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Found 3 results

  1. "En avant ! Au cœur de l'action" Operation Frenchpoint marks his return to the ArmA scene by presenting the new foundations of its project. Determined to evolve the project with new and concrete ideas, OFrP took its time, but be certain, OFrP is back! For fifteen years, Operation Frenchpoint has been the result of passionate who has gone through the years and episodes of the ArmA license. Complete, well-kept and optimized, OFrP will offer ArmA 3 even more resources than on the previous opus, as well as exclusive features. Conventional units, Special Forces, armored, non-armored and support vehicles, helicopters and aircraft, and even some ships… Stay tuned! QUALITY, A STORY OF PATIENCE The OFrP method Our work aims to be quality work, while taking into account our limitations in terms of documentation and time we can invest in. Given the size of the equipment of our armed forces, the wait may seem long, but it is necessary to obtain the best result. OUR « QUALITY CHECKLIST » ·Create very realistic models ·Optimize to integrate it in-game ·Focus on details of all materials ·Create an optimal technical configuration ·Test and approve before publishing Release date At this time, the team is focus on the development of the infantry pack, which will be the first release of OFrP. We have many things to do, re-work, correct, and think about some features. Others packs will come subsequently, when the infantry pack would be in an advanced state, like wheeled vehicle, armored vehicle, helicopters and others. In others words, we don't have any idea when the first pack will come out. Waiting is long, but it is worth the blow of it. OFrP Needs You ! You are a talented 3D artist, a Developer who codes blindfolded, an A-Team Sound Designer… And doing this on ArmA with french speaking people* does not scare you? So we certainly have an unpaid, time-consuming job that can also make you lose faith in humanity. Still not discouraged? Perfect ! So join us. Take a look around the project, and when you feel ready, introduce yourself on our forum! *Most of the members can interact in english, with a pretty interesting accent
  2. by Gemini "OPEX is a masterpiece." (Sowens) "This mod is awesome and should be approved by Bohemia." (Unknown) "You have made what I've been looking for since a very long time." (Guim's) "My friends and I are now only playing this mission." (Neall) "It's a titan work. Respect." (BingaNarko) "Thank you and go on, you're the best dude I have a poor PC and OPEX is running fantastic." (NeXoWw) "God bless you !! To be honest I've never seen someone who is so reactive and attentive to the community's feedback." (Bobzap / Sayker) "This mission is becoming so epic. I love it."(xaxa) ..... DESCRIPTION OPEX: Opérations Extérieures (External Operations) is an immersive fully dynamical task generator introducing the French Army fighting against terrorist organizations all over the world ! AUTHOR'S NOTE Bonjour ! I have to be honest, OPEX has totally be inspired by MSO from ArmA II, so all credits should go to its development team. After I tried it, I thought the idea of a fully dynamical task generator was brilliant, but there was some features that was not perfectly fitting to what I was expecting and some others that were missing. Firstly, I tried to customize MSO but I finally chose to rebuild everything from scratch. It's certainly not as good as the original one but after more than 5 years of development (yeah, really !), and even if there are still many things to do (correcting all bugs, creating versions for some other maps, adding new tasks, optimizing all scripts...) I must say I'm pretty satisfied of what I did so far. It was initially a personnal project, but I thought maybe someone else could now be interested too so I'm proud to present today the first public relase ! I hope some of you will enjoy... MAIN FEATURES SP & MP compatible Option menu at startup to customize the mission by enabling/disabling/modifying included features Mission entirely built with random parameters for unlimited replayability Let the engine select a random task or select it by yourself among various ones (patrol, defend, attack, rescue...) Additional unique tasks depending on maps, to use some of their unique features (example: searching for caves on FATA...) Fully unpredictible situations to increase stress and realism: in opposite of most of all other similar task generators, enemy strength is fully random and is not based on players numbers Many random AI activities: patrols, ambushes, assaults, kamikazes, weapons caches, IEDs... Dynamical civilian activities Civilian interactions Dynamical reputation: take care of the local population, otherwise it may rise against you Credits system to recruit AI units and to order supplies and vehicles Gain credits when performing good actions (succeeding task, destroying weapon cache, neutralizing IED, arresting suspect...) Lose credits when performing bad actions (failing task, killing civilian, arresting innocent people...) Unlock AI supports by succeeding tasks (example: rescue a pilot to unlock airstrike support) Random starting time with faster day/night cycle to simulates long time operations Improved AI friendly units: they are now able to automatically assign/unassign NVG/flashlight/silencer by themselves, depending on the