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  1. Greetings to the World !! I'm very happy to present you my own version of [GREUH] Zbug Liberation, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARMA-3 Liberation - RX Based on version 0.924 Features: * Personal Progression * Personal Economy * Personal Vehicles (can be abandoned) * R3F Logistic (can tow vehicles and load item) * LARs (Larrow) Arsenal (Customisable Arsenal) * pSiKO AI Revive Addon (AI revive SP/MP) * DALE Dynamic Aircraft Loadout * Taru pod manager * AirDrop * TK Protect + AutoBAN * Dynamic Sides Missions * Extra Action keys: Hearplug, Always Run, etc.. * Magazine Repack * Robust Unstuck AI/Player * Robust Air Taxi Service * AI follow you when Redeploy/HALO jump * Extended Air Support (Taxi, Air drop, etc...) * A virtual Garage + Repaint Menu * Vehicles Cargo & Inventory saved on server * Keep/recover your AI in game, even if your client restart (crash/ reboot) in MP * Wildlife Manager * A dog to help you 😉 * Support Squad * And much, much more ! * RP oriented with ranking system based on player action automatic permission granting (build/tank/air) unlocking arsenal/units according to rank send or receive Ammo from players * Dynamic Sides Missions * Special Missions * lots of performance fix / update * Admin Menu (unban/ammo/score/teleport/skiptime/God/spawn obj) * MULTI 6 - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, + Chinesesimp (thanks to: mihuan-0) + Japanese (thanks to: O360_A1AD) Help for missing/uncomplete translation is welcome ! User Actions Keys: (UserAction n°10) Weapon to back (UserAction n°11) Always run (UserAction n°12) Toggle earplugs (UserAction n°13) Toggle HUD (UserAction n°14) Take Screenshot (game engine) This mission is designed to avoid the need for a commander, even at first boot, proper rights management, and player permissions are automatically granted. Most of the important options can be configured via the "Settings" menu Zeus mode can be used when your are both admin of the server and logged as Commander. Have Fun ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engine and map available for: * Altis * Malden * Stratis (Air Carrier) * Tanoa * Enoch with CUP Terrain: * Chernarus (+ Winter) * Takistan * Sarahni * Sarahni South * Utes * Virolahti 7 (vt7) * Isla Duala with GlobalMobilization * Wefer Lingen with Operation Trebuchet * Iberius ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Available sides for Players: (work on any Island) * ArmA3 CSAT * ArmA3 NATO * ArmA3 AAF * Cup BAF Desert * RHS USA * RHS Russian F * Global Mob WEST * Global Mob WEST Winter Available sides for Defender (AI) * ArmA3 AAF * ArmA3 CSAT * ArmA3 NATO * ArmA3 CSAT Urban * Cup Takistan * RHS Russian F * Global Mob EAST * Global Mob EAST Winter the templates for adding new factions are easy to create, send your own! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a look at : github : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX Download Mission: Altis : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Altis.pbo Malden : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Malden.pbo Stratis : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Stratis.pbo Tanoa : https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Tanoa.pbo Enoch: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Enoch.pbo CUP Terrains Chernarus: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Chernarus.pbo Chernarus(winter): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Chernarus_Winter.pbo Takistan: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Takistan.pbo Sarahni: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Sara.pbo Sarahni Lite: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Saralite.pbo Utes: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Utes.pbo Others: Virolahti7: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.vt7.pbo Isla Duala: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.Isladuala3.pbo WeferLingen (summer): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.gm_weferlingen_summer.pbo WeferLingen (winter): https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.gm_weferlingen_winter.pbo OPTRE Iberius: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX.OPTRE_iberius.pbo Red Edition: Altis: https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/master/build/Liberation_RX_Red.Altis.pbo Arma3 Official Server A3Serv : arma.liberation-rx.fr Thank you pSiKO
  2. Since I didn't get a solution about saving a insignia on a vehicle after save/load in Discord, I'll try here. I can use scripts to place a logo on the vehicle, but after I make the save/load function, the logo disappears from the vehicle. I usually play in SP. I have my own script and I will show here, all codes except setObjectTexture work. I tried addMissionEventHandler Loaded along with preInit = 1 but it doesn't work. description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class Spawn { class Nato { class variableNatopreInit{file = "natospawn.sqf"; preInit = 1;}; }; class Csat { class variableCsatpreInit{file = "csatspawn.sqf"; preInit = 1;}; }; } } }; natospawn.sqf: addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded", {_grp1 setObjectTexture ["clan", "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\b_111_texture_ca.paa"]}]; 0 spawn { --1-- sleep 5; _grp1 = "B_T_APC_Wheeled_01_atgm_lxWS" createVehicle getMarkerPos "spawnvehicles"; createVehicleCrew _grp1; { _x setSkill ["general", 0.6]; _x setObjectTexture ["clan", "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\b_111_texture_ca.paa"]; } foreach units _grp1; _grp1 setGroupId ["Armored Lions 102th"]; _grp1 setObjectTexture ["clan", "\a3\missions_f_epa\data\img\orbat\b_111_texture_ca.paa"]; [ _grp1, ["Olive",1], ["showBags",1,"showCamonetHull",0,"showCamonetTurret",0,"showSLATHull",1,"showSLATTurret",1] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; };
