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  1. Sorry, was away for a few days. I think you were in the same post where a guy was friendly enough to post the script I use. This is the script: And this is the script after I edited it. I've currently got it written down in my initPlayerServer.sqf but i've also had it in initPlayerLocal.sqf It does not seem to matter in wich one I put it. Both seem to work for 50% So I'm no code man but this script is supposed to hide/show markers for specific characters. The idea is that I have a set of specific characters available for my players to choose between. These characters all have unique (civilian) backgrounds like firefighter, policeman, priest, fisher, farmer, mail delivery man, roadie, stuntracer, etc, etc. In the scenario all player's characters are friends and live somewhere in the country, when suddenly a russian invasion starts. The players will have to play a bit like Antistasi. They have to acquire weapons, vehicles and support for the resistance. At the start of the game the characters that are being played have unique features like for instance: The policeman starts with a pistol, The journalist has secret contacts that can give the group support in trade for evidence, the stuntracer starts with a bike, the hunter has hunting weapons and ammo at his home, the priest can help recruit civilians to the resistance cause, etc. All of these things are supposed to be marked on the map but ONLY if the corresponding character is being played. If the hunter is not being controlled by a player then his markers should also not show up. This is supposed to go for every playable character to give them all something unique within the group at the start of the game. So if I look at the code the first set of code seems to work. The markers roadie_h and stunracer are being hidden. But something has to go wrong with the next set of code. When I join in as a roadie or stuntracer than the corresponding markers do not appear on the map like they should do even though there are no errors or complications. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I forgot to edit my own. I found the solution to my problem. There is a issue with the respawn timer and the initialisation with the script. Turns out that the reason why it works in SP is because I instantly spawn as I start the test. But in the MP test I had a respawn timer of about 3 seconds wich, turns out, broke the script. I've been breaking my head on this problem for days but luckily found the solution through trial and error. I eventually set the respawn timer to 20/25 seconds so the script could initialise while I and other players are waiting to respawn. Thanks for the help though! There was nothing wrong with your script. Only minor problem I have right now is that I get an error when the server gets set up. I think the error is about instant detection zones, but those still work fine for me when I test it after getting the error so it probably fixes itself.
  3. Yeah thanks, I was already working through those tutorials and I knew a bit about the differences. But the undercover problem has been fixed, see my last reply, it got broken because of the respawn timer. Now I only have to fix the character specific markers that need to appear and dissapear when a player is logging in and out on a specific character. But this problem is active on both Singleplayer and Multiplayer.
  4. So turns out it was the respawn timer that screwed things up. I have to set the respawn timer to about 25 seconds to give the script time to initialize, otherwise it will not work. Now I only need to tackle the issue with markers not re-appearing.
  5. Ok. I found out something. After poking around I got the idea to change up the spawn mechanic. Sometimes I noticed that clones would be floating in the water at the corner of the map. I once set my respawn timer to 0 second and I would not be spawned at the spawnpoint but instead be that guy in the water. So I tried to replicate the Singleplayer style spawning. I completely disabled respawning and instead activated singleplayer death screen but I still tested in MP and it seems to have fixed it. The entire script is working with no errors. But now I have to find out how to still enable respawn but without screwing up the script.
  6. Hmmm the problem does seem to be in that area. I had true changed to false and suddenly the script started working again. I was again able to become undercover along with NPC squadmates. I tested it with some enemies and getting in and out of cover via picking up weapons and wrong clothing. But it did seem like a temporary solution. I had a bombardment of error all pointing towards a variable called trespassmarker, and upon game restart I was no longer able to go undercover even though I didn't change anything. Might it be a problem on my side like UPNP? I mostly test on LAN connection but also on via internet there is no change. But it still works in SP
  7. This is the init.sqf but it has only code to a ambient civilian script
  8. Oh whoops. Sorry I thought I had the reason for reappear written down but that was in the other thread. The markers are supposed to reappear when a player logs in. All players are able to play a certain character and every certain character has few markers specific to that character. However there are more characters than players so only the markers of the characters that are being played are supposed to be seen by everyone. That little piece of code was all the code I had gotten when I asked if someone knew a good solution for this problem. It indeed hides the markers but if a player logs into the server and selects a character that character's specific markers do not pop up. As far as the undercover script goes, I had done that to every character I want players be able to play. Even edited it down to every single clothing piece they are allowed to wear. When I test it in SP enviroment is also all works perfectly. The AI responds like it should. I can see my disguise status, I can see my AI squad members change from Independent to civilian when their undercover kicks in. But as soon as I test it in Multiplayer the only thing that works is the initial "Hint" telling me that the script is initialising, nothing happens after that.
  9. Yes I was already working my way through some of those, thanks! :)
  10. Yes when I googled testing in SP and MP I read that there was a difference but when the wiki starts explaining it, it just completely loses me, even with the examples they show. I also already contacted the creator of the Undercover script but he's not been online in a month and is not answering. The marker script was given to me by someone whom is also not answering when I told him the markers didn't show. I'll try to be more detailled next time if I have a problem.
  11. Well That's why I noted down the scripts I used. I'm also obviously not a regular here so I do not know what people want if I ask a question or seek help, wich makes jts's comment quite trolly and unhelpfull. But that aside. What is it that you would like to see? People tell me a marker script is easy as pie so I thaught people could help me with that instantly. I can post the line of code if you want? And INCON_undercover is a known script here on the forums wich is a copy/paste script according to the topic.I didn't even edit much. Only a few pieces of equipment the script is supposed see as civilian clothing. It has quite a lot of code thus would make one hell of a large topic if I post all the code but i'll try my best. initPlayerLocal.sqf This is the initPlayerLocal script in wich there is a line for initialising the INCON_undercover script and also the hide/show markers script. initUCR.sqf This script I do not really understand. After the init this is probably supposed to run and initialise the script ingame when players try to go undercover. UCR_setup.sqf This is the setup scrip of the INCON_undercover script. Here I can edit all the options there are and what additional items I want the script to remember. This is also the only piece of scripting I edited in the entire script. I hope this will make a clearer understanding of my problem. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the good luck wishes! Not sure if I need it. This community seems really helpfull with this stuff so I guess it'll turn out great! :D
  13. So i've been quite busy with a Zeus mission and already have multiple pieces of code inside of it. These pieces of code are all taken from submissions either on the forums or armaholic. I have no clue what it all means. When I test my mission in Singleplayer all the code runs fine and everything does what it's supposed to do. But whenever I try to test it in Multiplayer some of the stuff stops working. I'll just note the scripts that i'm using here: Enigma Civilians: Works Player keeps loadout on respawn: Works Show/hide certain markers to certain logged players: Semi works. Markers will hide but not re-appear. INCON Undercover: Does not work. Will only show a hint saying "Initializing Undercover" I've been working on fixing this for days but have not had a single succes. If anyone knows a solution or is willing to help would be awesome!
  14. So i've been working a lot with your mod recently but not being a modder/coder myself I did not know that there was a difference between single and multiplayer testing. When I test my scenario in SP it all works fine. But in multiplayer nearly the entire script does not work. All it says is initializing undercover. It does not give me a status, debug or interaction options and when I go to zeus I do not see any units changing to civilian faction. How can I fix this?
  15. After testing the code it seems to me that I'm doing something wrong. The chosen markers do dissapear! But whenever I log in with a character for a test run the corresponding markers to that character still remain hidden along with the other markers not linked to that character.