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  1. I am using the one from the Workshop and it actually says v1.0 in the result screen but when I mouse over it states what I copied into my results. Is that maybe the correct one after all? I did not expect the Core Frequency and timings to make such a big difference in conjunction with the admittedly small increase in IPC during generations but after all I am happy with the results and gameplay experience coming from a Xeon 1230v3 with <30 fps in most situations. Should I stop feeling lazy about optimization I will try to improve Ram timings and cache frequency.
  2. YAAB v1.00 (Jan 17th 2019) | patch 1.90.145471 | 1920x1080 | SSD + v-sync disabled i7-6700K (4C/8T) @ 4.4/4.1 GHz core/cache | DDR4 3200 MHz CL14 XMP | GTX 1080 TI 54.5|54.0|55.1| = FPS standard preset 50.1|51.8|51.0| = FPS high preset 48.4|44.4|50.4| = FPS very high preset 41.7|42.6|42.3| = FPS ultra preset stole your layout from April 7th 😉 compared to your results mine seems a little low. Wondering if that is just Arma 3 arbitrariness or if there is a way to fix it.
  3. @Groove_C are you talking about the cpu multiplier? just ran another yaab with cpu-z and hwmonitor on my second monitor and multiplier stayed at x44 all the time. Just the bus speed varied by +/- .05Mhz which I guess in relates to the +/- 5Mhz changes all my 4 cores did around the 4,4Ghz mark. Where do I find the cache frequency? will do your benchmark marathon next 😉
  4. I bought this one used recently and am using the previous owner's settings as I am too lazy to start testing myself. Undervolted to 1,259V (incl. +0,015V adaptive) I can safely run 4,4 allcore stable. did a testrun: no mods, ultra settings, standard in yaab, 1920x1080, system specs: 6700k@4,4Ghz allcore, 2x8GB@3200Mhz DDR4cl14, 1080ti, game on ssd: 49,3fps
  5. do you press "s" when the benchmark starts? that improves my fps by a bit as well...
  6. I am pretty sure this is not correct. While I never tested it myself, a quick google search brought some results. So if you pair your non-k CPU with a Z Board you can oc your ram. If this makes sense is a different question of course. What are important parameters to check before submitting yaab results here to compare them with yours. I would like to add my 6700k 4,4ghz all core, 3200Mhz DDR4 system.
  7. verstand3n

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  8. verstand3n

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    however if you use the server config, you can just drop in updated pbo's from the git without having to manually update the mission.
  9. verstand3n

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    hello antacid421, helo1 is kind of important because it is the only vehicle that can respawn and sling load all other vehicle wrecks. you should keep a vehicle with that unique name. cheers
  10. verstand3n

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    is there a way to change the reputation with a debug command? Ours magically changed from "high" to "very low" :|
  11. verstand3n

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    hey Vdauphin, I am back with another problem. So I run the mission on a dedicated server and that thing runs 24/7. Today we started playing again and the issue is that we cannot search dead insurgents for intel anymore. It did work yesterday. We can however still interact with civis. I tried #restart and #mission as admin. Both did not fix the problem. Next I restarted the server and hc process on the dedicated server. Still no fix for our problem. Any idea how to fix this issue or what information do you need from me to investigate further?
  12. verstand3n

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    I have finally been able to play the latest RHS version (1.18.3) of the mission for a bit now with a small group (2-4 players). The following problems/questions did come up: 1) How can you refuel the cistern (big tank) on the fuel truck? 2) What is a good way to succeed at convoy missions? We seem not being able to predict the route so we cannot setup a ground ambush. Patrolling between start and end point with a helicopter was the only working solution. 3) Would it be possible to move the Sling loading "HUD on/off" and the "Hook" actions into the ACE self interaction menu or allow direct keybinds for it. I guess you cannot use the vanilla sling loading system? 4) I assume it is not possible to have multiple logistics points so you can have additional ones at FOBs? thx again for the mission.
  13. verstand3n

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    vdauphin already answered the question about more then 1 hc here in the forums, on page 36:
  14. verstand3n

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    if you scroll up you see my post about it: I believe how to remove the arsenal is actually only described in the forums so, here you go: - remove arsenal: Remove (or comment out) the line here: /core/fnc/int/add_actions.sqf#L86: btc_gear_object addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>Arsenal</t>", "['Open',true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;"];
  15. verstand3n

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    https://github.com/Vdauphin/HeartsAndMinds/wiki/Change-MAP-of-Hearts-and-Minds apart from stuff falling through the carrier I do not expect any issues ;) If you want to change your own faction you can replace the vehicles, just make sure to name them correctly. I am not sure how well this will work though. Since you have to do patrolling you will need a pilot on standby.