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  1. Nice works !!! Feel free to contact me to discuss for making trench at OFrP discord server. One tricks is to add some polygonal trenches and down the map where you want to add some trench.
  2. Hello French compatriote. Congratulation for this work! I'm wondering if you have found a solution for the trench cause we can't do this in map builder. If you want, i will show you some test for Indochine mod. It will be very good to play WW 1 in Arma. Good luck ;)
  3. Many thanks this is so useful.
  4. Hi very nice work. Some of the models are high poly? Can't wait to see in game quality. Very impressive, i follow ;)
  5. ewaldt

    Skin Weight Export From Maya

    Hi i'm modding with Maya and i can say that all my character's uniform rigging are made with maya. Then i import all rigged lods (LOD1...) in OB with FBX and it's work well. Ask i you need some explain. No need to create images from weight.
  6. ewaldt

    Syndiakat Camo

    Hi in my opinion this camo is a 47/56 camo lizard the last model of french camo from the 60's. The 47/56 was use late in the 70's and 80's in Africa sometimes. Your top picture is the old 47/52 camo from indochina war in the 50's This is a link where you can see all versions of lizard camo from Indochina war to end of Algeria war and later. http://camopedia.org/index.php?title=France
  7. ewaldt

    transparency behind ca texture

    Find the solution in ObjectBuilder with Faces > "SORT ALPHA". ;)
  8. ewaldt

    transparency behind ca texture

    Hi another bug comes with more faces on Tatched roof geometry with alpha border. Looking for a way to avoid textures bug See in pictures from top clean http://etiennwaldt.com/arma/indo/20160803195532_1.jpg see bug in alpha http://etiennwaldt.com/arma/indo/20160803195539_1.jpg http://etiennwaldt.com/arma/indo/20160803195553_1.jpg http://etiennwaldt.com/arma/indo/20160803195601_1.jpg
  9. Hi all. i want to say that we plane to build vegetation and we are modelling some structures (French colonial military and village) for our mod (Indochina). We are a little team so our models come slowly. I would like to wait the expansion to see if we could use some plants and trees from Tanoa. The location of our mod is north of Vietnam and it's a little bit different than south and tropical place. We have to research any variety of north Vietnam trees. We could be happy to use other modding team job to concentrate on soldiers, props and vehicles. And we will happy to share our stuff too. Pirat3n
  10. ewaldt

    Odd shadows on model

    Hi scale down a bit your geometry LODshadow by normal
  11. ewaldt


    Thanks too. i begin to understand the multimaterial. I need to us it for a house.
  12. ewaldt

    Skype Modelling Groups

    How to be accepted in the modeler group ? Solved !!!
  13. ewaldt

    Smooth shadows

    Hi perhaps a screen will be helpfull. You talk about ambiant shadow or lod shadow?
  14. ewaldt

    Skype Modelling Groups

    Hi i'm sorry for asking but i download skype and i can't join modeler group. Can't find in skype how to join. Is there an old skype or something else? Sorry SOLVED Re-installed skype