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  1. Next to already revealed an known https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Arma_3:_New_Scripting_Commands_List There are more script commands now :) + fixed http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=12324 + only discussion related to new or changed Arma 3 Beta/Dev Scripting allowed
  2. In this thread we'll try to describe updates happening in the Development branch of Arma 3. This changelog is not complete, nor confirmed to be working as advertised. Again, Development branch does not pass internal QA before publication. Stick with main branch if you do not want to deal with the (big) potential issues and frequent data transfers. Feel free to discuss the updates to this branch in the relevant thread. 12-03-2013 Cross-joining default and Development branch disabled in MP Ifrit config class names changed to O_Ifrit_F and similar Various artwork fixes and tweaks in materials, textures and passenger animations Active Development branch is now indicated in the main menu Showcase: Helicopters - little optimization and conversation timings Various other showcase fixes Multiple crash opportunities fixed First tests of shadow improvements
  3. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic :ph34r: Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  4. In this thread we'll try to describe updates happening in the Development Branch of Arma 3 Tools. This changelog is not complete, nor confirmed to be working as advertised. Again, Development branch does not pass internal QA before publication. Stick with main branch if you do not want to deal with the (big) potential issues and frequent data transfers. Feel free to discuss the updates to this branch in the relevant thread. The changes are not going to be done daily like the Arma 3 development branch does, but rather in irregular intervals according to needs and additions by our team. 20-06-2014 Fixed: Broken Addon Builder UI Fixed: Copying of files to the target destination in Addon Builder Fixed: "External" feature of Tools Launcher was disabled by error
  5. I am new to mission creation and a scripting approach and my progress at learning has been good but looking to streamline what I am sure is a sub optimal process for loading new scripts and then testing those on live server. I am working on an A3Wastelands mission, now becoming increasingly customised it has grown from 6MB to sitting at about 10MB. I will explain my current workflow and welcome suggestions about changes to that to improve cycle time from new script developed to tested on server. Workflow Generate/modify new script - using Visual Studio Code - managing a local git repository to stage and commit all changes. I like the editor and combined with the git process is great to understand what you have changed, setting up for good rollback processes when it all goes skew. Some changes like syntax requires one set of brackets, edited in seconds. Clone from git folder on local computer to new local location, but without the git entries folder - they add to much to a folder size for next step. (5 seconds give or take) Generate local .pbo using .pbo manager to zip up the "gitless clone" copy of the mission. Compiling quick (10 seconds give or take) Using Filezilla connect to my.gameservers (that is the host provider I am using). Get new .pbo into correct mpmissions location on server, ensure configs line up and restart server. (with variable ADSL internet speed can be 1-5 minutes to upload). Restart server. (usually about 30-60 seconds to initialize server for login access from Arma launcher). Reconnect to server with local ARMA launcher and start game. (usually 2-5 minutes to upload new mission files, establish client session) Run server for period. Previous provider had a streaming log viewer functionality, new one doesnt, so using periodic log file (RPT) download, to then open log using GamutLogViewerProfessional. The line parsing, filtering in the log viewer is great, and fast, its just the continual download and lack of live streaming that has become annoying. Fast but repetitive. Most testing involves cycling sub missions quickly, fast timings for new missions spawning and quick expiry, god mode to poke the missions for responses required, and attempting to use diag_log to set log messages for error/logic/expected response flaws. (time consuming and rpt file entry problems currently) Based on responses observed in game or in logs, change code and return to step 1. Opportunities Things I know I dont know about, but had no luck finding answers yet - reference articles/sites would be fantastic. I think I might need to get RCON skills - but again a little unclear if that helps me more as an administrator vs a code tester. The admin stuff isnt a big deal at present. Live log streaming - seen evidence but dont have a solution in place for that at Gamerservers yet. .pbo generation - previous host had an inbuilt capability to compile the .pbo on the server reducing the upload traffic and time considerably, is the best way to look at