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  1. @zukov well ... for the moment, it is not possible to have access to a future RX 6800 so there is no practical answer. The way the game engine reacts is sometimes unpredictable, and I would be careful not to make a prediction on this subject. For your information, look here ... AMD Smart Access Memory Tested, Benchmarked Nvidia answers AMD’s Smart Access Memory
  2. I am playing on an Intel i7-7700K/Z270 based rig and my spare rig is still based upon i7-4790/Z87 I have done a lot of tests with AMD Ryzen 5 2600/3600/3600X and some testing on an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X/B550 platform. Currently, I am back testing Arma3 on an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X/B550 based platform after I had issues with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X that I managed to get very early at MSRP ! The A3 hierarchy between these processors is simple i7-4790<R5 2600< i7-7700K<R5 3600/3600X<R7 3700X<R5 5600X. From my own experience, switching to a Ryzen 5000 platform can help a lot! To put it simply, with Arma3, using the YAAB bench mission, on average, in my tests ... R5 5600X = 79.8 FPS R7 3700X = 59.7 FPS ... with the same MoBo/RAM configuration. In Arma3, it is the frequency of the processor which is favored but also the way the internal memory of the CPU is managed. This is one of the reasons why the previous Athlons and AMD APUs lacking L3 cache performed so poorly in game despite their high frequencies. With the Ryzen 5000 architecture, AMD has notably improved the load/store part of the design, introducing changes allowing for greatly improved memory-side capabilities and comprising a massive L3 cache of 32 GB. It's entirely possible that Arma3 is the only game to benefit so much from Ryzen's architectural improvements, but there's no reason not to do yourself some good.
  3. @Gunther Severloh : from my point of view, it's not hardware related and as Tankbuster said it's related to something running in the background in game. Before doing a clean install of the game, the recommended procedure is to save your profile. In this case, it is possible that precisely the cause of the defect is in the profiles of the game or in a folder created for mod which is now obsolete and / or toxic.
  4. @buttockhat ... I will not change the content of my previous answer A laptop based upon ... Intel Core i5-10300H CPU with 16 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (Mobile), is OK. You just need to add an SSD of sufficient size for Windows 10 64, Arma3 and the essential addons and mods that will be added. In this hypothesis I would say that a TLC SSD of 500 GB is the minimum, one of 1TB is good (or 500 GB x 2) everything depends on the nature of the available slots I will just add that Arma3 being still a CPU dependent game, you need a laptop built with the game in mind, meaning it must feature an efficient CPU/GPU cooling system. In game, the processor will be used intensively and continuously and therefore go up to the highest frequency authorized by the laptop manufacturer which is not necessarily equal to the 4.50 GHz Turbo Max official specifications' frequency.
  5. oldbear

    OFP old-timer - getting into Arma 3

    @buttockhat Welcome back 😎 A laptop based upon ... Intel Core i5-10300H CPU with 16 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 (Mobile), is OK. You just need to add an SSD of sufficient size for Windows 10 64, Arma3 and the essential addons and mods that will be added. In this hypothesis I would say that a TLC SSD of 500 GB is the minimum, one of 1TB is good (or 500 GB x 2) everything depends on the nature of the available slots In order to get a good gaming experience, you need Arma 3 APEX plus essential DLCs, which means ... Arma 3, Arma 3 Apex, Arma 3 Helicopters, Arma 3 Marksmen, Arma 3 Jets, Arma 3 Tanks, Arma 3 Laws of War, Arma 3 Tac-Ops Mission Pack. At the moment you can probably still get them on a bargain during Steam Winter sales 😉 From my point of view the Community Upgrade Project (CUP) whole collection of terrains, weapons, units as well as The Unsung Vietnam War Mod are needed assets for an old timer ...
  6. oldbear

    general performance question

    As many other codes you can find in Arma* from the start, the method to limit FPS was created for testing purpose and has no current practical interest.
  7. oldbear

