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  1. christian2526

    ATMT - Trava (4x4km terrain)

    A new link will be provided soon
  2. What i think alot of terrains which are based on reallife data are missing is gameplay-ability. They are made as close to real life as possible, but for the sake of gameplay, arma requires smaller towns, many villages and unique features. An airport is something a map shouldnt miss. I would always recommend to stay away from large rock formations, tunnels or anything where Rocks get repetetive and glitchy. Also, AI doesnt like them. IceBreakr made some of the best terrains, looking back to Lingor, towns just as big to be looked at as cities, small enough to be played in. Numbers do count - I have seen countless terrains with 10x10km or 20x20km with 10 towns, those maps are useless for playing arma. I think arma requires maps which feature atleast 40+ villages or towns. Plus farms and such. Islands? Yes! Simply because Islands are way nicer in Arma than having an endless out of map zone. In Weferlingen (new DLC map) Ai can be seen just driving around the map. Also important are ground textures, i think some of the best are of course in vanilla but also in Lingor. Dont make them too bright, too shiny or to detailed, remember, they repeat themselfs.
  3. I`ve got to say, that ACMAT is beautyful! I have been waiting so long to see it in ArmA, even tried to make it myself...Looking forward to your mod guys!
  4. christian2526

    3CB Factions

    Fainally! Thank you guys alot, this is truly great work!
  5. christian2526

    Custom Loot Spawning

    No. This sction is for posting complete mods, you may ask questions in the thread of such mod. If you want to ask something exile specific, I highly recormmend you look for their thread in this forum and post it inside there. But still, your best bet for a quick solution will be the Exile Forums.
  6. christian2526

    Custom Loot Spawning

    Wrong Section, your best bet would be posting in on the Exile Mod Forums.
  7. hype hype hype :D Looks promising!
  8. christian2526

    Arma Mod France [WIP]

    Awesome! Now I am even more looking forward to this! Thank you!
  9. christian2526

    Arma Mod France [WIP]

    Hi there, a small Question, is there a possibility to see the new VT4 Mk2 (Defence Blog Post about it) in your mod? I feel like ArmA is missing such an unarmored therefore fast alternative. Anyways, thank you for putting the time and effort in! Regards, Christian
  10. christian2526

    Arma Mod France [WIP]

    Really looking forward to this :)
  11. Hi there, can I limit the amount of e.g. magazines in the ace Arsenal? Regards, Chris
  12. christian2526

    Enhanced Movement

    Well, if your "experienced" players have trouble to read a readme, then I would first question their experience and then teach them how to use it. There is tons of people who do not play Exile and this mod is not specificly made for Exile. I like it the way it is.
  13. christian2526

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    I was looking forward to this type of Wolf as it really fits the ArmA 3 Theme in my opinion, maybe BW Mod will supply this variant :)
  14. christian2526

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Mondkalb ist developer of said mod. Itd very active, check their discord. Now back to topic :) Redd and Tank, your vehicles are awesome! To sad their will be no hard top version of the Wolf. Thats wahts really missing.