installing a .pbo generator on the server myself for this? Is that a big deal to implement? git publish - seems more like publishing back to a public repository, wonder of i should be pushing to a local folder ie the one that wont have the .git folder, or could i git push to the server folder just the changes. No luck finding git answers to this myself yet. I do not use the debug console within the editor or the server when running - i think i am missing something about the debug console concept it appears lined up to force only very simple issues. Again lacking reference sources to learn more on that. For a complex mission with many scripts, are these something that can be tested in mission editor, or outside editor. I use editor for waypoints, additional buildings, manually generating mission routes that are then codified into sqfs., i dont test the sqfs in there yet, should I. Server memory consumption appears to be an issue as restart intervals increase. Previous server could run for 24 hours and stay under 2GB memory allocation, at 48 hours be under 150% and then by 72 hours crash due to over commit. Rather than double subscription settled for 24 hour restarts. New host does not have this easy monitoring indicator so i think i need an additional piece of software to monitor. suggestions? Anything else that I dont know, that I dont know about, sure there is heaps. Finally, anyone who has had the patience to get his far through this monologue, i appreciate your time so far. Even if you only have a suggestion for 1 item in workflow or a comment on an opportunity I welcome your input. I did 6 months of pascal, fortran, basic programming, but i refuse to say how long ago that was..... So suggest i write up a new C# routine, that feels well beyond where I am at now. Server management is new to me, but sort of getting the idea of the Arma approach to server side, client side management. Thanks
  6. The Old School Players Community - Looking For Help The Old School Players Community has recently given birth to a new gaming server, ARMA LIFE. As an outcome are now understaffed. We need help with development, whitelist policing, and maybe marketing. Get back to us via Discord or The OSP Forums in the links below. https://discord.gg/2e9dC4g https://www.oldschoolplayers.net/ Thanks - Tyler
  7. DxLife is looking for developers At DxLife we are looking for developers to collaborate and make a great server. We already have many things done, map almost finished, scripts finished and so on. We need programmers who can help get this project out. We also need designers and modelers. Anyone interested who joins our discord. See you there! Discord Web Forums Thanks - Serdx
  8. ArmA.Studio Open-Source Community made IDE for ArmA (best works with profiling build) !PLEASE DISABLE BATTLE EYE DURING DEBUGGING SESSIONS! Downloads ArmA.Studio 0.1.6290.31151 setup.exe 0.1.6293.24366 setup.exe 0.2.6331.26237 setup.exe 0.2.6333.12157 setup.exe 0.2.6402.7223 setup.exe ArmaDebugEngine BIDebugEngine.dll build 28 x86 BIDebugEngine.dll build 28 x64 BIDebugEngine.dll build 34 x64 BIDebugEngine.dll build 45 x86 BIDebugEngine.dll build 45 x64 Installation Please refer to this wiki article https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/ArmA.Studio/wiki/Install-and-use-ArmA.Studio Links ArmA.Studio at GitHub ArmaDebugEngine at GitHub Discord Invite Important Informations The tool is provided with auto-update and auto-error-report. Both cannot be disabled as of now. We are actively seeking developers in the community! So if you capable of writing C# code, feel free to join this project :) How to test -@myMod --Addons <-- workspace is set here ---Tag_Mod ----$PBOPREFIX$ ----examplescript.sqf <-- set breakpoint in here ----config.cpp Hope you enjoy!
  9. Hi, there When it's possible/useful, we will try to post brief descriptions of recent AI changes done on the development branch. We hope this will help demonstrate the tweaks that we're making and generate useful feedback to help us validate and polish our work. For now, the first batch of notes to kick things off: It wasn't supposed to fix rotation speed of AI soldiers, but is letting them use "aiming deadzone" as specified in the unit config (minGunTurnAI, maxGunTurnAI) which is typically 60 degrees cone. Therefore currently AI should be able to follow targets better without moving whole body. RPG and NLAW are supposed to be unguided, but AI was still able to use them as guided weapons. This was corrected. Quite big change, now AI is able to calculate and predict accurate ballistic of bullet, therefore is able to aim and engage targets on all ranges, both static and moving. Also, this improves AI ability to hit moving targets by more precise time of leading calculation. Good way to check this change is try to fight AI sniper on 1km+ range. Of course it still depends on his skill. AI was considering animals as friendly, therefore denied to shot in theirs direction. Example: put yours character, enemy soldier and snake animal between you. After this fix AI won't bother with friendly fire against animals.
