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  1. Bunnyhopps

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    @D-man9000 As I know you can't use the old version with the new script files. Also you have to delete the preplaced little birds in the editor, because the script is a spawn script and therefor the little birds will be spawned by the script. And the Helipads must have a special name. Think it would help to unterstand, if you have a look in the littlebird_spawn.sqf to see how it works and that it don't protect any preplaced things.
  2. Is there a way to disable the built-in arma sling loading, when we use this mod?
  3. Bunnyhopps

    Loadout Transfer 2

    As I see, the script version from github is the same as the mod version. The Mod version is the scripts version packed to a pbo and propably called via an CBA XH. So it should be the same, yes.
  4. Maybe advanced Slingloading and advanced Rappeling could be implemented? Urban Rappeling would be harder, wouldn't it? Maybe work together as Team or something :) The community, where I play ArmA 3, use all of your mods and is very happy with them.
  5. Bunnyhopps

    KP Ranks

    Great to see, that you've finished the overhaul. Looks much better then before. :)