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[MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

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KP Liberation for Arma 3


KP-Liberation.svg KP-Liberation.svg KP-Liberation.svg total.svg

KP-Liberation.svg KP-Liberation.svg KP-Liberation.svg KP-Liberation.svg



The area has fallen to the enemy and it is up to you to take it back!

Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all capitals across the region.

  • Experience a massive “Capture the Island” campaign involving a large range of different settlements across the entire area.
  • Cooperate with up to 34 players, including a Commanding role, two fire-team squads, a medevac and a logistical support squad as well as AI recruits to fill the gaps.
  • Purchase both infantry and vehicles (both ground and air) using three different types of physical resources; supplies, ammunition and fuel.
  • Build the FOB of your dreams with an in-game "what you see is what you get" system.
  • Play within an immersive engine that not only punishes you for civilian casualty but diversely reacts in turn.
  • Combat aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions.
  • Monitor and work alongside, or against, independent guerrilla forces.
  • Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the custom urban combat AI.
  • Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression.
  • Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system.



As promised I have continued the Liberation mission originally created by @zbug and in turn started a new thread for this continued version so that the old thread would not lead people to the old GitHub page, as any new links would be lost deep inside many pages. I will update this thread with all new information and the correct links will be shown within this post always. If you encounter any bugs or issues (and there will be some) please report them here at Github and not just here at our Discord or here in this thread. That would a great help to me as it will keep a good overview of any reports. I really hope that @zbug will return in the future but if not, let’s keep this mission running with community support.


Join us on Discord:

If you like, you can head over to our Discord. Please post any large issues and bugs on GitHub, because that way I've much more of an overview about reported problems.


Get the Mission:

Download the entire mission collection here from Github.

Download prepacked missions here from Github.

Download prepacked missions here from the Steam Workshop.




0.96.6 (09th September 2019)

  • Added: Swedish Forces Pack transport configs. Thanks to Dahlgren
  • Added: Parameter to enable/disable the vanilla A3 dynamic fog behavior. Default enabled, so `fucking_set_fog.sqf` isn't running by default.
  • Added: Parameter to enable/disable limitations on Zeus functionalities. Default enabled to keep old behaviour.
  • Added: Parameter to decide to start the campaign with a FOB container (default, like before) or a FOB truck.
  • Added: Parameter to allow enemies stay in immobile vehicles (default 50% chance).
  • Added: Sector despawn scaling. The longer sector is activated the longer it de-activates. Configurable as parameter, 5min additional delay max by default.
  • Added: Korean localization. Thanks to PanzerKoLee
  • Updated: Russian localization. Thanks to DjHaski
  • Tweaked: Initial FOB box doesn't have equipment in the inventory anymore.
  • Tweaked: Height check for mobile respawn now relies on `isTouchingGround` instead of z value of position.
  • Tweaked: Transport config heights on M977 vehicles. Thanks to FishAI
  • Tweaked: AI in building now has a dynamic radius to look for enemies until they start moving again depending on blufor/opfor ratio in sector.
  • Fixed: Potato 01 was created after server restart, even if there was one saved.
  • Fixed: Missing variable `stats_blufor_teamkills_by_players`. Also no separation between by players or not by players for teamkills anymore.
  • Fixed: Factory storages could disappear randomly on save load.
  • Fixed: Some Presets had CUP Towing Tractor in the wrong place or duplicated. Thanks to Eogos
  • Fixed: CUP Presets still had the Nemmera in the support vehicle section. Thanks to Eogos
  • Fixed: FOB resources weren't updated in build dialog, when building infantry units.
  • Fixed: Some missing parameter information in the map screens parameter overview.
  • Fixed: After creating a clearance at a FOB some light sources could remain.


0.96.5 (26th July 2019 due to Contacts Release)

