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  1. Greetings to the World !! I'm very happy to present you my own version of [GREUH] Zbug Liberation, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARMA-3 Liberation - RX Based on version 0.924 Features: * Personal Progression * Personal Economy * Personal Vehicles (can be abandoned) * R3F Logistic (can tow vehicles and load item) * LARs (Larrow) Arsenal (Customisable Arsenal) * pSiKO AI Revive Addon (AI revive SP/MP) * DALE Dynamic Aircraft Loadout * Taru pod manager * AirDrop * TK Protect + AutoBAN * Dynamic Sides Missions * Extra Action keys: Hearplug, Always Run, etc.. * Magazine Repack * Robust Unstuck AI/Player * Robust Air Taxi Service * AI follow you when Redeploy/HALO jump * Extended Air Support (Taxi, Air drop, etc...) * A virtual Garage + Repaint Menu * Vehicles Cargo & Inventory saved on server * Keep/recover your AI in game, even if your client restart (crash/ reboot) in MP * Wildlife Manager * A dog to help you 😉 * Support Squad * And much, much more ! * RP oriented with ranking system based on player action automatic permission granting (build/tank/air) unlocking arsenal/units according to rank send or receive Ammo from players * Dynamic Sides Missions * Special Missions * lots of performance fix / update * Admin Menu (unban/ammo/score/teleport/skiptime/God/spawn obj) * MULTI 6 - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, + Chinesesimp (thanks to: mihuan-0) + Japanese (thanks to: O360_A1AD) Help for missing/uncomplete translation is welcome ! User Actions Keys: (UserAction n°10) Weapon to back (UserAction n°11) Always run (UserAction n°12) Toggle earplugs (UserAction n°13) Toggle HUD (UserAction n°14) Take Screenshot (game engine) This mission is designed to avoid the need for a commander, even at first boot, proper rights management, and player permissions are automatically granted. Most of the important options can be configured via the "Settings" menu Zeus mode can be used when your are both admin of the server and logged as Commander. Have Fun ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engine and map available for: * Altis * Malden * Stratis (Air Carrier) * Tanoa * Enoch with CUP Terrain: * Chernarus (+ Winter) * Takistan * Sarahni * Sarahni South * Utes * Virolahti 7 (vt7) * Isla Duala with GlobalMobilization * Wefer Lingen with Operation Trebuchet * Iberius ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available sides for Players: (work on any Island) * ArmA3 CSAT * ArmA3 NATO * ArmA3 AAF * Cup BAF Desert * RHS USA * RHS Russian F * Global Mob WEST * Global Mob WEST Winter Available sides for Defender (AI) * ArmA3 AAF * ArmA3 CSAT * ArmA3 NATO * ArmA3 CSAT Urban * Cup Takistan * RHS Russian F * Global Mob EAST * Global Mob EAST Winter the templates for adding new factions are easy to create, send your own! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a look at : github : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX Download Mission: Altis : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Altis.pbo Malden : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Malden.pbo Stratis : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Stratis.pbo Tanoa : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Tanoa.pbo Enoch: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Enoch.pbo CUP Terrains Chernarus: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Chernarus.pbo Chernarus(winter): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Chernarus_Winter.pbo Takistan: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Takistan.pbo Sarahni: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Sara.pbo Sarahni Lite: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Saralite.pbo Utes: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Utes.pbo Others: Virolahti7: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.vt7.pbo Isla Duala: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Isladuala3.pbo WeferLingen (summer): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.gm_weferlingen_summer.pbo WeferLingen (winter): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.gm_weferlingen_winter.pbo OPTRE Iberius: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.OPTRE_iberius.pbo Red Edition: Altis: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX_Red.Altis.pbo Arma3 Official Server A3Serv : arma.liberation-rx.fr Thank you pSiKO
  2. have you kept the server log file when it happen ? is so, send it to me in mp please
  3. Hi, maybe these map are outdated please update CamLoad from my github repo https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/releases and Chenarus from the Z@Warrior repo https://github.com/AT-Eddy/Liberation-RX let me know if it solve your issue ! you can come to our discord to discuss with modder, I see a warning about Chera2000 https://discord.gg/uCRzJ7wauR
