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  1. Do objects and items affect FPS.

    ... or a spam bot @ JohnKalo : the main question is, why having all those corpses all over the map? In MP, there is probably no solution due to the amount of IA being managed by the server. If it's to do a Post-Apocalyptic video, it must be done as a video, step by step, location by location with a lot of editing.
  2. From a theoretical point of view, yes, this Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H can accommodate a M.2 SATA SSD but I will suggest to be pragmatic and cautious. ATM, it's possible to make a deal by buying a Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SSD 256/500 GB at a rather low price. ... and the Samsung Magician and Data Migration tools are so easy to use This is how Memory usage is looking today while playing Arma3 Test MP mission on Ryzen3 2200G/RX 460/8 Go DDR4 test rig :
  3. Do objects and items affect FPS.

    Doing so, you will add an insuperable charge to your CPU an just have an unplayable mission. That's why BI is using module to cleanup the battlefield from dead units and destroyed vehicles. Due to the way RV Engine manage destroyed buildings, each time a building is fully destroyed an extra load is added to CPU charge and FPS goes down accordingly. I know because, I have done -in the fast- that kind of experiences on very small terrains built on purpose. All I have get is 1FPS MP scenarios ... You can probably use a scripted system in order to spawn dead bodies in immediate player surrounding and manage a controlled disappearance on the fly in a SP scenario but I don't know how to achieve this smoothly In my own mission, I still use a limited amount of persistent dead bodies [never over 20] , knowing that doing so I must be more strict on battlefield cleaning rules.
  4. @ Gunter Severloh : our friend is using an Intel i5 4460 on a MoBo featuring a 1150 socket and on this one DDR3-1333/1600 is OK. DDR4 RAM is not supported and there is probably probably no SSD M.2 NMVe slot on his MoBo. @ Ball Race : as I had expected one side of the problem is too high memory usage and too high HDD usage. You must remember that you are playing a highly demanding game with an entry level config. So you must set aside all unnecessary paraphernalia while playing, meaning that Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Tweeter, Facebook, YouTube and so on, must be closed before game launch. As said along Arma3, you can of course use a comm. tool For those issues : 1° Memory usage - in the "startup" tab on the task management windows close all the applications automatically launched during the boot Note : you can get more infos here : https://scottiestech.info/2016/10/09/faster-startup-in-windows-10-made-easy/ - restart your PC before playing. 2° Data management The best solution is to get a 250 GB SSD [minimum] in order to host both Windows and Arma3 Steam Library. On my test bench I am using a Samsung 860 EVO 250GB. On your rig a Samsung 860 EVO 250GB 2.5 Inch SATA III will be OKeven if a 500GB will be better !
  5. Hi Ball Race, welcome in our Armaverse common house. * Most of the time, stuttering in Single player is related to HD.Arma3 is streaming textures and a high speed disk is needed. That's why since APEX release, "Recommended" official specs have been updated. Now, a "SSD / Hybrid HDD / SSHD storage" is needed. * I must add that Arma is very sensitive to memory usage. When you play Arma, you must close all other application and programs, browser and "social" thing are forbidden. The only items allowed are a comm. tool, Teamspeak, Discord ... and if needed a monitoring tool such as FRAPS or Afterburner. Virtual memory must be allowed. In MP, it's a bit more complex, for, the quality of the server and the quality of your connection effects are added. - Ethernet cable is the best option, playing in WiFi is only possible if you have a strong signal and do not share the connection. - Try to play only on well managed servers with a ping under 80ms.
  6. We need Arma 3 on consoles

    Want to play an Arma* like shooter ? Then you can play "Vigor" on XBox.
  7. If you are on a budget and looking for an "out of the box" solution here and now, the best option is probably a Ryzen 5 2600/B 450/8GB DDR4 3000 combo.
  8. Well, it's not too easy to answer for we haven't seen a RX 580 for years. From my own experience a GTX 1060 3 GB is running well on 1080p. The RX 580 8 GB performances are probably in the middle of the range and OK for Arma3 gaming.
  9. I have also tested -a bit by accident- a 16 GB (2x8GB) CMK16GX4M2B3000C15R kit from Corsair while benching the Ryzen 3 CPUs, it works quite well. Yes, it's right that with latest AM4 Mobo / BIOS the list of RAM compatibility is extended.
  10. Welcome ! Well, I am still testing Ryzen 3 2200G, now with a RX 460 4GB on 1080p ... I have previously tested Ryzen 1300 X and Ryzen 3 2200G/RX 550 2 GB on 720p.* I have done extensive endurance 24hrs tests on both config on standard an mild OC configurations. Arma3 is stable on these AMD Ryzen builds in the 30FPS range, 25/50 FPS expected in game. You can get other experiences results on this topic : We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts! Back your question. - Arma* is CPU demanding, a Ryzen 2600X will be better [better speed out of the box], - 8 GB of DDR4 3000 MHz is enough, fastest RAM is probably better, but Ryzen is quite touchy about RAM specs, so use only certified RAM for the MoBo you use have a look at the AGESA list related to last Bios you are using. -GTX 1060 6GB is OK for Arma3 on 1080p. There is a missing item on your list ... the SSD. In order to get rid of any texture clipping and stuttering in game, you need to get a SSD to host both Windows and Arma3 Steam Library, a 250/256 GB is a minimum -> REQUIREMENTS RECOMMENDED HARD DRIVE25 GB free space, SSD / Hybrid HDD / SSHD storage * Beware! : links to French CanardPC Forums ... French language involved, take care, but pics not a problem for your sight!
  11. I am sorry to say, I disagree on this point, for the equally expensive part is the CPU/MoBo combo you will use for an extended time. I strongly suggest the GTX 1060 6GB because it's a GPU allowing to play Arma3 on a high level without limitation. From my own experience, you will change your GPU twice before you change your CPU/MoBo. I am playing a basic plain 2 fans Gainward GTX 1060 6GB since July 2016 and as said it's OK, if you are only playing Arma3 and intend to play it for the 2 incoming years. You can use the extra budget in order to buy a 250/500 GB NMVe M.2 SSD dedicated to Arma in order to get rid of any stuttering you can get [no FPS gain to be expected!].
  12. Yes, I am playing a i7-7700K/GTX 1060 6Go rig on an Iiyama G-master in 1920x1080 and it's quite good.
  13. troubles with arma3 v1.82.144647


    hi, was redirected here from a few websites hope 'u can help me 

    there is my issue 

    launch arma 3 normally and when i pick multiplayer->Lan->host server (i set the proper config name, pass etc)->ok my games get frized and crash with no message

    hope you can help me you can ask if i didn't explain right, thanks.

  14. Gun keeps randomly firing

    Are you playing vanilla Arma3 or a Mod ... it's the ADs thing that confused me.
  15. Is your PC matching the "Minimum Requirements" for Arma3 ? After downloading Arma3 on Steam, have you done a local game files integrity verification ?