  • Added: Contact DLC LDF preset.
  • Added: Contact DLC transport configs.
  • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod blufor preset.
  • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod opfor preset.
  • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod resistance preset. Thanks to Bunnyhopps
  • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod civilian preset.
  • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod arsenal preset. Thanks to Bunnyhopps
  • Added: The Unsung Vietnam War Mod transport configs.
  • Added: Swedish Forces Pack arsenal preset. Thanks to Dahlgren
  • Added: Swedish Forces Pack Desert blufor preset. Thanks to Dahlgren
  • Added: Swedish Forces Pack Woodland blufor preset. Thanks to Dahlgren
  • Added: Several CUP blufor presets. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Several CUP opfor presets. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Several CUP resistance presets. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Several CUP civilian presets. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Several CUP transport configs. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Statistic values for destroyed civilian buildings and vehicles.
  • Added: Statistic values for total and friendly resistance kills.
  • Added: Statistic values for spent/produced resources.
  • Added: Statistics will be posted additionally in the server log after winning the campaign.
  • Added: Encore Anti Air static to sensible presets.
  • Added: Additional victory conditions, selectable in the mission parameters.
  • Added: BI garbage collection via description.ext file.
  • Added: Transport configs for the civil transporters (which came with Laws of War).
  • Added: Livonia basefile.
  • Added: Livonia building ignore list.
  • Added: Island Panthera basefile. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Island Panthera building ignore list. Thanks to Eogos
  • Added: Song Bin Tanh basefile.
  • Added: Song Bin Tanh building ignore list.
  • Added: "Create Clearance" Action at FOB for Commander or logged in Admin. Clears all terrain objects (no built objects) in FOB radius.
  • Added: FOB templates (FOB hunting) are now choosen in accordance with the selected opfor preset. Currently Unsung, Apex and "everything else" are separated. Thanks to Bunnyhopps
  • Added: 15 new FOB templates for the FOB hunting side mission. Thanks to Bunnyhopps
  • Removed: Vanilla player score saving.
  • Removed: Old garbage collection script, as there are now engine solutions available.
  • Tweaked: Changed default recycle building from carservice building to tanks repair depot building.
  • Tweaked: Changed default air building from small radar dome to encore static radar.
  • Tweaked: Vehicle in Vehicle action on FOB box is not displaying directly anymore when approaching the box.
  • Tweaked: Added elite vehicles to CSAT presets.
  • Tweaked: Formatting/Comments in the preset files.
  • Tweaked: objectInit function and added comments to the array.
  • Tweaked: Some smaller code optimizations in the whole framework.
  • Tweaked: Changes in elite vehicles in presets are now also applied during a running campaign.
  • Tweaked: Player lead squads are now also saved near FOBs. (but still needs to be reassigned via zeus after load, of course)
  • Tweaked: Weather is now only handled by the server.
  • Tweaked: Gear check after leaving the arsenal or load a loadout improved to not strip you completely. Thanks to Zharf
  • Tweaked: Build tool now also adds the correct map name to the mission name, like in the release files.
  • Tweaked: Sector defenders waypoint creation.
  • Tweaked: Daytime parameter values.
  • Tweaked: Shorter nights now multiplies the selected daytime time multiplier by 4 between 20:00 and 04:00. (3x between 21:00 and 03:00 before)
  • Fixed: Intel value could get corrupted if leaving the secondary dialog directly after starting a mission.
  • Fixed: "All is red" for first player after a server restart. (just a visual bug, doesn't affect gameplay)


0.96.4 (10th May 2019 due to Global Mobilization Release)

  • Added: East Germany arsenal preset.
  • Added: West Germany arsenal preset. Thanks to @Dahlgren
  • Added: East Germany blufor and opfor preset.
  • Added: East Germany Winter blufor and opfor preset.
  • Added: West Germany blufor and opfor preset.
  • Added: West Germany Winter blufor and opfor preset.
  • Added: Germany (Global Mobilization) resistence preset.
  • Added: Germany (Global Mobilization) civilian preset.
  • Added: CSAT Vanilla blufor preset, CSAT Apex blufor preset and CSAT Arsenal preset. Thanks to zandru
  • Added: AAF and NATO opfor presets. Thanks to zandru
  • Added: Weferlingen Summer basefile.
  • Added: Weferlingen Winter basefile.
  • Added: Chernarus Winter basefile.
  • Added: Weferlingen Summer and Winter building ignore list.
  • Added: Rosche building ignore list. Thanks to @madpat3
  • Added: Support for ACE arsenal. Can be enabled via mission parameter.
  • Added: Fog removal script readded, as some people had issues with too much fog after some time.
  • Added: Vehicle in Vehicle transport actions for FOB Box.
  • Added: `kp_objectInits.sqf` for custom code on a vehicle after it has been loaded or built. No more changes in save_manager.sqf and do_build.sqf needed. Explanation in the Wiki
  • Removed: `KP_liberation_guerilla_transports` array from resistance presets, as it isn't used in the legacy framework.
  • Updated: Italian localization. Thanks to k4s0
  • Tweaked: Title of the mission to conform the Mission Name Standard from BI Forums
  • Tweaked: Weather module is also loaded, even with ACE running. (ACE doesn't control weather completely anymore)
  • Tweaked: Disabled script that switched locality of all blufor units to the commander machine. (should fix UAV issue)
  • Tweaked: `allPlayers` replaced with `(allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F")` for scripts which should pause when no players are online. (logistic, resources, battlegroups)
  • Tweaked: Marker for civilian informant is an area now and not centered on the informants position anymore.
  • Tweaked: Renamed Huron marker.
  • Tweaked: If there isn't enough enemy territory left for a secondary mission to start, the player gets a small hint now.
  • Tweaked: BWMod item classnames in KP_liberation_allowed_items_extension. Thanks to @madpat3
  • Tweaked: Equalized all Eden attributes of the mission.sqm files.
  • Tweaked: Replaced deprecated `BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect` function calls with sensible select statements.
  • Tweaked: Versioning format from e.g. 0.964 to 0.96.4 for a better separation.
  • Tweaked: Arsenal whitelist/blacklist classes are case insensitive.
  • Tweaked: Vehicle permissions now via sensible event handlers instead of loop. Thanks to ColinM9991
  • Tweaked: Objects placed in Eden Editor won't be saved anymore. Fixes possible duplications on save/load.
  • Tweaked: Whole in game date and time is now persistent, not only the daytime.
  • Fixed: Annoying popup since A3 1.90 concerning missing entry for `widthRailWay`.
  • Fixed: Blufor soldier losses weren't counted in statistics.
  • Fixed: Missing `itemRadio` in some arsenal presets.


