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  1. I'm curious, what did you change in description.ext ? to conquer, you must blow the radio tower with explosives
  2. hi, yes, I know this issue the latest version (on github) have a "cba_settings.sqf" file already configured to make wound fatal when ace medical is enabled ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 0 check to not override this setting
  3. I don't think so. (even alt-tab do not really pause the game)
  4. Hi! To play this mission solo, please do the following: (subscribe to mission on steam or copy the pbo in your mpmisson folder) - Start Arma3 - go to MULTIPLAYER -> QUICK PLAY -> HOST SERVER - optional (set a name / and LAN/WAN) - clic HOST SERVER - select Island - select Liberation RX - PLAY (the game is saved every 60sec or when you quit)
  5. Hi CAM0M1lE, I'll be glad to add the Russian translation. please send me the updated files, I'll merge them into project
  6. hi, at first it was intended, but now, I think you're right, I'll make it civilian side thanks for feedback will be in next release.
  7. Hi, I rebuild the mission for Utes (with the latest code). you can download it here : https://file.io/yzrp1vck2SpM Happy new year !
  8. hi, there is too many map to support (and it take lot of time), so the less downloaded map was removed from my github/steam account, if you really want this map I can dig in my archive and rebuild utes map for you, lmk
  9. hi, thanks for reporting, I'll check 🙂 btw, you can update your pbo directly from github https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/releases edit: confirmed, even in the latest version.. Ok, I think I fix it ! please update to the v0.0.55 version and report
  10. hi, I force the simulation to normal mode in description.ext file. remove or change forceRotorLibSimulation = 2; in this file
  11. hi, there is no limit to the number of sectors that can be captured in the same time, but rather a limit to the number of enemy units spawned. the game engine adapt itself the number of enemies to preserve the server's FPS you can change the capture zone's radius (in mission parameters/server.cfg) SectorRadius = 700; if you play on your own map, set it in the file: "gameplay_constants.sqf" GRLIB_sector_radius = 700;
  12. hi, just use the Build menu and select Infantry the more you rank up, the more you can recruit AI
  13. the "fancy information" setting is used to display colorful dialog / info for side mission or others events. I understand, kind of local game setting save, actually I don't use such logic in LRX, (but it should be easy to implement)