  3. I am probably being dumb here, but I cannot figure out how to load a saved game. During a campaign mission (single player) i press escape and press 'save' or sometimes 'save and exit'. When I later boot up the game I have no idea how I go about loading up the saved game - I cannot find 'load' anywhere!. Is it possible to save a sinlge player mission during it and then load it back up again later? Also, while doing a single player mission is it possible to pause the game? Recently I pressed escape thinking that would pause it, only to come back later and find myself dead! 🙂 Any advice much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I have to ask something very dumb but ... any scripted way to delete previous saves in a mission? It's a long mission and the saves will be really too much. Is there any way via script to delete all but the last save? I checked biki, google, forum ... nothing. 😟 I made the player can deploy a tent, skip time and save automatically. The tent script is taken from the forum, I only added skipTime and saveGame. _action = ["sleeptent","Sleeping Tent","",{ _pos = screenToWorld [ 0.5, 0.5 ]; _cutter = createVehicle [ "Land_ClutterCutter_Medium_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE" ]; _SleepBag = createVehicle [ "Land_TentDome_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE" ]; _mrk = createMarker ["Zzz", _pos,3,player]; "Zzz" setMarkerType "loc_save"; "Zzz" setMarkerColor "colorBLUFOR"; _SleepBag attachTo [_cutter, [0,0,0.05]]; player removeItem "sc_bedroll"; _SleepBag addAction ["Sleep for 4 hours", { 60 setOvercast (random 1); skipTime 4; sleep 2; saveGame; }, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; _SleepBag addAction [ "Pack the sleeping bag",{ _Bag = _this select 3 select 0; _cut = _this select 3 select 1; deleteVehicle _Bag; deleteVehicle _cut; player addItem 'sc_bedroll'; deleteMarker "Zzz"; }, [ _SleepBag, _cutter ], 0, false, true, "", ""]; },{true},{},[], [0,0,0], 100] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [player, 1, ["ACE_SelfActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; How many autosaves are allowed in a mission?
  5. I wrote a simple script to automate the IDAP de-mining drone. You can use it for cutscenes etc, or just sheer laziness. You input the drone, a centre position to start, and a radius. It will disarm bigger mines/satchels/uxos first so that they detonate the smaller ones (saves you some time). It won't work on underwater mines or underwater mines that have been placed on the land (for good reason). It only carries 4 de-mining bombs so it will automatically land where it started and rearm. Once it is finished it lands and turns itself off. I was going to put in a rearm from crate option, but the magazine classname it uses doesn't have a picture so it errors whenever you look in the crate. In the end I cut that rubbish out and just had it land, pause for a few seconds to simulate rearming then taking off again. I couldn't get it to change altitude reliably (because Arma), so even though the flyInHeight is set to 10, it seems to hover at about 50 metres. I think it's ok for what it is though. Thanks to Evil Organ for gifting me the DLC, which was really nice of him Feel free to improve on this and so on. :) Script: fnc_demine = { params ["_drone","_origin","_radius"]; private _startPos = ASLtoAGL getPosASL _drone; _drone setBehaviour "careless"; _drone setSpeedMode "limited"; _drone flyInHeight 10; _drone removeAllEventHandlers "fired"; _drone addEventHandler ["fired",{ (_this select 0) setVariable ["deminer",_this select 6]; }]; private _pad = _drone getVariable ["pad",objNull]; if (not isNull _pad) then { deleteVehicle _pad }; _pad = createVehicle ["Land_HelipadEmpty_F",_startPos,[],0,"can_collide"]; _drone setVariable ["pad",_pad]; private _noMags = false; private _mines = []; waitUntil { _mines = allMines select {_x distance2D _origin < _radius and {not (getTerrainHeightASL getPosWorld _x < 0)} and {toLower typeOf _x find "underwater" == -1}}; if not (_mines isEqualTo []) then { _mines = _mines apply { [ getNumber (configFile >> "CfgAmmo" >> typeOf _x >> "hit"), _x ] }; _mines sort false; _mines = _mines apply {_x select 1}; private _mine = _mines select 0; _drone doMove ((ASLtoAGL getPosASL _mine) vectorAdd [0,0,50]); waitUntil { sleep 5; (vectorMagnitude velocity _drone < 1 and {unitReady _drone}) or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; _drone fire "BombDemine_01_F"; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; isNull (_drone getVariable ["deminer",objNull]) }; _mags = magazinesAmmoFull _drone; _noMags = if ([] isEqualTo _mags) then {true} else {if(_mags select 0 select 1 > 0) then {false} else {true}}; sleep 3; }; _mines isEqualTo [] or {_noMags} or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; call { if (_noMags) exitWith { _drone doMove ASLtoAGL getPosASL (_drone getVariable ["pad",objNull]); waitUntil { unitReady _drone or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; _drone land "land"; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; isTouchingGround _drone }; sleep 3; _drone removeMagazines "PylonRack_4Rnd_BombDemine_01_F"; _drone addMagazine "PylonRack_4Rnd_BombDemine_01_F"; if (alive _drone) then { [_drone,_origin,_radius] spawn fnc_demine } }; if (_mines isEqualTo []) exitWith { _drone doMove _startPos; waitUntil { unitReady _drone or {fuel _drone isEqualTo 0} or {not (canMove _drone)} or {not alive _drone} }; _drone land "land"; waitUntil { sleep 0.5; isTouchingGround _drone; }; _drone engineOn false; _pad = _drone getVariable ["pad",objNull]; if (not isNull _pad) then { deleteVehicle _pad }; } } }; Here's a test mission (I don't think you need to own the dlc to play it as you don't technically use the assets) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1kzYgzONxC0RGN6cE9VMVlUZnM 0,0,0 to start demining!