0.963a (10th April 2018 as "legacy support" release)

  • Added: Action to raise/lower object while building. Thanks to darrell-aevum
  • Added: Some classnames to arsenal allowed extension list. Thanks to madpat3
  • Added: Functionality to save/load mission parameters. Thanks to veteran29
  • Added: Presets for: RDS Civilians, Project OPFOR SLA and Project OPFOR RACS. Thanks to PSYKO-nz
  • Added: Automatic mission pbo build tool (available on GitHub). Thanks to Dahlgren and veteran29
  • Added: Tanks DLC classnames for presets.
  • Added: Group diag output for serverlog.
  • Added: Debug output for group count and amount of active scripts. Liberation starts with [13,70,0,1] and may rise to [70,70,0,1].
  • Added: Notification for incoming guerilla forces when attacking a sector.
  • Added: Vehicle chance for guerilla forces who approach a sector.
  • Added: Traditional Chinese localization. Thanks to KOEI5113
  • Removed: Some old scripts which aren't needed anymore.
  • Tweaked: All spawn compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers replaced with execVM.
  • Tweaked: All createGroup now with activated deleteWhenEmpty.
  • Tweaked: All BIS_fnc_relPos replaced with getPos.
  • Tweaked: Guerilla forces event chances, strength gain values and unit amounts.
  • Tweaked: The Commander / Admin can now change the permissions of offline players.
  • Tweaked: BI Revive is now automatically deactivated if ACE Medical is loaded.
  • Tweaked: FPS map marker is now below the map and also shows count of local groups.
  • Fixed: Placement of buildings after save/load. Thanks to Cre8or
  • Fixed: Sometimes helicopters exploded when spawning on the deck of the USS Freedom.
  • Fixed: Players couldn't ziptie the civilian informant, if playing with ACE.


0.963 (05th January 2018)

  • Added: Some missing RHS vehicles for the ACE medical system.
  • Removed: Provided ACE settings, as they are not used anymore since the last ACE update.
  • Tweaked: Arsenal blacklist for more compatibility with 3cbBAF. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Some small tweaks for the Lythium basefile.
  • Tweaked: BWMod Classnames due to the last mod update. Thanks to madpat3
  • Fixed: There was a string key twice in the stringtable.
  • Fixed: Lythium basefile was missing mission name and description in the lobby.
  • Fixed: Issue with building premade squads.


0.962 (10th December 2017)

  • Added: ACE carry interaction for resource crates. Thanks to veteran29
  • Added: Some additional debug outputs.
  • Added: RHS AFRF Preset for the player side. Thanks to veteran29
  • Added: Lythium basefile. Thanks to Enigma
  • Added: Portuguese localization. Thanks to NomadRomeo
  • Added: BW Mod Tropentarn preset.
  • Added: Project OPFOR Islamic State enemy preset and Project OPFOR resistance preset. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Updated: RHS transport configs.
  • Updated: RHS vehicles in presets.
  • Updated: Devkit mission.sqm.
  • Tweaked: Wounded civilians event. Thanks to veteran29
  • Tweaked: Extended allowed items extension list with some bwmod classnames. Thanks to madpat3
  • Tweaked: Detection of UAVs. Thanks to veteran29
  • Tweaked: Enemy vehicle crew spawning. Ensure that they'll be on the right side (important for red vs blue). Thanks to veteran29
  • Tweaked: If you enter the arsenal with a packed weapon or UAV backpack, it won't be identified as blacklisted anymore.
  • Tweaked: FOB container mass now scales with the selected spartan helicopter maximum load. Thanks to veteran29
  • Tweaked: Removed clutter and AI from the USS Freedom on all maps.
  • Tweaked: Cleaned all custom placed places on all maps some more and renamed the respawn marker from respawn_west to respawn.
  • Tweaked: Increased the distance of the Little Bird spawnpoints on the USS Freedom and let them facing to the front.
  • Tweaked: Some typos in the german stringtable. Thanks to gqgunhed
  • Tweaked: The US Army woodland troops got the new OCP and were able to throw away their old UCP.
  • Fixed: Wounded civilian animation in dedicated server environment. Thanks to veteran29
  • Fixed: With ACE you could take unconscious AI as POW.
  • Fixed: You couldn't handcuff surrendered AI with ACE zipties.
  • Fixed: Guerilla could spawn as neutral combatants.
  • Fixed: Unloading crates from vehicles could let them sink into the ground since the last ArmA Update.


