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  1. FoxFort

    A3 Contact Samples

    Hello ?
  2. FoxFort

    A3 Contact Samples

    Any news regarding this ?
  3. FoxFort

    Disable hit animations

    Perhaps, but @rayhard could answer this
  4. Intro video, nitpicking, "Some still remember what it means to have fidelity and honor". I think I understand why you replaced those two words, still it would be good to have it as original "Honneur et Fidelite".
  5. FoxFort

    A3 Contact Samples

    For me, I would not necessary need samples, just a provide of ingame texture and ability to link to those modes from Contact.
  6. Hi gang, Thank you for the latest contact dlc samples, could we please also have template for LDF uniform and plate carrier? I've been eager to retexture LDF main uniform since expansion was announced. There is a similar CSAT/AAF officer uniform, but I am not the fan of it since it has rolled-up sleeves. The current LDF soldier uniform reminds me of old police and military uniform that was used in my country. So I am, really, really into it. Please allow for retexture of LDF main uniform.
  7. I presume he meant on disable steam overlay, then you are running a3 "without" steam.
  8. K12 Extraction point by Foxfort Situation: Local conflict has taken a dramatic turn, you have 10 minutes to reach the point K12 and escape with helicopter there, before both sides manage to close the airspace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Features: - Hunk Theme song from Resident evil 2 remake OST. - 10 minutes timer to escape the island before "game over". - War between NATO and CSAT has started and both are in your way. - Very Intense and very challenging. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Credits: This mission was inspired by 4th Survivor mode from Resident Evil 2 game. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Download: STEAM ModDB Required mods: FoxFort Camo Pack Required DLCs: APEX Laws of War xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Note: On Steam there is only COOP - two man escape version. But inlcuded in ModDB mirror, you can find also for SinglePlayer, one man escape. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Installation: Copy both folders into root of your ArmA 3 folder: Example: C:\Program Files(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Changelog: v1.0 - Initial release
  9. FoxFort

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    Hey everyone, I have made a new mission for my FoxFort Camo Pack, it was inspired by Resident Evil 2 Remake, Hunk escape. Instead of Zombies you have NATO and CSAT ahead of you, plus you have 10 minutes timer before Game Over. Oh and I've included RE2R Hunk Theme song to play in the background while you are on the run. Currently Steam is bugged and mods are not working correctly. So until Steam fixes their thing, you can use FFCP v1.51 and K12 Extraction Point mission from Moddb. K12 Extraction Point - ModDB FoxFort Camo Pack - ModDB Let Me know about bugs and suggestions.
  10. Bump, could someone please run and post the latest version please?
  11. That vest is dope. I don't use it because it doesn't fit properly to uniforms. 😕
  12. FoxFort

    FoxFort Camo Pack

    I've made a small update:
  13. Overall the campaign is a nice addition, I like that asset from APEX DLC are also in. The story and spooky night settings with aliens have been done tastefully, overall it was a nice experience. I was pleasantly surprised how Russians have been included into story settings. That's was interesting plot twist for me. What i didn't like was repetitive nature of walking around, one mission was cool but having two in a row. Also I found it annoying the "talking" with alliens, I was not engaged when doing that thing several times. I was missing more combat missions and meaning behind going for constant point of interests. It was not rewarding experience, not doing "side missions" does not affect progress of main story. No point in doing side missions when there was no reward. I would say that was the biggest let down. Basically it was "combat patrol" from East Wind Campaign. Is it a great addition? Of course it is. But them having no impact on main thing is really disappointing. Armed Assault had side missions which affected how main mission will be difficult. I miss this type of campaign.
  14. @DnA Hi, how soon we can expect to be allowed to mod Contact/Enoch assets? EBO to PBO switch.
  15. FoxFort

    Contact petition.

    Usually after sometime they will switch EBO files into PBOs then modders will do their thing.