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  1. Play sessions are taking a break while the team figures out how to host the servers in the future. Join the discord for more information!
  2. Today 19:00 / 7:00 pm GMT. The RHS modset is being played. Join the discord for more information!
  3. Today 19:00 / 7:00 pm GMT. The RHS modset is being played. Join the discord for more information!
  4. Today 19:00 / 7:00 pm GMT. The RHS modset is being played. Join the discord for more information!
  5. Today 19:00 / 7:00 pm GMT. The RHS modset is being played. Join the discord for more information!
  6. Today 19:00 / 7:00 pm GMT. The RHS modset is being played. Join the discord for more information!
  7. verstand3n

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    with eos units spawn when player is within a set distance and despawn when not within that distance. define that distance so the player is always "close enough" and the units will not despawn.
  8. Frontline is an ArmA 3 PVP Mod, inspired by Squad, Project Reality and Tactical Battlefield. Instead of having a full realistic focus, we focus on providing balanced gameplay accessible for everyone. Squads working together and communication are the key factors to winning a round. Features: Unique battlefield molded by Dynamic Frontline Combat roles and squad system Squad rally points and forward outposts Weapon re-balance, smoke and particle rework Defensive structures construction Medical system Custom suppression effects Spotting system and Squad radar Heavily modified and enforced TFAR version 3D Interaction (Easier door opening, ladders and more) Smooth and polished interface and systems Vanilla, RHS and IFA servers/modsets More information: https://discordapp.com/invite/TckWzF9 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/213548-dynamic-frontline-pvp-mod/ https://www.frontline-mod.com/ Videos:
  9. verstand3n

    3den Enhanced

    thank you for your continued work on this mod. I just found the above video and wanted to ask: will this work on a dedicated server? if not or alternatively how about adjusting enemy count according to player count at the beginning of the mission? just played around with your Briefing editor and it is very helpful to me. I just stumpled across a problem. The editor exports this: 0 = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Mission","Search and Destroy"],taskNull,"",true]; I put that into the Init field under general and Arma complains about the parameters (found 5, expected 4) and there is no briefing entry. I looked at the Wiki and the Syntax seems alright. Even examples over there throw errors. So I created a task to see if that fixes it but it did not. Finally I deleted the optional params: 0 = player createDiaryRecord ["Diary",["Mission","Search and Destroy"]]; and now it works for me. I can work with your tools like this just fine I was just wondering if this is a me problem or not 😉
  10. I am using the one from the Workshop and it actually says v1.0 in the result screen but when I mouse over it states what I copied into my results. Is that maybe the correct one after all? I did not expect the Core Frequency and timings to make such a big difference in conjunction with the admittedly small increase in IPC during generations but after all I am happy with the results and gameplay experience coming from a Xeon 1230v3 with <30 fps in most situations. Should I stop feeling lazy about optimization I will try to improve Ram timings and cache frequency.
  11. YAAB v1.00 (Jan 17th 2019) | patch 1.90.145471 | 1920x1080 | SSD + v-sync disabled i7-6700K (4C/8T) @ 4.4/4.1 GHz core/cache | DDR4 3200 MHz CL14 XMP | GTX 1080 TI 54.5|54.0|55.1| = FPS standard preset 50.1|51.8|51.0| = FPS high preset 48.4|44.4|50.4| = FPS very high preset 41.7|42.6|42.3| = FPS ultra preset stole your layout from April 7th 😉 compared to your results mine seems a little low. Wondering if that is just Arma 3 arbitrariness or if there is a way to fix it.
  12. @Groove_C are you talking about the cpu multiplier? just ran another yaab with cpu-z and hwmonitor on my second monitor and multiplier stayed at x44 all the time. Just the bus speed varied by +/- .05Mhz which I guess in relates to the +/- 5Mhz changes all my 4 cores did around the 4,4Ghz mark. Where do I find the cache frequency? will do your benchmark marathon next 😉
  13. I bought this one used recently and am using the previous owner's settings as I am too lazy to start testing myself. Undervolted to 1,259V (incl. +0,015V adaptive) I can safely run 4,4 allcore stable. did a testrun: no mods, ultra settings, standard in yaab, 1920x1080, system specs: 6700k@4,4Ghz allcore, 2x8GB@3200Mhz DDR4cl14, 1080ti, game on ssd: 49,3fps
  14. do you press "s" when the benchmark starts? that improves my fps by a bit as well...
  15. I am pretty sure this is not correct. While I never tested it myself, a quick google search brought some results. So if you pair your non-k CPU with a Z Board you can oc your ram. If this makes sense is a different question of course. What are important parameters to check before submitting yaab results here to compare them with yours. I would like to add my 6700k 4,4ghz all core, 3200Mhz DDR4 system.