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  1. Honestly, in a fight, I take no time to look at the size of doors. Here and there, I can get a glimpse at the landscape but I found destruction models a more annoying subject that the doors size. I spent a few dozen hours playing fighting on Livonia and so far, the overall feeling is positive
  2. oldbear

    0xC0000005 Status access violation

    This rig is old and technically outdated but still not obsolete, it's playable. If you are using the 64 bits client, try to switch to 32 bits. Edit : I will also suggest to get rid of all the startup parameters, you can always get them back if you really need them.
  3. Some time ago BI Devs were sent to prison in Greece because some local politician wasn't happy that in the Armaverse, our playing ground universe were you can be revive after death and found unlimited ammo in a rather small box, on a Greek speaking island some guys turn into quislings. Let's says that Ivan and Martin are Czech, the people from Czech republic also have things to say about freedom. It's not a real country, like Everon was looking like Krk but wasn't a Croatian island because it's a gaming universe, using real life data in order to get accurate features and details which is a good thing when you create a playing ground in a realistic looking game such as Arma. It's a game with a story about alien Contact, enjoy the show.
  4. +1 a welcome reminder, including for myself 😓
  5. I do prefer an PZL-Mielec An-3 or a PZL-130 Orlik
  6. oldbear

    0xC0000005 Status access violation

    Well ..., I had once again get a look at the .rpt you send. 1° could you tell us about these "PhysMem: 12 GiB" , amount and characteristics of the memory modules ? 2° the crash happened while playing TTP_Wasteland MP mission, do the game crashes while playing showcases ?
  7. oldbear

    Perhaps this, before aliens?

    I can understand the frustration about some issues not treated after all those years. Sometimes, as I am playing Arma since OFP, it seems a bit strange to find an error you had already get in 2002. Some issue roots are deeply buried in the incredible build it's now and IMHO, Devs have done a tremendous job to make it works years after years, adding contents and functionalities. Let's remember what Joris-Jan van 't Land has said in his 'Report In' dev interview of 2016 just after he left as a Project Lead. The initial feedback site has been closed because it has been hacked and all the related content lost. So, even if it's still possible to blame BI for not having flawless security, it is difficult to blame them for being stolen. There are attacks on sites and forums and we regularly suffer the consequences.
  8. So, if the hardware track has been cleared, you must look now at the way you manage your Steam directory. Even if it's written that you can move easily your files from one location to an other, it's not working that way. Based upon my own experience, Steam is not happy if you touch it's files by external methods. Once, I had to reinstall the whole mess on a new disk even after strictly followed the method to move directories and files. So the 1st thing to do is to Verify Integrity of Game Files If nothing has been modified after doing this, the only solution is probably to uninstall the game, and then reinstall it after re-boot. Before deleting, you must save somewhere, your files located in the Documents directory.
  9. Hi, welcome back home 😎 A SSD that works in a nominal way will neither add nor subtract FPS The essential contribution of the SSD to Ama3 is to allow to stream textures at high speed and to fight in game stuttering. That's the reason why a SSD is a part of the official "Recommended" Arma3 requirement since APEX release. My thought is that you must get a close look at how this SSD is working ... or not.
  10. oldbear

    Perhaps this, before aliens?

    My own feeling is that BI had add some PhysX grafts on it's own RVEngine structure. Some Items, objects, vehicles, have been able to benefit from a very large contribution of the external functions, for others, because of the entanglement with other internal functions of the game engine, it is rather in DIY mode or frankeinstein mode, your choice. I believe it's one of the many reasons that eventually decided Bohemia Interactive to move on. On the other hand, the fence post designed as an indestructible anti-tank obstacle must be located in a family of objects that has its roots in the OFP layer. We all know that moving a parent object link in Arma can have unexpected consequences Not a mission for the small squad left behind and trying to hold out.
  11. I will strongly suggest to change status/destruction model for the "jail" building such as the one to be found near Nadbor church. I have been fighting for hours along my FIA comrades and was doing some a sniper job from the rotunda when after some MG rounds the building has disappeared. So for gameplay sake, the status must be change to "indestructible" as the church and the nearby mechanical workshop or to a more realistic destruction model alternative. ATM, this massive concrete and steel building is replace after destruction by near nothing, misplaced small bricks wall and wood shards.
  12. On the RAM topic, I will say that you must have a rather different behaviour if you are building an Intel or an AMD based rig. - with Intel you must simply follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the motherboard regarding the frequency of the memory modules the suggested frequencies on the Intel specification pages are very limited [probably due to the fact that they want to avoid group actions with regard to overclocking!] There is a real benefit to using the memory chips proposing a higher frequency within the limits dictated by the motherboard ... and your bank account 😎 - With AMD it's a bit more complex, because even with the new AGESA coming with the new Bios version the characteristics of the usable memories modules are at the same time more precise and extended, there are limitations to memory usage with a very high operating frequency. It's related to the ways AMD Ryzen Infinity Fabric ticks at Memory Speed It means that the internal operation of the CPU is depending upon the frequency of the RAM, with a limitation which is that of the capacity of the internal interfaces to process at frequencies higher than the nominal frequency. On a R3-2200G using the Vega 8 Graphics and therefore using Infinity Fabric, RAM working at 3000MHz is optimum, the performances drop with 2133 MHz is obvious and there is no gain with 3200MHz. Allowing higher frequency RAM usage is one of the challenges for upcoming Ryzen 3000 and the X570 chipset. @Valken +1 Arma is extremely sensitive to the quality and management of the memory, it is true that this is a point that should not be overlooked or underestimated.
  13. I only play Arma [since Operation Flashpoint]. I am playing Arma3 everyday for hours and I had build my #1 gaming rig around an i7-7700K because, I said previously Intel was still the best performer when I had built it but times are changing. source : http://www.comptoir-hardware.com/articles/cpu-mobo-ram/37408-test-intel-z390-core-i9-9900k-i7-9700k-i5-9600k.html?start=11 I will say again based on my own experience with entry level CPU such as i3-4130, Pentium G3258, Pentium G4500, i3-7100, Pentium G4560, A8-9600, R3 1300X, R3 2200G, that ATM, an AMD Zen based build is recommended in order to get a minimum playable rig on a budget. You must get that a small Zen based R3 2200G performances are +20% better than those of a Bulldozer/Piledriver based FX-8350.
  14. Why AMD ? Because, now, with Zen architecture AMD is able to compete. On an entry level rig, you can play Arma3 on a R3 2200G / R3 1300X on a B350 Mobo allowing a mild OC and 3000 MHz DDR4 usage. From my point of view , an AMD Zen based build is recommended in order to get a minimum playable rig on a budget. I am playing it every days hours on Dev Contact Build on my bench build and enjoying it. Yes, Intel is still the best performer when you play Arma3 because of it's higher boost speed. But if you look at a build on a budget, an AMD R5 2600 on a B450 Mobo is ATM a possible option that should not be ignored. We need to have a look at the situation after AMD Ryzen R5 3600 release.
  15. Well, in French "luxuriant" is far from being neutral, coming from latin verb luxuriare [to indulge in debauchery] it qualified now a dense vegetation and/or a literary style, a way of life that is full of richness, vigour. On the other hand "tropique" is already the world used in Arma3 French localisation, it's rather near the technical term "tropicalisé" used IRL for equipment to be used in hot wet environment.