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  1. Thanks. I am trying to build a mod that would want to read this things about a player's mission, so I cannot create the triggers/waypoints myself.
  2. I am missing commands to get the following details via scripts: Triggers: Server Only, Effect Condition and effects Waypoints: Condition, On Activation, Effect Condition and effects Thanks in advance!
  3. Also, the 64-bit version is here! Steam: Mission File Mod File Armaholic: Mission File Mod File How to upgrade your progress from 32->64-bit
  4. Hey, the hiring system on "u" or the options wheel is the custom grouping system I made. You need to aim at the person you want to hire/join, then press "u" or use the mouse wheel "options". This should then make sure your progress is updated too if you complete a mission for another player.
  5. Yea, I've added a couple of links to download this from Google Drive. I'll try to get the Armaholic links sorted soon. Sorry for the wait!
  6. Hired Guns 2 - Mercenary Co-Op Campaign [1-15+] 64-bit/32-bit Version Steam: Mission File Mod File Armaholic: Mission File Mod File 32-bit only (older version) Steam Workshop Host Mod GDrive: Mission File Mod Main Features: ~100 unique, hand-crafted, story-linked jobs Progress/Gear/Vehicles/Money saves to the host Hire players/AI to unite Tanoa, or just to raid supplies! Other Features: 70 Leader missions, 28 'Personal Jobs' (supply raids and Final Mission), 4 taxis, Interact with voice-acted leaders to lead a mission for them, and hire a team to carry it out, Money-List highscores, Ambient civilian populations to hire for missions, Multiple teams can play different jobs simultaneously, Custom squad-building GUI, Headless client optional (Werthles' Headless Module built in but not essential to run), Alternate units possible for each enemy faction (re-write unit class-lists and rebuild). Backstory In a moment of CSAT weakness, leaders across Tanoa rose up to expunge their CSAT oppressors. CSAT will be back, and in force. The only way to unite Tanoa before their return is to strengthen these leaders against the spectre of anarchy. -- Prologue vid wot i dun -- Mission Style Assassinations, demolitions, total eliminations, deliveries, detonations, escorts, defences, Slowly increasing difficult, Jobs can be taken from any leader, 10 jobs per leader, Respawn at any leader's home once you have met with them, Raid weapon caches, banks, steal vehicles, helicopters, planes with 'Personal Jobs', Cannot pay for more 'hired guns' than you or the Tanoan Leader can afford! Public Server: port 2302 Or search for 'Hired Guns' (Hired Guns 2 - Mercenary Co-Op Campaign - Werthles' Public Server). Host Mod: This required for the host of the mission in order to load/save missions/progress. Game will not work without the host running this! Other players do not need to run this though. Special thanks to: Voice of The Old Man - Johnny Castagneto Voice of The Cult Elder - The Uncertain Man Voice of The Investor - PlantLamp Voice of The Market Protector - Reid Granke Voice of The Slave Commander - Reid Granke Voice of The Rich Man - Reid Granke Voice of The Mine Supervisor - PlantLamp Meatball's RandomWeather2 - Meatball iniDBI - code34 Tester, Adviser, Mission Helper - ian Happy New Year!
  7. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    There isn't. Not sure why you want to do this but maybe you could turn off repeating, so units are only sent to the HC once, and increase the start delay. Or maybe make the repeat delay huge. The graphical debug is the only thing that can slow performance in my experience.
  8. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    When I made this, TADST didn't write HC settings correctly, so I made the headless kit as a stand-alone one-size-fits-all thingamajig. If the headless and server are on the same machine, the settings shouldn't need changing. I have seen some occurrences of random behaviour, but nothing that hasn't been solved by restarting the server/HC. I know editing the mission while a HC is connected can break the HC. This isn't a WHM issue though afaik. The debug menu sometimes didn't appear in some respawn modes, I hope this is fixed now. Hope this worked out for you! Should work just by running the mod, once the module setup in the mission file is done. In WHM I've gone to great lengths to try to make sure waypoints, trigger syncs etc are preserved. This takes a moment for each group. Basic transfers often cause AI held at waypoints to ignore a trigger condition and proceed to the next point. Also, high speed AI transfers can cause desyncs and unit de-robing, which, while funny, I wanted to eliminate from my releases. A small pause seemed to do the trick. Maybe BI have fixed this bug. 'Simple Balancing' may improve performance, especially for a single HC. Can't remember the exact fix, but I think it's either: the HC ip isn't listed in the servers config files, the HC/server need to be restarted as the mission file needs to be re-transfered to the HC. HC/server restarts fix most things. Also, alt-tabbing away from the game during loading can break things sometimes. It's just me working on this. If anyone else would be willing to help support this, please get in touch!
  9. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    BTW, I'd love to see some pictures/videos of this project in action! Please feel free to link me!
  10. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Hi there. The password and other settings can be changed in: My Headless Kit\Headless Client\ArmA2OA My Headless Kit\Server\ArmA2OA Delete the word: arma from both files but leave all other punctuation. Check you are launching your HC with the same version of CBA. Check the mod line of these same two files. No idea why your guy was flying sorry! FPS really shouldn't be affected by this mod unless debug mode is switched on. High numbers of AI on the screen can hit your FPS even if they are controlled by the HC. If it really is WHM, please try the following: increase the repeat delay time or turn off repeated checks, disable debug mode altogether, use the simple AI balancing mode. Hope this works for you.
  11. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    I'll go mad if I update both at once, as they are slightly different systems. Once I'm finally satisfied with the mod version, I'll see about updating the script. Not yet! Please let me know if there are further issues!
  12. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    I've just updated WHM to version 2.0 with some new features! - Option to offload AI to server, - Option to not load any debug functionality for a small performance improvement, - Option to use WHM for debugging only, - Memory leak fixes, - Empty group cleanup now on HCs as well as server, - Various algorithm efficiencies, I've tried to fix the issues raised here with this update too. Not sure how successfully yet though... Hey 42nfl19, I've tried to fix this issue by creating better 'dummy waypoints' for the AI to hang out at during the transfer. I think some poor code made things go bad for you. I'll have to look into this further if v2.0 doesn't fix this. I'm hoping my code clean up has fixed this. If it's not fixed, it could also be another BI issue :/ Thanks for this, I have now included frequent empty group deletion on the HCs. I believe the HC would have been amassing empty groups during your game.
  13. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    Thanks GOON951, I've had a look at this and I believe I have fixed this issue. Multiple syncs from a trigger to waypoints should work properly now too. The module can be set as "repeating", so depending on the repeat delay, units will be passed to HCs faster or slower. New units spawned in will be picked up. WHM used to be compatible with ALiVE 0.9...., I haven't tested it since it went 1.0. Check out the front page for the 2 things to be aware off when combining with ALiVE.
  14. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    OK, sorry, it could well be a bug. To create an action for yourself, you can enter this into the debug console: WHKAction = player addAction ["<t color='#C67171'>Toggle WHM Debug",{[(_this select 3)] call Werthles_fnc_WHKDebugAddAction;},_debug,-666,false,true,"",WHKCondition];
  15. Werthles

    Werthles' Headless Module

    The debug option is only available to the admin/host by default. You can make it available to everyone in the WH Setup Module, however this could give away enemy locations and overload the network traffic! The ignore module is there to try to increase this module's compatibility with other modules and script systems. If another addon/module/script only affects certain units, e.g. ALiVE support modules, the unit/group/unit type can be ignored by WHM, and intended functionality can be maintained. As for the script version... I hoped it would be fixed by the Arma 3 update. If it has not, I will consider whether or not to retire this version or update it, as under the hood they are very different and would be hard to maintain separately.