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    I'm a 19 year old guy from Egypt who loves and has a passion for game development and modding. I've been modding in Arma since 2011. (Yes.. believe it or not...) started with simple scenarios then moved on to do what I do today :)

    Yes, I also go by the names Genesis and TacoApex
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  1. Wonderful work! Do you have plans for a US based map? We desperately need a good one!
  2. MrCrazyDude115

    Hunter'z Persistency Module

    Would love that too lol
  3. MrCrazyDude115

    Hunter'z Persistency Module

    Hey! I'm having a little bit of difficulty getting it to work properly. It works, but not quite. Can we talk on Discord or something? Would really appreciate the help!
  4. MrCrazyDude115


    BETA UPDATE 2 Changelog: Operation Cobalt has received its second update since entering Beta! Here are all the additions and changes which have been brought in with this update. Extra Screenshots: A quick reminder that if you'd like to play, all you have to do is join the Discord!
  5. MrCrazyDude115


    BETA 1.0 Changelog: Operation Cobalt is now in its Beta stage! Here are all the additions and changes which have been brought in with this update. Extra Screenshots:
  6. "When civilization ends, it ends fast" - Tobias Greetings everyone! Today I'm here to share with you my biggest project yet. Operation Cobalt. If by the time you finish reading this page and checking out all the screenshots/videos and believe this is something you would enjoy, feel free to join my official Discord HERE for access to the server which is running the BETA build right now. What is Operation Cobalt? I'm sure we can all agree there is a lack of "good" FPS/TPS games based in The Walking Dead universe, with very few that even give a glimpse of the Army/Gov in action. Operation Cobalt is an apocalyptic life and milsim based in The Walking Dead universe, using RAVAGE as a base, and attempts to portray the efforts of the Military in a roleplay and milsim environment. Operation Cobalt is the name given to the plan devised by the U.S. Military in order to contain the spread of the infection. The initial stage of Operation Cobalt was initiated three days after the initial outbreak began in the U.S.A., with the deployment of military units into major urban areas (such as Los Angeles, California or Atlanta, Georgia) after the outbreak overwhelmed local law enforcement. Once deployed, the units would set up easily defensible 'Safe Zones' in urban areas such as Safe Zone India in Los Angeles or around the CDC in Atlanta. Medical facilities and refugee centers, such as those in the Los Angeles Arena and Raynard Community College, would also be set up to secure those believed to be infected, provide screenings for the injured and sick, and to act as bases of operations. Once these areas were set up, the safe zones would be used as a spring board to try to take back major metropolitan areas. The plan for the initial stage of Operation Cobalt can be described as follows: Selected, easily defensible areas to be chosen for safe zones. Medical facilities to be established for treating the ill and possibly infected. Those brought to the medical facilities would be held in custody until either seen by a doctor or symptoms of the infection manifested. Those who have either turned or showed signs of infection are to be humanely terminated, with their bodies being cremated. National Guard/Army units to use safe zones to retake city. You RP one of two roles (You can swap between them): Military and civilian. Military personnel have to enforce laws, ensure safety in safezones, conduct missions, and attempt to take the region back from the dead and rebuild civilization. Civilians are basic survivors who must choose between a safe life within the safezones, resort to baditry, or start their own community away from the safezones. In an effort to combine Milsim, Roleplay, and Zombie Survival, Operation Cobalt is the first ever gamemode meant to immerse the players into a heavy Roleplay environment based in the VERY EARLY stages of the zombie apocalypse, offering players an experience never before seen in Arma 3 while witnessing the fall of society. Rather than throwing the players into an open world with the basic survival mechanics with no real idea of who you are or what you're supposed to do, Operation Cobalt puts the players into one of two sides, where the civilians are free to start their own factions and communities while fighting the undead, pesky bandits, and struggling for survival in the beloved universe of The Walking Dead, and the soldiers need to enact Operation Cobalt. This mode allows you to play as someone we barely ever see in zombie games: The government. They will have to coordinate and execute side missions and large military objectives to eliminate the undead threat. While also having to worry about Civil-control, settlement management (Think State of Decay-Style), base and community building, and even combating the local resistance, both AI and real bandit players. How can I play? For now, the server is passworded and the only way to get access is to join our Discord. Once you join, there will be a text channel called "How-to-Play" which will contain everything you need to get started. Later on in development, I will release the source code for people who would like to make their own edits and host their own servers! Screenshots: Videos:
  7. MrCrazyDude115

    [Question] AddAction when inside boat

    Works perfectly! Thank you so much!
  8. MrCrazyDude115

    [Question] AddAction when inside boat

    Okay so here's how this is set up: initPlayerLocal.sqf player addEventHandler ["GetInMan", { params ["_unit", "_role", "_vehicle", "_turret"]; if (_vehicle isKindOf "ship") then { _vehicle addAction ["Start Fishing", {"scripts\actions\fishing.sqf"}] }; }]; fishing.sqf hint "Fishing..."; sleep 10; player addItem "gen_fish"; hint "You caught a fish."; waitUntil {sleep 0.5; isNull objectParent _caller}; _target removeAction _id; It added the addAction after entering the boat, but fishing.sqf did not execute when I click the action, and if I leave the boat and get back into it, there are two actions. It appears the removeAction isn't working. Any help?
  9. MrCrazyDude115

    [Question] AddAction when inside boat

    Thank you so much! I'll experiment with this now.
  10. MrCrazyDude115

    [Question] AddAction when inside boat

    Okay so I see how to do it, but the situation here is as follows: The vehicles (boats) are spawned mid-game through a shop system. Therefore, the vehicles don't have a name. Is it possible to replace the "_vehicle" shown here: this addEventHandler ["GetIn", { params ["_vehicle", "_role", "_unit", "_turret"]; }]; Replace _vehicle with a variable that basically looks at a specified array of classnames for boats, and if a player is in one of those vehicles, execute the addAction?
  11. Hey everyone! I'm trying to make it so that whenever a player is garrisoned in a boat, they'll get an addAction to "Go Fishing", which will then spawn a fish item in their inventory, which I already have added to the game with the classname "gen_fish". Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! One last thing, what if the server has A LOT of players. What would an "if" condition that would check how many players are dead, and if there are more dead players than available seats in the heli, it'll spawn a second heli and garrison the remaining players into that second heli, which will follow a different path and land on a second pre-defined location?
  13. Okay so do I execute that code to spawn the Chinook from RHS? Should I make it so this script executes every time the spawn wave occurs? For the animations I just want to use one that makes it look cool and cinematic when the characters disembark. Yes, I am using CBA as the scenario uses mods that require it, but I have no experience with the CBA commands. Also another thing, should I make an empty marker called "spawn" or "heli"? How does this script decide where it'll spawn?
  14. Hey everyone! So basically what I'm trying to do is make it so that all dead players will respawn in waves, and when it's time to respawn all players will spawn in a helicopter which will follow a set-path and land at the spawn point. Afterwards, the players will disembark using a cinematic animation, not just "eject" like they do in the game. Make sense? Then the helicopter will fly away. I want this to repeat everytime it's time for the next respawn wave until the end of the game. I know how to implement wave-spawning, and I know how to use the UnitCapture and UnitPlay commands for the helicopter movement. But I just want to know how to spawn/despawn said helicopters, as well as do the "cinematic" animations I mentioned. Think of the intro cinematics at the start of a MP match in the latest Call of Duty, but I want it to repeat every time there's a spawn wave. Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. MrCrazyDude115

    Wrong game???

    The main menu design has undergone an overhaul not that long ago. The ones you see in the videos are either old versions or mods. Don't worry, it's still the same game 😄