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Found 14 results

  1. In this thread we'll try to describe updates happening in the Development branch of Arma 3. This changelog is not complete, nor confirmed to be working as advertised. Again, Development branch does not pass internal QA before publication. Stick with main branch if you do not want to deal with the (big) potential issues and frequent data transfers. Feel free to discuss the updates to this branch in the relevant thread. 12-03-2013 Cross-joining default and Development branch disabled in MP Ifrit config class names changed to O_Ifrit_F and similar Various artwork fixes and tweaks in materials, textures and passenger animations Active Development branch is now indicated in the main menu Showcase: Helicopters - little optimization and conversation timings Various other showcase fixes Multiple crash opportunities fixed First tests of shadow improvements
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this recurring problem I have. Whenever I try using an alpha texture (_CA.paa) I get this weird artifact. It happened to me one time and I fixed it somehow (it's not that I don't remember, I honestly don't know how I fixed it lol). I used the same RVMAT, so I'm guessing the problem can't be in the material. Can anyone shed some light on it?
  3. ArmA.Studio Open-Source Community made IDE for ArmA (best works with profiling build) !PLEASE DISABLE BATTLE EYE DURING DEBUGGING SESSIONS! Downloads Arma.Studio - Rewrite https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-118-280fadd641a373b7668f17dd4c1df49c4bb8afe1 ArmA.Studio - Legacy (Old version) 0.1.6290.31151 setup.exe 0.1.6293.24366 setup.exe 0.2.6331.26237 setup.exe 0.2.6333.12157 setup.exe 0.2.6402.7223 setup.exe ArmaDebugEngine (Legacy only) BIDebugEngine.dll build 28 x86 BIDebugEngine.dll build 28 x64 BIDebugEngine.dll build 34 x64 BIDebugEngine.dll build 45 x86 BIDebugEngine.dll build 45 x64 Installation (Rewrite) Download the ZIP file Right click it, Press Properties Either Tick the checkbox at the bottom (Windows 8 ) or press the button (Windows 10) Extract it whereever you want Installation (Legacy) Please refer to this wiki article https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/ArmA.Studio/wiki/Install-and-use-ArmA.Studio Links ArmA.Studio at GitHub ArmaDebugEngine at GitHub Discord Invite Important Informations The tool is provided with auto-update and auto-error-report. Both cannot be disabled as of now. We are actively seeking developers in the community! So if you capable of writing C# code, feel free to join this project 🙂 How to test (Legacy) -@myMod --Addons <-- workspace is set here ---Tag_Mod ----$PBOPREFIX$ ----examplescript.sqf <-- set breakpoint in here ----config.cpp Hope you enjoy!
  4. For the Arma 3 Alpha we have decided to make use of our own Feedback Tracker (FT - opened with the release on March 5th). Some of you will wonder why we do not use the DevHeaven Community Issue Tracker, so I will try to explain our rationale in this post. First of all, let me thank the people involved in running CIT, such as Sickboy, kju and the rest of its admin staff! Big thanks as well to those who took the time to report issues, work on good repro methods and validating fixes. This has especially helped with the ongoing development of the Operation Arrowhead beta patches. It's good to have a dedicated place to track issues, rather than to contain it all within the forums. That leaves these forums to be a place of discussion and community collaboration. For the Arma 3 Alpha we however wished things from the tracking platform that CIT did not currently do. I have no doubt its creators could eventually implement some of what we needed, but we had to get it up and running very quickly. Most of it was about direct administration control and connections to our own web services. In our vision for Arma 3, the consistent and complete package is important. We feel the Feedback Tracker is part of that, and so it should feel as close as possible to the rest of the websites and the game. If we decide to make a subtle change quickly (e.g. an artwork or disclaimer text), we need to be able to immediately get it done via our own web team. We are also expecting an influx of people who have no experience with CIT or our community at all. We need a platform those people can easily find and use. They should not be confused about whether the platform is official or not. In the end though, no matter what platform is used, the goal is for us to cooperate with you: developers and the community. We'd like to ask you to help us to do that. By reporting issues to us in a good way, we can do our best to correct them. By voting you let us know which issues are of key importance to you. On our end we are getting our pipelines ready to be able to more frequently update the game during Alpha, Beta and the main release. We'll have a default branch on Steam where we release major and tested updates. Interesting for rapid iterations is the Development branch, where we'll let any of our developers update data much more frequently. Sometimes this will break that branch, but a key differentiation to OA's beta patches: data updates are used more. Fixes are not primarily focused on the programmers. Also let me introduce you to our Senior Quality Assurance team member: Astaroth. He will be your Community QA Liaison - which means he'll help the team stay aware of issues being reported and voted on. That's not to say the rest of the team will not also be using FT: we are encouraging as many of our developers as possible to keep an eye on it. We hope CIT can continue to provide its excellent services to many other projects such as the community's. Please join us in creating a stable and optimized Arma 3 game
  5. Russian Alpha Group FSB Spetsnaz Alpha Gropus Anti-terrorist force Spetsgruppa "A", also known as Alpha Group (a popular English name), or Alfa, whose official name is Directorate "A" of the FSB Special Purpose Center (TsSN FSB), is an elite, stand-alone sub-unit of Russia's special forces. It is a dedicated counter-terrorism task force of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which primarily prevents and responds to violent acts in public transportation and buildings. It was created by the Soviet KGB in 1974. Although little is known about the exact nature of its primary directives, it is speculated that the unit is authorised to act under the direct control and sanction of Russia's top political leadership, similar to its sister unit, the Directorate "B" (Vympel), which is officially tasked with protecting Russia's strategic installations. It is also available for extended police duties, for paramilitary operations, and for covert operations, both domestically and internationally. Quote: This is a simple personal config and little retexture (flag and patch) that to add to fsb spetsnaz alpha groups with content of RHS. NOTE: It's a personal config that I wanted to make public, all content is Red Hammer Studios, if RHS in any future similar to this, I will not make support for this Mod and will delete, and equally if there is other problem . Features: - Infantry assault with multicam camo - Group ready - Loadout with tactical AK - Helmet and uniform with flag an path Future plans: this is first release, i will could add other config how field groups and black assault, motorized etc all to time...And i open to hear your suggestions DOWNLOAD: GOODLE DRIVE Cedit and thaks: -Arma 3 by Amazing Game. -Red Hammer Studios ( All the content if they). -Cunico by exlent models. REQUIRE: RHSUSAF RHSAFRF
  6. Hey folks, I've got a glass canopy that's displaying oddly. For testing purposes, I'm using the glass .paa texture and glass .rvmat directly from plane_fighter_03. The rest of the plane has the Blender UV map texture but the body .rvmat from plane_fighter_03. Whenever you look through two layers of glass, the texture behind it displays very weirdly. Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/4MMtfza (it is the same in-game) Any idea what's going on?
  7. Tschuuut

