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  1. Nemanjic

    Arma 3 Trainer and Enhancer 2.0

    As you said this will help new players. Just wanted to thank you for such an effort to make it and explain how it works.
  2. Nemanjic

    ARMA will not open

    Close all apps for recording or screenshooting before launching Arma
  3. Nemanjic

    Condition OR

    Guys please, how to combine trigger conditions? Example: cond: triggerActivated tg1 || triggerActivated tg2 || triggerActivated tg3 || triggerActivated tg4 || triggerActivated tg5 , but only 3 of them to be enough to satisfy trigger cond and fire it? For example if tg3, tg1 and tg4 are triggered?
  4. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    With "the same thing as normal flyInHeight" I mean the same problem if use flyInHeightASL, but thanks anyway. Still have not fixed this, no time for the next 2 weeks during the vacation. Will text when back home.
  5. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    Will try this tonight and report back. wonderful news! I just wonder where you find this info? Here is nothing about it. Same thing as normal flyInHeight no matter on group/unit/pilot behaviour.
  6. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    I see this just now. Scripts are: ("LET" original name on Serbian) I wrote in English "FLIGHT" which is the same file name, sorry for confusing you. So originals are: let0.sqf letHandle = [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep .4; systemChat "аутолет"; avi_03 flyInHeight 5; sleep 1; avi_03 flyInHeight 50; }; }; let1.sqf terminate letHandle; sleep .5; avi_03 flyInHeight 55; systemChat "аутолет обустављен"; I use it because AI pilots are flying weirdly when multiple groups are in a helicopter (old problem with flying straight to huge altitudes and then taking on wp from there). This way I make a loop so pilots fly at normal altitudes. avi_03 is a helicopter. I need to say that this was working properly until yesterday. Those are original files so please if you can understand what's going on? Why is letHandle lost control over let0.sqf and how to gain it again? I hope I am writing more clearly now and thank you for your time friend!
  7. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    Ok trying now... edited: I do all of it. 0 = [] spawn {while {isNil "vlavla"} do { uisleep 0.1; hint str round diag_tickTime }}; gives number in hint. After that, I clear that hint with "". Then I run vlavla = true; Old script is still running (systemChat still shows new message every 1.4 second as let0.sqf is telling it to do). I know it because I run another system chat "check" it is shown and right after "autopilot ON" again and again. I put vlavla instead blabla on purpose - in case blabla is used by game now during previous testings.
  8. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    Please mate, break this down again because I barely understand. This is clear ok: But this: All I need to do is to stop flight0.sqf. For some reason, flight1.sqf where the handler is triggered, does not stops the flight0.sqf anymore. So if I understand you well, I need to make a new condition (to hook flight0 to it) so I can use it cond to manipulate code? If so, please tell me step by step. tried in debug cons and guess what - doesn't work: While {isNil "blabla"} do {letHandle}; blabla = true; (let1.sqf still works, I know that because system chat is continuously showing "autopilot ON") While {isNil "blabla"} do {terminate letHandle}; blabla = true; While {isNil "blabla"} do {skripte\flight0.sqf}; blabla = true;
  9. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    For some reason, copying (forum) and pasting to the game (debug) does not work and that takes me all night killing my nervous system until I manually write codes in debug. hint str scriptDone letHandle; It is false.
  10. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    Still can't fix this. Is there a way to FORCE stop all running scripts in the scheduler? I can't find anything about it. Also, loading the saved game didn't help nor did the manually deleting lines in the save file. Please, there must be a way. Thanks in advance
  11. Nemanjic

    Stopping a script

    Something happened to "terminate handler" and now I can not stop the script. Please if anyone has some solution. Runned (flight0.sqf): letHandle = [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep .4; systemChat "autopilot ON"; avi_03 flyInHeight 5; sleep 1; avi_03 flyInHeight 50; }; }; Handler (flight1.sqf): terminate letHandle; sleep .5; avi_03 flyInHeight 55; systemChat "autopilot OFF"; The first one is running all the time and the second one does nothing when fired. Only system chat is shown but the first script (flight0.sqf) is still in progress. I am done diagnostic with [] spawn {copyToClipboard str diag_activeSQFScripts; }; and the script is there so maybe if I delete it manually from memory (edit a saved file of the mission)?
  12. Nemanjic

    Load drones in a vehicle

    Many ways. One is to read it from the editor - (hovering the mouse) over an object or to export soldier loadout wearing tools, backpacks or uniforms, or any object which class you want to know about to txt file but the easiest and really quick is to use this command. For ingame info about classname, point your crosshair to object and launch: hint typeOf cursorObject in debug console.
  13. Nemanjic

    Load drones in a vehicle

    vehicle addBackpackCargo ["classname", 4]
  14. Exactly. Harzach example is correct. Tested on a unit which have no variable from Eden and use obtained var to stop his animation for instance. Worked. But also, cursorObject gave me the same name, "bis_oXXX".