they provided a video tutorial as well as a mission for medics to familiarise themselves which went a long way to reducing questions. IMHO America's Army 2 offered the most immersive implementation:
  7. Are there any missions that allow medics to refresh their training on Medical Rewrite?
  8. @SearchAndRescue Get a R5 3600 as you'll get better performance and save $50 (which be used make other meaningful upgrades, e.g. 500GB SSD, decent HSF). This advice is based on empirical analysis by reputable sites and not personal bias (I have 7 different Intel CPUs at home and been building PCs for 20+ years). TechSpot: Best CPU of 2019 AnandTech: Best CPUs for Gaming: Holiday 2019 TomsHardware: Best Gaming CPUs of 2019 GamersNexus: Best CPUs of 2019 You'll notice that the 9400f hardly gets a mention in any of these comparison.
  9. Does anyone know if, by default, this is compatible with East Wind campaign? Or if it requires some specific configuration
  10. Sorry but the mod list was (unusually) absent from the Reddit post. You'd have to ask the author, PapaBear_2RIMab
  11. domokun

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I agree with all the encouraging feedback, this mod alone has breathed new life into old missions. BTW has anyone played through the in-built campaigns with this mod?
  12. domokun

    Low FPS 2080TI

    @VicMackie Arma 3 is probably one of the most CPU-bound games ever released. So, to reach the highest framerates in A3, your PC needs a CPU with the highest possible clock speed AND the highest IPC. This has been demonstrated for years... ... by the Poles ... by the French ...by the Aussies Conclusion: as you've already OC your 4790k to 4.6 and you're running the fastest DDR-3, your last upgrade path is to move your OS and A3 onto an SSD. If you've already done this, then MAYBE consider an i7-9700k as it runs A3 20% (Ryzen 2600 runs A3 similar to i7-4790k) but it'll also cost you €630+ (9700k @ €390 + HSF @ €40 + Z370 mobo @ €110 + 2x 8GB DDR4-3200 @ €90).
  13. @gorog81 Fastest gaming CPU = Intel i9-9900k @ €500 + HSF Best value CPU = AMD's Ryzen 5 3600X @ €250 e.g. Intel's i9-9700k costs costs 80% more than AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X but is only 11% faster @ 1080p Conclusion: buy Ryzen 3600X @ €250, 2x 8GB DDR4-3200 RAM @ €90, B450 Max Motherboard @ €120 & 480 GB SSD @ €50. Later, when you have more funds, replace your 1050 with Radeon RX 580 @ €170.
  14. Great work. Will you also distribute this mod on Steam's Workshop?