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  1. Hello, is there a way to point "configFile" to a special mod config i.E "x\addons\someMod\config.bin" ?
  2. I made this working , Please look here: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/30746-mas-weapons-lootspawner-script-more-weapons/page-13#entry197637 regards ---------- Post added at 12:00 ---------- Previous post was at 11:58 ---------- As far as i can see the "Lootpiles" never get deleted. Has anyone a fix for it ?
  3. Probably already asked somewhere but couldn´t find it in the forums. Is it possible to have the BEC messages appear in RED in Arma3 or is it due to a limmitation of Arma3 itself ?
  4. Sharkking

    Sahrani Rearmed

    Hi, kindly asking you for permissions to use your pack. I am working on a new dayztaviana.com release and it would be pretty to see some of the wrecks arround on the map. best regards Sharkking