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  1. We do not keep old versions. You might have luck and find a torrent to the previous version.
  2. For what reason...?
  3. And I'm not finished with the new sounds...
  4. Never trust the ingame server browser. Use the launcher server browser to be save. The ingame browser often shows a false negative.
  5. Yes. Konyo was so kind to give us the permission to do so.
  6. It's MCC screwing with you, so no CUP issue.
  7. audiocustoms


    Is there any way to edit the sector modules like regular triggers? Like setting a width of for example 75m and a height of 50m? We also need an option to set the size of the dead zone around a sector. Now it is fixed to 200m if i'm correct. This totally kills the ability to use Warlords for small scale missions like i'm trying on Zargabad.
  8. I answered your ticket on the BugTracker, but also here for others to read: I think you are talking about the green night vision, right? No, the gunner optics (TADS - Target Acquisition Designation Sight) doesn't have that. It has CCTV (normal cam) and FLIR in different modes. What both, the pilot and the gunner have is, the so called PNVS (Pilot Night Vision Sensor). This is basically a helmet mounted display with the NVGs as you know it. (Source: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/ah-64a-d-apache-ah-1z-viper.369367/) (Source: https://www.forecastinternational.com/archive/disp_pdf.cfm?DACH_RECNO=845)
  9. English only, please.
  10. Never mix CUP and RHS since both mods differ in damage models.
  11. Good evening Ladies and Gentelmen The Community Upgrade Project (CUP) is still looking for helpers to further improve our mods. What we need: - Skrip/Config Gurus - 3D Wizzards - Terrain Magicians - Insane people in general What do you get: - A lot of #350 - Unnecessary Tags, mostly when you sleep - No fame - A lot of shitstorms why the mods are so big What you seriously get: - All the above - Access to a metric ton of data, information and knowledge - A wide range of useful contacts to Legends of the Armaverse (Marvel just bought the film rights to "Legends of the Armaverse" for #350) What you are working on: - Whatever you want, whenever you want... Sort of... Did we catch your interest? Visit us on our discord for more information! https://discord.me/cup-arma3 Also, some stuff we are working on:
  12. audiocustoms

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    4) What about free 3rd party premium DLCs? Is this an option, too? 5) What will the rules be regarding mentisation? What if a DLC creator doesn''t want his mod to be monetised?