  10. THERE IS ONLY WAR A Warhammer 40,000 mod for Arma 3. Warhammer 40,000 is a thrilling fantasy universe, one filled with deep stories, enormous conflicts, supremely evil characters, and an eternity of unending, soul-crushing war. It deserves a proper, massive, frontline experience that only a certain game can provide, and that game is Arma 3. "There is Only War" is a mod whose goal is a true representation of 40k in Arma. There will be a no-nonsense approach to creating this ultimate experience - Boltguns will blow targets away, Necrons will be nigh indestructible, Space Marines will stand heads taller than mortals, and one day, Battle Titans may stride over warzones, crushing and annihilating whole companies of troops with one volley of fire. This project will be true to the universe, and lore will be followed as closely as possible, confined only by game limitations, and in extreme cases, common sense. Now, this mod is not affiliated with the Warhammer 40k mod already on the Steam Workshop. While most of the devs on this team came from that project, and quite a few assets were given to us by that mod, we are not working with them, we are a separate mod. It is also important to state that we are not and will not be using any stolen assets, or assets from 40k video games, content will be made the old-fashioned way. "There is Only War" is currently in early development, and we have under a dozen developers at this time. We don't have a first release date yet, but it is certainly within a few months, and afterwards, we plan on monthly updates and patches! This mod is a very ambitious one, scores of animations must be done, hundreds of models completed and textured, and uncountable hitboxes and configs made, and we are looking for more developers to aid us in our endeavor, if you love this universe you'll find yourself at home with us. It's a tough job, but this task is not impossible to complete. Here is a short gallery of assets currently being worked on : There are many more assets in production, but all will be posted in time. Lastly, we do not own Warhammer 40k, all credit goes to the respective owners!
  11. Hello! I am offering free scenario creation for Arma 3 servers. I can do GUIs, scripting, lots of cool stuff like that. DM me on Discord: - https://discord.gg/cdWbxyv then DM Atomik#4432 Have a great day!
  12. Ra'Jiska

    PBO File Format

    Hello, I am currently working on a PBO Manager-like tool which would aim to be able to extract any PBO file format without crashing (unlike other PBOs Manager wich crash depending of some variants). To do so I've looked for some documentation regarding the format, and found two pages: - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/PBO_File_Format - http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/PBO_SREV The documentation found is quite incomplete, as for an example, documentation on the magic bytes is nowhere to be found in the Bistudio wiki. Here are the two file formats I've found and one which I could not find any resources in either wiki pages: Regular Format: /* Magic Bytes [A0 73 72 65 56] - Followed by 17 null bytes */ struct { Asciiz filename; uint32_t packingMethod; uint32_t originalSize; uint32_t junk; uint32_t timeStamp; uint32_t dataSize; }; ... Variant Format: /* Magic Bytes [00 73 72 65 56] - Followed by 16 null bytes */ struct { Asciiz someString; ... Asciiz someOtherString; uint8_t nullByte = 0; struct unknownStruct { /* Unknown Data of approximatively 45 bytes (varies between PBOs) */ }; }; struct { Asciiz filename; uint32_t packingMethod; uint32_t originalSize; uint32_t junk; uint32_t timeStamp; uint32_t dataSize; }; ... You'll note that both are distinguished with their magic bytes, with the first byte changing for the variant format and the extra null byte in the regular format. What does represent the first byte of the magic bytes sequence ? Why does the null byte sequences in the magic bytes sequence varies depending of the format ? What does it represent ? What are the strings of the variant format used for in the first structure ? What are the unknown data in the unknown structure in the variant format ? Why does it vary ? Thanks for your help !
  13. We are a small but growing community looking to fill developer spots on our team. If you have experience, preferably scripting, please reply with your information so I can get in contact with you. Thanks!
