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  1. @ Boomerang Trotter : from my point of view, the choice of an [ i5 9600K Z390 /16 GB 3200Mhz DDR4] based rig looks OK and the GTX 1060 6GB is just what you need to play. Nevertheless, you can also consider the [Ryzen 5 2600X/ B450/16 GB 3200Mhz DDR4] option.
  2. I had done some gaming tests in Arma3 with a Ryzen 3 2200G and posted them on French CanardPC forums: Jouer à Arma3 avec un AMD APU R3 2200G - Rogue One Of course, I have tried to play without any GPU, using the AMD Radeon Vega 8. Whatever the settings for the memory, the results were not good. We already know that ARMA3 is extremely sensitive to the quality and management of memory. In this case, I think that the memory sharing between the CPU and the IGPU does not allow Arma3 optimal operation. While I was doing these tests without external graphics card, I also made several game tests with Argo, and there I have to say that the performances were pretty good. This is also shown on the YouTube video.
  3. In order to play CPU Intensive missions you must have the most intense CPU you can get. That's why I switch from i7-4970 to i7-7700K 3 years ago. In Arma3, the AI is rather sophisticated with a very interesting and advanced code behind, the main problem in that area is that Real Virtual Engine doesn't allow any way of parallelism in computation. There are also limits for the total amount of AIs in a mission at the same time, because the game is tracking each one individually even when it has been killed. That why in my own missions, I will always stay under the 250 AIs limit, and I am extensively using garbage collection.
  4. @ 112345678900 : I/0 So what's the question? FPS in Arma* games are mainly related to how fast and efficient is your CPU. In Arma2, in order to get a better FPS level try to tweak the "Visibility" parameter. This parameter is 100 % CPU dedicated, so go to 1600 m and have a look. But, of course, having a GTX 1070Ti helps to get Ultra quality for textures and objects. So you will get the same FPS level in Arma3. AI computing is still a CPU job. In Arma3, having a GTX 1070Ti will help more than in Arma2 to enhance overall PC performances with an entry level CPU.
  5. @ greywulf58 : Could you tell us exactly what you have in your PC now, nothing about what you are planning or hope? Are you planning to build a new rig or have you already one ? Some posts before you write your "System" was ... CPU Type: Intel Core i7 8th Gen CPU Speed: 8700 (3.20 GHz) Can be over-clocked to 4.60 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB, Memory Capacity:16 GB DDR4 HDD: 2 TB, ... if it's still the case, I agree with Valken when he says that the main update to be done first is to go to a SSD. A SSD large enough to host both Windows 10 64, Arma3 Steam Library and some Mods, here, I am using around 40 GB for Arma3 APEX ed + 2DLC packs and full CUP/the Unsung/IFA3 Mods. So even if 256 GB will be enough, 500 GB will help to manage the storage. As I have already write, Arma3 is playable with a GT 1030 but it will always run at 100% in game with a lot of limitations with "Lighting" and in the "AA&PP" section. I also agree that to move for a medium range GPU will help to play Arma3 at the quality level it must be played. In that case a GTX 1060 3 GB will do the job, I know, I have a cheap Zotac [1 Fan] blowing nearby.
  6. Well, I don't know such product as the HP S700 2.5" 250GB SATA III SSD It's not available in my country. Having some bad and good experiences in the area as a customer, I am quite cautious. Now, I am only using products I had good experience with, such as Intel, Samsung and Crucial. I know for having tried that previous experience with Arma2 was confusing if not depressing. It's no more the case. With Arma3 launcher, it's easy to use Arma3 Mods with steam.
