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  1. Hi, amha, the best/secure way to edit/test an LRX mission - get mission pbo from github's 'build' folder - unpack (pbo manager) the mission file in your mpmission local folder ( keep the name of folder "Liberation_RX.xxxx") ex: C:\Users\<Window Username>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<Arma3 ProfileName>\mpmissions\Liberation_RX.Altis - now, you should be able to edit mission with Eden or start the mission in local multiplayer - you may have to wipe the game save game when changing sides (in lobby parameters) I hope it's help 🙂
  2. Hi, thanks a lot, for your feedback, you're not the first to ask for more details about customizing LRX 😉 I will make a tutorial to explain how to change vehicles/building for a mod since you know how to pack/unpack you can go to the "mod_template" folder and edit the files you want. as quick exemple, you can go to "mod_template\RHS_AFRF" and edit the file you want arsenal.sqf = define white/black list for Arsenal classnames_r3f.sqf = define moveable/loadable object classnames_civ.sqf = define civilian units classnames_east.sqf = define units used when this side is an enemy classnames_west.sqf = define units when this side is your side it's pretty easy, no need to go into the code. just use the eden editor to get the classname for a building/vehicles and set in in the right list
  3. hi, please note that 'saving' is for vehicle cargo(r3f) and Inventory when near an FOB/Outpost but only for weapons so you it willsave Ammobox/tent/arsenalbox/etc (almost any object you can load into a vehicle) and also save: hand weapons, rifle, launcher, in the classic Inventory but no ammo,items,etc are saved also note that the auto-save occurs every 60 seconds, give the game some time before disconnecting
  4. hi, look in https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/commit/715a4d9712e5a4f778c3ae37198dcce376c24370 the main change is to wait more time in intro.sqf
  5. hi varrkan, yes, there was a bug in the intro sequence, where the "Join the Fight" button disappear too quickly. it should be fixed now, please update with latest version and tell me if you have the issue again
  6. Hi, I push a new build on github - fix build position bug / build on water - fix boats list default - fix militia squad FOR RHS_AFRF - add ERICJ Taliban faction - add color selection to mod template you can set a different color for a each mod - merge the great work of O360_A1AD to add Japanese localization and add new stringtable to allow more text to be translated ! thanks man !
  7. thanks Cvne, I laughed a little!, it probably comes from my last update. I take a look asap 🙂
  8. hi friends! I'm back from holiday 🙂 @O360_A1AD, thanks a lot for translation, I'll merge it asap @Fiero_185th, I take a look on these issues note that the actual classname are far from perfect, I make the base of definition, but we can make a better classname for each mod, feel free to submit yours
  9. hi zegolem, I'm very interested by your feedback, do you have the mission name, it's convoy ambush or rescue pilots ? did you have something useful in the rpt file in the same time ? anyway, I'll check the code of theses missions thanks dude!
  10. it's been a long time since i played with ACE I take look on loadout issue 🙂
  11. hi, I fix several classnames issue with RHS, please update the mission ans test again
  12. hi, look like a BattlEye script protection, you have to declare in BattlEye configuration's files, all command you want to allow i don't remember exactly the name of files but you can search about "remoteExec filter" tell me if it's help 🙂
  13. hi, good to ear, thanks. you know, you can build autonomous defence with static support ( "B_AAA_System_01_F", "B_SAM_System_02_F", "O_SAM_System_04_F) Praetorian / AA launcher if you want a vehicle/defence unit have a crew (even when server restart) put your vehicles in: // *** Static Weapon with AI *** static_vehicles_AI = [ "B_AAA_System_01_F", ........... ];
  14. hi, good to ear that! dealing with the devil named 'save_manager.sqf' 🙂 to help a bit, i set a (hidden) debug option that can 'dump' save game (user the useraction 20, output in rpt) look in addons\KEY\shortcut_init.sqf to enable savegame dump how it's works first loop, load object and create them. second loop save objects near fob. save format is: greuh_liberation_savegame = [ blufor_sectors, GRLIB_all_fobs, buildings_to_save, time_of_day, round combat_readiness, GRLIB_garage, GRLIB_mod_west,GRLIB_mod_east, 0, //free for extened use _stats, [ round infantry_weight max 33, round armor_weight max 33, round air_weight max 33 ], GRLIB_vehicle_to_military_base_links, _permissions, 0, //ai_groups resources_intel, _player_scores ]; so in the save loop, you can use the (last) free elements to store the pool variable and in the load loop something like: GRLIB_pool = greuh_liberation_savegame select 8; 8 is the index of elements. I'm totally agree with you about Air supremacy ! if i'm not clear enough, (rough day!) don't hesitate to ask me for details 😉