  14. WORK IN PROGRESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6LDXK1URr8 I've decided to openly release a very basic version of iBuild for testing. The main reason for this is to test the underlying foundations and iron out any kinks before I start piling new features and content on top. It's very basic and rough, but it has enough content to give you an idea of where it's heading. The mod has evolved from the first conceptual prototype I put together, and I've lost count the amount of times I've started over, so I hope you guys enjoy what I've settled with. I'm still in the process of writing most of the documentation, which I suck at doing, but you can find what has been written so far organised into a drop-down menu under 'iBuild'. More info can be found in the description on Steam. >| Download Pre-Alpha |< About time! ;)
  15. Hi there, My name is Caleb and I am the Founder of a take-place Community which is known as "VanquishRP". I am looking for available server developers who would be willing to help around the clock with server maintenance and setup. The server I will need help with is an Altis Life server in which I would like to customize to the community's liking. I would also like to set up a forum for this server which will require a little programming knowledge. Please get back to me ASAP if you are willing to help me out! You can reach me on my email: vanquishrp@gmail.com Personal email: calebjasonallen@hotmail.co.uk Or simply through this forum! Many thanks and hope to see you soon!
  16. Hi! Are you interested in the RP (roleplaying) scene in Armaverse? Make sure to join our active Discord server right away! Are you an RP player? follow the progress of various RP projects to stay updated with the latest news in the RP scene of Armaverse discuss directly with the project developers to give them ideas and feedback to help them develop better gamemodes find other people interested in RP to play with Are you an RP developer? follow the progress of various RP projects to stay updated with the latest news in the RP scene of Armaverse recruit talented people to your team via the dedicated recruitment channel exchange ideas with other developers and the players to make your gamemode even more awesome get a dedicated channel for your project where you can show your shiny latest features and discuss with the community about it Are you an RP framework developer? follow the progress of various RP projects to stay updated with the latest news in the RP scene of Armaverse recruit talented people to your team via the dedicated recruitment channel take part in collaborative technical discussions with experienced developers to help you deliver framework featuring the latest innovations in the scene get a dedicated channel for your framework where you can show your latest shiny features and discuss with the community about it The community has just been founded but we already have tens of members, several RP projects and we're growing every day. Most importantly, the community and the discussion are already pretty active and people are genuinely helping each other, helping everyone to have even more awesome roleplaying experience in Arma! Join us today! Join us via the link below! https://discord.gg/hBzT2v7 Regards, Ezcoo
  17. We'd like to try using this thread to track clear updates about changes to the AI. But first, some all important disclaimers! Not all the changes made to the AI can be logged as and when they happen Sometimes the changes made by the programmers require other departments to update or pack their data Sometimes that's not always possible right away (i.e. changes to AI Costmaps for terrain, tweaking of new/refined values in configs) Sometimes the changes must be put on hold while we make sure/prevent them from entirely annihilating the rest of the game Sometimes the changes must be reverted because they destroy more than they heal. Sometimes our programmers have to work, rather than talk about working. We hope it helps shine some light on the ongoing refinements/fixes being made to the AI, and can help to frame/promote some useful feedback/discussion/understanding about the current state/future direction and progress. You can discuss the changes across in the AI Dev Branch Discussion thread. Best, RiE First set of notes follows: It wasn't supposed to fix rotation speed of AI soldiers, but is letting them use "aiming deadzone" as specified in the unit config (minGunTurnAI, maxGunTurnAI) which is typically 60 degrees cone. Therefore currently AI should be able to follow targets better without moving whole body. RPG and NLAW are supposed to be unguided, but AI was still able to use them as guided weapons. This was corrected. Quite big change, now AI is able to calculate and predict accurate ballistic of bullet, therefore is able to aim and engage targets on all ranges, both static and moving. Also, this improves AI ability to hit moving targets by more precise time of leading calculation. Good way to check this change is try to fight AI sniper on 1km+ range. Of course it still depends on his skill. AI was considering animals as friendly, therefore denied to shot in theirs direction. Example: put yours character, enemy soldier and snake animal between you. After this fix AI won't bother with friendly fire against animals. N.b. Sometimes I'll quote one one of our Programmer's comments, but reserve the right to make splendid editorial adjustments! :cool:
