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  1. Hi, great job, you just miss to update the file "mission_paras.hpp" with the same info a "mod_init.sqf" add your mod to the list class ModPresetWest { title = "MOD Preset - Friendly"; values[] = { 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 }; texts[] = { "A3_BLU", "A3_OPF", "A3_IND", "CP_BAF", "CP_CZ", "GM_WEST", "GM_WEST_WINT" }; default = 0; }; class ModPresetEast { title = "MOD Preset - Enemy"; values[] = { 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 }; texts[] = { "A3_OPF", "A3_BLU", "A3_IND", "CP_TA", "CP_RF", "GM_EAST", "GM_EAST_WINT"}; default = 0; }; (btw, if someone can explain to me how to pass variable to .hpp file) once your template are ok, could you share them with me ? so i can add them to the project
  2. hi Yomot, RHS has not been added, yet ! it's pretty easy to define classname we need someone create it for RHS, (maybe you ?) then, I add it to Liberation template
  3. hi, can you give me more detail please ?
  4. hi, yes, that right ! all customisation (unit, vehicle, r3f ability and arsenal def list) are in a single folder to just define an enemy side, you have only one file to edit. I take a look on fob attack code
  5. hi, LRX multi mod update, British Army vs Takistani I've just tested Cup BAF vs OPTRE, just crazy 🙂
  6. hi, to use a carrier, the better is to copy/past object (carrier/marker) from Stratis pay attention to "respawn_west" marker, the game should respect the altitude of this marker
  7. will be in the next release, I change my mind, initial stuff should be free. I made it the default, no options added
  8. I Update the mission with latest patchs. should be pretty good now 🙂
  9. nope directly, because it's linked to your stuff cost and this calculation is used everywhere. but, I can add a parameter to enable/disabled payments for initial loadout (and respawn). I don't want to alter the sell system , by adding a blacklist (which need to be updated, and different for each mod)
  10. oookay ! not easy to balance with others players, free stuff break the economic model. (just sell the free stuff, to be millionar !!) even with a symbolic price you will end with zero ammo. managing your resource is a part of the game. I still can find a solution 🙂
  11. copy! added to todo list I will need some help to make all theses classmap !!
  12. hi, yes in server params try FancyInfo = 0; you can even remove all Opfor markers with HideOpfor = 1;
  13. Hello everyone, To make Liberation RX easier to use with Mod (GM, Cups, RHS, EJW, etc.), I'm preparing a new design with two powerful new options. in server config: ModPresetWest = 0; // Select MOD Preset for Friendly side - values = "A3_BLU", "A3_OPF", "CPUS", "GM_WEST", "GM_WEST_WINT" ModPresetEast = 0; // Select MOD Preset for the enemy side - values = "A3_OPF", "A3_BLU", "A3_IND", "CUPS", "GM_EAST", "GM_EAST_WINT", "EJW", "CP_TA", how it works? In the scripts folder, there was a new directory named "mod_template" containing definition of all class names to be used by a Mod. arsenal.sqf <- Definition of Arsenal White / Black lists classnames_r3f.sqf <- Definition of R3F logistics objects classnames_civ.sqf <- Definition of civilians and vehicles classnames_west.sqf <- Class name when used as friendly side classnames_east.sqf <- Class name when used as enemy side The folder can only contain one 'classnames_east.sqf' if the mod set is just for an enemy side. (see A3_IND) each file is now quite small and should be easy to edit. how to use ? In the lobby, choose the combination of your choice (the mod must be installed of course!) For each side, and tadaaa! that means you can play, CSAT vs INDP on Weferlingen or BLU vs GM_EAST on chernarus or CUPS_RF vs BLU on Altis etc, etc .. without changing anything, apart a server restart 😉 endless fun! forcing You can force the Modset for each side in the 'gameplay_constants.sqf'. file of map. example for a red vs blue only: ... GRLIB_mod_west = "A3_OPF"; GRLIB_mod_east = "A3_BLU"; ... After that, the lobby selection is ignored. note: it is not recommended to change sides after the game was started. it's stil work in progress, I've finish the Arma and GM classnames I need to do CUPS (USA/RAF/OTAN/RF/TA) and maybe RHS once it's stable enought I comit to master for now it's on the 'mod_template' branch for those who want to test 😄 Tell me what you think
  14. Hi ! I see what you mean 🙂 you have two option to limit spawn cost. - for all player you can choose an default template for player (ForcedLoadout in server params) so player spawn with very limited stuff (for 5ammo 🙂 ). or - teach players they can choose spawn stuff when they choose deployment point, a dropdown list with your saved arsenal preset is upon the map
  15. @zegolem: I have update LRX to support EricJ Weapons looks good to me, please update and test btw great mod !