0.961 (6th November 2017)

  • Added: ACE auto detection. (BI Revive still has to be disabled manually)
  • Added: Parameter to decide if vehicles should have cleared cargo or not. Thanks to veteran29
  • Removed: ACE compatibility parameter.
  • Updated: ACE settings from our community due to the new pylons system in ACE.
  • Updated: Italian localization. Thanks to k4s0
  • Updated: Chinese Simplified localization. Thanks to nercon
  • Updated: List of ignored buildings for the civil reputation.
  • Tweaked: Logistic convoy ambush chance balancing.
  • Fixed: SMAW optic placed in wrong array in RHS presets.


0.96 (12th October 2017)

  • Added: BI Support System functionality. (Currently deactivated, as there are still issues in MP)
    • Added: Parameter for access to the Support System -> Disabled, Commander, Whitelist, Everyone.
    • Added: BI Artillery support for artillery vehicles and mortars (if built manned or AI ordered to get in as crew).
    • Added: Players can request artillery support from players (generates task).
  • Added: Civil Reputation.
    • Added: Config variables in kp_liberation_config.sqf.
    • Added: Reputation penalty for killing civilians.
    • Added: Reputation penalty for killing allied resistance fighters.

    • Added: Reputation penalty for seizing civil vehicles.
    • Added: Reputation penalty for destroyed/damaged civil buildings. (evaluated only on capture a sector event)
    • Added: Mission parameter to choose building penalty for damaged or only destroyed buildings.
    • Added: Reputation gain for liberated sectors.
    • Added: After capturing a sector you might find wounded civilians. You can also gain reputation for offering medical support.
  • Added: Civil informant.
    • Added: If you've a good reputation, a civil informant can rarely spawn at blufor sectors.
    • Added: Intel increase, if you capture the informant and bring him back to a FOB.
    • Added: There is a chance that an informant will reveal a time critical task to kill a HVT.
  • Added: Asymmetric Threats.
    • Added: Possibility of IEDs in blufor sectors, if you have a bad civil reputation.
    • Added: Own logistic convoys can be ambushed by guerilla forces.
    • Added: Value for guerilla strength which will be affected by the events connected to guerilla forces.
    • Added: Guerilla forces presets.
    • Added: Dynamic guerilla forces equipment depending on their strength value.
    • Added: Chance that guerilla forces will join the fight at a sector as friend or foe. (depends on reputation)
    • Added: Possibility of a guerilla ambush in blufor sectors (additional to IEDs).
  • Added: Chinese Simplified localization. Thanks to nercon
  • Added: Automatic server restart script for dedicated servers. Thanks to k4s0
  • Added: Settings in the mission parameters for particular debug messages.
  • Added: Factory map markers now indicate which production facilities are available there.
  • Added: LoW Civilians.
  • Added: LoW UAV backpacks to the default blacklist.
  • Added: LoW AL-6 Pelican UAV.
  • Added: Some of the new RHS vehicles.
  • Added: Turkish localization. Thanks to Carbneth
  • Added: Parameter to set a cooldown for using mobile respawns.
  • Updated: English ingame tutorial texts in stringtable. Thanks to FatRefrigerator

  • Removed: Liberation skill handling of AI units, as BI do this good enough now concerning wounds, etc.
  • Removed: Vehicle explosion chance script for convoy ambush.
  • Removed: Old debug messages.
  • Tweaked: Terrain alignment will be persistent during repeat building of objects (like walls). Thanks to veteran29
  • Tweaked: Some reordering of UI elements.
  • Tweaked: Localization support for the extended options menu. Thanks to nercon
  • Tweaked: Highlight color in production list changed to blue instead of misleading green.
  • Tweaked: Amounts of resources on each FOB and production site is now visible in logistic dropdown menu as (Supplies/Ammo/Fuel).
  • Tweaked: Removed the logistic convoy cap of 26 (which was due to the alphabet).
  • Tweaked: Captured enemy vehicles are now also listed in the commanders zeus interface.
  • Tweaked: Cities won't be able to produce resources anymore.
  • Tweaked: IED count in cities, capitals and factories is now dependend on the civil reputation.
  • Tweaked: Corrected some strings in the stringtable.
  • Tweaked: Factories don't have all facilities from the start anymore. The facility they start with is set at campaign start.
  • Tweaked: Replaced all deprecated BIS_fnc_selectRandom with the engine solution selectRandom.
  • Tweaked: Server log will now contain the [STATS] message of all clients. (players and HCs)
  • Tweaked: Preset system split to select blufor, opfor, resistance and civilians independently. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Capitals, cities and factories are now basically guarded by "militia" forces. Switching to regular army if the enemy combat readiness is increased.
  • Tweaked: Static weapons array missed some weapons.
  • Tweaked: Civil vehicles are now saved at a FOB after they were seized by players.
  • Tweaked: Some small code optimizations and format corrections.