  18. Visual Studio Code SQF Language v1.0.6 Lastest update: 22.10.2018 Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a new, but already very known Code Editor. Works on Linux, OS X and Windows. Now in the Visual Studio Marketplace -> Report bugs, ask questions or make suggestions <- Supported Products: Operation Flashpoint [OFP], Operation Flashpoint: Resistance ArmA, ArmA 2, ArmA 3 (DLCs & Extensions included) Take On Helicopters [ToH] Community Based Addons [CBA], ACE Easy Installation (Recommended) Download Visual Studio Code. Open the Editor and click on the extension icon to your left ( ) Enter "SQF" and hit enter Select "SQF Language" and click on "Install" Enjoy Manual Installation Only use this guide if the installation over the extension manager and/or marketplace isn't working! Download VS Code Download the latest release from GitHub ( https://github.com/Armitxes/VSCode_SQF/releases ) Install Visual Studio Code Navigate to your VS Code extension Folder. Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions Mac/Linux: $HOME/.vscode/extensions In the plugins folder, you create a folder called Armitxes.SQF, if you have it already delete all files inside! Inside the Armitxes.SQF folder you then unzip the sources you obtained from GitHub That's it, now simply (re-)start Visual Studio Code (or just "Code") and it's done :) With VS Code, every folder is a project! To open your SQF Project simply go on File->Open Folder and choose your mission/mod folder. Feel free to ask any questions, aswell the Code of the GitHub Project was now simplified several times by me and is open for everyone for contribution! Cheers, Armitxes
  19. Hi! I'm Ezcoo, founder of Task Force Northern Wind. Task Force Northern Wind is intended to be a small group of developers specialized in developing multiplayer gamemodes and the required content for them in agile manner in Arma 3. The group name and logo describe the group's vision: just like the icy-cold northern wind hitting you in the face when you step out of the door in Nordics, our goal is to create immersive experiences that make players concretely feel, whether it's excitement, fear or passion. The group will be shaped by its members, which means that every member – including you – has a good chance to affect the direction we'll be taking in our future projects. I decided to found the group because I've been in the Arma modding (mostly mission editing) scene for years, but haven't accomplished much. I started as a complete noob back in 2012, having no idea of anything, but got constantly better at my niché, game design, with the right mixture of inspiration and perspiration. I consider myself pretty skilled in it nowadays. I've been part of several ambitious projects that didn't take off for some reasons: either they turned out to be too large projects for the team or – most importantly – the chosen development method was suboptimal considering the ambitiousness of the projects. Regarding the latter reason, it took me a while to understand why I was failing to deliver despite of having the honor to work with such amazing teams of developers I actually was working with. Eventually I figured it out. The reason is that I'm strongly the type of developer that utilizes agile methods with very short feedback loop and iteration interval. I've been working with and in teams that have had developers from all around the world, which lead to a single iteration lasting for a day or even several days, which, in turn, lead to difficulties in managing and designing the project on my part. That's why I decided to found Task Force Northern Wind – a developer group deploying a set of practices that utilize agile development and tight cooperation between developers, ultimately leading to better results. Task Force Northern Wind is looking for you, if you're able and willing to take part in development of multiplayer gamemodes during European noons, meaning approximately the time between 09:00 and 19:00 GMT. We're seeking people with a friendly and cooperative mindset; in addition, while tolerance to the consistently present bad humor is not required, it just will make your life a lot easier! If you're a scripter/programmer, we'd love to hear from you if: you master full stack development from database setup and integration to user interfaces in Arma, especially considering the multiplayer environment; OR you master some of the skills required in multiplayer mission development and you're available to work with other developers when they need you approximately during the above-mentioned time window. If you have other skills that you think we might be interested in, make sure to contact me on Steam or join our Discord and poke us! See you on the battlefield!
  20. Looking for capable people to help begin setting up a Altis Life server on Arma 3. If you're interested please contact me by commenting below.
