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  5. Not too much time to play so a short flight for try after DLC installation:
  6. After patching my game and my dedicated server with 1.04 "Cougar", I don't have the file 'takeonhserver.exe' patched to 1.04 but still in 1.03 on the two computers. Windows dedicated server v1.04 haven't been released with the last patch :confused:
  7. Reapy


    You can use common objects to server and clients, like logicgame named "server", to store variables and their values. For example, you can use them for broadcast an objective completed: In trigger "on act" field: server setvariable ["var_obj1_done",true,true] And in another trigger "condition" field: (server getVariable "var_obj1_done") and "on act": _handle = [objNull, ObjNull, TskObj1, "Succeeded"] execVM "CA\Modules\MP\data\scriptCommands\taskHint.sqf" The variable will be automatically broadcasted to JIP players too. Hope this will help you ;)
  8. My first flight: Rescue mission:
  9. Reapy

    [*FAR*] Urban Combat 2

    Thanks for play the mission :) Kilo Six is the UH1 and he is in charge of the evacuation of the hostage once on the LZ. You have to cover the extraction operation. If Kilo Six is destroyed you have a radio message from HQ for derouted the hostage on the FOB. I think in your case Kilo Six was not completly destroyed.
  10. [*FAR*] Clan is glad to present you Name: [*FAR*] Urban Combat 2 Version: v1.0 Missions type: Coop Author: [FAR]-Reaper Web site: www.clan-far.fr Required version: ArmA2 v1.05 or higher World: @CAA1 Porto Required addons: - CAA1 vFinal - CBA 0.3.0 - Molatian Army v1.1 (Armaholic) Description: (Remake of one of my coop on ArmA QG for ArmA2) A chopper has been shoot down during a recon over the city of Porto. The only one survivor has been taken in hostage by the rebels. You must enter the city of Porto and rescue our pilot. Features: Intense urban combat. Immersive ambience. Mini-intro. English and French languages. Music, sound and voices. View distance settings. Time settings. Weather settings. Detail terrain settings. Spectating script. First Aid modules. Weather module. Functions module. Installation: Copy the "co@_caa1_17_urban_combat_v1-0.porto.pbo" file into the "ArmA2\MPmissions" folder. Thanks to: - Kju for CAA1 Mod. - Sahbazz for Molatian Army addons. - Mikey for the processParamsArray script. - Kegetys/Vipermaul/Norrin for the spectacting script. - [FAR]-FD AIR K for script help. - [FAR]-FireH for the voice of Kilo Yellow. - [FAR]-RainD for the voice of HQ. - [FAR]-FlightTiger for the voice of Alpha Blue. - [FAR]-Cepu for the voice of Kilo Six. - [FAR]-Hedoniel for the voice of Kilo Orange. - [FAR]-Tysko for the voice of the pilot. - The [*FAR*] clan for beta-test. Links: [*FAR*] Urban Combat 2 v1.0 [*FAR*] Urban Combat 2 v1.0 (ArmAHolic) Hope you enjoy !
  11. No probs anymore for synch a scripted trigger with any member of a group till I place the "triggerAttachVehicle" command before the "setTriggerActivation" like this: The idea come after read this on the wiki: * If [] is given, the trigger is decoupled from the assigned vehicle. * If the activation source is "VEHICLE", "GROUP", "LEADER" or "MEMBER", it's changed to "NONE". * If [vehicle] is given, the trigger is coupled to the vehicle or its group. * When the source is "GROUP", "LEADER" or "MEMBER", it's coupled to the group, otherwise it's coupled to the vehicle and the source is changed to "VEHICLE". wiki triggerAttachVehicle
  12. I found the answer by depbo the "languagemissions.pbo" file. In a stringtable.xml, for do a jumpligne use: <br/> example: You have two objectives:<br/>- Objective 1<br/>- Objective 2 And for maker link: <marker name = "MarkerNameInEditor">Text In Briefing</marker> example: Go to <marker name = "WP1">waypoint 1</marker>
  13. Thanks for the tutorial, very interesting ! I have a question concerning the xml language, the </br> is replaced by \n and for <marker name=""markername"">text</marker> :confused:
  14. Reapy

    [*FAR*] Dogfight Pack

    Post updated with Armed Assault Info and ArmAHolic mirrors, thanks to them !