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  1. Tanks DLC Feedback

    Well, I believed it's all about the Tracks and the fact that the tiny "tankette" is a bit unclassifiable
  2. The Old Bear method ™ Basics: CPU : in Arma3 unlike most of the "fashionable" FPS, the power and efficiency of the processor is decisive, its why it’s the game is "CPU dependent ". Of course the power and efficiency of the graphics card will participate in the performance of the PC in game but only in the 2nd rank. Power and efficiency from the processor is required to compute the terrain display. It is for this reason that the Video parameter "Visibility" is actually a 100% CPU parameter, it regulates the diameter of the terrain to be calculated before any graphic rendering [terrain shape and textures of the terrain] and it will be essential to define The level of the FPS, it defines the CPU load. A second Video parameter , "Quality Terrain", is a mixed CPU / GPU parameter , it will define the level of calculation to display elements associated with the textures of the ground. GPU : the release of Apex and Visual Update marks an important modification of the role of the graphics card in Arma3. Before the graphics card played only a secondary role, then it becomes a much more important element for the visual quality of course but also the overall performance of the configuration in game. This results in a modification of the "Recommended" specs from ... GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 7750 Series with 1 GB VRAM .... to ... GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series with 2 GB VRAM The new features of dynamic lighting and water glare can have a significant impact on performance, but can be disabled or switch to low. Bear’s Method 1 ° prerequisites: - Play the game without addons or Mod. - Use a performance evaluation tool. I propose the use of the Stratis Arma3Mark* 2 ° initial test: - Use in game autodetect as a first step - Execute the Arma3Mark bench on Stratis 3 times - Rate the results 3 ° set the "Global Visibility" : - from the setting given by the autodetect, decrease "Visibility" by making tests, for example in steps of 250m: 3000m, 2750m, 2500m ... until you obtain a level of FPS that you consider satisfactory. - decrease the "Quality Terrain" parameter if necessary. - do not change the shadows settings, never set them on "Low" yourself. 3 ° Disable options that "eat" FPS: - in the section "Quality" - "Lighting" Disable water reflections - in the "Display" section Disable Vsync - in the section "AA & PP" If everything is off, don’t touch anything ! If not ... Disable the "bloom" Deactivate the 2 "blurs" Set the "depth of field" to 0 Set "sharpen" out of 100 Use the recipe proposed by HardOcp: "Therefore, the best AA combo in this game is : FXAA Ultra + 2X / 4X or FSAA 8x and you will get the best texture quality, no blur, sharp textures, smooth objects and vegetation . " The FSAA 2X is the one that costs the least in terms of FPS. On a "small" graphics card, it may be worth keeping PPAA: CMAA [still checking] 4 ° - For each major modification of the settings, global visibility level for example, run again the Arma3Mark bench on Stratis to see what the effect on the level of the FPS. Be advised the score you will get on the Stratis Arma3Mark bench mission is NOT the FPS level you can expect in game. It’s only to be used as a tweaking tool. In order to get a realistic estimate of what you can expect in game, I will recommend to use YAAB. Notes : [1] the "Bear's method" has started as a joke in my Clan. I have publish on our forums some findings about how to tweak the game parameters. It has grown as a kind of private FAQ. I have then published as a method on some French forums. I hope it has helped some players. [2] you will find the benchmarks on the Steam Workshop YAAB ou Yet Another Arma Benchmark -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=375092418&searchtext=yaab Arma3Mark-Stratis = benchmark_0.51 -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=172475381&searchtext=benchmark [3] to get an Arma3 screenshot in game use F12 key and get it in the Steam screenshots manager.
  3. Well, first I must tell you that you can't "... get 60 FPS almost everytime!" On my own #1 gaming rig [i7-7700K/GTX 1060 6Go/16 Go DDR4 3200MHz/SSD 500Go [W10] + SSD 500Go [Arma*]] I am getting 25/110 FPS in game and a bit over 50 FPS in YAAB*. Please post a screen of tearing in Arma3, I am fully interested because, I have played Arma3 over 6000 hrs and well over 20 000 hrs on the Arma games family and have never seen tearing in game. Before trying to use the Bear's method™ disable all parameters you may have set in the NVIDIA parameters and let the game be ruled by it's own parameters.
  4. Hi orllak32 ! I will suggest 1st to let the "Autodetect" do the thing on "General" tab Be aware that the "Visibility > Overall " video parameter is NOT GPU related but is a 100% CPU parameter. It's the main tool you get to tweak the FPS level. Autodetection system will show on 1st application what is the standard FPS level you can expect from your CPU. Then, going to "Display" tab disable VSYNC if it's not already done. Going on "AA&PP" tab, you will have many choice to do. Some such as those set in the "Processes" part are only based upon the feeling you want in the game. My own choice is to disable all the bloom and blur parameters as well as the depth of field thing in order to get the sharpest display. The Antialiasing part is difficult to set up because it can pull hard on your hardware, lowering the FPS level. Tweaking it is mostly experimental, because it will depends on your hardware CPU,GPU, display and on the drivers as well.
  5. Tanks DLC Feedback