  6. Project URL: https://gitlab.com/sukhoi191_a3/arma-3-persistent-save-system While I was playing Ravage mod, a lot of problems with the official save system emerged after time, since it probably wasn't created with long-term missions in mind (I mean like 50+ hours spent on a single mission). Most prominent issues I came across were: worsening performance, probably due to a lot of stuff that was saved and wasn't really necessary for Ravage playthrough, for example: every single damage to every single building, even if you just accidentally tapped one with a car; compatilibty issues - while fixing save file after minor version update was pretty easy, I wasn't able to fix it after major version update, which I think is expected, since major version change can make some things incompatible (this was also the last straw that made me start this project); gameplay issues (at least in Ravage), for example: actions taking forever to perform and very long saving / loading times. After playing Antistasi, I was pretty amazed by its save system, which was using profileNamespace to save data. It's elegant and easy to backup, as long as you keep separate ArmA 3 profile for each mission using this save system. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be written with reusability in mind. Considering all this, I've decided to write my own persistent save system, which is based on Antistasi idea (i.e. using profileNamespace). I've tried to make it as extensible as possible. I wasn't considering MP while working on this project and I'm pretty sure it's currently SP only, but I have no problem with extending it for MP as well, although I can't really do that right now, since I'm lacking some knowledge in that matter. If you know more than me and think that it's worth your time, you can certainly help with making it happen 🙂 I'm using it for Ravage and it works flawlessly. Currently, it's in alpha stage, since noone besides me really tested it. Of course, there's a lot of room for improvement, but here's what's implemented right now: Saving and loading data of: units (class, damage, position, direction, equipment, side, skill, full identity, rating, stamina + fatigue, formation, variables, orders, team color, units in group (if given unit is a leader), vehicle if unit is inside one); vehicles (class, fuel, damage, cargo, position, direction, turrets data, materials, textures); containers (class, cargo, position, rotation); specified variables from any namespace; map markers (appearance, position, rotation, text, user-defined). Simple trigger-based radio save system (1-9 are slots, 0 is used for saving - save is created automatically on the oldest slot). Action for marking / unmarking given vehicle for save (it can be easily extended for other object types as well). What I want to be done in the future: Releasing Ravage mission with this mod built-in, along with some other helpful stuff. It's WIP and I think it should be ready pretty soon. Making it into a Module (currently, I have no idea how to do this, I'm not really an addon guy). Creating GUI for saving, since radio-based system isn't that great, as it doesn't let you choose the slot on which the game will be saved and prevents you from using radio for other purposes. I think a custom GUI in game menu can be created with CBA (?) Extending saved data along with BI extensions of scripting language. Stuff described on issues page. Any suggestions, criticism, ideas and help in development will be greatly appreciated! Let me know, what you think about this project 🙂
  7. Hi, We're doing some event on our server and i wonder if there is any method to create a local Game Master game where we prepare every assets we need and export files to the server. It could save us so much time ! Lewis
  8. Hello community! I've had this released on the Steam Workshop after a long development period, and it's about time I introduce it here. I hope communities will enjoy using this! Hunter'z Persistency Module What is it? It's an "offline" (meaning, an SQL server or similar is NOT required) persistency framework for complex dynamic missions. It's meant as an alternative to existing solutions that use SQL servers. Instead of using a server/database approach, Hunter'z Persistency Module is fully SQF-based and outputs save data to text files in SQF-format. With this module you can avoid having complex infrastructure such as SQL servers and set up a persistent server with ease. What can it do? As a framework, it's got all the functionality you need to save any object, ammo crate, or vehicle and it's