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  1. lordfrith

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    from a mission making perspective i'm guessing the aliens are pretty optional, though i'm personally pretty keen to try out whatever alien stuff is there. The new temperate factions and camos are very welcome, i'm hoping there'll be some long trouser civilians to go with the new setting too, and that new map looks great. not gonna lie i thought that too "FarmA"
  2. lordfrith

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    YES! drivable tractors!
  3. oh yeah.... 😂 your faction should work ok, it will overwrite the faction on the parent class... BUT (of course i forgot) it will still inherit the side from parent as there is no such entry in your config (you don't need it unless you want to change it). Try adding this to your cfgvehicles entries, side=1; They'll also have greek names and speak in the greek voices, so if you want a nato style faction you could change: identityTypes[]= { "LanguageENG_F", "Head_NATO", "G_NATO_default" }; genericNames="NATOMen";
  4. i think its similar to why your texture was wrong, you've changed the model path to the right model but because your uniforms inherit from "B_Soldier_base_F" its loading everything you haven't defined in your config from the BLUFOR base class, including the injury textures. the injury textures will be for the wrong model still... try using "I_Soldier_base_F" instead? you should de-pbo the "characters_f" game file and check out the config, most of the units in game are there and its essential reference even for simple texture mods like this
  5. somethins wrong there...! i think George is right the error is to do with class itemInfo, might relate to see my first reply. I don't know enough about this to explain it confidently but the base classes need to be set up right. if you post your new config i can maybe show you
  6. haha i was starting to question everything i've learned 😉 ...which line? 😄
  7. the path in the game config is: that should work, you could also add "A3_Characters_F_Beta" to your required addons in cfgPatches section class CfgPatches { class gru_units { author = "DarkXess"; authorUrl = "https://steamcommunity.com/id/DarkXess/"; units[] = {"gru_unit_highlander","gru_unit_typhon","gru_unit_mandrake","gru_unit_raid","gru_unit_banshee"}; weapons[] = {"gru_unit_highlander_uniform","gru_unit_typhon_uniform","gru_unit_mandrake_uniform","gru_unit_raid_uniform","gru_unit_banshee_uniform"}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F","A3_Characters_F_beta"};//added characters_f_beta here }; };
  8. ah, so that texture is for a different model, the independent uniform model like the AAF wear; 'a3/characters_f_beta/indep/ia_soldier_01.p3d' i think. either change the model path in your config or make a new texture to the right template and it will work fine if you want to reskin something find the uniform in eden then look at the config files to see what textures it uses, these should be the base of your template
  9. like i said it looks like you are either using the wrong model for the texture (you are trying to retexture blufor Nato uiform?) or there is some alignment error with your new texture e.g. for the NATO uniform in pic above your texture should match in layout perfectly with a3/characters_f/blufor/data/clothing1_co.paa
  10. It looks like the wrong texture, check it matches the layout of the texture you're trying to replace on the model Scope error: I'm not an expert but i have to set up something like: class cfgWeapons { class InventoryItem_Base_F; class ItemCore; class UniformItem: InventoryItem_Base_F { }; class Uniform_Base: ItemCore { class ItemInfo: UniformItem { }; }; class gru_unit_highlander_uniform: Uniform_Base {..... to get uniform configs to work
  11. lordfrith

    Missing mod action

    if you have any script for that could you not put it in the then bracket instead of 'end mission'? if !(isClass(configFile>>"CfgPatches">>"TPW_MODS")) then { //insert script here to start debrief with clicky link for missing mod };
  12. lordfrith

    Missing mod action

    ah yes so it does, in that case you don't really need the 'sleep' as i only put that in so user had time to read it before leaving mission. i have no idea but i'd also be interested to see if its possible.
  13. lordfrith

    Missing mod action

    i was just wondering about this too, couldn't you adapt the above for dealing with missing addons? like so (untested): if !(isClass(configFile>>"CfgPatches">>"TPW_MODS")) then { systemChat "can't you read instructions fool? it clearly states in the mission dependencies that you need TPW installed, if i hadn't put this script in i bet you'd already be on your way to the comments page to troll with complaints of a 'broken mission'"; sleep 5; endMission"END2"; }; though in MP i think system chat would broadcast to all users, i just used it for simple example, i suppose you could use group chat for players group or something
  14. yeah they just love to hang out at the bottom of the stairs don't they, i just checked my function and i got round that by running the patrol script on each group member, which worked fine for me as i just wanted a few units patrolling the one building, but is maybe not a good fix for your needs i think, for a group patrolling many buildings. I feel like the more stairs there are in a building the less the AI wants to behave, perhaps arma AI is scared of heights 😉
  15. is this for adding in waypoints to any building of that class? i've been trying to get AI's to behave in those military cargo towers but i think something like this would be what i need! been away from arma for a bit and you've put out some cool stuff in that time, the auto population script is very interesting as well, good work as always, remember to sleep 😉