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  1. Greetings to the World !! I'm very happy to present you my own version of [GREUH] Zbug Liberation, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARMA-3 Liberation - RX Based on version 0.924 Features: * Personal Progression * Personal Economy * Personal Vehicles (can be abandoned) * R3F Logistic (can tow vehicles and load item) * LARs (Larrow) Arsenal (Customisable Arsenal) * pSiKO AI Revive Addon (AI revive SP/MP) * DALE Dynamic Aircraft Loadout * Taru pod manager * AirDrop * TK Protect + AutoBAN * Dynamic Sides Missions * Extra Action keys: Hearplug, Always Run, etc.. * Magazine Repack * Robust Unstuck AI/Player * Robust Air Taxi Service * AI follow you when Redeploy/HALO jump * Extended Air Support (Taxi, Air drop, etc...) * A virtual Garage + Repaint Menu * Vehicles Cargo & Inventory saved on server * Keep/recover your AI in game, even if your client restart (crash/ reboot) in MP * Wildlife Manager * A dog to help you 😉 * Support Squad * And much, much more ! * RP oriented with ranking system based on player action automatic permission granting (build/tank/air) unlocking arsenal/units according to rank send or receive Ammo from players * Dynamic Sides Missions * Special Missions * lots of performance fix / update * Admin Menu (unban/ammo/score/teleport/skiptime/God/spawn obj) * MULTI 6 - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, + Chinesesimp (thanks to: mihuan-0) + Japanese (thanks to: O360_A1AD) Help for missing/uncomplete translation is welcome ! User Actions Keys: (UserAction n°10) Weapon to back (UserAction n°11) Always run (UserAction n°12) Toggle earplugs (UserAction n°13) Toggle HUD (UserAction n°14) Take Screenshot (game engine) This mission is designed to avoid the need for a commander, even at first boot, proper rights management, and player permissions are automatically granted. Most of the important options can be configured via the "Settings" menu Zeus mode can be used when your are both admin of the server and logged as Commander. Have Fun ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engine and map available for: * Altis * Malden * Stratis (Air Carrier) * Tanoa * Enoch with CUP Terrain: * Chernarus (+ Winter) * Takistan * Sarahni * Sarahni South * Utes * Virolahti 7 (vt7) * Isla Duala with GlobalMobilization * Wefer Lingen with Operation Trebuchet * Iberius ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available sides for Players: (work on any Island) * ArmA3 CSAT * ArmA3 NATO * ArmA3 AAF * Cup BAF Desert * RHS USA * RHS Russian F * Global Mob WEST * Global Mob WEST Winter Available sides for Defender (AI) * ArmA3 AAF * ArmA3 CSAT * ArmA3 NATO * ArmA3 CSAT Urban * Cup Takistan * RHS Russian F * Global Mob EAST * Global Mob EAST Winter the templates for adding new factions are easy to create, send your own! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a look at : github : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX Download Mission: Altis : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Altis.pbo Malden : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Malden.pbo Stratis : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Stratis.pbo Tanoa : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Tanoa.pbo Enoch: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Enoch.pbo CUP Terrains Chernarus: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Chernarus.pbo Chernarus(winter): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Chernarus_Winter.pbo Takistan: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Takistan.pbo Sarahni: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Sara.pbo Sarahni Lite: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Saralite.pbo Utes: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Utes.pbo Others: Virolahti7: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.vt7.pbo Isla Duala: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Isladuala3.pbo WeferLingen (summer): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.gm_weferlingen_summer.pbo WeferLingen (winter): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.gm_weferlingen_winter.pbo OPTRE Iberius: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.OPTRE_iberius.pbo Red Edition: Altis: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX_Red.Altis.pbo Arma3 Official Server A3Serv : arma.liberation-rx.fr Thank you pSiKO
  2. it's maybe the harder mission available. my hint to succeed: - only human (no AI with you) - full night operation / nvg - all weapons with silencer - players coordination you have to kill silently all the guards, and then progress slowly to take the intel or kill last guards without being noticied you can get blue stars from differents sources: - the prisoners you capture - from intel you found in Military - from side mission
  3. yes, server is updating, no impact on the mission itself
  4. @isotr: is the previous post help you ? did you solve your issue ?
