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  1. there must be a bug somewhere ! 🙂 note that there are two types of side missions: - the a3w style (plane wreck, delivery, city invasion, etc.) they start automatically there can be several missions at the same time they are time limited, only provide ammo or XP as a reward the marker is almost accurate - the original Liberation mission (fob hunt, convoy, sar) can be started manually (Secondary Objectives) but they can start automatically if no commander has started one (wait 1 hour before automatic start, fob Hunting is never started) there can be only one missions at the same time they never end (no time limit) the marker is only a search area these missions reduce the aggressivity of opfor according what you report it seem that the mission marker gone. (i don't know why) I investigate this point you can found events on side mission start/stop in the diary of the mission (when map is open see journal) Thanks for feedback, I keep you in touch
  2. I see some options: - you can go back and drive yourself the truck - you can abandon the truck, so another player can drive the truck and you do halo jump to re take ownership (and respawn will work) - you can abandon the truck, so another player can take ownership and drive the truck (respawn works because the veh is no more abandoned) - other player have a tent loaded in a veh cargo (the truck or other) and he takes out the tent to place it If I let abandoned veh to be a respawn point, there no way to control the number of respawn points A lot ! how else to test I host the mission on our server since a long time, and each mission (with mod or not) is tested with friends to hunt bug and improve gameplay
  3. Special Mod Support update - add Ai auto re ammo (every enemy created is fully rearmed) - add a minimal whitelist when filtering is used to add toolbox/medikit or other important missing equipment - mod filtering now accept several mod at time Note about Arsenal and Filtering - Enable the Virtual Arsenal (default: enabled) enable or not the access to the virtual arsenal. when disabled, the player don't have access to equipment dialog nor can load gear preset the Arsenal box is only used by Ai as an ammo reloading point note: the filtering still can be activated to limit equipment for a mod the white/black list still can be used to add/remove equipment - Enable the limited Virtual Arsenal (default: enabled) enable or not the use of black list for equipment note: when disabled the filtering is also disabled all available equipment can be used the whitelist still can be used to force the availability of an equipment - MOD filter: CUP (default: disabled) use filtering based on this mod, only equipment from this mod is available. a minimal whitelist is present to add missing equipment - MOD filter: RHS (default: disabled) idem - MOD filter: R3F (default: disabled) idem etc.. Important info: these settings can be mixed together ex: - No arsenal box and no filter at all - No arsenal box and use of default blacklist - No arsenal box and use only equipment from mods CUP - Arsenal box and no filter at all - Arsenal box and use of default blacklist - Arsenal box and only equipment from mods R3F - Arsenal box and only equipment from mods CUP + RHS by default settings: arsenal is activated + blacklist filtering and no mod filters are enabled
  4. for mobile spawns, you can choose how many spawn points you want to allow (MaxSpawnPoint) for abandoned spawn points (tents or vehicles abandoned by the player), another player must take ownership (by locking vehicle or by packing / unpacking tent) for locked spawn points (vehicle only), they do not appear on the spawn list (and do not count as a resource)
  5. Hi Muz, very good point! I'll will disable the follow Halo/Redeploy for the others human players in a squad. Thanks
  6. hi muzashi1964 thanks for your feedback ! note that these side mission are time limited you have the remaining time for each mission displayed with the mission's marker the default time for completing a side mission is 60 minutes if I misunderstand you, feel free to explain me in details
  7. Mission Update Happy new year !! - store player stuff in the grave box - re activate vehicle auto defense - Update Simplified Chinese and add Traditional Chinese (thanks to mihuan-0) - Reformating stringtable.xml. (thanks to Varrkan82) - limit tents per player - add FOB owner - add select duration for day and night - add store player stuff in the grave box - add CUPS USMC template (tanks to Cobr4) - fix OPTRE file path - fix paratroopers logic - rewrite update side missions - rewrite civilian manager - code clean-up - others fix 🙂 - add R3F template (tanks to Cobr4) - add FFAA_SPAIN template (tanks to Cobr4) Summary of MOD template available: MOD Preset - Friendly: A3 NATO A3 CSAT A3 AAF CUP BAF Desert CUP USMC R3F WEST Desert R3F WEST Wood RHS USAF RHS AFRF FFAA SPAIN Desert FFAA SPAIN Wood GM WEST GM WEST Winter OPTRE West WS UNA MOD Preset - Enemy: A3 CSAT A3 NATO A3 AAF A3 CSAT Urban CUP Takistan EJW Taliban R3F WEST Desert R3F WEST Wood RHS USAF RHS AFRF FFAA SPAIN Desert FFAA SPAIN Wood GM EAST GM EAST Winter OPTRE East WS FIA