    general performance question

    Hi, redarmy Happy new year (if possible) 😎 No! There is no "built in FPS limiter" in Arma3. A long time ago on a previous millennium, it seemed a good thing in order to get the most precise simulation possible on the screen to make the final rendering depend totally and strictly on the computation of the simulation. That was the way Real Virtuality was designed. Things have been a bit complicated by the plan to introduce the management of a sophisticated AI into the computing of a wide open world. To do so, it needs a powerful, efficient and very fast CPU to compute all the game asset before rendering. The FPS limiter in Arma* is the processor itself. As long as the GPU does not prevent the processor from expressing its power, its intrinsic level of performance does not matter. I formed this opinion after testing 7 i7-4790, i7-7700K, R5 2600, R5 3600, R5 3600X and R7 3700X and 5 GTX 970, GTX 1060 3 GB and 6GB, RX 5700 and RTX 2060 GPUs in 1080p. Among the PCs that I play with and test Arma3 with, there is one based on an i7-4790 / GTX 1060 3 GB / 16 GB 1866MHz combo. From my point of view, it is at the minimum level for playability for the game in MP. On the dedicated server of our clan, it allows me to play regularly at more than 30 FPS in 1080p, while the overall visibility of the server is set at 3200m. I have to say that most of the time we play the native game, without any add-on. The only way to get higher FPS is to get a CPU more efficient and able to reach the highest possible stable frequency in boost.
  8. Well ... from my point of view, the Intel Core i7-4770K is still a good asset, running @ 4GHz, it's OK. I think that the causes of stuttering are to be found either in the use of the hard disk or in the RAM and the management of the memory. The use of an SSD for Windows 64 bits and Arma3 is now mandatory, and your friend has done the right thing For the memory, there are several aspects, it is better to have 16 GB of RAM a little faster than the average but especially that this RAM is exclusively used by Arma3 in game. It is very important to deactivate at startup the applications which run in the background in the startup tab of the task manager of windows You must disable all ! In your friend case, no other software or application should run during the game apart from Arma3 and the communication software.
  9. Well ... Here, using a browser, while the game is still running, is one of the causes of the concerns encountered. We must always remember that behind appearances, it is an old engine converted to multi-core but completely allergic to multithreading. In my opinion, here, the game engine cannot handle interruptions.
  10. From my perspective, there is no reason to change the configuration of my # 1 gaming PC. The i7 7700K / RX 5700 combo is perfect for me to play Arma3, Civilization V and World of Warplanes. I'm waiting for Intel to finally break the deadlock to change the gaming platform. 😁 My test PC is an opportunity to experiment and experiment with different pieces of hardware. My plan is to do my own tests, produce my own information and share it with the gaming community. To be complete, the R5 5600X stopped working properly after an hour and a half playing Arma 3 and it was returned to the supplier. The test config is now running smoothly and stable with an R7 3700X whose performance in game with Arma3 is a little better than the R5 3600X. At the moment, I am waiting for a G.Skill TidentZ Neo 3800 MHz C16 kit in order to test the 1:1 mode limits without the silicon lottery.
  11. I have just updated my bench platform based on ASUS TUF GAMING B550M-Plus with R5 5600X and post here my 1st tests results ... ... the performance gap with previous R5 3600X is impressive! It looks like the DDR4 3600 C16 is still on the right spot, here I am using Crucial Ballistix 16 GB (8 GB x2) BL2K8G36C16U4R 3600 MHz CL16 ... Red of course 😎 The Gigabyte GTX N970IX OC-4GD is good enough for the job but in my opinion has a lower level than necessary to play in 1080p without sacrificing visual quality and ... hearing comfort, in Ultra it howls like a turboprop.
  12. oldbear


    @TurtIeeee I don't know how to check your audio, but one of the best ways to avoid this kind of problem is to use a USB sound card that bypasses the motherboard audio card and the problems associated with driver conflicts. But back at the core of the issues you are experiencing. You are playing Arma3 with a setup based on ... CPU: AMD FX 6300 six core processor GPU: AMD Radeon RX 560 series ... playing with such a CPU limited configuration imposes very strict constraints on the parameter settings. The most important being to set Overall Visibility parameter in the 1000/1200 m range. Beyond this distance, the processor will be unable to cope with the computation request. On most demanding terrains such as Tanoa or Livivonia the weaknesses of the configuration will show themselves with more strengths.
  13. oldbear


    @TurtIeeee Welcome but sorry to know you had a problem. The issue may have nothing to do with the hardware. For a month, there may have been updates for Windows, AMD, Arma3 and drivers. The first thing to do is to check the integrity of the game files on Steam, then check the AMD drivers and check if the latest updates from AMD and Windows haven't messed up the way audio is handled.
  14. I would like to show results from with my R5 3600X test config and different DDR4 kits on YAAB Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (8GBx2) 3200 MHz C16 [16-18-18-36] G.Skill FlareX 16 GB (8GBx2) 3200 MHz C14 [14-14-14-34] G.Skill TridentZ Neo 16 GB (8GBx2) 3600 MHz C16 [16-19-19-39]
  15. @FluffyPlays In my opinion something is wrong, the symptom being these many drops below 10 FPS. I went back to your first post where you indicate the composition of your config ... CPU: Intel i7 6700 GPU: GTX 1660 Super Ram: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz SSD: Kingston 120GB PSU: 650 Watt 80+ Bronze On second thought, I would make 2 comments 1 ° using DDR4 at a higher frequency, I would say 3200 MHz would probably be a good thing if the motherboard supports it. 2 ° use an SSD with a larger capacity that can accommodate both Windows and Arma3 is mandatory Nevertheless, this is probably not the main cause of the drops in FPS. It is difficult to determine the cause of the drop in FPS. I suggest looking first in the direction of memory usage. So ... - use "High performance" power plan settings in Windows 10, - disable any profile created in the Nvidia panel and use Arma3 parameters, - close all apps, especially browsers including AfterBurner and Discord. Use "Standard" presets, then run YAAB and press "S" key before benchmark-mission start. Run the bench 3 times and save the 3 scores then post here a YAAB screen shot.