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  1. hi hernanvenegas, I made an optimization on the client code, to make it faster in fact, there is no "easy" way to deactivate "vehicle lock" because it is used everywhere in the code. I can plan to add an option in the settings to "deactivate" (always ok) the locking system, I will post here when it's done Cheers btw: if your friend joins your group (in workforce management), he has the same right as you. btw2: when the vehicle is locked, you can "abandon" it, there is no more lock (survive to server restart)
  2. Hi, you can find the save game here : Windows : C:\Users\<%USERNAME%>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\server\server.vars.Arma3Profile Linux: /home/<%USERNAME%>/.local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles/Player/Player.vars.Arma3Profile Copy and rename to fit the dedicated settings. the important part is <Profile name> + ".vars.Arma3Profile"
  3. hi folks, the Christmas update is out ! new markers on Map (SELL / ATM / FUEL) new units / weapons 500 Ammo at Start cosmetic transition screen Code cleanup, only one XML Sign Ad at Chimra localize lot of message (info, tips) Have fun !
  4. Hi, I'm very glad the mission pleased you ! Actually the builds list/units is static, not dynamic but there is no reason it don't work with mod like you said, I made experimental version on Takistan, Chenarus (CUP) and it works fine. I'll try to keep all customisation in : \core.liberation\scripts\shared\classnames.sqf for almost all objects. (vehicle, items, etc) and in: \core.liberation\scripts\loadouts\init_loadouts.sqf for unit template feel free to modify these files to change the units/vehicle/object you can build in the game. Have fun !
  5. btw, I have a trouble with sounds. I want to play the 'refuel' sound when I use jerrycan canister. so I pick playSound "refuel"; but all theses sounds (rearm, repair refuel) do the same sound (clic-clac !) I browse all sound in editor, thanks to but I can't find the right sound ! anyone can help me with that, maybe I just miss the right sound name ? Thanks
  6. LRX, Christmas update is out ! - Enoch map finished - auto unflip static weapon (Titan/HMG/etc) - unlock AI, now work with group selection - You can sell weapon in vehicle's cargo in Garage - More choice in send Ammo - New map markers (ATM, FUEL, SELL) - Ejecting civilian penality (+waypoint) - Add Tips on death screen - ++ cosmetic and fix I wish you the best !
  7. Hi, A small update is out, on menu - stop autorun in dialog - kill prisoners penality - fix cleanup veh. - fix IA auto join - fix underwater action - balance price/ammo - eject civilian from veh - add independant truck - add notice for new player various cosmetic fix. bon appetit !
  8. Hi guys, new update is out ! - some opfor vehicle can be recycled - min adjustable view distance is now 500m - add airdrop Boats Menu - side mission stats (show enemies remaining) - new loadout/item price calculation - eject crew menu (AI/player) - add drone (UAV, UGV) - prisoners cannot rearm /equip weapons and drive /use gun of vehicle Have Fun
  9. I'll take a look on tanoa (stamina, etc) abandoned marker is intented i'll push update on github frequently, check it yes, that right
  10. btw, I'll add - side mission stats (enemies remaining) - new loadout/item price calculation - eject crew menu (AI/player) - add drone (UAV, UGV)
  11. I'll take a look to the code to change this vlaue. good idea, I'll add it asap 🙂
  12. Hi, You can change the view distance in the "Extended Options" menu (at bottom) you can change the distance that AIs will disembark in file ./addons/FAR_revive/FAR_revive_funcs.sqf in the well named section (//Try to fix AI) line 131 if (round (_x distance2D player) < 200 && (_role select 0) != "Turret") then { thanks a lot for the assault pack tips , very few peoples knows this tricks ! best regards
  13. Hello e1983, I'll take a look on this, should not happen because Stamina is not Island related. If your units are far away (250 m) they should not get out from vehicles, but you knows, Arma...., once you are injured, the AI take leadership and I have very few option to control them ! please could you give me more details In this mission you have to talk soldiers to find the Resistance leader, then protect them during the air assault. your'e welcome ! no, also can you give me more details on this . btw , I'll add some new options : - side mission FOB hunting, cleaned when finish - new veh paint menu - civilian veh explosion bug - customize earplug key in UserAction (like always run and weapon in the back) - Refuel Item and Menu , you can buy a fuel canister (in FOB or in Gas Station) - Polishing UI, add sound , add messages, fix some bugs Have fun ! and thanks a lots for your support
  14. Hi folks, a new update was released !! - Enoch Map !! (still in beta version) - Call Air supremacy in Airdrop menu - a new side mission "Meet the Resistance" with extra bonus - a new menu to Send Ammo between players, work in FOB or near ATM - you can speak with civilian to get info - rewrite of action manager (action order, no popup) - rewrite of sides missions controller (no duplicate) - better weather management. - lots of bug fix 🙂 and as always your comments are welcome Have Fun !
  15. Hi lovethebomb, You don't have to wait for hotfix release, you can use the latest version on the repo, savegame is compatible with old version. samegame is different for each island, (so you can switch between island without loosing your progress) note : I add an option to drag wounded AI good game !