    Attrition - Gamemode

    Hey guys, in the past 3 months I developed a new gamemode. Attrition is a capture the zone gamemode for Arma 3 where three teams try to get the majority of the island to win. The goal of Attrition is to capture more than 90% of the areas on the island. Capturing To capture a city, your team just needs to be the majority in the city. Your team gets resources for every city it captured. If you have a whole area, you get a multiplier. Some cities have item-/vehicleshops, which can only be accessed you captured it. Upgrading To upgrade a base, you have to start a vote. The whole team now gets a dialog, weather they agree or disagree. If your vote gets more than 60% yes, the base slowly starts to change to the upgrade. Some cities can be upgraded too if you have captured them. AI Missions To get money, you can sell loot from AI Missions. This is a perfect way to get weapons, vehicles and ammo. AI Missions are spawning random on the island. They are marked on the map as a violett exclamation mark. If there is no unit left, then exclamation will mark disapper. The gamemode is a bit unbalanced at the moment and there are plenty of things I want to add. It would be cool if I could find some people for playtesting.
  8. Toni's Barrier Menu v1.0 Alpha Q: What is it? A: It is a Small script contained within an Addon that allows users to spawn barriers. Its good for anything from Milsim to Roleplay to just messing around in the Editor. Q: Didn't Someone Already Make a Script Similar to this? A: Yes, Warnerm14 did for Altis Life Framework but his was based on AddActions. Mine is A full GUI based solution and its modular (Can be used as a standalone addon or ported into a mission framework) Features: Inventory button for easy access, Simple to use GUI, Fully customizable, Portable to a mission file if the addon is not what you need. Download/View Source Code From Github Download From Google Drive Lemme know what you all think and feel free to leave a reply with opinions. Please Report issues on Github! :)
  9. AveryTheKitty