  4. Port LRX on another Island look into the map folder to see the which files need to be edited, at this time, you only have to create 3 files to put LRX on a new map - fixed_position.sqf -> define Markers for some location (ATM, Traders shop, Services, Fuel) not mandatory (could be empty at first) - gameplay_constants.sqf -> define map specific variable (save name,sector size, ranking, ammo at start, day/nigh cycle) at first, only the save game name must be changed - mission.sqm -> map specific location for Chimera (start base), capture points (city, military, tower, etc), markers for side mission, etc (the easiest way is to use existing mission.sqm from another map (which fit map size) and move add,del existing marker ----------------------------- Howto: You want to port LRX to a map named "Utes" (size is like Stratis) 1 - unpack pbo from stratis, rename the folder to "Liberation_RX.Utes" 2 - change the save name in gameplay_constants.sqf 3 - open the new map in Eden and adjust all marker (Chimera, capture points, etc) locations save and repack pbo ----------------------------- note: keep the Chimera and spawn location as a solid bloc. the radio tower marker spawn the tower itself, no need to create it on eden ----------------------------- markers meaning/functions: opfor_airspawnXXX : where the Opfor aircraft spawn for counterstrike / paratrooper opfor_pointXXX : where the Opfor counter strike spawn (must be a plane area, spaced on the map) MissionXXX : general purpose side mission spawn points ForestMissionXXX : forest oriented side mission spawn points SunkenMissionXXX : water oriented side mission spawn points feel free to come on our Discord if you have more questions https://discord.gg/uCRzJ7wauR
  5. A howto doc to setup LRX server via FASTER by Shadotak This guide is written with the assumption that you will be hosting on a DEDICATED computer in YOUR HOME - e.g. you have a spare computer collecting dust or a Plex server or something. This guide will still work if you plan on hosting from your gaming computer, although this will show your Steam account as "in-game" and will log hours in ArmA 3. -The work-around to this is to exit Steam, start the server, and open Steam again. You will have to do this every time you start the server. For manually forwarding ports: UDP ports 2302-2306 If you plan on using TFAR or ACRE, also forward UDP 9987 and 30033 to the host for the Teamspeak 3 server. https://portforward.com/ if you are confused. If using UPNP on your router, bewarned: If your router restarts, it will not forward those ports after coming back online! It is recommended to forward manually. 1. Download FASTER here: https://github.com/Foxlider/FASTER/releases (optional) Download a PBO editor. There are several out there and they all do the same thing. 2. Log in to FASTER using your steam credentials. If you use 2-factor authentication (which you should) it will prompt you for the code. This is only required once. 3. Set the desired location of your install folders. I recommend keeping everything localized to one dedicated folder to make it easier to manage. -(UNTESTED) If installing on your gaming machine, you may be able to set the install path for ArmA 3 to your current instance to save on space. Otherwise, it will download ArmA 3 again and double the disk space. May or may not be possible, but worth a try to spare the download and disk space. 4. Install ArmA 3 by clicking "Update" at the bottom of the Updater tab. 5. Install your mods by adding them by their Steam workshop URL or by downloading them manually and pointing FASTER to their location. 6. If using Steam workshop mods, click on the "Update All" button at the top of the Mods tab. It's the clock with the arrow/circle around it. -When updating, click the "Check for updates" button first and then update all. It will not check unless you command it to. 7. Deploy the mods by going to the Deployment tab and clicking the link button. 8. Download the mission PBO file you want. For Liberation RX specifically, go here: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/releases Put the PBO file in /%FASTER ARMA INSTALL FOLDER%/mpmissions/ If you forgot where you told FASTER to install ArmA, click on the wrench/screwdriver icon in the top right to open the install folder. mpmissions will be in there. 8. Set up a server profile. Each profile has its own save path, so if you're planning on using Liberation RX for it and want to transfer save data, keep it to one single profile and rotate the mission pbo. PROFILE tab: This is where you load your mods. Some mods aren't required client-side and some aren't required server-side. I can't ever tell so I just check the box for all of them. MISSIONS tab: This is where you override the default mission parameters. I recommend keeping a .txt file handy for copying all this info down, as FASTER will automatically save any changes you make! Select the mission you want to use and then toggle the mission selector override switch. This turns it into text. Here, you'll add your settings for the mission parameters. It should look something like this: class Missions { class Mission_Liberation_RX_Takistan { template = "Liberation_RX.Takistan"; difficulty = "Custom"; class Params { NightDuration = 0.25; DayDuration = 3; Introduction = 