  7. Yes, this "system" will run Arma3 but not the way you are looking for. Let say the whole thing is unbalanced. CPU /RAM too high vs GPU/HD too low. The GT 1030 is playable [I know, I have one] but it will always run at 100% in game with a lot of limitations. A 2To HDD is also playable, but you will get stuttering and texture flickering. In order to play Arma3, you will need - the fastest and more efficient CPU you can get : it has been the case for all Arma* games. - a rather good GPU. Before Visual Upgrade, even a low entry graphic card can do the job, now, you will need a middle range one as a minimum. - 8 RAM of fast -@3000 MHz- RAM is mandatory. Arma* have always been "RAM sensitive", now its also "RAM greedy". - 256 GB SSD is also needed. Arma* have always need fast HD, now with a lot of data streaming in, the fastest is needed. From my point of view, in order to play Arma3 today, you will need a rig more or less based these specs : CPU : AMD Ryzen 3 1300X /Intel i3-8100 GPU : NVidia GTX 1050 / AMD RX 560 RAM : 8 GB RAM DDR4 (2x4) @3000 MHz HD : 240/500 GB SSD. Windows 10 64 and Arma3 library on SSD. Note : you can have a glimpse at an AMD Ryzen 3 1300X with Arma3 in a small test I had posted on French CanardPC forums : Jouer à Arma3 avec un Ryzen3 - Le retour de la Force Be advised French language involved. If you want to get a better, more comfortable from the FPS point of view, you can get something like : CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2600X /Intel i5-8400 GPU : NVidia GTX 1060 6GB / AMD RX 580 8 GB RAM : 8 GB RAM DDR4 (2x4) @3000 MHz or 16 GB DDR4 if you are thinking to play over 1080p. HD : 240/500 GB SSD. Windows 10 64 and Arma3 library on SSD. Or ... taking your "System" specs as a basis: CPU Type: Intel Core i7 8th Gen CPU Speed: 8700 (3.20 GHz) Can be over-clocked to 4.60 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB, NVidia GTX 1060 6GB or AMD RX 580 8 GB Memory Capacity:16 GB DDR4 HDD: 2 TB, 240/500 GB SSD + 1To HD
  8. Welcome ipetanj From my point of view your PC is working fine, playing in the 30/50 FPS range is good and you will need a rather huge spending to gain a bit. Having stable 40-60 in city is a goal many are dreaming of, but I am wondering if only one had got such an achievement IRL. Many will show benches explaining that an [i7 - 8900K / Z390 MoBo/ RTX 2070 / 16 GB DDR4 @ 3200] based combo will help a lot. That's true. But such upgrade comes at a price.
  9. oldbear

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I was mostly playing TacOps and Combat Missions but looking at moving units was not enough, I want to be in the fight. That why I install FlashPoint Demo, but I uninstall it soon after finding the game unplayable, but it has the kind of feeling I was looking for. So I reinstall OFP after a few months and since never left the Armaverse.
  10. I have also 2 x 500 Go SDDs, one for Windows and the other hosting Arma* games. So what I think is mandatory is to get Windows and Arma3 on SSD. My answer was related at what I know about "Predator" laptop, more often a small SSD and a large 5400rpm HDD. In that case, what is mandatory is to get Arma3 library on the SSD, not on the HDD.
  11. Hi orllak32. You gave us no info on the SSD your "predator" is featuring. With a high level laptop like this one the limiting factors for Arma3 are coming from the weakest link. Having Windows and Arma3 on the same SSD is mandatory. For settings, do not use Nvidia Panel, use program parameters : - use in game "autodetect" as a first step - set the "Global Visibility" in order to get a good view distance and a good FPS level [global visibility is a 100% CPU parameter] - test disabling/enabling Vsync - in order to get the sharpest image on screen : *Disable the "bloom" *Deactivate the 2 "blurs" *Set the "depth of field" to 0 *Set "sharpen" up of 100 - best Post Process solution is related to the way you GPU driver is dealing with screen performances, so you must test by yourself.
  12. Still remembering the words of his last Skype message, telling me to go on finding my own path on Armaverse. Great mentor and true friend. I am still missing you.
  13. The secret of the very high performance level of the i7-5775C while playing Arma* is probably related to the 128 MB eDRAM. We all know that Arma* is over sensitive to Memory speed and management, I believe that it's why that CPU was so good.
  14. Thanks for the answer and thanks for the help. It works on BearRocks Winter still unreleased Arma2 island. As it was last night just outside home, as I went to get water for a cup of tea.
  15. Happy New Year or as we are saying here "a l'an que ven". Thanks to all the CUP team for the continuous work to help our islands and terrains stay alive. Since last release, all my small terrains island have get Utes Asph3 road network. I tend to think it's because for not so good reasons [I must say now that kju was quite right] there is an Utes dependency in the config.cpp file such as : class CfgWorlds { class CAWorld; // External class reference class Utes : CAWorld { class DefaultClutter; // External class reference class Grid; // External class reference class DayLightingBrightAlmost; // External class reference }; class BearRocks_w : Utes { cutscenes[] = {""}; author = "Old Bear"; description = "Bear Rocks Winter"; I don't remember well how to tweak the config.cpp in order to get rid of the dependency. So I will be grateful to have some help on this point.