  21. ArmSTALKER Online – In development. This is a modification for ARMA III which turns it into S.T.A.L.K.E.R and feels like MMO-project, not just singleplayer. Now project is in development. ================»> Main features: • Full freedom in the opened world of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. • Up to 7 different clans: the bandits, the free stalkers, the Duty, the Freedom, the Monolith and the Military.; • A lot of monsters, anomalies and artifacts; • Huge amount of real-life weapons and its customization; • EcomiÑ system, auctions and trading. • Realistic world with migrating mutants, traveling stalkers, fighting Clans and Emissions. • And much more: an opportunity to become a legend of The Zone, interesting quests, crafting, different features of artifacts, unique weapons, full realism, PVP and PVE zones and etc. OTHER SCREENSHOTS: MONSTERS: VIDEOS: ArmSTALKER Online - Death Zone TRAILER. ArmSTALKER Online - Opening Scene (soon EN version). ArmSTALKER Online - Main Menu. ArmSTALKER Online - Teaser changes on Arma 3 (First modification based on ArmA2). ArmSTALKER Online - Presentation controller. ArmSTALKER Online - More mutants (with bug sound :( ). ArmSTALKER Online - Tested mutant ArmSTALKER Online - Animation Bloodsucker ArmSTALKER Online - Laboratories We need modelers, programmers, animators and mapmakers. Follow us: FACEBOOK Twitter Vkontakte Mutants models do not already have a lot of bumps and polygons. We are working on it. Our planned map:
  22. First: all credits belong to Snake2200 the author of the big and excellent XAM1.06b-modifikation for ArmA1. you can download the hole addon for ArmA1 here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1756 -this mod is not from me, it is only a part of the Xam1.06b-mod from Snake2200 -I have only edited the mod a little bit (logic,sound balancing)that it works with ArmA3. Thanks to kju for pushing me into the right direction and also to (Snake2200 wherever he is)! -This addon gives you: -excellent nature ambient-sounds -churchbells with different distances -different windsounds on hills ..etc. -mornigbirds (excellent for europe) -at night wulfs, owls ..beware ..sometimes scary ! -on the field sparrows, larks, robins..etc. -multiplayer not tested -no bi-signs included and i am not able to create some -first shot error included ! ...and not yet repairable for me Installation: -note: CBA is needed for this. 1.copy "@xam_environment.pbo" to your ArmA3 root directoy 2.edit your shortcut for ArmA3 or use a Launcher you like to start. ps:enjoy it or leave it... for me me its a musthave... at least the file http://www.file-upload.net/download-9091901/Xam.rar.html
  23. For our quickly growing company we are looking for candidates who are not afraid of challenges and can improve all aspects of online services within our company. Ideal candidate should have both managerial experience and technical knowledge. We are looking for candidates who are already successful in their current job. Ensure smooth running of Online Services department Oversee 6 people in Prague offices Setting up and implementation of Online Services strategy Responsibility for technical aspect of smooth running of company e-shop Requirements Proven experience with leading a team of 5 people or more. Proven experience with leading a team developing web/server applications High level knowledge of hardware/databases/networking/ and web/server applications Experience with negotiations with suppliers and users Matured personality with natural respect Analytical thinking English knowledge on communicative level Welcomed Skills 5 or more years of experience as a developer Experience with some database system Experience with some server side language Agile/Scrum experience Driving licence B – experience driver We Offer Chance to develop ”own” international Online Services department Possibility to work on unique project with worldwide scope Possibility of development in a dynamic company Interesting and creative work Competitive salary Benefit package (annual bonus, additional leave) If you would like to join, please send your CV at aneta.gillova@bistudio.com.
  24. Hello, Are you an experienced Character Art Leader willing to work with us in Brno, the capital of game development in central Europe? Then we want you! Your goal will be to lead a team of kick-ass character artists to create cool looking realistic next gen characters in Unreal Engine. We are looking for a mature, experienced, creative, versatile and self-directed individual with a keen eye for quality who has solid experience in creating 3D characters, apparel and accessories. Your portfolios should demonstrate proven ability to create high quality characters for games. RequirementsSpecialized in realistic visual style Proficient experience with MAX/Maya and Zbrush to create character models Skilled in high poly modelling Highly capable of creating 2D textures for models (Photoshop, Substance painter, etc) Good knowledge of human anatomy Familiar with effective polygon use, UV sets and mesh optimization Ability to self-manage and make responsible decisions about time and project priorities Ability to lead and mentor artists - be able to listen and to give feedback Welcomed SkillsExperience with UE4 Knowledge of character art specialties (hair, skin, clothes, etc.) Drawing/painting skills Knowledge of rigging and animating We OfferParticipate in a great project Friendly atmosphere in the mid-size multinational team of passionate developers Work with living Czech gamedev veterans and legends Work for the largest and most mature game development company in the Czech Republic Possibilities for skill-development and growth Competitive salary & benefits (semi-flexible hours, extra vacation, language courses etc.) Please contact us at jobs@bistudio.com.