0; DeploymentCinematic = 0; Thermic = 2; ModPresetWest = 5; ModPresetEast = 7; FilterArsenal = 0; ResourcesMultiplier = 3; SectorRadius = 700; HideOpfor = 0; }; }; }; To find the variables used, open the PBO file using your PBO editor. Open the file /ui/mission_params.hpp with notepad. You can see all the variable names used here. SERVER tab: Here's the basic info for the server. Name, password (if needed), admin password are all self-explanatory. I suggest enabling BattlEye, else you'll get some sneaky dudes with the entire arsenal in their packs. NETWORK SETTINGS: If using UPNP, check the box. VON SETTINGS: Disable VON if you're using TFAR or ACRE. HEADLESS CLIENTS: If running this on a dedicated machine, I suggest enabling a headless client. This helps distribute some of the computing. If BattlEye is enabled, there is an issue with authenticating a headless client. There is a fix explained at the bottom. MOTD (extra, not necessary): Put whatever messages you want here. The delay between messages is measured in seconds. SERVER ADVANCED (extra, not necessary): You can put your 64-bit Steam ID in the box at the bottom to enable easy login while in-game. PERFORMANCE tab: These options should stay default unless you know what you're doing. 9. Test launch! If you set it all up correctly, it should launch. Keep in mind some missions/maps are dependent on other mods. BATTLEYE HEADLESS CLIENT AUTHENTICATION FIX: If your headless client is getting kicked by BattlEye, navigate to: %FASTER ARMA INSTALL DIRECTORY%\Servers\_2dd63923e1754e9aaa010beffaa33b3b_hc1\Users\headlessclient *Replace "_2dd63923e1754e9aaa010beffaa33b3b_hc1" with whatever string your server uses. It is randomly assigned to each profile by FASTER. Open the headlessclient file with a txt editor Add (anywhere): battleyeLicense=1; Save and exit Restart the server/client.
  6. Steam version updated, support for Unsung mod rewrite markers special traps !
  7. hey ! I'm glad it's works ! thanks a lot for the feedback, that will help peoples for sure !
  8. okay, thanks for the screenshot, I see what I can do (note, that I can't retest here ! ) I keep you in touch
  9. wow ! i can't imagine what is look like ! overlay should be relative to screen size, but in your case I don't know 🙂 can you send a small screenshot ?
  10. ok, I have fixed the 'ace wounded issue' by editing the cba_settings.sqf files using the ingame respawn button, *may* lead to player initialization issue (you tell me 😉 ) update from github to have the latest fix
  11. I'm curious, what did you change in description.ext ? to conquer, you must blow the radio tower with explosives
  12. hi, yes, I know this issue the latest version (on github) have a "cba_settings.sqf" file already configured to make wound fatal when ace medical is enabled ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 0 check to not override this setting
  13. I don't think so. (even alt-tab do not really pause the game)
  14. Hi! To play this mission solo, please do the following: (subscribe to mission on steam or copy the pbo in your mpmisson folder) - Start Arma3 - go to MULTIPLAYER -> QUICK PLAY -> HOST SERVER - optional (set a name / and LAN/WAN) - clic HOST SERVER - select Island - select Liberation RX - PLAY (the game is saved every 60sec or when you quit)
  15. Hi CAM0M1lE, I'll be glad to add the Russian translation. please send me the updated files, I'll merge them into project
  16. hi, at first it was intended, but now, I think you're right, I'll make it civilian side thanks for feedback will be in next release.
  17. Hi, I rebuild the mission for Utes (with the latest code). you can download it here : https://file.io/yzrp1vck2SpM Happy new year !
  18. hi, there is too many map to support (and it take lot of time), so the less downloaded map was removed from my github/steam account, if you really want this map I can dig in my archive and rebuild utes map for you, lmk
  19. hi, thanks for reporting, I'll check 🙂 btw, you can update your pbo directly from github https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/releases edit: confirmed, even in the latest version.. Ok, I think I fix it ! please update to the v0.0.55 version and report
  20. hi, I force the simulation to normal mode in description.ext file. remove or change forceRotorLibSimulation = 2; in this file
  21. hi, there is no limit to the number of sectors that can be captured in the same time, but rather a limit to the number of enemy units spawned. the game engine adapt itself the number of enemies to preserve the server's FPS you can change the capture zone's radius (in mission parameters/server.cfg) SectorRadius = 700; if you play on your own map, set it in the file: "gameplay_constants.sqf" GRLIB_sector_radius = 700;
  22. hi, just use the Build menu and select Infantry the more you rank up, the more you can recruit AI
  23. the "fancy information" setting is used to display colorful dialog / info for side mission or others events. I understand, kind of local game setting save, actually I don't use such logic in LRX, (but it should be easy to implement)