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  1. I am not able to make a script version of this as I am not able to convert the iniDBi2 component of this to a script version. I do not think it can be as it includes .dll files.
  2. Ah OK, interesting, thanks! I'm not sure it's up to par to go into the game as standard yet though 🙂 (But maybe BI will steal this from me like they stole my Hired Guns 2 and called it Old Man xD )
  3. Werthles

    Script/Function Priority

    Thanks all. Very interesting and helpful. I think what I need is the isNil approach. I have a function that can take a minute to complete, but if gameplay is interrupted, no big deal. I have tried it and it appears to work! It seems like very bad practice to paste 1000's of lines of code into this, but this looks like the only way.
  4. I think the main idea is that you should be able to use this to save a big mission progress on dedicated servers! (mods permitting) 1) I think this will work better if they have joined first, but should work either way. (Please let me know if not) 2) It is designed to remove all vehicles from the MIP then create everything that is kept in the save file. Hope this help.
  5. I'd like Arma to prioritise running a large custom function until it completes. Can this be done? I don't think this is possible, but thought I should ask!
  6. Version 2 is available with a number of quality of life improvements. Available now on Steam. Armaholic should update shortly.
  7. This mod should work with just the server and admin running the mod. JIP after loading a mission may not work. Let me know if you run into any issues please.
  8. Thanks for this. I have updated the mod to read items in the missionNamespace as well. Variables set on objects were already stored, missionNamespace was not. I have added a 'disclaimer' above though.
  9. Multiplayer Save and Load Saves a multiplayer mission in progress to be reloaded later. Downloads: Armaholic Steam Reloads units, gear, vehicles, weather/mission details, waypoints, tasks, buildings, markers, triggers, missionNamespace*, locations, etc... Mod designed for use to save the progress in player-made multiplayer missions. For best results when loading, start the original mission, then load your progress with the UI. Saved mission files are stored in the mod folder, so take care. I believe this is about as good as I can code a save/load mod in SQF. But if you can do better, please feel free to make coding suggestions here! Uses inidbi2 from code34. v2.1 Features - "Fast Save/Load" added. Approx. 30s-3min save duration. Save/Load uses all server processing power until the save/load is complete. (Game will appear frozen!) Fixes - Vehicle fuel is saved/loaded. V2.0 Features - Added Simple/Full Save/Load toggle, for much faster save option, but with fewer details recorded. - Faster load/save syntax. - Compatible with existing save files. - Saves "Things" (including ammo boxes and decorations). Fixes - General coding improvements - "Dead" vehicles do not respawn on load. - Hidden Map Objects - Global Triggers v1.1 Locations and MissionNamespace now saved. Note: missionNamespace items of type "CODE" are not saved, as this would decrease performance or break the process. MissionNamespace items are also not removed, so CODE items can be maintained by loading the original mission before loading your saved game. Known Issues: - Scripts running at the time of save cannot be re-initiated after. Also, full script environment cannot be re-initialised without starting the scripts at the beginning, which is likely to cause more trouble than it is worth. So I recommend loading mission progress whilst in the original mission. - Unit side anomalies reported. - Unit names not syncing globally. Will likely cause issue if scripts require a unit to have a specific name on clients. - Zeus will detach from some players in some instances. Use #adminLogged in Zeus Game Master modules, then re-login as an admin. - Use this code if the action is removed by your gamemode: player addAction ["<t color='#FF5500'>Multiplayer Save and Load</t>",{createdialog "MSLDialog";},[],-999,false,true,"","isServer or serverCommandAvailable ""#kick"""];
  10. Thanks. I am trying to build a mod that would want to read this things about a player's mission, so I cannot create the triggers/waypoints myself.
  11. I am missing commands to get the following details via scripts: Triggers: Server Only, Effect Condition and effects Waypoints: Condition, On Activation, Effect Condition and effects Thanks in advance!
  12. Also, the 64-bit version is here! Steam: Mission File Mod File Armaholic: Mission File Mod File How to upgrade your progress from 32->64-bit
  13. Hey, the hiring system on "u" or the options wheel is the custom grouping system I made. You need to aim at the person you want to hire/join, then press "u" or use the mouse wheel "options". This should then make sure your progress is updated too if you complete a mission for another player.
  14. Yea, I've added a couple of links to download this from Google Drive. I'll try to get the Armaholic links sorted soon. Sorry for the wait!