designed to be very easily customised so that you can save custom information such as object or mission variables. The module is focused mostly on realism/logistics scenarios, which means whatever you want to be persistent, you can set it up with ease and it will save every detail without compromise or room for exploits. For example, if you want to set a vehicle to be persistent, all you have to do is call one line of code and its state will be saved with all details down to the number of rounds it has in its guns. Player units are also persistent by default, which means not only does it save your position or your gear upon logging out, but also how many bullets you have in the magazines inside your backpack, the damage on all your body parts including your full medical state if you use ACE, any map markers you have placed and whatever else comes to your mind. The customisation of the framework is done by using API functions that you call either through scripts in your mission or live through the in-game admin console. These are all described together with setup instructions and further information in the manual that comes with the module. How does it work? It uses Killzonekid's debug console dll extension (with his permission of course) to write to a save file on the server machine. Although the save file comes out as pure SQF, due to the limitations of extensions in Arma, large data arrays are split up into smaller ones and parsed back to normal by the module during saving and loading. This means that you might see a lot of text in your save files, but since it's all SQF, you actually have the option of editing the data manually by hand in case of any problems you have in your mission or things you want to change. Saving to file is done automatically, through an auto-save system, for which you can set the save interval. The module is very performance friendly as it only uses resources when conducting a save, which usually takes less than a second. Player persistency is managed through connect/disconnect event handlers by the server, and other than these situations the module will not be using any CPU power! Future work / TODO? I plan on adding more features to the mod. One thing I will investigate soon is persistency of damage to map objects, such as buildings that are part of the map. No promises though! Download link You can obtain the mod through the Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207707864 Licensing The module is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to share or build upon this work as long as you credit me as the original author. You may not sell this work or any derivatives of it, or financially profit from the use of the mod in any way. Trivia Although I've been working on Arma 2/3 for a few years now, this is the first mod that I got ready to be released for public use. I'm hoping to have release versions ready for my other mods, especially the AI mod I've been developing since 3 years, but we'll see... For more info on what I do, feel free to check out my repo: https://github.com/KHunter-Arma
  9. I want to make a big Sector Control mission in the editor and then export to Singleplayer to play. I put a lot of Sector Control Modules on the map in the editor, I set Spawn AI Modules for BLU and OPF and exported to Singleplayer, in the beginning everything worked as it should, AI spawns, moves, fights with each other and conquers Sector Controls by map, then after I clicked Save & Exit to continue this mission later. But after reloading the save game I noticed that me and the AI (BLU and OPF) can´t capture Sector Controls. Sector Controls do not change color, they remain gray. The modules seem to have stopped working after the reload and need to be reactivated via script? How can I reactivate this? I wish I could save this mission so I could easily reload and continue later. Not that I have to play the whole mission in one piece. This is very important to me! If anyone can help, I will be very grateful.
  10. Hello friends! I have been looking for a long time and I cannot find any tutorial or content to see if it is possible to play a scenario in the eden editor, and then save the state of the scenario after you played it, before you go back to the editor, so that when you go back to the editor the scenario has updated to the state it was in when you played it (lets say I play the scenario and walk down the road, when I go back to the editor my character would be at the end of the road). Is this possible? if not, is there a MOD/script/method that can allow me to do this? Thank you!
