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  1. willard

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    I'm getting 18:30:02 Error in expression <["_returnDistance", false]]; _area = +_area call BIS_fnc_getArea; _pos = _po> 18:30:02 Error position: <+_area call BIS_fnc_getArea; _pos = _po> 18:30:02 Error +: Type Object, expected Number,Array,Not a Number 18:30:02 File A3\functions_f\misc\fn_inTrigger.sqf, line 24 when I pass a trigger object to BIS_fnc_randomPos. It doesn't happen in Stable branch.
  2. It seems like it is fixed in the 1.58 RC (at least I couldn't repro it). To prevent the spam you can add the startup parameter -noLogs to your server, this will disable rpt logging.
  3. willard

    A-10C for Arma 3

    The A-10 behaves a little bit weird when the tail touches the ground: . No other mods were installed, game version was 1.44.
  4. willard

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Really nice mod, any chance of getting CCIP/CCRP, especially for dumb bombs?
  5. Okay, i copied the userconfig Folder manually from my Mod Folder to the A3 root Folder and now it works. Thanks mate!
  6. I getting this error with playWith-SIX and with the Normal Launcher: I tried to paste the VQI_Settings_EOD.hpp manually, but the error still reappears.
  7. willard

    United States Air Force

    An AC-130 and a KC-135, but no KC-130? :( I want to refuel my Helos. Are you planning on doing something like this?