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  1. Hi lovethebomb, You don't have to wait for hotfix release, you can use the latest version on the repo, savegame is compatible with old version. samegame is different for each island, (so you can switch between island without loosing your progress) note : I add an option to drag wounded AI good game !
  2. Hi folks, new update released !! - Enemy Equipment Updated (new weapons, etc..) - R3F Clean-up - No radio message when wounded - New Auto Eject System (parachute in aircraft, eject the crew if the vehicle is heavily damaged before it blow) - Update Group Lock System (your group is locked by default, you must open it to allow other players to join) - Better AI medic (is it possible ! 😉) - 2 new key shortcut (CustomUserAction) * Weapon to the back * Always Run (auto stop, any key to stop but freelook, smooth animation) ... and lots of bug fix 🙂 and as always your comments are welcome Have Fun !
  3. Hi the captured unit should join your group when you capture them after which they are like the other units and obey the same orders. this mission is compatible with ACE, but some functions are disabled visit the ACE website for more information
  4. pSiKO

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Hi everybody, it's an old version but still very useful, I give you my own version of this script - different animation added - stop when blocked - stop on any key I use a different addEventHandler (at the end of the animation) that makes the code smaller and the animation more fluid I add another EH binded on any key to stop running. I hope it's help, anyway thank you very much for your post! the example below uses the custom user action key # 2 // Alway run // from https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/205916-release-auto-run-script/ // revisited by pSiKO (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (_this select 1 == (actionKeys 'User2') select 0) then { if (isNil "AR_active") then {AR_active = false}; if (AR_active) exitWith {AR_active = false}; if (!isNull objectParent player) exitWith {}; if (surfaceIsWater (getPos player)) exitWith {}; AR_active = true; AR_weapon = currentWeapon player; AR_animation = switch (true) do { case (AR_weapon isEqualTo ""): {"AmovPercMevaSnonWnonDf"}; case (AR_weapon isEqualTo (handgunWeapon player)): {"AmovPercMevaSlowWpstDf"}; case (AR_weapon isEqualTo (primaryWeapon player)): {"AmovPercMevaSlowWrflDf"}; case (AR_weapon isEqualTo (secondaryWeapon player)): {"AmovPercMevaSlowWlnrDf"}; }; player addEventHandler ["AnimDone", { if ((!AR_active) || {!((currentWeapon player) isEqualTo AR_weapon)} || {!isNull objectParent player} || {surfaceIsWater (getPos player)} || {_this select 1 == AR_animation && speed (vehicle player) <= 0}) exitWith { player removeEventHandler ["AnimDone", _thisEventHandler]; AR_active = false; AR_weapon = nil; AR_animation = nil; }; player playMoveNow AR_animation; }]; player playMoveNow AR_animation; }; }]; // Stop running (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (_this select 1 != (actionKeys 'User2') select 0) then { if (AR_active) then {AR_active = false}; }; }];
  5. Hi, The Stamina can be changed in server settings (in lobby), by default the Stamina is off on all map. if you mean using AI backpack to put item in them, I personally use a vehicle to exchange item with AI. once the AI is in the vehicle , use '6' + Inventory menu to acces AI stuff.
  6. Hi folks, new update out ! your vehicle colour is saved you can recapture prisoners (unlimited) a better menu manager a better halo jump dynamic squad size (increase with rank) dynamic message information (no display when in fight) a new build FOB manger (avoid duplicate) a price balance, new AI price compensation when AI is deleted some new weapons in arsenal (LIM-85,ADR-97,CAR-95) two new static weapon for base defence (Praetorian 1C & Mk45 Hammer) total clean-up of R3F database. and lots of bug fix 🙂 please enjoy !
  7. Hi folks, new update out ! auto ban for -30 pts score air drop sound A3 update fix Static reammo from FOB no mines in Chimera base dead vehicles engine sound bug ... and lots of bug fix please enjoy !
