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  1. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Great! Thank you guys, you are genious!
  2. What a great feeling when must have mod announces updates! Can't wait
  3. It is must have mod for me too, all this years, but unfortunately I did not manage to fix that problem and I use to play without loading the game while using mcc survive module.
  4. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Yes it should be like that (before it works) but now, projectile homing to nearest vessel on its way to targeted grid and forgots to arrive at 6digit grid centre. Will upload video as soon as possible
  5. I have this same problem before and I think you should do something with MCC script inside .pbo not sure how I was fixed it so you can still play MCC survive after loading the game with that module.
  6. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Before your last post, yesterday I was testing more and found what was making trouble. It was empty submarines (sdv) on the bottom, and harpoon trajectory homing to them hitting the sea surface at the same point every time (verticaly of submarines at seafloor). But when I delete them and try to hit speedboats on the same way (6digits grid), missile don't travel to center of targeted grid, but it aquire nearest target on that way and start homing to it. Finally, I delete those mid-positioned targets and try if system works along the full clear ocean surface- and yes it finally works. I will try to post you a video of that exact situation, in the meantime please check this new issue because it will be really handful if missle go to 6digit area FIRST and than start searching for targets (like it is writen in manual). Other weapon systems works like charms (torpedos, cruising msls, artillery..) even technical capabilities are exact same like manual.pdf says. Depth is another problem but first things first. And thank you for your time sir
  7. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    After some testing, unfortunately there is bug in GPS leaded anti-ship missiles. Missile guidance with 6 digits system doesn't work at all. It is simple to test so it is most obious error at the first look. Missile not just misses the targeted grid, but it aquire as targets objects on the surface like boathouses etc on the totaly different side of targeted grid. I know this works before because this mission where I was testing is my old "confirmed" mission, what happened in the meantime I dont't know just want to bring attention to devolopers to see if it is possible to make fix for that. Things I do CHECKED: 1-Target grid is INSIDE angle +- 45 of submarine direction and also ships in adjected grid are also in that regime 45degres of submarine so missile have no need for sharp paths. (but missile never arrive in target grid) 2-Make sure about 6-digits of course 3-There is note about lifetime of missile and starting self destruction mode - all limits are respected but still doesn't work. Please, any advice guys?
  8. Nemanjic


    Of course sir
  9. Nemanjic


    I am absolutely sure that everyone is fine with your statement about long posts hiding in quotes. Mr Floros is too, but turning thread into war zone about one (infrequently!) detail is not neccesery. Especialy when that detail is from someone who is making smile on thousand faces during month with sweet little codes. I hope you agree Donnie friend : )
  10. Nemanjic


    I am sorry if I misunderstood even if I am not sure about. At least, putting shadow on Floros contribute to community is adequate reason to say few words against it. No offence.
  11. Nemanjic


    Not agree with statement the wrong codes are so hearth breaking like mr. @Donnie_Plays says. Even more not a reason to left coding. Two reasons for that: someone spent time to make that codes and all he had in mind is common benefit for ALL. BI Forums also serves as testing poligon for custom made things so there is nothing wrong if some code accidentally pop up in some thread. In mr. @GEORGE FLOROS GR 's case, I personaly know (like many others here I am sure) that him efforts are nothing else but good will and sharing benefits for all. Even wrong codes force people to learn and someone wrong code is trigger for someone to fix it by himself.
  12. Thank you guys for effort. Is medical system compatible with ACE now?
  13. The feel when favorite mod gets updated. Guys, most honest and biggest THANK YOU for all this years!
  14. I did't see this before, but thanks for answer anyway.