  • Fixed: Player got custom recoil and aiming coefficients on respawn.
  • Fixed: Rare script error on closing respawn screen directly after joining the mission.
  • Fixed: Players could deploy multiple FOBs when they selected deploy fast enough on the same container.
  • Fixed: It was possible to disassemble a mortar in preview.
  • Fixed: Preview vehicles could get saved if you shut down the mission right after canceling the build process or if you'd still the preview in front you.
  • Fixed: Small issues due to the default "hold fire" combat mode for AI.
  • Fixed: Single Infantry units weren't saved sometimes.
  • Fixed: Paratroopers got sometimes an attack helicopter instead of a transport helicopter.
  • Fixed: Rescue helipad blocked building in their near vicinity.
  • Fixed: MPKill Eventhandler issue when using ACE.
  • Fixed: Function to buy a logistic truck worked but caused an error in dedicated server environment.
  • Fixed: Couldn't build under powerlines.
  • Fixed: Items in backpack weren't checked by arsenal blacklist crawler.


0.955 (24th June 2017)

  • Added: Some small aesthetic things for the build list
  • Added: Exception for TFAR items from the 1.0 Beta (it's TFAR_ and not tf_ in the classnames there)
  • Added: Malden missionfile. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Updated: German tutorial texts. Thanks to madpat3
  • Tweaked: Jets removed from battlegroups, so they won't spawn on the ground. But they still appear on high awareness
  • Tweaked: Recycle action code, changed from `distance` to `distance2D` to prevent issues with buildings like the airport lamp
  • Tweaked: Helipads are now added to Zeus, so the commander can delete them, as they can't be recycled normally
  • Fixed: Production and Logistic Overview wasn't usable in normal UI scale
  • Fixed: The RHS "Mk.V SOC" boat got no recycle action due to the mounted static weapons


0.954 (19th June 2017)

  • Added: Some small aesthetic things for the buildlist
  • Added: Transport configs for the unarmed Blackfish variants (can hold 5 crates). Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Production dialog list entries are now color coded depending on the actual production
  • Tweaked: Small changes in the save_manager.sqf concerning object placement
  • Tweaked: Raised the default production interval a little bit
  • Tweaked: Updated ACE serverside settings
  • Fixed: UAVs counted to heli / plane count concerning used slots
  • Fixed: SDV was missing in the boats array to be able to place it on water
  • Fixed: H-Barrier classname changed from the protected to the public one


0.953 (12th June 2017)

  • Added: Action to stack and sort resources in storage areas
  • Updated: Italian localization. Thanks to k4s0
  • Updated: German localization. (umlauts)
  • Tweaked: Statics can now be placed inside buildings
  • Tweaked: Recycle of objects which won't give any resources is now always possible
  • Tweaked: Debug messages
  • Tweaked: Added the blackfish to all presets, as it was already listed to be unlockable
  • Tweaked: Again a small change at the placement of objects from the savegame
  • Fixed: Error in production dialog due to wrong global variable
  • Fixed: Last two supply_vehicle elements weren't shown in the build menu


0.952 (4th June 2017)

  • Added: Action to push resource crates
  • Added: More transport configs for various vehicles. Thanks to ChiefOwens
  • Added: Some more vehicles from RHS to the presets
  • Added: More buildable lights for the FOB. Thanks to Reckulation
  • Added: A devkit mission.sqm for people who want to port Liberation to other maps
  • Added: GitHub Wiki (will be expanded step by step in the future)
  • Removed: Some clutter of the custom enemy bases on each map. Could maybe increase performance a little bit
  • Tweaked: Starting times of the maps were not equal
  • Tweaked: Syncing times for production when resources are stored or unstored in sector storages
  • Tweaked: Moved ACE compatibility and Debug setting from `kp_liberation_config.sqf` to parameters
  • Fixed: SDV and armed boat recycle caused a script error
  • Fixed: AI Squads weren't saved
  • Fixed: Start vehicles were spawning with items in the inventory
  • Fixed: Sometimes you couldn't slingload crates which were unloaded from a storage


0.951 (28th May 2017)

  • Added: Boats at the stern of the Freedom for amphibious insertion
  • Added: Transport configs for guerilla offroad and van
  • Added: Mission parameter to choose between arsenal with no restrictions at all or using the defined preset from `kp_liberation_config.sqf` (no restriction not recommended)
  • Added: Al Rayak missionfile
  • Updated: Italian localization. Thanks to k4s0
  • Updated: Russian localization. Thanks to _KOC_
  • Tweaked: Syncing between server and clients after building a sector storage
  • Tweaked: Debug info output for sector production and logistic management
  • Tweaked: Small things on each mission.sqm. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Factories will directly start producing supplies, as soon as a storage area is built
  • Tweaked: General syncing of production and logistic data between client and server
  • Tweaked: Resource amount is now also being displayed in the production dialog, not only crates count
  • Tweaked: Production menu is now also available if near a production sector
  • Tweaked: Checking the content of a crate now also checks if `ropeAttachEnabled` is true and set it to true if not
  • Tweaked: Improved logistics algorithm concerning behaviour of loading resources
  • Tweaked: Removed unarmed vehicles from sector defender vehicles. They are still transports for battlegroups
  • Fixed: Hostile map markers on Sahrani had a little offset from the map grid
  • Fixed: No intelobjects spawned at military bases
  • Fixed: Missing vehicles because of classname changes due to the ArmA 3 update. Thanks to madpat3 for an overview of all changes
  • Fixed: Production menu showed timer even if nothing is produced
  • Fixed: Production timer displayed as float if using a resource multiplier
  • Fixed: Sahrani mission name wasn't displayed in the server browser, even after mission start
  • Fixed: FOB Box won't respawn if fallen into the water
  • Fixed: It was possible to create a logistic mission without defining a A or B destination
  • Fixed: Logistic dialog didn't update when buying or selling a truck
  • Fixed: Error in serverlog concerning loading control CaptureFrames BLUFOR and OPFOR
  • Fixed: Boat recycle caused a script error
  • Fixed: Exploit of build menu if UI was set to show global resources
  • Fixed: Build menu reloads constantly