  11. Persistent Data World Lastest version: 0.91 by Code34 Want to contribute by donation ? Github: https://github.com/code34/oo_pdw.Altis Reference: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167980-Object-Oriented-SQF-Scripting-and-Compiling Download : https://github.com/code34/oo_pdw.Altis/releases Armaholic : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24548 Description OO PDW is a class (object oriented) that permits to save & restore world and players datas and make worlds persistent. This object uses Object Oriented SQF scripting of Naught and can use INIDBI2 addon or server/client profiles. Features: Save & restore all objects Save & restore players Save & restore infantry groups (AI) Save & restore inventory Filters options to include / exclude somes objects, etc Licence: Under Gpl, you can share, modify, distribute this script but don't remove the licence and the name of the original author Documentation: Author: code34 nicolas_boiteux@yahoo.fr Copyright (C) 2013-2018 Nicolas BOITEUX CLASS OO_PDW - Pesistent Data World This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _pdw = ["new", "inidbi"] call OO_PDW; Create a new pdw object with a specific driver inidbi requires inidbi addons (only avalaible on windows) Parameters: string - can be "inidbi" or "profile" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setSaveName", "nameofsave"] call _pdw; Set the name of the save Parameters: string - name of the save Return : nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setDbName", "mydb"] call _pdw; Set the DB name for inidbi (Not avalaible for profile) Parameters: string - name of the inidbi db Return : nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = ["savePlayer", _player] call _pdw; Save playable unit informations: position, damage, dir Parameters: _player - playable unit object Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = ["loadPlayer", _player] call _pdw; Load playable unit informations : position, damage, dir Parameters: _player - playable unit object Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = ["saveUnit", _unit] call _pdw; Save unit : type, position, damage, dir Parameters: _unit - unit object (MAN unit) Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _unit = ["loadUnit", [_label, _group]] call _pdw; Load unit : type, position, damage, dir Parameters: _label - string label for the unit _group - group object where the unit have to be restore Return : unit otherwise false; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = ["loadInventory", [_label, _unit]] call _pdw; Load a preset of equipment (all stuffs in backpacks, weapons, etc) Parameters: _label : string label for the preset _unit : unit object which will load the preset inventory Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = ["saveInventory", [_label, _unit]] call _pdw; Save in a preset all the equipment of the unit (all stuffs in backpacks, weapons, etc) Parameters: _label : string label for the preset _unit : unit object which will be used to save the preset inventory Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["clearInventory", _unit] call _pdw; Remove all the equipement Parameters: _unit : unit object where the inventory will be clear Return : Nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["clearObject", _object] call _pdw; Remove all the cargo Parameters: _object : object where all cargo will be removed Return : Nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: "savePlayers" call _pdw; Save all players informations and inventory presets Parameters: nothing Return : Nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: "loadPlayers" call _pdw; Load all players informations and inventory presets Parameters: nothing Return : Nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = "saveGroups" call _pdw; Save all AI groups informations and inventory presets Parameters: nothing Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: "loadGroups" call _pdw; Load all AI groups informations and inventory presets Parameters: nothing Return : Nothing -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: "saveObjects" call _pdw; Save all objects informations : type, position, damage according the filters If no filters, all objects are saved (except soldiers & logics) filter methods (describe above): setIncludingMarkers setExcludingMarkers setAroundPos setExcludingTypes setIncludingTypes setExcludingObjects setIncludingObjects Parameters: none Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setIncludingMarkers", _array] call _pdw; Set array of markers containing objects to save Parameters: _array : array containing objects Return : none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setExcludingMarkers", _array] call _pdw; Set array of markers where objects don't have to be save Parameters: _array : array containing objects Return : none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setAroundPos", _array] call _pdw; Set array of positions of x distance perimeter, where objects have to be save Parameters: _array : array containing [[position, distance], [position, distance], ..] Return : none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setExcludingTypes", _array] call _pdw; Set array of of objects type, dont have to be save. Parameters: _array : array containing types of object ["B_Heli_Light_01_F"] Return : none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setIncludingTypes", _array] call _pdw; Set array of of objects type to whitelist Parameters: _array : array containing types of object ["B_Heli_Light_01_F"] Return : none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setExcludingObjects", _array] call _pdw; Set array of of objects, dont have to be save. Parameters: _array : array containing object Return : none -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["setIncludingObjects", _array] call _pdw; Set array of of objects that have to be save Parameters: _array : array containing object Return : none ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Function: _array = "loadObjects" call _pdw; Load and return all objects loaded Parameters: none Return : array of objects -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _bool = ["saveObject", [_label, _object]] call _pdw; Save object, and all its cargo Parameters: _label : string label of the object to save _object : object Return : True if success -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: _object = ["loadObject", _label] call _pdw; Load object and return object loaded Parameters: _label : string label of the object to load Return : object -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Function: ["delete", _pdw] call OO_PDW; Destroy the pdw object Parameters: object - pdw object Return : nothing Readme: /* Author: code34 nicolas_boiteux@yahoo.fr Copyright (C) 2013-2018 Nicolas BOITEUX CLASS OO_PDW - Pesistent Data World This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>. */ Create a main bus message between clients & server Usage: put the "oo_pdw.sqf" and the "oop.h" files in your mission directory put this code into your mission init.sqf call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_pdw.sqf"; See example mission in directory: init.sqf Licence: You can share, modify, distribute this script but don't remove the licence and the name of the original author logs: 0.91 - fix including / excluding objects (duplicate objects) 0.9 - update oop.h - add setIncludingTypes method from contributor: [LTC] Vegas =21st= - add debug entry points 0.8 - fix private keywords - fix array reference - fix clearcargo - add setSaveName method 0.76 - Add setIncludingMarkers method - Add setExcludingMarkers method - Add setAroundPos method - Add setExcludingTypes method - Add setExcludingObjects method - Add setIncludingObjects method - Delete saveObjectsAroundPos method - Delete saveObjectsInMarkers method - Delete saveObjectsOutOfMarkers method - Delete saveObjectsExcludingObjects method - Delete saveObjectsExcludingTypes - Control type methods parameters 0.74 - fix magazines count for infantry - turn off gps add - fix binocular not assigned - Add saveObjectsAroundPos method - Add saveObjectsInMarkers method - Add saveObjectsOutOfMarkers method - Add saveObjectsExcludingObjects method - Add saveObjectsExcludingTypes 0.72 - fix return values of methods - add savePlayers/loadPlayers methods - add saveGroups/loadGroups methods - fix initServer.sqf example for MP servers - update documentation 0.7 - add support inidbi2 DB - refactory setFileName to setDbName - only compatible with inidbi2 - fix saveObjects method 0.6 - add setFileName for inidbi DB - fix save file with inidbi - use UID instead of name of players 0.5 - add drivers support - add profilename support - add loadPlayer & savePlayer methods - fix loadInventory method 0.4 - re factory saveUnit, loadUnit, saveObject, loadObject - add saveObjects, loadObjects - add saveInventory, loadInventory, clearInventory - add more doc 0.3 - fix function name - fix reload weapon - fix example code 0.2 - Fix typo error, fix adduniform 0.1 - OO PDW - first release Examples call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "oo_pdw.sqf"; sleep 2; private _pdw = ["new", "profile"] call OO_PDW; ["setSaveName", missionName] call _pdw; hint "save AI infantry groups"; "saveGroups" call _pdw; sleep 2; {deletevehicle _x;} foreach allunits; sleep 1; hint "load AI infantry groups"; "loadGroups" call _pdw; sleep 2; hint "Save all players"; "savePlayers" call _pdw; sleep 2; hint "Restore all Players"; "loadPlayers" call _pdw; sleep 2; //Filters example //_aroundpos = [[position player, 100], [position chopper, 10]]; //["setAroundPos", _aroundpos] call _pdw; //["setExcludingTypes", ["B_Heli_Light_01_F"]] call _pdw; //["setExcludingMarkers", ["test1", "test2"]] call _pdw; hint "Save all objects"; "saveObjects" call _pdw; sleep 2; hint "Delete all objects"; { if!(_x isKindOf "MAN") then { deletevehicle _x; }; }foreach (allMissionObjects "All"); sleep 2; _objects = "loadObjects" call _pdw; hint format ["Restore all objects %1", _objects];
  12. Multiplayer Save and Load Saves a multiplayer mission in progress to be reloaded later. Downloads: Armaholic Steam Reloads units, gear, vehicles, weather/mission details, waypoints, tasks, buildings, markers, triggers, missionNamespace*, locations, etc... Mod designed for use to save the progress in player-made multiplayer missions. For best results when loading, start the original mission, then load your progress with the UI. Saved mission files are stored in the mod folder, so take care. I believe this is about as good as I can code a save/load mod in SQF. But if you can do better, please feel free to make coding suggestions here! Uses inidbi2 from code34. v2.1 Features - "Fast Save/Load" added. Approx. 30s-3min save duration. Save/Load uses all server processing power until the save/load is complete. (Game will appear frozen!) Fixes - Vehicle fuel is saved/loaded. V2.0 Features - Added Simple/Full Save/Load toggle, for much faster save option, but with fewer details recorded. - Faster load/save syntax. - Compatible with existing save files. - Saves "Things" (including ammo boxes and decorations). Fixes - General coding improvements - "Dead" vehicles do not respawn on load. - Hidden Map Objects - Global Triggers v1.1 Locations and MissionNamespace now saved. Note: missionNamespace items of type "CODE" are not saved, as this would decrease performance or break the process. MissionNamespace items are also not removed, so CODE items can be maintained by loading the original mission before loading your saved game. Known Issues: - Scripts running at the time of save cannot be re-initiated after. Also, full script environment cannot be re-initialised without starting the scripts at the beginning, which is likely to cause more trouble than it is worth. So I recommend loading mission progress whilst in the original mission. - Unit side anomalies reported. - Unit names not syncing globally. Will likely cause issue if scripts require a unit to have a specific name on clients. - Zeus will detach from some players in some instances. Use #adminLogged in Zeus Game Master modules, then re-login as an admin. - Use this code if the action is removed by your gamemode: player addAction ["<t color='#FF5500'>Multiplayer Save and Load</t>",{createdialog "MSLDialog";},[],-999,false,true,"","isServer or serverCommandAvailable ""#kick"""];
