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  1. hello friends, 'the benefits of teleworking' update ! - Arsenal Menu in first position - Eject dead units from vehicles - Add blood effect when revive or wounded + medic garbage - Add extra time when revive units - Admin Menu can create Opfor vehicles - Add new patrol type (static weapons) + spotter !! - Filters low score player (reduce Savegame size) - Add ability to overide default textures for Opfor vehicles - Add GRLIB_spawn_min, GRLIB_spawn_max to adapt to map size - Fix bug in count player units - Fix bug in spawnair location - New MAP Chernarus Winter 🙂 - Better Endgame + surprise ! Good game !
  2. hi, yes, you have to keep all a3w related script (init script/function/data) prepare yourself, to do surgical operation !! start you game with ' -showScriptErrors' and look into the RPT files to check errors
  3. I just tested the Zeus mode on my public server all that i needed to do is to be connected as Commander (in lobby) then press Y (Zeus key) and the Eden editor appear note that you must have add your steam_id in whitelist.sqf
  4. Hi BucNasty, yes, github version is always the most up to date. when i fix bug, I update the mission repo. btw: I've just update the mission with some fix: - add Hedgehog defence - prisoners eject from vehicle at fob - can load Arsenal box over a truck (like ammo box) - change color of abandoned vehicle - fix animation Please update your mission files and tell me if everything is working correctly Cheers !
  5. hey ! I push a new update on github - rewrite some SideMission engine + squadbuilding - Oxygen Indicator - wounded unit cannot drowns - add blufor wreck bounty - prevent disassemble static weapon / uavs - new bonus object, can be loaded on vehicles (top of truck) - New Side Mission "Water Delivery" - New Side Mission "Fuel Delivery" - fix string - fix remotexec - get LRX object name - remove Atlas check good to go !!!
  6. Hi, I'm actually working on sides mission. I rewrite lots of code and fix some bug I've add new object to prepare new missions 🙂
  7. Hi, You all you need is the "core.liberation\scripts\server\a3w" folder and (on server init) use: [] execVM "scripts\server\a3w\init_missions.sqf"; Parts of the Dynamic Sides Missions come from A3Wasteland by AgentRev, please give credit to him. note: I don't think it will work 'out of the box", you have to adapt some scripts/functions Have fun !
  8. small tech update: more medic / engineer in lobby fix town invasion failed fix public stats manage civ uavs helipad for air taxi better create VehicleCrew better wreck manager new init (loading screen) Tchusss !
  9. hi folks ! new update is out: - Rewrite Psiko AI Revive, now fully working in MP, you can revive other player AI ! - Rewrite cleanup manager better policy to delete objects/dead/wrecks - Save vehicle's cargo - Save vehicle's inventory weapons - new code to recover AI after crash/CTD - new AI enemy patrol pathfinding - new call Air Taxi use helipad - fix some map issue (vt7, tanoa) - fix error no mass - notify when game saved - fix some check and verifications - update sides missions Enjoy !
  10. pSiKO

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    Hi, I'm glad to annouce Liberation RX ported on Valtatie 7 check here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2052900338 Good mission for this kind of (big) map Enjoy !
  11. tech update: - new savegame format (dynamic size) - re add Headless Client - Paint menu keep open - notification when game is saved (in fps diag) - save vehicle inventory (only weapons) but with attachment !! - save vehicle cargo (arsenal, tents, object) also work with the virtual garage.
  12. small update: - fix medikit detection - fix revive animation - code cleanup AI revive - (re) Add option to build crewed vehicles (commander only) - balance sides mission and large counter attack based on number of connected players - extend expiration timer when side mission is updated - fix player score manger (for not saved players) - fix MP refuel - improve performance edit: - Add the High Command Interface (see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Field_Manual_-_High_Command ) - use (ctrl + space) to open HCI menu - available to all players for drone (uavs) and the extra squad - the commander can build crewed vehicle or static defences and command them. - no more need of Zeus mode - restored on server restart
  13. can you give me more details please (or if it's a custom map, send it in pm)
  14. Hi take a look at file "gameplay_constants.sqf" it's different for each map you"ll find: GRLIB_spawn_altitude = 23; because, in startis the aircraft deck is at 23 m (altitude)