0.95 (22th May 2017)

  • Added: New resource system
  • Added: Italian localization. Thanks to k4s0
  • Added: Action to change alignment (up or terrain aligned) during placement of buildings
  • Added: Action to reassign the commander to the zeus module (only shows if the commander has no access to zeus)
  • Added: Paradrop of a resource package when first FOB is built
  • Added: Action to switch between displaying global or local FOB resources
  • Added: Air vehicle slot system (need a Flight Control to build helipads, hangars and air vehicles)
  • Added: Blacklist / Whitelist filtering for saved loadouts
  • Added: Recycling of enemy vehicles
  • Added: Recycle value now depends on vehicle damage, remaining ammo and fuel
  • Added: Production system for factories and cities (not capitals). Accessable for the commander if near a FOB
  • Added: Ability to build storage areas at sectors, where produced resources will be stored
  • Added: Ability to unlock resource facilities in cities, so you can produce that resource there
  • Added: RHS transport configs. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Added: Civilian transport configs. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Added: Optional logistics module for smaller groups to enable a automatic logistics system for the commander
  • Added: Mission parameter to enable or disable the logistics system
  • Added: 3cb BAF unit and arsenal preset. Thanks to ChiefOwens
  • Added: DLC Jets to most presets
  • Added: Sahrani missionfile. Thanks to Applejakerie for helping with OPFOR Points
  • Added: Debug messages for the server.rpt. Default disabled and can be enabled in the `kp_liberation_config.sqf`
  • Removed: Resource caps system
  • Removed: Old vanilla unit preset (custom.sqf already provides a vanilla setting)
  • Removed: Passive Income (due to new resource system)
  • Removed: Ammo Bounties (due to new resource system)
  • Removed: Civilian Penalties (due to new resource system)
  • Removed: Overwrite functionality for `classnames.sqf`, as it is no longer needed due to the preset system
  • Removed: `gameplay_constants.sqf`
  • Removed: Crate spawn at military bases
  • Removed: Chimera Base on maps with a suitable amount of ocean for supporting the Freedom
  • Merged: `gameplay_constants.sqf` settings into `kp_liberation_config.sqf` and added descriptions to the variables
  • Updated: Spanish localization. Thanks to regiregi22
  • Updated: English InGame Tutorial text with the latest informations for resource, production and logistic system. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Replaced: Manpower icon with supplies icon. Thanks to jus61
  • Replaced: Every deprecated BIS_fnc_MP with remoteExec
  • Replaced: ATLAS LHD with USS Freedom. Thanks to Applejakerie for the immersive clutter on the carrier
  • Tweaked: Arsenal blacklist filtering. Thanks to veteran29
  • Tweaked: Initialization of the arsenal, which should increase the performance for blacklist using
  • Tweaked: Save manager -> helicopters from the Freedom or Chimera won't be saved, as they spawn on every mission start/load
  • Tweaked: Name for savegame namespace -> adapts automaticly to worldName
  • Tweaked: Revive settings: BI Revive is enabled by default. Disable it, when you use ACE
  • Tweaked: Config, as some apex classnames were missing. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: If attacking a sector, a random amount of crates with random resources will spawn once.
  • Tweaked: Better comments in the unit preset files. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Vehicles with dead crew can now be recycled
  • Tweaked: Altis mission.sqm. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Chimera bases on Takistan and Taunus. Thanks to Applejakerie
  • Tweaked: Enemy infantry units will now spawn in initial safe state instead of be directly aware
  • Tweaked: Chimera / Carrier spawn markers. Removed any dependency, using only invisible grasscutter objects. Makes porting etc. much easier
  • Fixed: UAV unconnectable after player death. Thanks to veteran29
  • Fixed: Missing batteries with Apex laser designators. Thanks to veteran29
  • Fixed: Enemy weapon dance. Thanks to k4s0
  • Fixed: Non vanilla paratroopers don't have a parachute
  • Fixed: Enemy jets sometimes spawn on the ground instead flying
  • Fixed: ACE medical crate was empty and couldn't be recycled
  • Fixed: Slingloading while transport crates inside a helicopter causes the helicopter to slingload the loaded crates inside
  • Fixed: Some buildable paratroopers from some presets don't had a parachute