  8. hi, Thank you very much Mr Santa Claus !! you both really make my day 🙂 thanks to you, here is the script to create a grave plus a box containing the player stuff weapons are equipped with attachment I do not use the global version deliberately (my needs) feel free to add Global call //(bla, bla, trigger) _unit = player; _pos = _unit getRelPos [3, 0]; // create grave _grave = "Land_Grave_rocks_F" createVehicle _pos; _grave enableSimulationGlobal false; // create grave box _grave_dir = getDir _grave; _grave_box_pos = (getposASL _grave) vectorAdd ([[-1.8, 0, 0], -_grave_dir] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D); _grave_box = "Land_PlasticCase_01_small_black_F" createVehicle _grave_box_pos; _grave_box setPosASL _grave_box_pos; _grave_box setDir _grave_dir; // clear box clearWeaponCargo _grave_box; clearMagazineCargo _grave_box; clearItemCargo _grave_box; clearBackpackCargo _grave_box; // store player stuff in the box // uniform if (uniform _unit != "") then { _grave_box addItemCargo [(uniform _unit), 1]; _uniform = (everyContainer _grave_box) select (count everyContainer _grave_box) - 1 select 1; {_uniform addItemCargo [_x, 1]} forEach (uniformItems _unit); }; // vest if (vest _unit != "") then { _grave_box addItemCargo [(vest _unit), 1]; _vest = (everyContainer _grave_box) select (count everyContainer _grave_box) - 1 select 1; {_vest addItemCargo [_x, 1]} forEach (vestItems _unit); }; _grave_box addItemCargo [(headgear _unit), 1]; // weapons + attachment {_grave_box addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo [_x, 1]} forEach weaponsItems _unit; //{_grave_box addItemCargo [_x, 1]} forEach (assignedItems _unit); // backpack if (backpack _unit != "") then { _grave_box addBackpackCargo [(Backpack _unit), 1]; _backpack = firstBackpack _grave_box; clearItemCargo _backpack; clearWeaponCargo _backpack; clearMagazineCargo _backpack; clearItemCargo _backpack; {_backpack addItemCargo [_x, 1]} forEach (backpackItems _unit); }; so far so good, all player stuff is in the box, like it was put by hand Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, Is it possible to empty the contents of a backpack into a container (box)? _pos = getPosATL player; _box = createVehicle ["Land_PlasticCase_01_small_black_F", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _box addBackpackCargo ["B_Kitbag_rgr_Exp",1]; // at this point the backpack is placed in the container, but the backpack is full of items (toolbox, detector and mines) _backpack = firstBackpack _box; clearItemCargo _backpack; // at this point only the toolbox and the detector are removed from the backpack in the container but the mines are still present I can't go any further ... I try with clearBackpackCargo, clearAllItemsFromBackpack, almost everything in https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Command_Group:_Containers. without luck 😞 clearAllItemsFromBackpack seems like the right solution, but it doesn't work when the backpack is in a container ?? Thanks for your help Happy holiday
  10. maybe, surely if client run faster, the server don't wait for them I'll investigate this
  11. hi, good news try to use the a3w framework already present note: PAR Revive script is client side only, so it shouldn't impact the server perf
  12. that's a good idea ! should be possible I look how to set it
  13. the Idea is to limit rushing/careless of tactics when you are wounded (and at least rank > CORPORAL) you've got a small penalty (from 1 to 3 xp points) and if you respawn, another penalty (from 10 to 30 xp points)
  14. Hi all, a new update is out (github) add the FOB sign (owner + hof) add Advanced rappelling integration + rewrite ejection add the disable_death_chat server option add the possibility to define a fixed price for the item in loadout add more time to defend the city add penalty for death / injured add damage manager for static AI (10 times more armor) add automatic AI repair (like ammo) fixed vehicle respect GRLIB_thermic fixed not overloading unit when handing in ammo add more objects (pawnee, lamps) need testing before steam update have fun!
  15. hi, thank for feed back! my bad, I forgot to check the "Enable Thermal equipments" for vehicles (fixed in next release) yes, because they have integrated AI (as gunner), I can plan to add a switch about this.... strange ! the behaviour depend on side you play (Bluefor/Opfor/etc..) for example, in file "mod_template\A3_BLU\classnames_west.sqf", you found vehicle_rearm_sources_west = [ "B_APC_Tracked_01_CRV_F" ]; I just test with Bluefor and it works (note that there is a cooldown between each refill)