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  1. eggbeast is unfortunately right in his explanation, particularly regarding the recruitment. Sad to say we are suffering with the same decease... But do not worry guys, even with a small team, I am sure the Unsung team members are giving all their passion, and free time to provide you guys with one of the best historical mod on ArmA series. Just be patient and you will see your dream becoming true. If you have experience in modelling or scripting and are hard-worker, stop complaining and go to help the Unsung Team. Our teams (OFrP and Indochine) are both with you ! Keep it great ! :)
  2. Hi Road Runner and all the community who is following us, From my point of view, it is important to clarify the situation. Yes one our member (a 3D artist) left our team few weeks ago, but even if its work was gaining in quality, we do not regret its loss. This member when joining our team, was a beginner in 3D. We took on our free-time to teach him how to use Blender, and how to adapt the model to ArmA, and it was not easy as its personality is quite complicated. We also teach him how to do textures, UVmap and painting with Substance, you can ask Piraten, OFrP team member working both on OFrP Mod and Indochine Mod who spent a lot of extra time with him. But even if he improved his modelling skills, he put a very bad environment in the team, shooting in the back of the people when there were not here and being insolent with people giving him advice to improve its work. In fact, in did not accept any critics and liked to bypass the roles defined in the team putting us in difficult paths with some partners (potential recruit, information providers...). Furthermore, he made everything (including 3D) rapidly and wanted to go fast, which is not the point if you want quality. He did not understand that we were not 24hours on Discord or TS doing 3D. The fact is that more of our team members are working in different jobs with extra-time not often paid when he was joblessness from several years, using on its advantage the French social security. As all the members of OFrP team were complaining regarding his behaviour, we again took on our time to perform some meetings, and to make him understand that he needs to improve his behaviour. We let him a lot of time to evolve, but he did not, preferring using our knowledge to improve his face than our team spirit. In fact at the end, we understand that he was a lazy man using our knowledge for his own interest. At OFrP Team, we want a good team spirit, with people we can put confidence, not coward shooting in your back. Therefore, few weeks ago we sent him an ultimatum, asking either to clearly improve his behaviour and his way to process or to leave the team. Hopefully for us, he decided to leave, but we discovered at this time, who he truly was... We therefore decided to ignore him. Regarding the right on the models, OFrP team is quite clear protecting with license the work of its members. Therefore, before joining the team we make signed the following agreement in order to protect the integrity and continuity of the team. 1- By joining OFrP, the original author of the content gives an unlimited right to the members of the OFrP Group, to use, modify and publish its content, only within the framework of the OFrP Group project, which means on the ArmA series or relatives (excluding VBS). 2- The author preserves all of his rights on the original content provided (means content without any intervention of an OFrP team member). The author remains free to sell its content or make any use of it. 3- The content provided as part of the OFrP project can not be published outside the OFrP Project if it is on the same platforms except with the approval of the majority of the members of the OFrP team (non-competition clause). 4- No commercial act may be performed by members of the OFrP team on the content produced by an author without his prior written consent (it is therefore strongly recommended to provide a contact email address or a valid phone number). 5- For any publication of the content, the author must have his name published in the list of participants in the project. This is a translation from a part of the French original text. This agreement, including other regarding the use of softwares provided has been signed by the team member in question and has to be respected. Following this explanation, i do not think there is more to say. We are completely transparent between our member which is our strength in our work. After his resignation, the team get a better turn with new people joining our team, and improving our incoming portfolio...but as usual Wait and See :) ------ OFrP Project Leader
  3. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Survey A3 #01 In order to optimize the production of our 3D models and to better meet your expectations, we set up a survey to find out which additional models you would like to have in priority. Only one answer possible ! We reserve the freedom to decline models in different versions. This first survey has two questions, one on tactical vehicles and one on transport helicopters. This survey will be open till 06/12/2016. A Google account is required, to avoid double vote. Follow the link : https://operation-frenchpoint.com/en/sondage-a3-01/
  4. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Source: https://operation-frenchpoint.com/wip-a3-04/ Dear Gamers, Oh yes, it's now time for us to give you some update ! What's new in our package you will say...well a lot of things. Let's begin to wish a warm welcome to Vulkan working under Catia and Bastien Carter working under Sketchup, who recently joined the team ! With them, it's also a lot of new vehicles such as Rafale, Mirage 2000 and GBC-180 which you will see on the website. The curious among you have already noticed it, we have reviewed our "Work in Progress" tab, in order to be more on our working status. You will therefore find for each model, screens and progress bar. We have also changed our rifle from our shoulders (French expression to say we change a decision to another). We decided to create main family packs of vehicles/items instead of packs by vehicles/items in order to optimise our work and time. Regarding the "Planned" tab, the list shows what is planned in a short term, not long one... It allows us to focus on what is already more or less on the track to be efficient. As most of you, our profesional activities make us very busy and do not allow us to go as fast as possible on our passion ! As we say in France, Patience is a virtue ! You will be able to comment each of our packages in the dedicated tab on our French forum (English language allowed) but be aware of our dictatorial moderation particularly for people using SMS language or insults... Let's stop speaking, we let you take a look to some news signed by Vulkan, Troglo and Le Chacal. Do not forget to visit the website of our friends from Indochina Mod, which provide a work of great quality and passion ! EC-725 Caracal (H225M) P4 Mirage 2000 C Mirage 2000-5F Rafale C Rafale B Rafale M See you soon...or not !
  5. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Hi serjames, Unfortunately we had some issues migrating from http to https, but it is resolved now. Please check your mailbox, you will soon receive an answer. Sorry for delays. For the other, OFrP team is still working but we had to delay our release due to professional matters... Don't forget that OFrP Group means also Indochina Team. Take a look to their website to see their WIP ! http://www.indochine-mod.fr/ Have a nice weekend !
  6. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    The year 2015 was a difficult year, with its news of course, but also in terms of the development of the OFrP project. Indeed, the project, due to problems of motivation and organization, has not gone far from extinction, only the Indochina project held on. The year 2016, by the resolutions we took, should be a better year, finally with a release of the first contents of the OFrP project on ArmA 3, and certainly the Indochina project highly anticipated within the team. Indochina project already looks very rich in term of quantity, but also in term of the quality of the models and their historical loyalty, particularly through the archives of the ECPAD that we thank. In addition, thanks to the relations between the OFrP Studio and excellent Unsung Vietnam mod, the Indochina project will be able to share, enjoy and do enjoy a serious collaboration. The first elements of OFrP project will look much poorer in comparison, with a restriction on the units. Indeed, given the importance of the work on ArmA 3 and the instability of the soft due to each update, we decided not to release infantry, at least initially. This decision is all the more justified by the existence of numerous add-ons or simple retextured of quality, reproducing the French soldiers, whether in Armadeus, R3F, E3 (Soronelite) productions or so on... The choice is therefore to complementarity rather than competition. The first OFrP contents will therefore be made of vehicles such as upgraded VAB, the VBCI-VCI (rang), probably an AMX-30 B2, helicopters, such as EC-665 Tiger and the EC-725 Caracal. This will be enhanced with drones, weapons and an ACE and Task Force Radio compatibility. We will also try to keep track of our add-ons on older Bohemia Interactive a.s games, as it was the case in 2015 on ArmA 2. The task remains arduous but we hope that our resolutions and our vows's Eve will allow us to achieve it. The OFrP team wishes you all the best, and good health for 2016. A special thought to our members spending the New Year celebration in OPEX. See you soon ingame ! OFrP Team
  7. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Peace for Paris - Peace for World The whole team OFrP, already affected by the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015, expressed again its support to the families of victims and those of law enforcement. Courage to you, respect to these men and women from all origins, fighting for peace in the World. These attacks of Friday, November 13, in the country of Human Rights, will remain forever engraved in the memory of the French people. However, we don't have to forget the other attacks in the World, such as the ones in Lebanon the day before, Turkey, Egypt... Thank you to World peoples for their solidarity! Long live Freedom, long live Solidarity, Fraternity and Peace! TigerForce Abstract: I personally lost one of my best childhood friends during these attacks in Paris. Accordingly, I will take a break in development, to be with the family of my friend. The first OFrP contents that were originally planned for Christmas, will therefore be certainly deferred until later. Thank you for your understanding
  8. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    And thank you Foxhound for your devotion to the community. It's much appreciated !
  9. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Updated in 3.2.4, see first post for changelog and download link.
  10. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Hi, Thanks to a wonderful guys, named Yourry, who gave us full access to his server, we finally managed to correct the warfare buildings. In fact, we replaced the Chernarus proxies by ours, and it has corrected everything. It seems, Chernarus is still not so stable... :( We know, it's a bit late, but it's better late than never ! As we are preparing an ArmA 2 server with Patrol Ops and Warfare, we will give you soon more intel about OFrP update for ArmA 2. Notice also that MAFCExt will also be updated with working signatures. We will also begin Multiplayer test of Indochina Mod... Regarding the future OFrP Server, if you want to play on it the following mods will be required : CBA - OFrP - MAFCExt Regards,
  11. tigerforce

