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  1. impressive work though ... i would recommend not trying to create SQF from within SQF as that is PITA some external tool (or at least a format, some external tool may use) could do wonders here
  2. Thanks for the note. Can you please specify what exactly you would like to have documentation about? And for the installation issue: technically, there is a ReadMe in the ZIP for a reason 😛 (also already stated in the front page that extra steps have to be taken) Updating, again, will happen automatically if one enabled auto-updates and crash-reports
  3. Intel Drop for Arma.Studio - Rewrite: UI-Editor UX-Element CT_EDIT got added CT_STATIC now displays images correctly (as long as they are in a common format 😛 Arma.Studio does not yet support the arma format) Correct display of changes if available Icons for the toolbox (will cause a load error after the update if you already had this open before, that is to be expected and can be ignored) Bug Fixes Removing UX-Elements via `DEL` Multiple background modes "Highlight all" mode causing all displayed elements to have a black border SplashScreen got updated (Casing now is correct; `ArmA.Studio` -> `Arma.Studio`) `CTRL+S` to save the currently active document Config-Editor Bug Fixes You will get notified as usual when starting Arma.Studio - Rewrite. You may also get it via Github: https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-126-1666c48a3eea912f664ea7d5b688729173402315
  4. Another day, another update! This time however, i got the actual release of the UI-Editor https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-118-280fadd641a373b7668f17dd4c1df49c4bb8afe1 Note that it still is in development and while it IS capable of parsing your existing UIs, it currently is not able to correctly parse eg. "safezoneX * x" (aka: SQF code at all) for the values. Will be implemented in an upcomming update (probably tomorrow) Done, either use the auto-update or head to the releases tab on github to get the latest 😉
  5. What version are you actually using? Can you please provide the download link? Also: What windows version are you using? Have you installed .Net Framework 4.6.2? If it is the one currently listed at the front-page that is "original" ArmA.Studio, that is pretty much out of support and will get replaced soon with the rewrite version.
  6. Some In-Development presentation of the upcomming UI-Editor, The file creation and the properties window: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hbwy2QJ0oA Stay tuned for more!
  7. Can you Post the exact error? It might also help to join the discord.
  8. Chances are, you have not right-clicked the zip before extracting thus windows disallowing the libraries from being loaded. The following steps should lead to success: Delete the installation Download latest version Right click the zip downloaded, click on Properties Depending on your OS (Windows 8 or Windows 10) at the very bottom in "security" you have either a checkbox or a button labeled with "allow", click it. Continue as usual from here. Arma.Studio should launch fine now. Reason for that is presumably because i do not sign the executables in any way (as software certificates are costly)
  9. The version mentioned in here: No. However, that one also is no longer running arma directly but rather uses SQF-VM for SQF to run.
  10. As a general question: When you click on "Start" to start the debugger, what would you expect Arma.Studio to do? Right now, it is only executing the currently displayed document. but i am thinking about making it do something like "parse all functions", "execute preinit", ... would that confuse somebody? or is that what you would expect? feel free to express your opinion on tah topic.
  11. Arma.Studio rewrite just produced its first, usable, indev release https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-91-b8cba00789531de356c63cd5649cc8c5bc3ca36a https://github.com/ArmA-Studio/Arma.Studio/releases/tag/AppVeyor-100-665ece029f70919bec8f3d9f94df76b62eec331c Note that the rewrite branch differs a lot from the original release, so for anybody looking to reuplad this please ensure that you do not just override the old release. This is, as of now, its very own thing with just a relation to Arma.Studio (AKA: Featurecomplete compared to the old release still is far) But talking about features: SQF-VM Debugger Support Run currently displayed file Halt on any exception raised Live-Editing of local variables Callstack view on halt Breakpoints Preprocessing Immediate Execution window to execute code during execution or while you debug your code Basic Texteditor functionality Save File Syntax Highlighting for SQF Basic Linting with preprocessor in mind (note that this requires your PBO to have a $PBOPREFIX$ file setup to work properly) Basic Projects Management Dedicated Solution Manager Window to contain all your projects Extensive plugin support Every window you see, is build using a plugin. (Check out the `Help`->`About` info if you do not believe me, or look into your plugin folder directly) Auto-Update Auto-Crashreport Think that is all as of now. Feel free to ask questions if they arise. Kindly regards, X39
  12. Another lil heartbeet but this time with some kinda good news from the rewrite branch: You can download a preview at https://x39.io/Files/ArmAStudio/20200217-Arma.Studio-Rewrite.zip Please read the ReadMe in case you have trouble while testing it out 😉
