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  1. Casseburne

    Mask error

    Hi all, I have problem with my mask : https://imgur.com/qSxx8ch I have 4 textures (yellow, green, brown and orange) When i build my mask on TB, the places in yellow are with the texture of the grassgreen whereas normally they are different. (exemple : https://imgur.com/W9Hpf8E / https://imgur.com/6DFgYNE ) What a problem, do you have solution? My TB property : https://imgur.com/vm6mmNq My layer: Regards;
  2. Casseburne

    Props Contact DLC missing

    update : it's in enoch folder
  3. Hi, I started to build my map in Eden editor but when i import object there missing. It's object of contact dlc, exemple : "dirtpatch_05_f" "shellcrater_02_large_f". Where are there in my arma3 folder? I don't have DLC contact. Thanks for your reply Regards
  4. Casseburne

    Mapframe properties

    Ok update with this config it's work https://imgur.com/ZzlF56M Thank @m1lkm8n
  5. Casseburne

    Mapframe properties

    I cant created pbo. Same error. My config https://imgur.com/UsdYrUJ
  6. Casseburne

    Mapframe properties

    Thank @m1lkm8n. But when i launch pboproject, he can't binarize because "Gash_Barka.wrp :validating..."Gash_Barka.pbo not produced due to error(s)" ."pbo can't read wrp" Maybe it's sampler at 16x16, i try to generate layer with 32x32 parameter
  7. Casseburne

    Mapframe properties

    Question : - With this config : https://imgur.com/C6gJoc3 The quality was not good in game, do you have the best property? My sat/heighmap/mask and normal are in 8192x8192 Regards
  8. Casseburne

    Mapframe properties

    Update: It's work, thank for all 🙂
  9. Casseburne

    Mapframe properties

    Okay thank for your reply but i have a problem. On my layer management, i resize all layer on 2048x2048 and i changed mapframe properties. And it's all crashed https://imgur.com/sqkdV09 I may have missed something?
  10. Hi all, i created a map but i have issue when i launch bulldozer. Maby i think it's mapframe but i don't have the config. I would like to create a map with 8192x8192 size. Can you help me? Heightmap : 8192x9192 Mask : 4096x4096 Sat: 8192x8192 Normal map : 8192x8192 https://imgur.com/rIa5GSm
  11. Casseburne

    Custom main menu scene?

    Hello, I try to make an intro on my custom map but the intro load after, not the first time. Do you have idea?
  12. Hello, I'm a big fan of Project reality so I decided to make the Grozny map! I used the same characteristics of the terrain (with a few more hills). Terrrain size : 2048x2048 The terrain is small (this corresponds to the actual terrain) and during my previous map, I was reproached for having tethered 4 PR map at the same time. Here are some videos of progress, the map will be out soon Enjoy !
  13. Casseburne

    [WIP] =ARC= Tribute

    Hi, Map upload on steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2024703651
  14. Casseburne

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    @Bukain @zagor64bz Thank you for your comments ahah! I read this by eating popcorn, anyway this topic is made to discuss the map and not moods of each 😉
  15. Casseburne

    [WIP] =ARC= Farkhar Valley

    Hi All!! Finally after 2 and a half years the card is finally finished! There may still be some bugs but the main thing is done! Thank you for supporting us for this project 🙂 Regards,