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  1. Well, the FAL actually uses the anims by Toadie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. The Wiki is undergoing some maintenance right now, not sure how long it will last. Sorry...
  3. You can find our weekly dev builds on the steam workshop page of the CUP account.
  4. We are indeed planing on upgrading the buildings. First opening them up if possible and pimping the visual quality first. Adding interiours would we the follow up step then. The hardest part of this sadly is, finding people who have the experinece and will to take on this task. We are looking for 3D artists that want to join in for quite some time now, but there are not many around. I hope this answers your question. If you know guys who want to help out, maybe even you, join our discord and lets have a chat.
  5. We do not keep old versions. You might have luck and find a torrent to the previous version.
  6. And I'm not finished with the new sounds...
  7. Never trust the ingame server browser. Use the launcher server browser to be save. The ingame browser often shows a false negative.
  8. Yes. Konyo was so kind to give us the permission to do so.
  9. It's MCC screwing with you, so no CUP issue.
  10. audiocustoms


    Is there any way to edit the sector modules like regular triggers? Like setting a width of for example 75m and a height of 50m? We also need an option to set the size of the dead zone around a sector. Now it is fixed to 200m if i'm correct. This totally kills the ability to use Warlords for small scale missions like i'm trying on Zargabad.