    Not really Tank related, but DLC related ... I am unable to get at will in Editor an "Olive" camo on Syndikat 4WD LMG. As it seems more or less random, I try to use ... this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false]; ... it's not working. An idea ?
  6. Would you mind fixing the April Fool ? I am able to made a ticket
  7. @ Groove_C : in fact It's not that I miss your point, I don't understand how speaking about Call of Duty or PUBG can help somebody to answer the question "Will-my-pc-run-Arma3? ...". The way Arma 3 reacts according to the hardware used is different from that seen in other games, the publications of the Visual Upgrade and 64bits client did not simplify things. It is for this reason that my position is to remain down to earth and try to help answer practical questions for the only game that really interests me.
  8. Well ... 4 FPS for 400 € ? Of course, if you are already playing Arma3 with a GTX 1080Ti on a 2560x1440 monitor you can go for the platinium plated RAM in order to get 4 more FPS, ... "nemo auditur propriam turpitudinem allegans" * Playing Arma [what else ?] we now know after 64 bits client release that this game has became incredibly hungry for memory. What we must seek is a balance between what is really needed in game and what we can afford. *no one shall be heard, who invokes his own guilt
  9. [FIXED] Arma 3 freezing after a while

    Note about GPU : in order to test the MoBo PCIe slot integrity you can also use the HD Graphics 630 IGPU from the i5-7600K. You can play Arma3 on "Low".
  10. [FIXED] Arma 3 freezing after a while

    10° From your DXdiag file "WindowsWcpAIFailure3" seems to indicate something is wrong with some .NET Framework component. Repair needed. 11° Windows 10 Pro 64 seems up to date but have you done a new Windows clean install when you switch platform ?
  11. [FIXED] Arma 3 freezing after a while

    @ Gunter Severloh : I am sorry to say I disagree with the idea of using -nologs. Here, having a huge .rpt is a symptom something is wrong. Hiding the symptom will not help to cure the disease. @ odkupiciel375 : my suggestion is first to delete all "Startup Parameters". Most of them do not work as advertised and their mixture may cause adverse effects. Afterwards, one parameter could be useful -nosplash (game loading speedup). No need to format c: right now ! I will suggest other points before : 6° Delete all start up parameters 7° Try Platform 32 bits in launcher .... 8° [Caution - Electrical Hazard] On the GPU, verify PCIe electrical connection .... 9° Do a clean Arma3 reinstall without forgetting the registry clean-up step [use free Ccleaner] RAM vs SSD : from my point of view, 8 GB of fast RAM 3000/3200 MHz are necessary but sufficient. You will need more RAM is you try to play on a monitor over 1920 x 1080, but then you will also need a better GPU. From my own experience, a SSD is now a "must have" in order to play Arma3. Official requirement have been updated since APEX release : HARD DRIVE25 GB free space, SSD / Hybrid HDD / SSHD storage Even a small 128 GB SSD hosting Arma3 Steam library will be enough if you are just playing vanilla Arma3. On my own 500GB dedicated Arma3 SSD hosting CUP, The Unsung, and publicly unreleased ADO stuff 150 GB are used.
  12. [FIXED] Arma 3 freezing after a while

    Note1 : ... , I had admitted as obvious that your Steam key is full legit bought on Steam or the BiStore, but please confirm this. Note2 : about Windows 10 Game. I am not speaking about the app but about the Windows 10 Gaming parameters , do not enable "Windows 10 Game Mode" ! ... 4° Play the game without any mod / addon and play it on a public server. If Arma3 is still freezing, I think you must go for a full clean install of the game. Before, it will be better to save somewhere your Arma3Profile and Arma 3 - Other Profiles located ATM in "Documents" directory. After uninstalling Arma3, deleting all files and having done a registry cleaning, you can re-install Arma3. I will suggest to installing the Steam library for Arma3 on a SSD [256Go seems a good size]
  13. [FIXED] Arma 3 freezing after a while

    It seems there are no overheating issues here. 1° Do not use Nvidia Control panel parameters, use only Arma3 video options, 2° Do not use Windows10 Game Mod, 3° Close/disable all apps while you are playing ...
  14. [FIXED] Arma 3 freezing after a while

    +1! Most of the time, game freeze, without error showing, is related to overheating. Rather often the case on ultra portable laptops not built for gaming. It can be the GPU or the GPU but also the PSU if it's a bit old. First thing to do is to monitor temperatures with HWinfo/Afterburner.
  15. What I say is that playing Argo on a rig will not help getting a good idea about how it can run Arma3. Argo real minimum hardware requirements are rather low, I know because I have tested Argo and Arma3 on an AMD A8-9600* APU I bought on purpose. Playing an Arma3 mission on Tanoa is not streaming an Argo TvT missions on Malden. Argo is fully playable in the 20/30 FPS level on an AMD A8-9600 APU on 720p monitor : Arma3 is not playable in the 10/25 FPS level on an AMD A8-9600 APU on 720p monitor : I am rather often trying to help people asking "can I run Arma3 ?" or "why Arma3 is not working ?" on forums. When Argo was released, I had hoped it can take the missing Arma3 demo role, I was sorry to say it was not the case, I will say again, it's not the case. * AMD A8-9600 is a 4 cores last Bristol Ridge 7th gen APU running @ 3.1 GHz/3.4 GHz on an AM4 platform well over the official Minimum requirements for Arma3.