  25. This project is temporarily on hold. Other projects popped up that take priority. I will return to this at some point this year :) What is Kingdom? Kingdom is an ArmA 3 grand-gamemode that can be played alone (SP), co-operatively (against AI) or player-versus-player with up to 60 players. The map/island is divided into various territories which can be captured and added to a kingdom. There can be up to three kingdoms, each lead by a King and his vassals. A kingdom can be maintained by a steady flow of supplies and wealth, which come from captured territories and trade. Each territory has its’ own pros and cons; it can be large and have lots of oil, but mountainous which makes it difficult to defend. The various Kings can set up alliances, such as trade alliances which will allow supply vehicles from one kingdom travel through the other without being stopped, which boosts the trade. Kings can also rival eachother; capture eachother’s territories and declare war upon eachother, which could cause for some very interesting diplomatic situations (for example: Kings A and B can be at war with eachother, leaving King C with a choice whether to ally himself with one of the other Kings, stay neutral or declare war on both of the other Kings(thus making it a free-for-all). A King can develop his kingdom by building military bases, factories, fortifications, all done using a custom Zeus-like "Hades" interface. Building military bases will increase the amount of (AI) soldiers a Kingdom can have enlisted. Factories will increase the vehicular capabilities of a Kingdom and fortifications aid in the defense of each territory. Unless the gamemode is played with > 30 players, the main fighting force of each kingdom will likely be AI forces. These forces play a huge role in the defense and capture of territories. Each Kingdom has their own vassals, which are players with privileges. For example, they can recruit an AI squad or request vehicle support. Additionally, they can aid the King in leading the territories. But ofcourse, they can also move on their own and fight the enemy. In multiplayer, the King is selected out of one of the vassals, either by random chance or by vote. The King has the ability to abdicate and point a new vassal as King. Within the gamemode, there can be various sub-modes such as: Territory Control - The first kingdom to capture a pre-designated amount of territories, wins. Conquest - The last kingdom (alliance) to stay alive, wins. Regicide - No respawns/abdication/heritance for Kings -> The last King breathing, wins. And more sub-modes can be thought of, later on. Inspiration For my ideas I’ve been somewhat inspired by the RTS ‘Empire Earth 2’, however I think that because this is ArmA, a 1st/3rd person game, it can be a quite new, unique experience. Additionally, some ideas are similar to ArmA 2’s Warfare gamemode. Development Roadmap Q1 2016 - Alpha version, tested internally with my group; Phantom Incorporated Q1-Q2 2016 - Beta version, first RC released to the public, receiving feedback (hopefully) Q2 2016 - Active development with updates dependent on feedback The Release Candidate-version will likely contain instructions for server admins & mission makers to customize the mission to their own preference. You will be able to change the units, vehicles, territories and even the island it’s played upon. Why? I find the development process of this gamemode a lot of fun as I enjoy coding, but also livestreaming and teaching people, so do feel free to hop in and ask some questions. At the time of writing this, I’ve been livestreaming the development for 8 days, you can watch the development & contribute ideas/support on my Twitch channel: phonicgameshd I don’t know what people will think of this gamemode, but even if the gamemode ends up not being popular at all, I'll feel like the development process has been worth it. Media Final words Now, the terms of this gamemode are deliberately based on the 15-16th century. It is part of the charm. However, there will be no swords & bows in this gamemode: instead ArmA 3 vanilla & (optional) modded military-equipment will be used. Any feedback is much appreciated! Have a nice day. Kind regards, Sanchez