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala for A3

    Yeah !!! My favourite Island-maker back on Arma 3 with its wonderful maps :) love you man ! ;) Wish you a Merry Christmas, and see you soon on Duala...with OFrP :cool:
  12. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    To conclude with this third WIP, let's show the current most used tractor by the French army to plow the battlefield ! The VAB... Kind Regards, OFrP Team
  13. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    You will recognize certainly below, the good old sniper rifle of the French army! The FR-F2... With a practical focus of 850 meters. It comes with the SCROME J8 scope. Here is a pair of suppositories for FAMAS, named APAV and AC58. Yes you recognised it, this is the last generation of Iphone of the French Army. High tech communication system with frequency hopping, the PR4G ER 362 radio is the newest arrived in the forces. Following, some pictures of the beautiful Gazelle which is taking a makeover, warning fresh paint!
  14. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Following, a first draft of the Super-Etendard! This old flying tin can has celebrated its 40th birthday recently :) Then let's show the teamwork on the EC-665 Tiger model, born from the partnership between France and Germany! It is widely used on the current operational theaters by our beloved army. Its utility in combat is no more to prove.
  15. tigerforce

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Hello, Today, Operation Frenchpoint Team offers you a slight overview of the models still in progress. For those who follow our adventure on ArmA 3, on our last news we spoke about giving you some fresh intel, so that's it ! Let's begin the show with the VLRA in two versions! The first one is the transport version which has been already shown during an old WIP. The 3D Model is now finished. Tireless camel, the VLRA is from a long time, the workhorse of the French Army. No continent resist him, nor any track! The second version is still nowadays used by the special forces!