  8. Hi luciux, Absoluty not !! :) There was a bug in previous release, I fix it ! now all vehicles actions are grouped in the same menu (and works correctly) Thank you for reporting
  9. Hi Shadowfox, I don't think, it's a good idea, (for a public server at least), it's a part of the "bad player protection system" ;) if it's very annoying for you, I can plan to add an option to disable it. btw, new update out : - radiotower need to be destroyed to capture point - keep you AI in game, even if your restart your client (crash/ reboot) - Enemy vehicle are no more saved when FOB is under attack - Static AA/AC/Mortar auto re ammo (with support Box) - A new menu to call for Air Support (drop random vehicles depending on your rank) - A new menu to clear vehicles cargo - A new menu to copy your stuff to your AI (cool !) - The loadout of player /AI now cost ammo (price is calculated with the currrent loadout) - Add ingame sound. - Random enemy behaviour when capture city - New repaint menu (official textures, custom textures and plain color) - better medic - add Grenade when GL weapon is used - lot of bug fix (2D distance, ruins delete, etc..) have fun !
  10. new update out ! - option to change scrolling text to classical mission Info (FancyInfo server param) and remove little contact marker. - do not show player stats (HoF) when in combat - disabling auto support (rearm/healing) when ACE is present (due to ammo type) - auto support works with static AC/AA/MG - possible fix for halo jump - new player can recycle basic items please check !
  11. Hi ShadowFox, I'm agree with you and when I was playing more with friends, I arrived to some close conclusion. to summarize to-do : - option to change scrolling text into hintSilent information - option to remove little contact (?) marker - player stats show only near FOB - maybe disabling auto support (rearm/healing) when ACE is present "the mission alerts themselves" you mean when a city or fob is attacked ? I cannot reproduce the halo jump bug alone, it's only in ACE ? I must do more test in mp, or you can give me a scenario to reproduce the issue, anyway I rewrite the logic, maybe it's better ? ! is this bug also occur when you redeploy ? I've update the recycle action to allow new player to remove basic items (wall, arsenal, tent, etc) and their owned vehicles, I can add more items if needed I rewrote the locking system to be more clear , it work as follow : - when you build vehicle, It's belong to you, only you and your AI have full access, (recycle/lock/abandon/paint ) at this point only you and your AI can be driver or gunner , other people can only go in cargo and see vehicle 's inventory. -when you lock the vehicle, it become a 'brick', no one can enter or view the inventory, (you can tow it anyway) - when you abandon the vehicle, it become 'public' (like captured opfor vehicle) everyone can use it (driver/gunner) and the first one that 'lock' the vehicle become the owner. note: when server restart all owned vehicles are locked by default. some support vehicles cannot be locked/recycled (repair pickup, small fuel truck, huron, fob truck, static weapons (AA/AT/MG), etc..) Again, Thank a lot for your report, I'll try to fix them shortly, I keep you informed here I'm glad ACE works even if it's need more test !
  12. Hi, I'll take a look to the halo jump code, I've also update the IA revive to be more efficient. I'll post news here, thx for your support update: ACE3 compatible better medic better halo minor fix please check
  13. new update, now the IA follow you when you redeploy between spawn/fob, it's even work for halo jump, making your bot paradrop with you :) I also rewrite the beacon manager code and add a recycle option on owned vehicles (independent from the Recycle right) btw, today I push it on Workshop
  14. Hi, I've made some update (loading order, recycle, veh ownship, painting, etc) I don't test with FAR deactivated, because the iA is hard coupled to FAR (and vice versa), so its probably my code that doesn't handle the case correctly. I'll investigate this shortly ! thank for your support ! update: I've push an update to fix disabling FAR, you keep unstuck IA, base protect, auto earplug, vehicle permission, but you loose the TeamKill protect tell me if it's works :)
  15. Hi, I push an new update, ACE should work (not tested) ammo count is now per player better medic + healing IA reammo from ammobox portable respawn beacon + lot of change/bugfix ! feedback welcome :)