    Alpha Lens Flare

    Alpha Lens Flare Alpha Lens Flare is a simple mod that replaces the current lens flare effect with the one from Arma 3's alpha stage. Originally, part of Arma 3 Aegis, I decided to separate it and instead release it solo. :) You can download the mod here: OneDrive Steam Workshop Hope you guys enjoy!
  10. Alpha Hoodies Yesterday, I was watching an Arma 3 Project Life gameplay and I saw that hoodie. I knew it was from alpha but didn't know it was working, so I searched it a bit. I couldn't find anything, there were no classnames, no pictures, no nothing. I checked the original arma 3 files and after an hour I was able to make it work in game. I've made only the texture with desert night camouflage, rest of the textures are Bohemia Interactive's. PS: I know it gives Iteminfo.scope error, has no key and I didn't sign it. I just thought it might inspire the modders with amazing texture skills, so they might retexture these hoodies too, or if life mods want to use these, they can find a sample now. Pics: Link: https://mega.nz/#!7dg2ARSI!HlX-itRACbv_kIhocyCtIXYS6dP98Q1394jQCnrUxYU
  11. Hello, I'am new here and i search on forum and read many manuals but have problem wich one i cant solve. In object builder i have all textures applied to model and have transparent like on this screen: but in-game i only see black backgrounds, i try wit mytexture_co.tga -> paa and witch mytexture_ca.tga -> paa and didnt work. What i do wrong? Sorry for my bad English. Cheers
  12. DnA

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Dear community, On this day we can finally share our plans for the rest of the year! You’ve all survived a long period of unclear and absent information, an insane and unpredictable incident in Greece, and most recently some news not all of you were too happy about. But now I'm incredibly excited to announce ... In less than a week’s time, on Tuesday March 5th, we are releasing our Arma 3 Alpha! :cool: Quick links FREQUENTLY Asked Questions :icon_evil: Edition comparisons Alpha briefing This is one of those things we would not have been able to do without the decision to go with Steam. Now we are finally able to deliver on our promise to release a public Alpha version to you. We think it’s a very cool package with lots of potential. Worry not if the current playable content is a little limited. You all know the Arma platform and what it can do. We will expand the content ourselves and there will be a large amount of extra content for the Q3 2013 release. Why do we concentrate on quality of quantity now? We want to focus your testing and feedback in certain areas - in this case on infantry first. Perhaps the thing I am most enthusiastic about: we are not restricting modding in this version, in fact we encourage it. Create and share scenarios, weapons, vehicles, systems and anything else you can think of. Together we can make the full game release later in the year mind-blowing for those who join us then. A slight caution: we cannot prevent having to still make large changes in our data during Alpha and Beta. This could mean your mission or add-on needs to be updated because we change a config class name for example. We cannot sacrifice that level of internal flexibility until the full release. Check out the new website for all the information. I will personally try to provide more updates on the forums from this point onward. Hope to see your feedback and play some MP on public servers soon! www.arma3.com
  13. Hi, I am trying to reinstall Iron Front from scratch but I am having problems locating the correct patches - the ones I had backed up are reporting as corrupted. Is there a full list of patches from the original along with download links anywhere? I have the version from the BI Store. I have the DLC but it refuses to work unless the game is patched! Regards Jedra
  14. Speederr

    Gunner seat bug

    Hi, Gunner seat in some vehicules is bugged, when a vehicule is moving we can't shot, the view of gunner's seat is too laggy :s.