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  1. dob

    Custom Face

    Just read above...
  2. I'v found for hide watter, need use antiwater_ca.paa map
  3. dob

    Custom Face

    I agre whith AlexVestin, i think (i hope) the way is more simple to ad custom face and skin like face.jpg an other profile folder.
  4. Hi all, I work on ship for Arma III and i need help My work: J35o6EAkEeg Some questions: How to open Nlod from new p3d to learn about it? The new engine sound work whith RPM, so how to setup motor engine correctly?
  5. dob

    Custom Face

    @AlexVestin - Exactly = Save the png, edit, save as face.jpg in the right place @antoineflemming - Certainly the good way, but how to add textureHL like "face.jpg" i'v try "body.jpg" "textureHL.jpg", same blue body like fantomas :)
  6. dob

    Custom Face

    Hello i'v try to made my custom face but the body turn blue, plz how to?
  7. Thank for work !! I'v try whith chopper mission when i join marker position of chopper, chopper spawn's under ground. Some vehicle's explode after spawn (bad position at spawn?). Some zombies spawn very nearest of us some time on small village.
  8. dob

    Arma3 Videos

    Thank for ALL BIS !! WIP - ADO ECUME II
  9. dob

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    hi, thank in first for work, in secound i try to find server to dowload your mission for lingor. what server have it? thank in advance
  10. No rvmat at this time, it's the next step :)
  11. 117 kb image removed VAP Panhard for ADO vehicle mod