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  1. Blastcore Tracers A3

    Huh, lately I've been busy with this mod. I still haven't achieved the desired glowing effect. But for now at lease ACE compatibility should be working good. And yes it's on STEAM Workshop, it's been there since 2016... www.mediafire.com/file/dcmp0ha10kfa2vd/BCTracers_Edited_v129.zip v1.29 - Added: White Tracers. - Added: 9mm tracers round. - Tweaked: Jets should now use White tracers, (A-164 still uses red tracers). - Fixed: Parent classnames. - Fixed: Optional ACE mod: All vanilla calibers should now have a correct tracer models. EDIT: New download link
  2. Blastcore Tracers A3

    Hey y'all, new version is ready ! http://www.mediafire.com/file/n8a5wov6a7v3rdk/BCTracers_Edited_v128.zip v1.28 - Fixed: Optional ACE mod: Bullet 6,5x39mm red tracer now has a proper shape.
  3. Blastcore Tracers A3

    Hmm, I have to do testing and see if i can reproduce the issue. EDIT: Yeah, Red Tracers do not work with ACE mod. I'll fix it.
  4. Blastcore Tracers A3

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647768227 Which weapons exactly? Are you using optional pbos? What other mods are you using as well?
  5. Blastcore Tracers A3

    Version 1.27 Fixed wrong parent classnames for Jet DLC ammo and Tank heat shells. Also added Phalanx tracers. http://www.mediafire.com/file/68v7kz8ncbj3o7a/BCTracers_Edited_v127.rar When Tank DLC was released i forgot to check my parents classname so it stayed on HE. Ups, so even when you switched to tank HEAT it was still firing HE shells instead, sorry!
  6. FoxFort Camo Pack

    Hey I have released a small update which gives some love to my Urban and Flora camos. Plus I made 4 variants of uniform with black t shirt.
  7. Spetsnaz SSO by FoxFort

    Blast from the past ! After 3 years of being abandoned. Finally I updated this mini mod/addon.
  8. Blastcore Tracers A3

    Hey new version is up, mistakes have been fixed: v1.26 - Fixed: Error missing green texture - Tweaked: All tracers are now a bit smaller. v1.25b - Fixed: Main files now don't require ACE mod. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9q9b0nb5sw3ebwz/BCTracers_Edited_v126.rar or http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29359 Also fixed sources files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hj1gfm16gofvsx4/BCTracers_Edited_source.rar Oh boy, making tracers look good is not easy. Making them look good with FXAA ON leads to them looking awful with FXAA OFF and if you make them look good for FXAA OFF, then they are too big with FXAA ON. Tracers look better with FSAA ON (x2,x4,x8). For best effect, keep video setting "Depth Of Field" from 20 to 40 max.
  9. Blastcore Tracers A3

    Hey Everyone I have finally updated tracers to be visible on Termal image. Check it out: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l1evlyzrnjvmgvn/BCTracers_Edited_v125b.rar Also here are the source files, free to use them anyway you want them as long it's not a clear 100% copy/paste and reupload under new name. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xzlu7iwggc4bdy9/BCTracers_Edited_source.rar Changelog: v1.25 - Tweaked: Tracers are now visible on Termal image. - Tweaked: A small changes to tracers color. - Tweaked: Optional: ACE now is addon to main files instead of being a replacement. Bamse fix for RHS smoke glich: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31443 Cheers
  10. FLIR/Termal glow

    Thanks man !
  11. Altis Special Police Unit

    New version is ready !
  12. FLIR/Termal glow

    Hi Does anyone know what makes models/objects/stuff "glow" when looking via FLIR/Termal sights? That "heat" effect on live unit, is that done via material? How to make it? EDIT: Hmm, I made a mistake, wrong part of forum
  13. Binarize kills path to materials

    Yeah, well I decided to feck it, i copied original files that where problematic one from A3 files, put them into my mod and problem solved.
  14. Binarize kills path to materials

    I made P drive and extracted all files via ArmA 3 Tools. So now on P drive I have "a3" and my "altis_spu" folders. Inside my "altis_spu" there are two folders: "spu_hind_data" and "spu_hmmwv_data". ("spu_hind_data" will be "spu_hind_data.pbo" and "spu_hmmwv_data" will be "spu_hmmwv_data.pbo") Inside of "spu_hind_data" and "spu_hmmwv_data" are configs, models, textures etc. - ADDON BUILDER - My Path to priject folder is: "P:\altis_spu" My Addon source directory is: "P:\altis_spu\spu_hind_data" Does it look properly setup?