  5. Many thanks, I won't let you down ! 🙂 edit: good news I know why it fail on your side! your are using (a bit) old version of arma3 (top of your rpt file) Type: Public Build: Stable Version: 2.12.150779 in my mission I use a quite new function (createVehicleCrew) which is introduced in version 2.14! please update your arma3 version to the latest build. mine: Type: Public Build: Stable Version: 2.14.150957 I think it solve your issue 🙂 let's me know
  6. Ok super, could you retry with 2.21, and send me the server.rpt, did you wipe the save and clear the mission settings ? try to start your arma with the -debug startup option
  7. I read the log, it's quite strange, I found the error that prevent the vehicle to be crewed, and cause your issue 19:14:31 Error Eksik ; 19:14:31 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Malden\scripts\shared\functions\F_forceCrew.sqf..., line 10 look like it missing a ; at line 10 the strange part is the error happen at compilation time, before the mission start, like a pure syntax error. but I check the code for the version you use (v2.0.19) and it's perfectly fine. I just test, same version (v2.0.19) on Malden A3_BLU_PAC vs A3_OPF, and could not reproduce your issue. several dozen players use this version and if the vehicle crew was broken, my ears ring a lot!! so, did you edit, in any way, the mission or you use the regular pbo file from github without any changes ? to "reset to factory" the mission, you can wipe save game + clear settings (in Parameters, when you're on lobby) I push an update (v2.0.20), reset your game , update pb and retry let's me know
  8. it not a problem, you still have a server log file look here: C:\Users\<Windows User>\AppData\Local\Arma 3 log file look like: Arma3_x64_2024-03-08_19-00-58.rpt did you load other mod with the mission ?
  9. share your server rpt in mp, I'll look
  10. @gapone issue fixed ! in next release (v2.0.18), I add: - speak to our units (to know the revive status) - support for TFAR + extended new version - add marker for sector defense - fix evac from heli - fix ied traps - reduce penalty for failed civ mission - a wheelbarrow of minor fix Have fun!
  11. good, I was working on TFAR (original) version, not this one. should be the cause of your issue. I subscribe to this mod to correct LRX. I tell you when it's done
  12. plz , share your server rpt file, to debug
  13. retry with latest build, I fix some issue with battlegroup logic
  14. please, could you send me the link to the TFAR version you use (steamworkshop) ?
  15. hi, you have to game clear settings
  16. hi, I don't modify this part, the enemies should continue to send paratrooper and/or aircraft squad to the players. frequency and strength are tied to the aggro level and parameters (Difficulty/Aggressivity)
  17. hi, I open the toolbox to see what happen !
  18. great! it's a powerful tool! I'll ask to players to send me their best creation, so I add them to template in game
  19. hi, I'm aware of this, that's because (due to geneva agrement) BIS prevent the use of an enemy uniform! as a workaround , you can wear uniform you like, and set it as default loadout in Arsenal this way you'll respawn with your uniform but not all the stuff I don't think I can overide the uniform side check made by BIS
  20. ** FOB Build Defenses template ** the idea is to have a quick way to build walls/defence around a new FOB you've just deployed. a list of preset template by size range is available (wip) new template can be added by user! all items from building and support lists can be used (walls, helipad, tower, fuel, etc..) you can use it more than one time, you can build small defenses at first then, build a larger one later. as a bonus, now Zeus can interact with objects created 🙂 all feedback are welcome! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- USAGE build a FOB where you want, go to the FOB officer, and use "BUILD FOB DEFENSES" action select the template you want to use, and clic Build. all objects are built respecting the current FOB orientation walls (and only this kind of objects), will be aligned to the floor, respecting the terrain slope. other building will be sea level aligned. nothing is build over water or roads. this way a square defenses can be used in front of shores or close to roads! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- SAVING NEW TEMPLATE you must be connected as admin with a colonel rank (to use all buildings). 1) build a FOB on a plane surface (Altis salt lake) /!\ the FOB must be north (azimuth 0) oriented /!\ use build grid mode, to have a perfect 0 position 2) place the walls/building you want around your FOB Zeus can be used to build/move objects more easily! once your pleased with your setup, use the "DUMP FOB TEMPLATE" action the template will be copied to your clipboard 3) open a new template file, like "scripts\fob_templates\defense6.sqf" 4) paste the clipboard in the new file (no edit needed) at this time you can remove or comment the list of buildings 5) save file 6) check the template index file "addons\FOB\fob_defense_init.sqf" to be sure your new template file is correctly listed (with a full name and price) (rebuild pbo) note again: to save a FOB template, the FOB must be north (azimuth 0) oriented !! create a big template, and enjoy the building process 🙂 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. hi all, bulk responses 🙂 @gapone: you have to update LRX_Template to v2, to use it with LRX v2 @11storm: I rewrite the win condition for Help civ mission. please update and retry @lucifernz: I see what you mean, in short actually no, but players can send Ammo to the player they want to be the leader of operations (but no XP transfert is possible) additionally you can use a large cargo vehicle (HMTT) to store your ammobox or others items players can also use the Personal Player box to sore all their gears as next development, I can try to make the Commander resource (ammo/fuel) not tied to the player ID, but to the role
  22. Hi fellow soldiers!! I'm glad to annonce the official release of LRX v2.0 !! https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/releases enjoy the new relation with civilians 🙂 and the new the global performance !!
  23. be prepared for the next major update... include the civilian reputation with all that implies 🙂 new side mission (Baron rouge and Humanitarian) hundred of fixes !
  24. @gapone, the Taskforce radio bug will be fixed in next update !
  25. hi! very happy new year to you! I already see that (bad classname for radio item) I check my TFAR support (should be fixed quickly!)