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  1. Warlords

    Is there any way to edit the sector modules like regular triggers? Like setting a width of for example 75m and a height of 50m? We also need an option to set the size of the dead zone around a sector. Now it is fixed to 200m if i'm correct. This totally kills the ability to use Warlords for small scale missions like i'm trying on Zargabad.
  2. I answered your ticket on the BugTracker, but also here for others to read: I think you are talking about the green night vision, right? No, the gunner optics (TADS - Target Acquisition Designation Sight) doesn't have that. It has CCTV (normal cam) and FLIR in different modes. What both, the pilot and the gunner have is, the so called PNVS (Pilot Night Vision Sensor). This is basically a helmet mounted display with the NVGs as you know it. (Source: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/ah-64a-d-apache-ah-1z-viper.369367/) (Source: https://www.forecastinternational.com/archive/disp_pdf.cfm?DACH_RECNO=845)
  3. English only, please.
  4. Never mix CUP and RHS since both mods differ in damage models.
  5. Good evening Ladies and Gentelmen The Community Upgrade Project (CUP) is still looking for helpers to further improve our mods. What we need: - Skrip/Config Gurus - 3D Wizzards - Terrain Magicians - Insane people in general What do you get: - A lot of #350 - Unnecessary Tags, mostly when you sleep - No fame - A lot of shitstorms why the mods are so big What you seriously get: - All the above - Access to a metric ton of data, information and knowledge - A wide range of useful contacts to Legends of the Armaverse (Marvel just bought the film rights to "Legends of the Armaverse" for #350) What you are working on: - Whatever you want, whenever you want... Sort of... Did we catch your interest? Visit us on our discord for more information! https://discord.me/cup-arma3 Also, some stuff we are working on:
  6. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    4) What about free 3rd party premium DLCs? Is this an option, too? 5) What will the rules be regarding mentisation? What if a DLC creator doesn''t want his mod to be monetised?
  7. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    1) Who will be in charge of the final quality management? 2) Many items in modifications for the armaverse are actually copyright protected (but everybody looks away). What's with new content that might, or might not be copyright protected (oshkosh, colt, vehicle and firearms trademarks in general...)? 3) Who will handle legal questions if 3rd party rights beeing violated, either by the creator or the creators rights by others?
  8. Photoshop to PAA exporter

    Nice work, mate!
  9. The map data is already split from the rest resulting in CUP Terrains - Core (shared by all maps like buildings, vegetation, config, ect. ~6,5GB) and CUP Terrains - Maps (only map data like satmaps, hightmaps, ect. ~1,5GB). This being said, no, maps won't be split up in single downloads because there is no sense in it. Not from a developer view, nor the majority of users.
  10. Afaik PWS is the only platform that has Version history.
  11. I forwarded your request to some experienced sound gurus, maybe you are lucky and somebody as the time for you. Cheers
  12. You are right. The list as it is now is pretty much useless. Also little details are known on what makes a community suitable to be approved. What are the conditions to approve a community for monetisation? Is it just their word to enforce the rules given by BI or what...? Registering a community should not be the only part in this process, also the server that they are using should be registered with a valid adress and port, also shown public next to their registered community name. As @m1lkm8n said, we do lack a system of reporting violaters that are on that list, but what about unregistered communities that are monetising their server, further more with content that is prohibited to be monetised? EDIT: I just realized this already is avaliable...
  13. RSO Buildings pack

    I'm sorry to hear that you are going "underground". It's really a shame what a little number of so called "modders" do to our community. But since this went down on steam ws and the way this dips*it acted, i'd DMCA him straight away. If you join up on the #ip_rights_violation channel on arma 3 discord some experienced guys can guide you through the process. Also there is a new website in developement that helps modders like you to track down violaters on steam ws and you can take them down as easy as ordering a pizza.
  14. @22ndmeu I'm sorry to tell you, but you ARE running CWA at startup. Otherwise the server you are trying to connect would't bitch around. Causes could be: - you are running CUP Terrains CWA - you are running CUP Terrains Complete - you are running a 3rd pary mod that includes CUP Terrains CWA (full or in parts, in which is dump and fucked up...) - you moved all CUP Terrains into one big folder and runnign it from there.
  15. I wouldn't say that. Sure, many DMCA reports i did thanks to "The Tool" where from china and russia, but the most reports (you woudn't believe it) where actually from france... But that's not the topic right here, so let's get back to it: Thanks to the hard work of OPTiX, Dscha and Arkensor we can soon seach not only for reuploaded PBOs, but also for content that is inside a PBO, like ripped models and such. This means more possibilities for us right holders, but also more work (sadly). And speaking of more work, some modders (including me) recived a mail from Valve to limit our reports to 25 a day. Since the release of "The Tool" it seems that Valve can't handle the ammount of reports anymore (yes, we broke steam ^^). Sure, some may say fuck that and for valve to employ more ppl on the department. But i suggest to take it slow and let them realize for real that there is a huge problem on the rise, or even pretty existent. Hopefully Steam AND Bohemia Interactive take the latest events and do something good with it.