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  1. paa.gruppe-adler.de is a free image to PAA / PAA to PNG converter that works 100% in the browser. Features: Simple user interface Works 100% in the browser (by employing Webassembly), which means your files won't be sent to any server Works even when offline (after you've visited the website once) Links: Gruppe Adler Homepage GitHub
  2. DerZade


    @GamerOnkel @Reptilienski Yes BOC doesn't work in the arsenal while within the EDEN editor. There are modules you could use for that purpose (see screenshot below and you can read about it here), but yes indeed it would be a nice addition to add better EDEN Support via an attribute or similar.
  3. DerZade


    What doesn't work in the 3d editor?
  4. DerZade

    Gruppe Adler SlingHelmet

    Update 1.2 + Added @ Fixed ^ Improved ^ Updated license to GRAD APL Version 1.1 + SAM3 compability (thx Rille220) + FoW WW2 compability (thx Alessandro Romanelli) + IFA3 compability (thx Alessandro Romanelli) Available on: GitHub: Downloads can be found under Releases. Steam Workshop: Subscribe to GRAD SlingHelmet on Steam Workshop and automatically get the latest releases.
  5. DerZade

    Gruppe Adler SlingHelmet

    I'm sorry to disappoint, but we haven't planned a non-ACE version in the near future.
  6. Visit Gruppe Adler on our Website | YouTube | Twitter Description Gruppe Adler SlingHelmet (GRAD_slingHelmet) is a mod for Arma 3, which adds the functionality of slinging your helmet onto your belt to make space for other (decorative) headwear on your head. All information can be found on our GitHub Page. Features Sling your helmet to your belt. Implementation through ACE Self Interaction Menu Full multiplayer compatibility (incl. JIP) Zeus compatibility Set of functions for mission/script creators Function to add your own helmets to the whitelist (Docs) Supported Mods Vanilla 3CB BAF Equipment SMA (partially) ARC GER Project Opfor RHS R3F BW Mod IFA3 FoW WW2 SAM3 Only viable Helmets are supported by default, although this can be changed via CBA settings. You can find a full list of supported helmets here. If you find any helmets which you think should be supported or want to add helmets from a completely different mod, feel free to open a pull request or contact us. Further information on all the ways to whitelist headgear can be found on the corresponding wiki page. Dependencies ACE3 License This project is licensed under GRAD APLv1.1. Downloads GitHub: Downloads can be found under Releases. Steam Workshop: Subscribe to GRAD SlingHelmet on Steam Workshop and automatically get the latest releases. Documentation You can check out the full documentation in our GitHub Wiki. Video More images
  7. DerZade


    A little bit of scripting is required, but this should be easily fixed with an GetOut Event Handler and this function. There is a overview of all functions on my GitHub Page. If you have any further problems, please don't hesitate contacting me. :)
  8. DerZade


    Why should it be broken? There are no major bugs at the moment and I still got some plans but the lack of motivation and time at the moment will delay those :) You can check on all the bugs on my GitHub page: https://github.com/DerZade/BackpackOnChest I always add an issue there, when someone reports a bug.
  9. DerZade


    Hey Enoch, I'm happy that you and your clan likes it. Actually I haven't heard about problems with the gunbags, so thanks for the report, I'll investigate the problem.
  10. DerZade

    replace default rope model

    @CheyenneAH56 All you did was changing the vanilla model of the classes 'RopeSegment' & 'Rope' to the previous one but with hidden selection textures. Right or wrong? Of course you did some further little changes to allow the hidden selection textures to work.
  11. DerZade


    First of all thanks, I'm happy that you like it :) The new button is just for performing the action whilst in the arsenal. There is no other arsenal implementation, ergo the BOC won't be saved in your loadouts. If you want to add BOC for editor units you have to use the provided mission modules and functions instead. (Documentation)
  12. DerZade


    I'll just recycle the answer I posted on my steam workshop page a few days ago.
  13. DerZade


    Yes of course. (https://github.com/DerZade/BackpackOnChest/releases). I update BOC on all platforms (except Armaholic) before or at least shortly after I post the news in this forum. I can't update on Armaholic by myself, so you have to wait until the guys of the Armaholic team (thanks for that btw) will do that.
  14. DerZade


    Update 1.2.0 Changelog: + Added ^ Improved @ Fixed + A new button in the arsenal screen, which allows you to swap and switch the backpack to chest and back without leaving the arsenal ^ Functions actionOnChest, actionOnBack and actionSwap are now fail proof for release on the wiki page @ Exploit that allowed you to run after picking up a crate and putting it back down while wearing a backpack on chest @ Some magazines weren't recognized and therefore not preserved (thanks to Jack Ost) Known Issues: - Ammo of static weapons is not handled. When a static is switched to chest and back again, a partially filled or missing magazine will be recreated as a full magazine. Documentation: https://github.com/DerZade/BackpackOnChest/wiki Github: https://github.com/DerZade/BackpackOnChest Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820924072 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28838 PlayWith6: http://withsix.com/p/Arma-3/mods/Dw_gW6YuI0KbuTzShn1VWQ/backpack-on-chest-mod
  15. DerZade

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    I'm having this issue especially since the last update. I can confirm, that the game sometimes recovers this can happens after a couple of seconds but I also had some occurrences where it did recover after 30+ seconds.