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  1. Hi, I don't know and the answer must be found or discuss elsewhere, sorry. This topic is dedicated to playing AMD with an entry level AMD APU. Since A8-9600 release all AMD APUs are using DDR4.
  2. oldbear

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    @LSValmont STOP, it's a "mistaken identity" case ! YAAB is Greenfist creation and one of his contributions to help to understand the game's performances. I am only a user of the tool he built and maintain. YAAB is important because it takes the place of a necessary tool that has not been published by BI. That's why I support it, use it and try to promote its use. Sorry, you must ask Greenfist 😥
  3. oldbear

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    I had run YAAB very often since it was released and still playing it now every day for tests. Since Jets and Tanks DLC release, I had witnessed modified IA behavior. I will give you 2 examples of obvious modifications : - in the aerial sequence, previously, the choppers flying straight on were engaging the trucks as a priority, often disabling and sometimes destroying them. Now the chopper are only engaging armor without much effect and are flying an evasive route. - in the Varsuk rush sequence, previously the tank after firing go crash itself on the wreck, then was shot once or twice in the back by AT. Now, the tank run the curb cautiously killing them all before going to a stop. So my question is only about the impact of the modified IA behavior since Jets and Tanks DLC release has an effect on results because of FX modifications.
  4. The context : Since last "Play Arma3 with a R3 1300X" post, still looking for a "Minimum Recommendable" in order to play a minimum configuration based rig, I bought a Ryzen3 2200G The official "Minimum" requirements for Arma3 is allowing to display the game and to work on the editor but does not allow to have a correct gaming experience. It must be clear for everyone, it is no longer possible play Arma3 with a Core 2Duo E6600 and a GeForce 9800 GT. So here is the last Ryzen3 2200G testing episode ... switching from 8GB to 16GB* and from 720p to 1080p. Test configuration : Notes : RAM is a Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Go (2x8Go) DDR4 3000MHz C15 XMP 2.0 kit. EZ is the ASUS OC for the noobs mode pushing CPU frequency from 1600 / 3700 MHz to 3850 MHz on all cores. Running YAAB : Note : "Standard" in the test is NOT related to Standard mission test parameters, it's the "Standard" preset as given by game "Autodetection". In game : For the test I am playing my 2vs1 test mission on our Clan game server: Using the # 1 Profile @ 3000 MHz for RAM and the Asus EZ mode, the performances although metrically substantially close to the 8 GB layout are significantly different in game, the game is fluid, without stuttering. Obviously, with a graphic quality in "Standard", it's rather ugly, but I have to admit after having played many hours before I decide to post that this rig without graphics card is playable in 1080p. * Previous episodes on French CanardPC forums : Jouer à Arma3 avec un AMD APU R3 2200G - Rogue One
  5. oldbear

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    @Greenfist Thanks for this last YAAB 1.00 version. 😎 Still doing tests on a Ryzen 3 2200G, now in 1080p : I am wondering if the modified IA behavior since Jets and Tanks DLC release has an effect on results. I am wondering if something is still wrong with the Wipeout spawn in the end. Note : 1° RAM is a Corsair Vengeance LPX 16Go (2x8Go) DDR4 3000MHz C15 XMP 2.0 kit. 2° EZ is the ASUS OC for the noobs mode pushing CPU frequency from 1600 / 3700 MHz to 3850 MHz on all cores. 3° "Standard" in the test is NOT related to Standard mission test parameters, it's the "Standard" preset as given by game "Autodetection".
  6. The R5 2400G is a good choice for a player on a budget for a start . The RX Vega 11 i-GPU allow "High" graphic quality, it performs a bit higher than the GT 1030 and a bit lower than the RX 550. From my own experiences with the R3 2200G, I strongly suggest that the upgrade to 16 GB @ 3000 MHz DDR4 should be considered as a priority.
  7. You can already play Arma3 with a low level AMD entry rig ... playing a R3 2200G APU and using 16 GB DDR4. Image quality using "Standard" setting is a bit crappy, so I will easily suggest adding an entry level GPU such as the RX 550. Nevertheless, it's playable, I know, I have really done it
  8. oldbear

    how much fps you get on private server ?

