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    Perhaps this, before aliens?

    They've tried addressing vehicle physics with TANKS DLC, so, yeaaah what you see now is apparently best they could achieve.
  2. Spetsnaz SSO v1.20 By FoxFort Description: Unknown camouflage units have been spotted on island of Altis, they appear to wear russian made equipment and they have no markings of any kind. No one knows for sure who there are and what are they doing there, but they appear to be working with AAF. The locals have a nickname for them, they call them: "Little green man". ------------------------------ Features: Adds Spetsnaz SSO look-alike. ------------------------------ Usage: In Editor, on AFF side, you can find them separately under "Spetsnaz SSO". ------------------------------ Notes: This was my first addon that I made for ArmA 3 and I've even forgotten about it, so here's a quick fix in order to bring it into working condition (again in 2018 & now in 2019 LoL). Yes I know that equipment doesn't look like it's Russian made or even design by Russians, but this is a simple retexture addon. Don't complain to me that they don't look authentic, you got EMR camouflage with AK12 weapon, you can use it or not. In case you do not own APEX DLC, you can still play. AI will use them, but you will have to use a different weapon. They use ArmA 3 Indep - English voices. (yep, I know, I know...) The release v1.20 is fix and improvement in preparing for new Contact DLC, once Contact DLC is released I will be using a lot of new assets from there ------------------------------ License / Disclaimer: Just by downloading and/or using my mod/addon you automatically accept and apply: - You are allowed to use my "Spetsnaz SSO" and "FoxFort Camo Pack" in your private or public missions and servers. - You are allowed to use my "Spetsnaz SSO" and "FoxFort Camo Pack" as part of your mod/addon as long as you make that your addon/mod requires to have both of my mods/addons installed and running at the same time as a separated entities. - You are not allowed to alter or to extract my assests from any of my mods/addons and to release it to public as your own work. - You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to intengrate it into your mod/addon, without making "Spetsnaz SSO" and "FoxFort Camo Pack" mods/addons as a requirement to be installed and run as a separated entities. - You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to make any kind of damage to my name. - You are not allowed to port my work into other games/mods without asking me. --(Basically, just do not steal my stuff and pretend that you made them.)-- ------------------------------ Changelog: v1.20 - Added: Viper harness backpacks. - Added: New Viper Special Operators, in full Black and Desert variant. - Added: One extra "First Aid Kit" to all soldiers, except to Heavy AT soldier. - Added: Two extra HE and smoke grenades to Squad Leader and Grenadier soldiers. - Changed: All Woodland soldiers now user new Gorka EMR outfit (from FFCP v1.50). - Changed: All Desert soldies now use Gorka (Tan) or A-TACS outfits. - Changed: All soldiers now use Medium or Heavy body armor. - Changed: Desert soldiers now use Khaki body armor and helmet, or Khaki body armor + A-tacs helmet. - Changed: Viper harness backpack has replaced all SSO backpacks. - Changed: Now all AK-12 rifles are using AK12 magazines instead of AKM ones. - Changed: Replaced default Blue smoke grenade with White one. - Improved: Most of the code ------------------------------ SCREENSHOTS: ------------------------------ Requirements: - FoxFort Camo Pack - APEX DLC ------------------------------ DOWNLOAD: MODDB ARMAHOLIC STEAM ------------------------------
  3. FoxFort

    Spetsnaz SSO by FoxFort

    New version is ready, code was a mess, now i've brought it up to more acceptable standards in preparations for Contact DLC, I am planning to use assets from that DLC when it's released.
  4. Gorka is a popular outfit, maybe it's going to evolve and be around 2039, maybe not. In any case me as a modder have been waiting for A3 Gorka since I got the game years ago.
  5. Hey Devs, Thank you for the new MAAWS HEAT 55 round, it would be really cool if you would add more rockets variants for RPG-7v + optic for it.
  6. I have checked other weapons and you're closer to object in 1st person. Navid and SPMG are big weapons as well but you don't get that too far away effect in 1st person as with RPK-12. Maybe move 1st person Lod a bit further? Just to make that 1st person weapons bipods are not hovering in the air.
  7. RPK-12 has issue with placing: This is the closes you can approach object when crouch: This is view when bipods are deployed: But in 1st person you still appear far from object and bipods are not at the same place as they are in 3rd person view: Also thumb looks weird with that gap between it and foregrip
  8. Today's DEV has added: MAAWS HEAT 55 round. HEAT 75 looks like dual-tandem while 55 is not. What are penetration/damage values of 55 in comparison to 75?
  9. Just a tad those SLUG rounds are OP now.
  10. Latest build has resolved this issue: Tweaked: The AK-12 hand animation when used with a uniform without gloves Thank you, this was annoying since APEX was released. BTW, RPK-12 has a same problem.
  11. FoxFort