  13. Golden Remnants Brought to you by John Kalo and zigTtzag(zTt) One of our hight tech spy planes has been shot down! Two crew members have however survived! For now.. 1.] Hypothesis: One of our spy planes has been shot down while spying enemy bases in hostile held Stratis! Now the plane has been shot down but info suggests that there are two survivors who need to be saved. Two survivors standing next to a spy plane that was equipped with a high tech radar and terminal system! A system that falling into enemy hands would turn it into a weapon against us since the enemy will be able to greatly enhance their radar AA systems by discovering our own systems' secrets! If this happens our airforce will become nearly useless and the war might be lost! So, in order to avoid this, the two survivors will need to work together with a four man Special Ops team called Hawks in order to find and destroy the spy system and afterwards escape the island. 2.] Important details: a)To play in SP you should be the LEADER of the SURVIVORS SQUAD. In SP you will not have Special Ops team Hawks assisting you . b)This mission has medium replayability. There are multiple ways to complete the mission and you can choose different mission paths. c)If you do not manage to find the spy system the mission will not end. You will be able to continue the mission and face your decisions' consequences afterwards. d) You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your SQUAD. Those units should exist for your convenience. In SP disabling the Special Ops team is advised. e)If you do not have the ASR AI 3 mod, it would be great to install it. It really enhances gameplay and takes Arma 3 to a whole new level. f)Respawn:Instant g)For more missions you can visit our website here and to keep up with the latest mission updates and releases you can subscribe to our newsletter! 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat and stealth abilities . 3.2]Technical: a)Arma 3 Apex b)Helicopters DLC c)CBA - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 d)ASR AI3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080 4.]Bugs: 4.1]Minor: None 4.2]Serious: None 5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. 6.] Direct download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Arma-3-Missions-Pack-1/golden_remnants.stratis.pbo?dl=1 Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits. Enjoy
  14. Ghosts Wanted Brought to you by John Kalo and zigTtzag(zTt) When ghosts are desired, Savior Ghosts guns are fired! 1.] Hypothesis: Malden is held by CSAT forces. Forces which have drained the islands supplies. Whatever food or water they need for their army they confiscate from the locals. The locals are therefore starving. Starvation has caused them to want to rebel. Why have they not then? General Tahir Al Kazat is the answer. Tahir is stationed in Malden and is tasked to suppress the local population. He does so by torturing and slaughtering entire families! No more than a few days have passed when he even amputated all members of a family. That was a family of four that tried to take back their food that was confiscated So Tahir Al Kazat needs to be eliminated! A spy was recruited but following an act of treason he was captured. Now he is held somewhere around Le Pessagne and Vigny. A place where Tahir is also stationed. A perfect opportunity for Special Forces sniper team Savior Ghosts to act. A few hours ago you have parachuted without being detected near Vigny. You are to save the hostage and also eliminate Tahir Al Kazat. 2.] Important details: a)In MP when 2 players take part in the mission, one of you should be the SURVIVOR and the other should be the LEADER of team GHOSTS WANTED. b)Patrols, units placements along with ammo and weapon placements are all RANDOM. Due to that the mission has high replayability. c)The survivor may start in 3 different locations. To change that location you can teleport using an IV Stand located next to you when the mission starts. d)Each location has a RIDDLE to solve in order to get out. e)A Flanker is a heavily armed unit supporting the Sniper and Spotter. f)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in ANY team. Those units should exist for your convenience. g)The sniper team can activate HARDCORE mode where if the survivor dies it will be a mission failed. To activate there is a satellite dish with the appropriate action at the start of the mission. h)Respawn:Instant 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat and sniper abilities plus basic organizing skills. 3.2]Technical: a)Arma 3 Apex b)Marksmen DLC c)CBA - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 d)ASR AI3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24080 4.]Bugs: 4.1]Minor: None 4.2]Serious: None 5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. 6.]Website SubLink: here 7.]Direct Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Arma-3-Missions-Pack-1/ghosts_wanted.malden.pbo?dl=1 Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits. Enjoy
  15. Hello, community! I am creating a MP mission, but I want to use a script for saving my proffered loadout. For example, when I get killed, I need to spawn with the same gear. I did a little research last night and I found a script that works for me only. I haven't tested it with friends, but it doesn't work for bots. There it is: in init.sqf // Set Units current Loadout Fnc_Set_Loadout = { _unit = _this select 0; _unit setVariable ["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout _unit]; }; // Get Units current Loadout Fnc_Get_Loadout = { _unit = _this select 0; _unit setUnitLoadout (_unit getVariable ["Saved_Loadout",[]]); }; in initPlayerLocal.sqf player addEventhandler ["Killed", {_this spawn Fnc_Set_Loadout}]; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this spawn Fnc_Get_Loadout}]; Would it work for other players when they use the playable units or not? If not, what could be done? Thanks in advance and cheers!
