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  1. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    He doesn't need it because the guide say download the last released which include those changes. Those change are just necessary for people who don't want to redo the mission.sqm from 1.17.5.
  2. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, I forget to say: you need to add the heli pad of the logistic point as a repair location. Why?
  3. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello and welcome, I never disable ACE3 stamina/fatigue. Ask ACE3 team for a more accurate answer (https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/advanced-fatigue-framework.html). See you soon!
  4. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, I have no clue what is happening. A RTP from player and server could be usefull. Yes, if you activate the debug log, you will see reputation change inside RTP ( https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/blob/master_stable/%3DBTC%3Dco%4030_Hearts_and_Minds.Altis/core/fnc/rep/change.sqf#L1 ). Intended, Zeus is not a player ... If you want to debug the mission use the debug tool available inside mission parameters and this mission is only working on Dedicate server (https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/wiki#introduction-). Have fun !
  5. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I prefer to give the freedom to admin : cba_settings.sqf : So basically setting change inside mission file are not apply and also with the ingame settings menu. (https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/wiki/CBA-Settings-System#mission-settings) Add complexity if admin don't have knowledge to disable the file. cba settings inside the mission file : People can still tweak parameter inside the mission file without issue Or people can use ingame settings menu to tweak parameters during mission without mission file change. Now, this way is the more userfriendly way to change mission parameter because you don't need to edit the PBO. I see really no advantage from user to use cba_settings.sqf
  6. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, I thought about it but if I understood, the cba_settings.sqf overwrite the cba settings inside the mission file. So if an admin want to change setting inside mission file, he can't do it. He needs to change the cba_settings.sqf directly and if you take a close look, this file looks horrible. I prefer to keep cba setting inside mission file because it has an UI which allow people to directly change their parameters. Bye!
  7. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, Sadly not :/ I have the same issue for my server. I am trying to not change this file. When I do, it is indicated in the changelog. I updated this file (https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/pull/454) due to the last ACE3 3.12 update which is depreciating ACE module. I changed : Remove all ACE module and use CBA setting : Set the engineer an ACE advanced engineer (checkbox in the Eden editor) Allow damage to player/AI Disable cargo under logistic Heli pad of the logistic point as a repair location. I hope I missed nothing more :/ See you soon!
  8. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, I think this is a ACE 3 issue see : https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/5993 Bye!
  9. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello ! The H&M 1.17.7 hotfix is here ! With also a quick Tanoa version ! Changelog : Param.hpp changed. Mission.sqm changed. FIX: Remove deprecated ACE modules in mission.sqm. FIX: Replace ACE setting in mission parameters by new mission CBA setting. FIX: Remove everybody can disarm IED option in mission parameters (Now use CBA setting). FIX: ACE action "Start Hacking" does not appear for join in process players for side mission Hack. FIX: Enemy can spawn inside rock. FIX: Divers don't have waypoint on ground. FIX: Syntaxe error when data base loading objNull vehicles. Happy and lucky New Year !
  10. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, Recently, 1kuemmel1 added the Multilingual Support for Hearts and Minds in the development branch (master_daily). The file is here : =BTC=co@30_Hearts_and_Minds.Altis/stringtable.xml. As you can see, only German and English are currectly available. So, to appreciate this wonderful feature, we need more translation. If you want, you can contribute by adding your language. For more information just post here : https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/issues/400 See you soon!
  11. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    That expected, you deleted all vehicles ... Even if you change vehicles in mission.sqm, those changed will be overwrite by the saved game. Now, if you want to add new vehicle inside the H&M data base system you need to : - activate the option in mission parameter named : Activate garage for admin - login into your admin account - go to logistic point and select : Require vehicle Also, watch out, your are using a developpement branch on github (ADD-change_task). This branch could be bugged and there are no data base compatibility between version. See you soon!
  12. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Sadly you did something wrong :/ Always check your RTP server side to understand what you did wrong. Good luck!
  13. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello and welcome ! Exactly :) See you !
  14. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello ! The H&M 1.17.5 hotfix is here ! With also a quick Tanoa version ! Changelog : - Param.hpp changed. - Mission.sqm unchanged. - FIX: Civilian H&M-interaction do not appear for some mod. - FIX: No reaction to orders (civilian from mod factions). - FIX: Missing factions due to mods update. - FIX: RTP errors when EH are removed twice. - FIX: Syntaxe error for setWaypointType. - FIX: some spelling/grammar. - FIX: Civilian give hideout information in final phase. - FIX: Selectrandom in troops.sqf. Have fun!!!
  15. [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hello, it is merged. I am waiting for 3.12.0 RC ACE3 to release the hotfix. See you!