0.94 (20th March 2017)

  • Added: Tanoa missionfile and vanilla apex preset
  • Added: Custom made Chimera Base for Tanoa. Thanks to jus61 for building it
  • Added: X-Cam-Taunus missionfile
  • Added: Custom made Chimera Base for X-Cam-Taunus. Thanks to jus61 for building it
  • Added: Custom made Chimera Base for Chernarus. Thanks to Enigma for building it
  • Added: Arsenal whitelist preset system (change via kp_liberation_config.sqf)
    • Use blacklist from unit preset (default)
    • custom whitelist file
    • KP Community Selection
    • RHS USAF
    • RHS USAF with ACE3
    • RHS USAF with ACE3 and ACRE2
  • Removed: Dependencies on Takistan missionfile
  • Removed: Apex dependencies on Chernarus missionfile (custom chimera base had two apex rocks)
  • Removed: Apex dependencies on Taunus missionfile
  • Replaced: Old hostile markers (exclamation marks) with a unit count sensitive area marking system
  • Tweaked: Presets
    • custom.sqf is now default (vanilla is a kind of legacy now)
    • Vehicle ammo prices are raised to make them more valuable
    • Provided custom.sqf now adapt automaticly to installed mods
  • Fixed: Falling Little Birds on LHD
  • Fixed: Custom flag texture not applied after savegame load
  • Fixed: Mapmarker disable won't work


0.931 (10th March 2017)

  • Added: Takistan Missionfile
  • Added: Chernarus Missionfile
  • Added: RHS Takistan Classnames Preset (desert camo)
  • Added: RHS Classnames Preset (woodland camo)
  • Added: RHS / BW Mod Classnames Preset (woodland camo)
  • Fixed: BI Revive Error
  • Fixed: Starting game with a prebuild FOB caused errors on Takistan


0.93 (7th March 2017)

  • Added: kp_liberation_config.sqf with some additional config values
  • Added: ACE support
  • Added: Fuel consumption script
  • Added: Preset system (will grow with more maps) to choose between different classnames_extension presets
  • Added: custom.sqf in the preset system, where you can adjust everything to your liking (like editing the old classnames_extension.sqf)
  • Added: BI Revive System. Activate it via Parameters in the MP Lobby if you don't use ACE
  • Added: Option in the mission parameters to disable the whole mapmarkers and disable the function in the extended options for every player
  • Added: Ability to blacklist arsenal items
  • Removed: Farooq's Revive
  • Tweaked: Player group organisation (group changing via extended options ingame still enabled)
  • Tweaked: File organization (split scriptpart from missionpart, so it's easier to provide different maps)

The License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2015 GreuhZbugWyqer


Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.




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No real tutorial, no.


To use a custom preset just depbo the missionfile, go into presets -> custom.sqf


There under buildings_extension you can add what you want as buildable objects for a base.


If you're happy with your custom.sqf you open the kp_liberation_config.sqf in the mission root folder and set KP_liberation_preset to 1

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12 hours ago, Ryejin said:

is their a tutorial on how to add stuff to the build menu for the FOBs?





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Commendable you want to keep the mission going, however one of the nice things of liberation was you didn't need any mods to run the mission.  Now CBA is required ... Please keep the mission vanilla if you are going further with it.  It worked fine without CBA before.


Otherwise nice that you keep it going, I spend plenty of time in the source code myself.

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48 minutes ago, celludriel said:

Commendable you want to keep the mission going, however one of the nice things of liberation was you didn't need any mods to run the mission.  Now CBA is required ... Please keep the mission vanilla if you are going further with it.  It worked fine without CBA before.


Otherwise nice that you keep it going, I spend plenty of time in the source code myself.

i agree with this what if i dont want RHS mods or OPFOR what evers, its would be highly wise to have a vanilla version linked here as well @Wyqer

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I'll look to remove CBA for altis and upcoming tanoa.

Also the other maps don't need generally any mod. (only the corresponding map mods)

You can choose the vanilla preset on every map.


And there is a vanilla version linked -> GitHub code

The Steam Workshop Versions for Takistan and Chernarus have the RHS etc. dependencies to offer a variety. But also these maps can be played without any mods like RHS, FA18 etc.

You just have to set the preset to vanilla in kp_liberation_config.sqf and run the corresponding map mods.


I had to decide to offer every map as vanilla in the workshop or to offer there (where the mostly unexperienced players would get a map or mod) the "recommended preset" versions, so people can experience a bigger variance for this mission without change something in the configs.

If anyone wants to play Takistan for example only with vanilla units and not with the RHS, Project OPFOR, etc. -> it's possible without real problems.


By the way, the next Version could be expected at the coming weekend.

Al Rayak, Taunus and Tanoa will also be ported then beneath some other tweaks and fixes.

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19 minutes ago, Santa96 said:

Does anyone have a link to Liberation Tanoa without required mods? I found one of steam but i can not modify the PBO on that one to add units my self, unfortunatly.



