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  1. hey, I wanted to know how you did this because I'd like to do the same thing with my map @oldbear
  2. Hi, This is a problem I encounter every time I switch my tree to non-obsolete mode. i switch on "YES" on this message "File data structure of the world is obsolete and needs to be changed. do you want to change it now?" https://imgur.com/Svypdkc https://pastebin.com/yRas38u9 https://pastebin.com/wVimzTsc https://pastebin.com/8bmfLsCa Did you already have this? because it's really annoying knowing that the mod is likely to be obsolete.
  3. Hey, can you publish a template of combat Ops mission?
  4. 2 SCR_MAP entity, or reload workbench
  5. you have 2 scr_mapentity, you should have just one
  6. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    @Pumm with several small plots
  7. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    I am more active on the arma discord By the way if you want to help to place objects on the map contact me on steam Contact code steam : 122861111 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198083126839/
  8. Casseburne

    [WIP] Zimnitrita

    v0.0.16 on workshop
  9. Casseburne

    Grass on road problem

    i know but with me it's doesnt work
  10. Oh Yes, that would be very interesting! i sent you an invit!
  11. Nice, very Nice! How did you import these items? Are they homemade or did you take them from another engine? I would be interested in how you did it!
  12. Casseburne

    Grass on road problem

    You are wasting your time, what I do is I select my splines (road in asphalt for example) I go to "export geographic data", I export in svg. I open the inskape software, I export in png, then with this export in png, I make a delta between my texture alphalt_01 then I reimport in terrain tool
  13. They are no texture ? .tga?
  14. And how do you get them back in this case?
  15. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has time to create several models of railway tracks? I unfortunately don't have the skills to do it 😞 I would need several models: - a classic railway track - a bridge with a railway track - a railway track with concrete to allow cars to pass - traffic signs (optional) A bit like the 3D models of the UPC on arma 3 Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.