    Disable hit animations

    Hi @reyhard Thank you for the information, I found out that by increasing required force "ragdollHitDmgLimit = 0.75;" is also doing the trick, so animation is not disabled, just increasing the threshold is good enough. One more thing, are there different pre-made animations for being hit? Or it's just one with random values applied to move/bend body parts? I'm asking since simple twitch is looking good in game, but for some reason random bullet hits causes animation to bend body parts in unnatural motion and not every time. Sometimes animation would move arm but not torso, so there has to me more animations? 0.01 speed is good when simple twitch is made (whole upper buddy is shaked) but when animation is played to "throw arm away" 0.01 is too fast for it, so that's causes weird looking of body parts flexing. So would it be possible to limit to only one animation to be used at all time? or Readjust animation speed per animation and not use one general speed? Here is with and without hit animation adjustment:
  12. Hey Is there a way to safely disable hit animations/feedback from happening when soldier is hit with bullets? So when bullet hits soldier nothing is animated/twitching/that weird flexing movement. Last few days I started play R6:RS from 2003 and models there don't have hit animation feedback and oddly, it's more satisfying than A3 vanilla weird flexing.
  13. AK-12 sound suppressor are too thin. They should be more "fatter".
  14. FoxFort

    Forgotten ticket

  15. FoxFort

    Forgotten ticket

    Oh boy, I just went to https://feedback.bistudio.com and I found I opened a ticket with BIS in May 2015 - T80479. In these 3 years, you would think someone from dev side would be at at least. "Nope, sorry", so that I can close the ticket.
  16. FoxFort

    Forgotten ticket

    Since ticket was actually opened on 23.12.2014 and still going strong without any reply. A song is in order... Hello, it's me I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet To go over everything They say that time's supposed to heal ya But I ain't done much healing 'Cause issue is still here Hello from the user side I must've called a thousand times To tell you that issue is here But when I call, you never Seem to be home Hello from the user side At least I can say that I've tried To tell you about it But it don't matter, clearly It doesn't bother you anymore Hello...
  17. FoxFort

    Disable hit animations

    Thank you @reyhard I'll give it a try :)
  18. Hey devs, since you're playing with AK series, could you please fix this gap? It's freaking annoying and immersion killing, that's not how weapon is held. I've also noticed that for player at least, firing a suppressed AK-12 sound is louder than non-suppressed one. Suppressed weapons are loud in real life, thing is that here it's more louder. Wearing a headphone difference can be heard, maybe just the pitch needs to be adjusted, since it's raping my ears compared to non-suppressed fire sound.
  19. Ranging, you can see on AK ones that bullet has larger drop so you have to aim higher compared to A3 ones.
  20. FoxFort

    Disable hit animations

    Interesting mod, thanks, I'll try it out
  21. On Livonia map, mushrooms in forest have heat and can be see with thermal optics. A bug?
  22. FoxFort

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Hey @DnA I really idea of Gorka type suit that will be delivered with Russian faction, a long awaited outfit. Unlike CSAT bulky looking outfit which kinda looks like it has protection, the Gorka here look like a simple today's outfit. So no protection like regular CSAT suit? Which body armor/plate carriers you've intended for them to carry? (that will not be clipping)
  23. Oh yeah. I agree with this, plus latest version of AK-12 series look different. I would even rename it into a different name, idk how copyright is handheld in this case. They would not need to change classnames in apex, just description/name text. Which is a simple straight forward thing.