  16. hi folks i've written a while loop to scan for nearby buildings as player moves around. on mission load everything is working beautifully but on loading a save game the loop doesn't continue. the structure of the loop being spawned is as follows, in the mission init there is: which has a bunch of variable/function defines and then at the bottom: which contains the while loop: is there anythings obviously wrong with the scheduled/unscheduled environment thing here? I'm a bit hazy on it still... i thought when the save is loaded the while loop state would be loaded and continue
  17. Hello, I'm trying to use inidbi2 to save the progress of my server, because the mission I'm doing is very long (domination by xeno), and I have no way to leave the server on all the time, but I'm very inexperienced creating servers, so I do not understand how to put this tool on my server, could someone help me? inidbi2:
  18. Hi, I recently started to get addicted to Zeus missions and I'm currently working on a second mission for my friends. However this mission is a Campaign. I want to "recreate" the Arma Cold War Assault: Resistance campaign. The Idea is: The players would be spawned in as civilians, each with a different profession for instance, Mechanic, Motorcrosser, Doctor, Chemistry Teacher, etc. Their loadout being matched to that profession. Shorty after the players spawned they will get a radio message signalling the start of the russian invasion into Nogova and they'll have to find the Resistance and support it. They are supposed to recruit civilians, find weapons and ammo and claim vehicles and eventually turn into resistance commanders with the forces they gathered. Now I can deal with the recruits they get and the vehicles they find but I still need a solution for their personal loadout that needs to get saved between missions and a solution to keep all the items they find and store in crates. The problem is I want to keep editing the mission in the editor so I can plan the next mission, enemy moves, etc, etc. But I need to know what my players collected in the crates and on their own loadouts. Maybe there is some way to save the mission while it is in progres or when it ends and to then edit that mission in the editor with every loadout and container inventory saved? I do not want to use arsenal since I know my players and they WILL take weapons and items that are not related to the mission. Also I'm not a scripter. I do understand a few little things but I cannot write a simple script without help. Just so you guys know my level. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello, I am new with mission making although i played all ARMA series since OFP in 2001 (yes long time). I want to know what people do when they save their arma 3 scenarios from the editor. I have spent a lot of time making my missions so i want to know if there is a way to backup the missions somewhere and how people go about doing it? What is the process? Thanks.
  20. benato.denis96

    Cannot Save on Altis

    I have a problem with all of altis missions: When I start a LAN server I can only resume a previous game and/or save only on Stratis. Altis is NOT giving me options to save and resume a match.
  21. Toxicsc0tsman

    Sp persistent gameplay save

    Random one for you eden editor experts. I'm trying to setup a persistent zombie/survival game, on a single player scenario, with weeks of playtime. Basically a map with caches, bandits, zombies etc. I want to do one big build and setup on eden, but I want to be able to load the scenario back into eden after I've actually played it, I want it loaded in with all the changes that will have happened to my character and the map as I've played it. Basically, does arma have the ability to load a saved, being played scenario into eden? And then play on from that version.. .. Any help appreciated, two days looking foe answers on this.. Stu
  22. Hello! In my scenario i have soldier which variable name is (me) and then there is Support Requester which name is support and then Support Provider Artillerry (Virtual) which is name "here_is". Then i have syn to Provider to Requester and Requester to my soldier. Now i start playing this scenario multiplayer and all works fine but when i save game and load it again Support is disappeared. I can't use it. Why? What i have to do so i can fix this problem? I wrote in initPlayerLocal.sqm this line: support synchronizeObjectsAdd [me]; Ask if you need some pictures. I will put those!
  23. I am currently playing on a CUP map in Chernarus. I made a scenario at an airfield and after completing it, I've decided to Save&Exit. However, a day after I wanted to come back to continue the scenario, everything was there on the map and usable, no errors. However in my "Create" tab in Zeus, I only had a few factions to chose from, compared to the first time I started the scenario I had all my mod factions. The only factions accessible now were the standard ArmA 3 factions, which I just don't really use or like that much anymore. And the factions from the mod I used when I played last, which was RHS: GREF. I could not access any other faction from any other mod. Basically I had CDF, ChDKZ and such from GREF, but that alongside "NATO" "NATO Pacific" and such from ArmA was it, I didn't have the USA factions, the British Armed Forces, Bundeswehr, nothing. Long story short, after resuming a scenario in the game, all the factions I didn't use no longer appear in my "Create" menu in Zeus. What can I do to resolve this? P.S. I have my Zeus set to "All Addons (Including unofficial ones)" and I do see all of them if I start the scenario from scratch, however if I resume the scenario after quiting and saving it, everything other then the stuff from the mods I used is gone. Thank you in advance!
  24. Hi, I'm playing in Firefox and have no problems while playing. The problem comes when I "Save and exit". The game seems to save properly and exits to the Main Menu, but when I click "Continue" all I see is a black screen and hear the sound of crickets. I also noticed that if I press "Esc" in this black screen I hear the sound of the Pause menu opening and I can hover it's buttons and press them. An other problem related with this is that if I reload the game, the save file is lost and I can't Continue. I hope you can fix this. Thanks.
  25. Hi, have anyone noticed lagre size of savegames? I dont remember this from previous Arma series. Is there anything i can do about it? Month ago when i was tidy up my HDD i saw 760mb savegames folder of arma3. Today it was 540mb...