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  1. I can show you the current stage of my work in progress ... I will not share my WIP map because as you can see, ATM it's a rather crude attempt with a lot of missing parts and wrong scale. It's enough to communicate with my team, or to situate myself when I'm bug hunting, but it's far too far from the quality I expect from a real topographic map. Moreover, this is the map of a terrain under BI copyright and I do not wish to be in conflict with its provisions.
  2. Based on my own tests of Arma Reforger, I can say that the official Minimum configuration seems to be at the right level. A minimum configuration based on a Ryzen 3 1300X, roughly at the level of the i5-4460 associated with an RX 6400 close to the GTX 1650 reference, allows playing at more than 35 FPS in High and around 50 FPS in Medium in SP in Game Master mode. On the other hand, to be able to play a graphics card at the level of the GTX 1650 is mandatory. Regardless of the processor, a less efficient graphics card will give a low FPS level associated with stuttering. Personally, because I am an OFP veteran, the most surprising thing is the inversion of the hierarchy between the CPU and the GPU. From this point of view, Arma Reforger has become a game like other current games. What bothers me most about the game is that it's hard to get rid of the blur. I understand the technical constraint for the display of distant objects, but I would like to have an image with better sharpness nearby. So I'm looking for settings that oppose the "bokeh" tendency of the game display.
  3. The issue of light radiated through the structure is a problem that I have always encountered in my own underground constructions built on my Arma and Arma II terrains. I mentioned the underground structure on Namalsk because Sumrak seemed to have found a way around the problem. In an underground structure, darkness should be total, even in broad daylight. Until now, in Arma III, terrain creators had to resort to subterfuge to achieve total darkness like in the Cytech Underground Map Mod.
  4. @ Plantroots : Can you tell us what are these lists of numbers that you post on the forum? To get an idea of what was possible in Arma 2, on a heightmap based terrain, I suggest you visit Namalsk by Sumrak. In particular, there are two underground locations, such the 6-floor Athena-2 underground laboratory and a railway tunnel.
  5. On my own main gaming rig [R5 5600X / RX 5700 /32 GB 3600 C16] Reforger gets ~40/60 FPS mainly on High with 3200 m Draw distance in 1080P. I'm looking for settings that decrease in-game blur, it seems much more difficult with Reforge than it was with Arma3. ATM testing those ... Nearby depth of field > No Depth of field Quality > None Foliage smoothing > Grass What I find worrying is that the GPU usage jumps to 100% as soon as the game is opened, the card heats up a lot in the 90°/100° range.
  6. In a game based on the use of the compass and the map for orientation, it could be interesting to have a survey map. Of course, it would be a useful asset to orient himself and organize the actions of his camp. The Everon map created by the "topography" code from Operation Flashpoint Arma:ColdWar Assault is completely useless. It is always possible to make your own map from assembled screenshots, that's what I did! It's useful, but it's of poor quality.😕 This is why, in any case, I think that distributing a map in the form of a .pdf file would be a minimum, a printed map would be perfect.
  7. Creating an object below ground is possible by creating a depression in the mesh that makes up the terrain. The creation of wide edges is necessary to hide the slope. The depression created is not a box, but an inverted and truncated pyramid. With a fairly fine terrain mesh, we can be as close as possible to a parallelepiped, but it remains an object inserted into the ground in a depression planned in advance, not something that can be added in a 3D editor. No cave like in Ghost Recon, no sewers like in Insurgency: Sand Storm.
  8. So far, I haven't found any underground structure different from what I could find in previous Arma games. It is always a pile of rocks that creates an underground cavity, it is not strictly speaking a structure. There is no accessible basement or cellar in the houses. The largest structure I have found is the mine on "L'isle d'Argent", but characteristically this underground tunnel is not as dark as it should be, even in broad daylight. The white box should not be so visible. It's not a real mine gallery, it's a covered trench. I was hoping to find horizontal galleries and wells to explore with a lamp in "Ore Ridge", this is not the case. It's a disappointment.
  9. oldbear

    Grass removal

    Hi, In my opinion, there is not much solution except to use the large "grass cutters" (10 m x 10 m). You can use a script such as this one ... grass cutters script by Sa-Matra
  10. For my part, I tested the limits of the Minimum configuration. Since I don't have "10-year-old" processors like the i5-4460 (2014) or the FX-4300 (2012), I used a Ryzen 3 1300X, and for the graphics card, in the same area performance than the GTX 1650, the only one in my collection is a GTX 970. I tested the Ryzen 3 1300X/ GTX 970 / 16 GB 3200MHz C16 configuration at 1080p in Game Master gaming mode in SP on a circuit that I reproduced on each test, it gives… - Low: 60 FPS, clutters "mottled" display, building interior display flickers through windows - Medium: 40/50 FPS, display of textures and clutter acceptable, still windows lighting flickering. - High: 30/40 FPS, more beautiful but less smooth. GPU core and memory usage at 100%. - Ultra: 20/30 FPS, choppy display, 100% GPU core and memory usage. Lower CPU core frequencies. In my opinion, with a Minimum configuration, in 1080p, in SP, settings in Medium, the game is completely playable. Obviously, Enfusion shows a break in the distribution of roles between the CPU and the GPU. Unlike the previous Arma, completely CPU dependent, with Reforger, it's the graphics card that makes the difference. I checked this by mounting an RX 550 2 GB, I confirm that it is not playable even in Low at 15/20 FPS. A GTX 1650 level card is therefore mandatory, for the "AMD equivalent" one would have to test with an RX 570 and/or an RX 6400, a graphic card in the same performance zone, DX 12 compatible and having at least 4 GB of memory.
  11. Hi! From what I have seen on my own tests, the GTX 970 is not bad, just at the minimum playable level. It needs to be confirmed by doing in-game tests, an R5 3600 / RX 6600 (XT) combination should give good results.
  12. Hi! As an OFP veteran and still an armavangelist, I ask the question, "what is it really necessary to have as hardware to not only run the game but also to be able to enjoy it?" The Minimum and Recommended specifications were published when Arma Reforger was released: Minimum PC requirements - CPU : Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD FX-4300 - RAM : 8 GB RAM - GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or similar - DX 12 mandatory Recommended PC requirements - CPU : Intel Core i7-6700 or AMD equivalent - RAM : 16 GB RAM - GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti or AMD equivalent - DX 12 mandatory - OS Windows 10 64-bit I would like to open here the discussion on what is absolutely necessary as hardware to play, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different settings.
  13. The functions allocated to drives A: and B: have varied since the early days of MS DOS, but traces of these changes persist in modern versions of the OS. In principle, although it is theoretically possible, I advise not to use the letters A and B to designate a system disk, C : remains by default the disk sought by Windows to install the system and certain proprietary software will only work on C : . In the case raised by Gunter Severloh, it would probably be necessary to know the mechanisms specific to Steam to have an idea of what is happening. It's entirely possible that Steam has excluded the use of drives A: and B: In my opinion, you might as well immediately place the Steam library for Arma Reforger on a disk identified by another letter.
  14. @Pete Fox Speaking about i3, of course the i3-12100 has been launched Q1' 22 and i3-10100 launched Q2'20 is still in production. The i3-12100 can get performances at the i7 7700K / R5 3600X level.
  15. oldbear

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    I bought Arma Reforger because I'm an Arma fan and I like Beta testing and from what I've seen there's quite a bit to do.