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  1. FirstPanic

    Arma Reforger/Arma4 VR Support

    Resolution of current VR googles: Quest 2 = 1.8k / Index = 1.6k. Means: overall resulotion to render is <4k in total. Also current VR systems have VR performance features implemented so that you have an acceptable experience with 30fps (Don't remember the names of all the technologies but can confirm that this actually works). VR software shoots foe 60-90fps max to be in sync with the display framerate. And keep in mind: even future VR system will not have 4k per eye. So, overall there is no performance issue with Arma and VR. Actually you can play Arma 3 with VorpX very well... but it's way to immersive as Arma 3 and all camera settings are not optimized for VR. The basic issue is about the controls, the camera and shader settings and that the gameplay is basically different. I also keep fingers crossed that there will be an option for the modding community to develop VR support.
  2. FPS is not really the problem since there is nowadays technoogy available to create more "virtual" framerate. If your game delivers 30 FPS or more you will still have an acceptable virtual experience as the VR client will add additional pre-rendered frames. The main problem is, that Arma 3 is in no way developed for VR. You need specific shaders, menus, controls, models and geometry to not get motion sick. And all this is not possible with the old Arma 3. So, let's wait for Enfusion and Arma 4.
  3. Never heard about Reshade and Opentrack, but have some experience with Arma3 and Vorpx. I can tell you: don't do it. You will get motion sick within a minute. Arma3 is not desigend for VR... and this includes everything. Shaders, geometry, controls, etc. It's simply no fun in VR. IMHO the only thing we can do is to hope for the new Enfusion engine.
  4. FirstPanic

    VR Headset without the controllers

    yes... you can do with VorpX. Google for it.... but the result is not very promising. FP
  5. FirstPanic

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    I wonder if there will be a new "Push" towards VR as there is now a run to this technology. (see: Half Life:Alyx). VR is now a pretty matured technology and many existing games provide VR updates or plan VR capabilities for the future. Would be very happy to see a statement from a BI developer if it would be basically possible to have VR basics and functions within the engine so that the community can do the rest. Thanks FirstPanic
  6. FirstPanic

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    With the Motion Smoothing technology the requirement is down to 30-40fps to have a good experience. Plus with the upcoming eye tracking technology it's expected to reduce calculation by >50%. Means: With GPU in the 1070/2070 range you have good results. I use VR with a 1060 with pretty good results... so, don't give too much on the fps and GPU requirements. FirstPanic
  7. FirstPanic

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    Interesting.... was not aware of Project Lucie. It seems someone already developed something using the Oculus SDK. Will download and test 🙂 Update: Project Lucie is not available and based on a very old Oculus SDK. So, I assume it's dead 😞
  8. FirstPanic

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    Well, Bohemia Interactive Simulations was a spin off and joint venture, using the ArmA engine and technology to build VBS. And you are right when you say it's 2 different companies (actually Bohemia Interactive Simulations is owned by a private equity company). But... who do you think are the core developers in the background? For me it's very obvious that BIStudio has a contract in the backend to develop the VBS engine (If not it would have been a very stupid spinoff :-) ). Where have you seen that Enfusion has VR capabilities? Enfusion is the engine used in DayZ... and yes... it's much faster and better... but as far as I know there is no VR capability nor hasn't been tested. FirstPanic
  9. FirstPanic

    Virtual Reality ARMA - Oculus/HTC Vive

    Yes... but it was a very simple addon. The main problem is that A3 is not designed for VR. All interactions with the environment and the interface needs to be adapted... also weapon handling would be completely different and controls in vehicles as well (switches, doors, etc.). So, a VR adaption would actually be a massive redesign of all models and the engine. However... if this would work, there would be no other system on the market with this capabilities. It would be as close as much to a full virtual "REALTY" and would beat nearly every other engine. Unfortunately BIS decided to not focus on Arma anymore... too bad. FirstPanic
  10. FirstPanic

    VR-Support! Please it´s time!

    Well, this is 2 years old and world maybe changed a little bit ;-) And btw: BIS has already implemented VR in Virtual Battlespace (VBS). As its based on the same (or adapted) engine, there might be some synergies. In my opinion ARMA needs some fresh injection of technologies. Unfortunately it seems that BIS lost their interest in ARMA and is now fully focusing on VBS. Too sad... but we should not expect anything else than "milking the cash cow as much and as cheap as possible" activities from BIS in the future. Just my 2 cent and my personal opinion. FirstPanic
  11. FirstPanic

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Thanks for your answer and for the useAISteeringComponent command... wasn't award of that... will check, but following GoM's video it doesn't seem to be what it sounds like. So, just to understand your statement: The new AI driving system now forces ALL vehicle and map developer to adjust AND ALIGN every content so that it can work together... right? So hundreds (if not thousands) of objects need to be reconfigured, tested with maps, etc.... which means basically: current content is more or less broken and not usabele with AI drivers. Am I the only one who thinks that this was a wrong decision? And unfortunately it's not the first time that this kind of change happened. Really sad... and actually it's the confirmation for me to totally stop with A3 mission development now. Since 1.5 years I spend most of my time to find "workarounds" for core changes in A3 which made it impossible to design a good mission... and even when you find a solution... with the next update it's screwed and basic mission elements are no longer working (e.g. a jeep can not driver over bridge). Well... I think it's time to stop this tragedy and focus on something which is more robust, reliable and stable. BTW... noone is blaming you... actually I think that everyone is happy that we finally get answers to understand what happened. However... noone should expect a "Hooray" when we learn that AI driving is and will be broken for a very long time because every vehicle and map needs to be adapted due to the new AI driving system. FirstPanic
  12. FirstPanic

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Thanks... that's exactly the evidence that the current AI technology is the wrong way. It broke the game and I absolutely don't see any signal of understanding from the devs. Dear Dev guys... you do a great job... but please... the AI is back to Arma 2 level. So, I would like to repeat my question: Why can't we step back to the AI driver system which we had in 2016... it was close to perfect and the current Ai is so obviously wrong. FirstPanic
  13. FirstPanic

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Yup... that's exactly how it is today. Take a vanilla Arma 3, take a standard map, place a standard car with driver and let this car drive for 500m on a street without any curves... straight ahead.... And the AI will fail. Dear Developers: Why can't we step back to the AI driver system which we had in 2016... it was close to perfect. FirstPanic
  14. FirstPanic

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Cannot remember that BIS EVER said something to the AI driving behavior. And you are right... game is broken... AI & driving doesn't work since month which makes it really really hard to build a mission. To be honest: for me it looks like BIS is focusing on another product (A4???).
  15. Hi Developers, Short question: As we all are aware about the very big issues with the AI driving... will this be changed with this DLC? To be honest: Today it's nearly impossible to have AI driving (doesn't matter if tanks or wheeled vehicles) in a mission. Please have a look on the examples in the "AI driving feedback" thread. Would be great to have an improvement within this DLC and to get back on the AI driving level which we had 2 years before, before the AI driving model has been changed. Thanks in advance for feedback. FirstPanic