  13. SQF-VM Release 1.3.2 (RC1) Downloads https://github.com/SQFvm/vm/releases/tag/1.3.2-RC1 https://x39.io/Files/sqfvm/sqfvm-1.3.2-RC1.zip Changelog - CLI: Fixed `--max-instructions` no longer working - CLI: Added `--server PORT` (`-s PORT`) option to start the VM as a connectible server - CLI: Added `--define NAME[=VALUE]` (`-D NAME[=VALUE]`) allowing to add definitions to the PreProcessor - VM: `diag_tickTime` now returns time since VM start in seconds - VM: `assembly__ CODE` command no longer returns assembly reversed - VM: Removed invalid binary operator `ANY != ANY` - VM: Removed duplicate operators - VM: Renamed `exit__ SCALAR` to `exitcode__ SCALAR` due to naming conflict - VM: Renamed `prettyprintsqf__ STRING` to `prettysqf__ STRING` - VM: Fixed `scriptName STRING` setable multiple times - VM: Fixed `time` not being available (was already implemented) - VM: Fixed PreProcessor Endless loop - VM: Fixed PreProcessor double quoted strings no longer ignoring everything inbetween - VM: Fixed `catch` crash - VM: Fixed `STRING in ARRAY` was using case-insensitive comparison - VM: Fixed `ARRAY select ARRAY` error messsage (second type check outputted first type on error) - VM: Fixed `STRING select ARRAY` error messsage (second type check outputted first type on error) - VM: Fixed off-by-one error in `for STRING from SCALAR to SCALAR step SCALAR` when `step` was not equal to 1 or -1 - VM: Fixed code comparison was checking address space instead of on equality of instructions (`CODE isEqualTo CODE`) - VM: Fixed `alive OBJECT` erroring instead of returning `false` and just warning on `objNull` - VM: Fixed single `.` getting detected as number - VM: Fixed disabling `sleep SCALAR` and using it later would cause an infinite loop - VM: Fixed disabling warnings - VM: Fixed disabling runtime warnings would not properly disable them - VM: Fixed distance2d copy paste issue causing index out of range - VM: Fixed `isEqualTo` not doing reference == reference check first - VM: Fixed nil passed to command would error instead of warn - VM: Fixed unclosed `#ifdef` and `#ifndef` not warning and returning data. - VM: Fixed possible STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN on Windows Server due to console_width() - VM: Fixed including the same file multiple times triggered "Recursive include detected" - VM: Fixed code stringification having wrong parenthesis - VM: Fixed Nested `#ifdef` error being raised when include files got included inside `#ifdef`, `#ifndef` and `#else` block. - VM: Fixed Taling Slash in virtual mappings would prevent mappings from working - VM: Added support for 2-Dimensional `distance` - VM: Added `waitUntil CODE` operator - VM: Added `ARRAY distance2d ARRAY` operator - VM: Added `OBJECT distance2d ARRAY` operator - VM: Added `ARRAY distance2d OBJECT` operator - VM: Added `OBJECT distance2d OBJECT` operator - VM: Added `ANY execVM STRING` and `execVM STRING` - VM: Added Warning on undefined-variable usage - VM: Added `CODE provide__ ARRAY` to allow to provide implementation for an operator - VM: Added `terminate SCRIPT` operator - VM: Added `STRING splitString STRING` operator - VM: Added `ARRAY deleteRange ARRAY` - VM: Added `assembly__ STRING` variant of `assembly__ CODE` - VM: Added `tree__ CODE` variant of `tree__ STRING` - VM: Added `prettysqf__ CODE` variant of `prettysqf__ STRING` - VM: Added `pretty__ CODE` alias of `prettysqf__ CODE` - VM: Added `STRING in STRING` - VM: Added `remoteConnect__ STRING` to connect to a SQF-VM instance running as server - VM: Added `copyToClipboard STRING` - VM: Added `scopeName STRING`
  14. SQF-VM now has testing ❤️ https://github.com/SQFvm/vm/tree/master/tests so now is the best time to join the project, even if you only know SQF 💪
  15. SQF-VM Release 1.2.2 (RC1) Downloads https://github.com/SQFvm/vm/releases/tag/1.2.2-RC1 https://x39.io/Files/sqfvm/sqfvm-1.2.2-RC1.zip Changelog - CLI: Added `--command-dummy-nular name` to add dummy commands. - CLI: Added `--command-dummy-unary name` to add dummy commands. - CLI: Added `--command-dummy-binary 4|name` to add dummy commands. - CLI: Added `--no-assembly-creation` which allows to disable the creation of executable assembly (useful for `--parse-only` as it will enhance the speed) - VM: Error messages of preproc now contain line, col and file info - VM: SQF-Parsing performance improvement - VM: File System Overhauled - VM: Changed library load failed message - VM: All filepaths printed now are absolute. - VM: Added warning on data after `#include` - VM: Added `assembly__ CODE` unary operator - VM: Added `createMarker [STRING, OBJECT]` - VM: Added `__LINE__` and `__FILE__` support for PreProcessor - VM: Fixed crash when not providing enough params in preproc - VM: Fixed `--parse-only` returning `-1` as exit code - VM: Fixed parser not detecting eg. `.5` - VM: Fixed numbers with tailing `-` operator, are parsed invalidly - VM: Fixed `/*/` getting parsed as open & close block comment - VM: Fixed `###R` not producing `#R` - VM: Fixed macro with args blocking same text without args - VM: Fixed commas in strings invalidly getting parsed as separator for macros - VM: Fixed local path not properly working with #include - VM: Fixed #file macro getting `]\t` attached - VM: Fixed Number Exponent parsing bug - VM: Fixed `ceil` being recognized as `cei` - VM: Fixed immediate \ after macro name not getting read proper - VM: Fixed `#ifdef` etc. still allowing strings when false - VM: Fixed `in` always returning true - VM: Fixed `isNil CODE` causing an endless loop - VM: Fixed CODE type getting constructed wrong, causing the work stack to never be emptied - VM: Fixed calling code wiped current variable stack. - VM: Fixed missing l on null for null objects - VM: Fixed passing nil would sometimes still execute an unary or binary operator - VM: Fixed getvariable returning wrong value type if nil - VM: Fixed `callExtension` required file extension on linux - VM: Fixed `ARRAY select SCALAR` erroring on index == size - VM: Fixed crash when numbers exceeded valid range (`std::out_of_range` now gets catched and a `NaN` type is created. Warning gets emitted) - VM: Fixed `createMarker ARRAY` is returning first value of position instead of string