At the weekend there will be an update with Tanoa.

You can preview the Tanoa missionfile in the 0.94 branch on GitHub (Just finished it today)


Edit: And well, the Tanoa version you've found is not my version, to prevent confusion. I've only published Altis, Chernarus and Takistan at the moment.

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Does anyone have a link to Liberation Tanoa without required mods? I found one of steam but i can not modify the PBO on that one to add units my self, unfortunatly.

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@Wyqer Oh man, that's so awesome that you've picked up the development of Liberation. I'm sure that many people (including me and my group) are very grateful. Just keep up the great work! Oh and I have a question, do You think it'd be possible to make a parameter for enemy faction like in some other missions, or is it just too deep inside the mission files to make?

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What do you mean exactly?

If you want to change the classnames of the enemys (for example from CSAT Soldier to RHS Soldier) you can do it via the custom.sqf in the preset folder.

And if you change the whole faction from BluFor to OpFor you can change it in the gameplay_constants.sqf

But if you change for example GRLIB_side_friendly = WEST; to GRLIB_side_friendly = EAST; you have to build a custom preset, because you've to change for example the friendly soldier from B_soldier_F to O_Soldier_F and so on.

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Can the new version be used with exisiting maps? I have quite a few that I have ported this too and dont really want to re-do them all so can I use the folders/files only? I assume all the markers etc are the same?




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@Wyqer I meant changing CSAT to something else, just like You said. Now I understand, I see that it's not too hard to do. Thank You very much.

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@diesel tech jc

Yes, just take your mission.sqm and use all other stuff from the new version. (remember to pick the right gameplay_constants.sqf from the Missionbasefiles)



You're welcome. Just ask here, on GitHub or in our Discord if you have problems or anything else. Glad I could help.

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Hi Wyqer, 


Just a quick question 4 you. 


We are running cherno map with your base required mods and see there are over 230 vehicles at the start of the mission that will stay on the server and not hand off to headless clients and after a time server performance drops of quite alot -20 FPS though the 3 headless clients are quite happy with ~100 units each +40 FPS. 


So are these 200 vehicles needed and will they affect server performance? What is their roll in the mission?


All 8 cores are running 

2 x Arma 3 server cpu server 

3 x headless Arma 3 server clients x 2 cpu each

3.8 GHZ intel


The server auto reloads every 4 hours.

Don't see this issue on the straight Altis 0.924.


Kind regards,




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The 230 vehicles (or objects) are some custom build bases on the chernarus for the military capture points.

We're playing chernarus at the moment in our community, too. We're running without headless clients on our root server. We don't encounter server performance drops that notably impacts the client performances.

The shown server fps are about 25 - 40, which should be fine for a server (if I'm not horribly wrong).

But as you explain you've about 230 premade objects and a minimum of additional 300 units (not objects) on the map?

I'll have a look at a performance improvement for the 0.94 by disable simulation for some objects etc.

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0.94 Released

  • Added Tanoa missionfile and vanilla apex preset
  • Added custom made Chimera Base for Tanoa. Thanks to @jus61 for building it
  • Added X-Cam-Taunus missionfile
  • Added custom made Chimera Base for X-Cam-Taunus. Thanks to @jus61 for building it
  • Added arsenal whitelist preset system (change via kp_liberation_config.sqf)
    • Use blacklist from unit preset (default)
    • custom whitelist file
    • KP Community Selection
    • RHS USAF
    • RHS USAF with ACE3
    • RHS USAF with ACE3 and ACRE2
  • Replaced old hostile markers (exclamation marks) with a unit count sensitive area marking system
  • Removed dependencies on Takistan missionfile
  • Tweaked the presets
    • custom.sqf is now default (vanilla is a kind of legacy now)
    • Vehicle ammo prices are raised to make them more valuable
    • Provided custom.sqf now adapt automaticly to installed mods
  • Fixed falling Little Birds on LHD
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I'd like to say thank you for your effort!!

heads up!!

thank you very much for not letting this realy good mission die and even to to port it to so many maps.


thank you wyqer!!!!

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Already working on the Al Rayak Map and some additional things.

Glad, that you enjoy the progress :)

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Hey, @Wyqer, I've got a small problem. We are trying to play Takistan version of this glorious mission, and while the Takistani Army spawns just like it's expected to, the Militia doesn't spawn at all. There's that small village of Landay just next to Chimera Base, when we try to capture it, the progress bar immediately turns blue, but we still can't capture it. It seems that the game thinks that there are some enemies in the village, but it doesn't spawn them. If it matters, we haven't set up our first FOB yet.

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Do you have Project OPFOR installed on the server and clients?

Did you changed anything in the preset files?

Have a look in the server rpt, if there are errors or something. maybe post the parts here inside a spoiler.

Yesterday somebody posted a identical issue on the old 0.924 version on GitHub, but he used also a modified file with IFA etc.

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@Wyqer Yes, definitely, like I said, the Regular Takistani Army spawns just like it's supposed to, we only have problems with the militia.

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