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  1. More bugs/wishes I write in Github if that's ok ! https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX-Pv/issues
  2. 24/7 Test Server : [GER] PvP Liberation ACRE2, ACE | ts3.killahpotatoes.de Mod: ACRE2, ACE, CBA
  3. When I recycle vehicles I only get ammunition :
  4. what do the markings on the map like Sell, ATM.... mean?
  5. do you already have a RHS version of PvP Liberation ?
  6. jus61

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @Vdauphin What are your plans for the future of H&M?
  7. jus61

    BMR Insurgency

    Is the missions.sqm from 1.48 compatible with the 1.49_beta?
  8. jus61

    BMR Insurgency

    Must a HC run for it to save as well? It doesn't work for me:
  9. jus61

    BMR Insurgency

    Is the problem with persistence in beta already revised?
  10. jus61

    Injured Ai Mod

    Error: 12:55:52 File mpmissions__cur_mp.Chernarus_2035\core\scripts\inCap.sqf, line 45 12:55:55 Error in expression <); sleep 1; if ((alive _unit) && ((side _dragger) != civilian) && ((lifeState _d> 12:55:55 Error position: <_dragger) != civilian) && ((lifeState _d> 12:55:55 Error Undefined variable in expression: _dragger
  11. jus61

    BMR Insurgency

    We play exclusively with ACE! You can publish the 1.49 here as 1.49_Beta
  12. jus61

    BMR Insurgency

    Unfortunately this does not work in the 1.48 . After each server restart everything is red again class INS_persistence//44 { title = " Enable Progression Saving and Restoration?"; values[]={0,1,2}; texts[]={"No, clear progression if any is saved","Yes, save mission progression and restore if any is saved","Yes, save mission progression and clear progression if any is saved"}; default = 1; };