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  1. Arma Mod France [WIP]

    Awesome! Now I am even more looking forward to this! Thank you!
  2. Arma Mod France [WIP]

    Hi there, a small Question, is there a possibility to see the new VT4 Mk2 (Defence Blog Post about it) in your mod? I feel like ArmA is missing such an unarmored therefore fast alternative. Anyways, thank you for putting the time and effort in! Regards, Christian
  3. Arma Mod France [WIP]

    Really looking forward to this :)
  4. Hi there, can I limit the amount of e.g. magazines in the ace Arsenal? Regards, Chris
  5. Enhanced Movement

    Well, if your "experienced" players have trouble to read a readme, then I would first question their experience and then teach them how to use it. There is tons of people who do not play Exile and this mod is not specificly made for Exile. I like it the way it is.
  6. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    I was looking forward to this type of Wolf as it really fits the ArmA 3 Theme in my opinion, maybe BW Mod will supply this variant :)
  7. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Mondkalb ist developer of said mod. Itd very active, check their discord. Now back to topic :) Redd and Tank, your vehicles are awesome! To sad their will be no hard top version of the Wolf. Thats wahts really missing.
  8. Welcome to Trava! Trava is a 4x4km terrain which features large forests mixed with small villages and military installations. It feels a bit like Charnarus, yet is way smaller and has denser forests. To have the best expirence you should go out on foot or light ground vehicles. The villages offer plenty of opperunities for close quatrer combat. The terrain is desigend for ground to ground combat with light vehicles and infantry combat. There are mainly mud "roads", so don`t even try using tanks, you will be slow and in the woods you will only be an easy target for infantry based anti-tank weapons! Check out Janovice the capital of Trava! Trava is based on reallife terrain data out of the czech republic, all villages are hand made and edited in. The real data only offers a large forest. Creation of this terrain took around 3 months, yet we took longer breaks inbetween. The terrain is only a test for us at ATMT, we tested our skills, worked on our workflow and prepared ourselfs for our main project which will remain hidden for now. This terrain will be updated soon and a further couple times, it is not perfect and never will be, as it only serves as a test ground for our skills. There are no custom buildings to come as we do not have a 3D Modeller, our terrains will depend on other mods such as CUP or JBAD. Feel free to send me anything you notice, any bugs and we wish to be criticised. This is our very first terrain. What is ATMT`? ATMT - Another Terrain Makers Team - is a small team consisting of three terrain developers who strive to bring terrains to arma which build upon real data but are heavily fictional for the sake of gameplay. Our goal is to learn how to make good playable terrains and to provide terrains for ArmA 3 and hopefully ArmA 4 as soon as it drops. We do not focus on a specific type of map, we are currently also working on a desert map. And now, enjoy the terrain! Please give us feedback! For feedback and wip updates make sure to join our Discord This addon is released under APL-SA lisence, do not upload any copies of this addon to steam workshop or anywhere else without permission. You are not allowed to use this terrain in "mod packs" for clans or life servers. You can always use a workshop collection, we just dont want not-up-to-date addon versions floating around the internet. You may not use this addon on monetized servers. Checkout actual ingame screenshots! Credits: Thank you, -Sonic- for helping me placing down the thousands of objects and providing me with ideas! Thank you, Dragon for continued support throughout the process of creating this terrain and sharing ideas and workflows. Thank you, Task Force Dagger Clan for support and feedback. Thank you, creators of the Community Upgrade Project, without the Terrains Core package this map would be really empty. DOWNLOAD HERE DOWNLOAD MIRROR (We will be hosting a server with the terrain soon on which insurgency with ace and rhs can be played. Check discord for Infos!)
  9. YuEmod

    Ah thank you for your response, that of course makes sense! Maybe you can reformulate this to something more understandable, like "You are not allowed to use this mod on monetized Servers."
  10. YuEmod

    So, one is not allowed to use your mod on a Server? Althrough your mod mostly features RHS Assets reconfiged, except your added items? I would like to know why you set such a rule? (my question is not meant to be offensive in any way, i would just like to know)
  11. Hi there, first off, thank you for producing the mod. I am overwhelmed by the quality and quantity. Love the vehicles and uniforms/vests. However I think the gun sounds are a bit off, I know it is difficult to m ake "the right" sound, yet the G36 in other mods sounds nicer. Anyways, this is my opinion and other than that, I do really enjoy the mod. Thank you, Christian
  12. Ravage Mod

    Indeed, Bystrica does not have any Location defined.
  13. Make sure you .dll Files are the right ones, for x32 or x64 and put them as well into the root directory. I had the same error.
  14. 6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    Hi there, those ATV`s do look very good! If you need more reference material, check this site https://www.flickr.com/photos/world_armies , recently alot of pictures of those ATV`s have been added.