daytime and on their behaviour instructions Improved AI enemy units: they are now able to board into the nearest empty armed vehicle / static defense in case of danger Optimized AI behaviour (thanks to R3F AiComTarget script) Move and transport almost every item (thanks to R3F Logistic script) Random and dynamic weather (thanks to code34 for his script - I modified it a bit so weather's evolution is now depending on world regions) Ambiance house lights and ambiance animals (thanks to TPW for his scripts) Futurist but realistic electronic tactical glasses (thanks to TPW for his script - I modified it to create motion detector and hearbeat functions) Live video feeds (thanks to BangaBob for his script) Drag injured and dead bodies (thanks to BangaBog for his script) Little immersion tweaks: light sensitive map and NVG's optimized utilisation (thanks to Viperidae for his scripts) Map gestures with nearby players (thanks to dslyecxi for his script) Customizable MP synchronized music receiver for listening music tracks into vehicles Revive & respawn systems Primary needs function: eat, drink and sleep to avoid bad effects Fully functionnal HQ: refuel vehicles, rearm, treat yourself and eat/drink/sleep into the dedicated areas Functions to deactivate/delete that usless units and vehicles to save computer/server ressources Semi-persistent mission*: you can save your progression between each task Compatible with Zeus Compatible with additional mods (ACE3, TFAR, ACRE2, bCombat, ASR AI3, Winter 2035...) French and English localizations And much more ! HOW TO INSTALL OPEX ? For this video, please do activate subtitles to get more detailed information. VIDEOS PICTURES GAMEPLAY SERIES [FR] MrRatSuper [FR] TypeX [FR] Faiavan INTERVIEWS [FR] RackBoy REQUIRED ADDONS / DEPENDENCIES New ! Altis and Tanoa versions of OPEX are now playable WITHOUT ANY MOD (but be aware, in this case some features are disabled) ! In a perfect world, I wish I could avoid gamers to download any addon or mod. But as the main goal of OPEX is to bring a fun and different ArmA experience, and if you are getting bored to play as a US soldier, take some time for downloading these files (most of them are used by a large part of the ArmA community by the way): Download all required addons with only one click by subscribing the official OPEX mod collection on Steam. Download all optional addons with only one click by subscribing the official OPEX extra mod collection on Steam. Note that OPEX is compatible with: ACE3 Task Force Radio ACRE2 Winter 2035 COMMUNITY FEEDBACK Don't hesitate to share your feedback, your suggestions and to report all bugs you may have encountered here on the official BIS forum, or on Steam. KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES (any help is welcome !) Picture pictures\overview.paa not found at startup when joining server despite the picture is present in the mission folder, I don't know how to fix this. Ambient civilian vehicles are sometimes spawning on buildings (so they explode) when playing on some unofficial maps. It seems to happen because some ArmA I / ArmA II buildings are not recognized by the engine ? The armory may take some time to initialize ion MP (you may see a few weapons or objects flying at start-up). Just wait a few seconds, everything should automatically move on the walls (maybe a server sync problem ?). Ambient AI animations may sometimes be weired when playing on MP TO DO LIST (Extreme prioriy): fix all bugs reported by the community (High priority): add many new tasks (High prioriy): create version for many other maps (High priority): always reduce addon dependency as much as possible (Medium priority): add more details to briefings (Medium priority): add notes and tips (example: how to use tactical glasses...) (Medium priority): optimize and tweak all scripts and functions (or better: rewrite everything because so many time has passed since the first code I wrote !) (Low priority): correct current localizations and add new ones (will require some translators !) (Low priority): create more information for each civilian (date of birth, adress, job...) via setVariable command in Gemini_fnc_civilianInteractionsBehaviours function, so scan interaction could be more interesting (Low priority): maybe replace current units and vehicles with more realistic ones when they will be available (OFrP ?) SPECIAL THANKS Bohemia Interactive, for the best military games ever (OFP/ArmA serie) code34 and MSO/PO3/ALiVE developpers, for the dynamic/random mission concept Kamih, for the first MP tests during the early development HeroesandvillainsOS, Vengeance1, Scimitar and Sumsun93 for their precious feedbacks BangaBob, for the live feed and drag body scripts Binesi, for the defend/patrol tasks scripts code34, for the dyamic and MP compatible weather script dslyecxi, for the ShackTack Map Gestures script KC Grimes, for the building occupation script Killzone Kid, for its optimized random position script R3F team, for their Logistic and AiComTarget scripts Seth Duda, for its towing scripts TPW, for the hud, houselights, streetlights and animals scripts Viperidae, for the Little Immersion Tweaks scripts Meh44, for the Russian translation Tonic, for the Virtual Vehicle Spawner script All addon and mod makers whose creations are used in this mission: ACE team, ACRE team, CBA team, CUP team, Icebreakr, James2464, Keeway, Minimalco & Robster, Nkey, R3F team, RHS team, X-Cam team And fore sure, thanks to all the OFP/ArmA community for thinking, creating and sharing so many brilliant additionnal content If I forgot to mention someone, please excuse me and contact me ! SPECIAL DEDICATIONS To the old OFP french community, that participates to give me the passion for this game: bobmoran Chris Young DieAngelo Drakkhen Ei8ght Flashpointgamer Hôpdeux horrido Karax Lodu Nico Occitania Renaud SoldierIsNotHistory SPQR uiox Wolf_51 Xela89 And above all, many many many thanks to my wife, who is so patient and comprehensive every time I am only thinking about scripting ! IN MEMORIAM This mission is dedicated to the memory of Faiavan (1979-2018). DON'T FORGET TO RATE IT ! If you enjoy this mission and want to motivate the author to keep it up-to-date, please click on the 5 stars on the top of this web page and on the thumbs up button on the top of the Steam web page ! DONATIONS If you would like to support the author's projects, you can also make a donation via PayPal by clicking here. CHANGELOG * Please keep in mind that OPEX may be more or less often updated in order to enhance it. If you play it, do it at your own risk, please do not complain if a saved game is lost because of an update. DOWNLOAD FROM STEAM WORKSHOP (highly recommended to ensure you have the latest version): >>> OPEX: Opérations Extérieures (full mission collection) FROM ARMAHOLIC (not recommended - for expert users only): >>> OPEX: Opérations Extérieures (full mission collection) FROM MY WEBSITE (not recommended - for expert users only): >>> OPEX: Opérations Extérieures (full mission collection) Enjoy !
  3. Our History: Founded in 2002 by passionate people, Operation Frenchpoint Team, released its first French Army addons on Operation Flashpoint (known nowadays as ArmA: Cold War Assault). Then moved on ArmA : Armed Assault, with few contents due to intern problems, leading to the end of the team. At that time, the team was 30 members. The team was then rebuilt with less than 6 members on ArmA 2, first under the name of HEXAgone Team then to Operation Frenchpoint. Today, the team is made of 14 passionate people (including only 2 addon-makers of former OFrP team) divided on two projects about the French army. The main part of the team is working on the French Modern Army under the name of Operation Frenchpoint Mod, and the second part is dedicated to the Indochina War, the French Colonial War before the Vietnam one. This part of the team, and the mod attached, is known as Indochine Mod. Our Mission: Make a complete French Modern Army mod on ArmA 3 as it was on OFP with completely new models. Make our mod as enjoyable to play as possible. Make it with pleasure and passion Share with the community and help other mod if needed. We are recruiting! We are always looking for people motivated or passionate in order to help us on our project. If you have knowledge in 3D modeling, scripting, texturing/art design, video making, sound designing or even to gather information, feel free to contact us on Steam or on the following mail : contact[at]operation-frenchpoint.com Future Contents: In Progress: Planned: Features Planned: ACE3 Compatibility (optional pbo) Task Force Radio Compatibility Helicopter with fully working cockpit. Vehicles with opening doors, different matriculation and name. Thirst and hunger module (with military water bottle, field ration) Real ammunition system for assault rifle (no need to throw an empty magazine, just load it with cartridges) Fast Rope on chopper and exfiltration cluster Medical module with stretchers management (could be given to ACE to improve their already impressive medical system) The OFrP Team: OFrP HQ TigerForce * Project Leader * - 3D modeling - Scripting Yourry * Network Manager * - Programmer Pirat3n * History Section Manager * 3D modeling - Texture OFrP Battle Group IkåR * OFrP Team Founder * 3D modeling - Texture - Scripting G.M.C - 3D modeling - Texture - Scripting Le Chacal - 3D modeling - Texture Vulkan - 3D modeling - Texture Bastien Carter - 3D modeling - Texture Skaarian - 3D modeling - Texture Jimi Vacarians - Programmer Arthur - 3D Artist - Texture - Movie Maker Jack - Intelligence Officer LaChouette - Intelligence Officer Calden - Communication Officer Expeditionary Force Arto * Indochina Team founder * - Programmer W4lkn - Programmer Khan - Map Making Romain - Intelligence Officer Follow us: Operation Frenchpoint Website (available in English) Steam http://www.indochine-mod.fr/ Additional Credits: Model Miniature: A French modeling company devoted to high quality military models who share information and pictures with us. Thank you ! http://www.model-miniature.com/ Paul Boye Technologies: A French manufacturing company making military uniforms who share information and pictures with us. Thank you very much ! http://www.paul-boye.fr/ Infotron: A French company making incredible military UAV who saved and still save life in operation. Thank you so much for what you do with militaries and having share with us pictures. Keep you nice spirit ! http://www.infotron.fr/ All the men and women from the French Army who share with us information and pictures. And of course, all the member of the ArmA community who share their impression, comments, critics with us, or even just contact us to work with us. Thank all and wish you the best ! Frequently Asked Questions: