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  1. This is a great mod but you have to quit from some other features of other mods coz they dont work in conjuction with this one. I dont remember exactly wah and how but it have something with medical system at least.
  2. Nemanjic

    DEPTH setPos random

    Solved!! I put all tree values (min, mid, max) for every axis where minimum is from and maximum is up to coord! Thank you bro, this help a lot also helped learning! mine1 setPos [random [500, 550, 600] , random [500, 550, 600], random [-200,-100,0]]; ❤️
  3. Nemanjic

    DEPTH setPos random

    Thanks for time sir. Testing now.. _rNumber = random 50; -does this means that randomization will go from 0 to 50? mine1 setPos [random 500, random 500, random -200]; -this works well but it only randomize position from 0 up to 500 by X, also 0 to 500 by Y and -200 to 0 by Z. How could I make it not to be from 0 because 0 is always left corner of map? @stanhope -Or inside marker placed in exact area where divers whould look for mine but with Z random coord..
  4. Nemanjic

    DEPTH setPos random

    Tested now, but it is not random. It place mine on exact coords I put in code. Like this: mine1 setPosASL [(getPosASL player select 0) +5, (getPosASL player select 1) +1, (getPosASL player select 2) -40]; so mine is always 5 meters of player by X axis, 1 meter by Y and 40 meters beneth. Also if I put player (lets say anchor for mine position) randomly using knowing way for 2d random placement, it will spawn mine on the same depth as I put in code no matter where the player/anchor is, becouse the player is always on surface. If this code can be randomized somehow? To make array from 1000,1000,0 to 2000,2000,-100 for example. And then game choose point in that array to place mine counting Z axis also. This way I will have 1000m3 space for random placement. This is for community everyday basis training and I have to set it manualy every time, and upload new mission every time when I change depth of mines they need to search for. Thats way I need randomization.
  5. Guys I need help with setting position of object follownig array of coordinates but including negative Z. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/153382-shk_pos/ I found this but links are broken and found this ; _mystartpositions = [[0,0,0],[5234,7345,0]]; _rndstartposition = _mystartpositions call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; object1 setpos _rndstartposition; but code only place object on those two locations randomly. Eden placement radius is useless because it always place object on surface. I need this: -moored naval mine to be randomly placed in specific area on the sea (could be marker) but also to randomize depth (z axis). For now, I only manage to place mine randomly X and Y but Z is always the same distance from the bottom so divers alsway know to dont search for mine between surface and bottom -40m. (40m is a chain of naval mine which is always placed on bottom.) - That is what I need! Z randomized axis so the mine could be on any depth between bottom and surface. Thanks in advance
  6. Nemanjic

    Zero Dark Zero

    The Legends are back! MHMI - Must have mods industries I love you guys!!
  7. That feeling when your favourite mod is updated! Thank Shay_G!
  8. Just to say BIG thanks! For all your little mods which makes BIG differences! This time is simple map tools! Thanks so much!
  9. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Great! Thank you guys, you are genious!
  10. What a great feeling when must have mod announces updates! Can't wait
  11. It is must have mod for me too, all this years, but unfortunately I did not manage to fix that problem and I use to play without loading the game while using mcc survive module.
  12. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Yes it should be like that (before it works) but now, projectile homing to nearest vessel on its way to targeted grid and forgots to arrive at 6digit grid centre. Will upload video as soon as possible
  13. I have this same problem before and I think you should do something with MCC script inside .pbo not sure how I was fixed it so you can still play MCC survive after loading the game with that module.
  14. Nemanjic

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Before your last post, yesterday I was testing more and found what was making trouble. It was empty submarines (sdv) on the bottom, and harpoon trajectory homing to them hitting the sea surface at the same point every time (verticaly of submarines at seafloor). But when I delete them and try to hit speedboats on the same way (6digits grid), missile don't travel to center of targeted grid, but it aquire nearest target on that way and start homing to it. Finally, I delete those mid-positioned targets and try if system works along the full clear ocean surface- and yes it finally works. I will try to post you a video of that exact situation, in the meantime please check this new issue because it will be really handful if missle go to 6digit area FIRST and than start searching for targets (like it is writen in manual). Other weapon systems works like charms (torpedos, cruising msls, artillery..) even technical capabilities are exact same like manual.pdf says. Depth is another problem but first things first. And thank you for your time sir