    That's more a server/connection issue than a game issue. In order to host a server, you need to get a rather good connection. If you have a symmetric 500/500 Mbps fiber internet connection it will run well. If you have a dsl internet connection you will get issues. DSL connections typically have very fast download speeds but very slow upload speeds. Arma MP is using a very special server system, it's not a classical current Client-server system. Here, for reliability and precision need, simulation is run on the server and on the client as well. Most of the exchanges between client, your PC and the game server are used for synchronization. Last years, BI Dev have done a nice job in reducing the weight of information flows. But you will always have issue on a DSL hosted server.
  9. oldbear

    how much fps you get on private server ?

    Well to answer to the initial question, I am getting 30/110 FPS on Malden in a Coop on our clan server. On more difficult terrains like Tanoa, I am getting from 25 to 80 FPS with an average 45/50. On #1, I am gaming a specially configured Arma rig with all terrain preparation based on the Old Bear method ™ 😎 i7-7700/Z270/GTX 1060 6Go/16 Go DDR4 3200/SSD M.2 500Go + SSD M.2 500Go CPU = i7-7700 : the faster and more efficient CPU I can get 2 years ago allowing a good FPS level. GPU = GTX 1060 6Go : the card allowing to play in "Ultra" quality without sacrifice. RAM = 16 Go DDR4 3200 MHz : 8 Go is a minimum, 16 Go helps to play 64bits client and heavy loaded terrains. High level frequency helps overall performances. Storage = SSD M.2 500Go + SSD M.2 500Go : SSD gives no FPS but helps to stream textures at high speed and to fight game stuttering. This game is different, it's slow, more based on tactical approach than brute force.
  10. @Mahatma Gandhi I will suggest not to use results based upon unknown parameters. It's rather difficult to do comparison in game/rigs performances without having information about all the parameters involved. Too often reports on forums are based on misunderstanding about how Arma3 is working and what matters or not in tweaking. One of the main error is based on main AAA games parameters transposition in Arma3. @Valken Whatever the hardware you are playing, Arma3 needs more time spent on tweaking than other games. Sometimes with interesting results ...
  11. Yes, you must always remember that for all Arma games the CPU is still the boss even if since Visual Upgrade the GPU has gain ranks in the hierarchy. It's all related to the way Real Virtuality Engine works and nothing has changed [and can be changed] since Operation Flashpoint. So the main point, when you are a dedicated Arma player thinking now about updating is to get the fastest and more efficient CPU you can get. And, yes, at the moment, Intel can offer the best performers at a high cost. But now, since Ryzen release, there is a big change for people being on a budget. They can get an AMD Ryzen rig based and get a satisfying game experience, even with an entry level Ryzen 3 2200G or Ryzen 3 1300X. But, from what I had experienced and seen, Intel i5-8400 and AMD R5 2600X are now, right on the "soft spot", somebody has spoken about some time ago. Speaking about GPU, before Visual Upgrade release on April 2016, a GTX 660 Ti or an HD 7870 [now in the GTX 1050/RX 560 range] were good enough to play on "Ultra" quality without many sacrifices. Now, you must play a RX 590 or a GTX 1600 in order to get the same experience level. A good GPU has now a high level impact on overall rig performance ... and that's a real change.
  12. I am walking the Armaverse every day with minimum equipment. If you intend to release a vanilla mission, I will of course be present.
  13. A Bluetooth headset is not a USB headset, even if the dongle is on a USB connector. I will not recommend a Bluetooth headset for playing because of possible interference from hardware and/or software. From my own experience, the best solution is a headset with a cable featuring 3.5 mm connectors and a USB sound card/interface.
  14. Well, here, the "SBP collection" was dissuasive. In our Clan, we are playing vanilla or CUP or Unsung. We added PKL to our terrains collection in order to play vanilla units on a well-built A3 jungle terrain without attachment. We are waiting Chongo release in order to test and play a well-built A3 African terrain.